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Ubisoft's Montreal studios made this version of Double Agent for the Xbox, PS1, GameCube and Wii. The 2006 stealth-action release follows the same general narrative trajectory (prevent a massive terrorist attack) as the Shanghai version but has loads of other differences including different level designs. Like Chaos Theory before it, it also offers a cooperative mode where two other agents complement each other's and main protagonist Sam Fisher's activities.

SplinterCellDoubleAgentMontreal   SplinterCellDoubleAgentMontreal

Co-Op, 100%, Normal Difficulty Individual Levels: 1:01:56

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Level Time Date Player(s)
Iceland-The Ruins 0:04:27 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Iceland-The Thermal Base 0:06:20 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Iceland-The Foundry 0:05:32 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Iceland-Sabotage 0:05:04 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Jail-The Insertion 0:02:48 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Jail-The Break In 0:03:58 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Jail-The Blackout 0:03:41 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Jail-The Riot 0:03:32 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Jail-The Breach 0:02:45 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Kinshasa-The Front 0:03:04 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Kinshasa-The Chemical Depot 0:04:41 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Kinshasa-The Old Mine 0:03:24 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Kinshasa-The Canyon 0:05:38 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'
Tanker on the Way 0:07:02 2016-06-09 'triblast55', 'Tangibility'

Author's comments:

Watch us stealthfully punch guards, break lights, and sit through unskippable interrogations. There won't be comments for all the missions since there is not much to write about.

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