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When houses are abandoned and you can't tell why, stories unfold such as that of Homesick's. Released in 2015 by Lucky Pause, this moody promenade gives you a peek at the lives of vanished neighbours through sparsely placed documents such as notes and photographs. Over the course of several days, new areas become unlocked after solving the relevant puzzle in nightmarish dreams.

Homesick   Homesick

Best Single-segment Time: 0:10:26 by 'triblast55' on 2015-08-12

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Author's comments:

I was bored one day and needed a game to test my computer's ability to record at 4k

Even though the game says its 2560x1440, its not. The ingame menus goes up to 2560x1440. I used a console command called "setres 3840x2160"

This run isn't perfect, there are minor mistakes but nothing too major. At about 4:33, I go down the stairs in that method because I think the stairs are bugged. If going down the stairs "normally" the protagonist seems to stumble when going down the stairs. This is retarded because it only seems to happen in dreamland, but not when awake.

Also when I tried to encode the XQ in yua, Yua immediately crashed lol

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