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Splinter Cell Double Agent is two games under the same title. They share some of the general plot but the storylines, levels, plot twist and more are completely different. Effectively Sam Fisher must deal with the recent loss of his daughter to a drunk driving accident, and months afterwards he is sent on an undercover assignment to pose as a criminal. Infiltrating a terrorist cell in the United State, Fisher now has to do assignments for both the NSA, and John Brown's Army (JBA), but will he be consumed by his undercover identity and end up as a terrorist himself?

SplinterCellDoubleAgentShanghai   SplinterCellDoubleAgentShanghai

Runs on the Xbox 360 NTSC-US version:

Runs on the PC version:

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Segmented with Good Ending, Stealth, Hard Difficulty: 1:45:35 by 'triblast55' done in 42 segments appended to 11 files.

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Author's comments:

Welcome to the least buggy version of Double Agent

Double agent was first developed for the 360, meaning you get to see what the game is supposed to look like. In spite of this, the game's framerate tends to drop a lot.

Also, when loading a save, the screen lags for a second before it shows gameplay. Even though the screen lags, the game is technically in-game and running even though it says it is loading. Example, if Sam starts opening a door and then the game is saved and then loaded from that save. You will find the game with the door completely open. Another example, if you load a save and mash the whistle button, you will hear Sam whistle during the loading screen just right before the screen shows you in-game

100% Stealth on Hard means no guards attacked (unless mission requires it like Sea of Okhotsk), no shooting out lights or shooting at all. 100% Stealth on Easy allows all of that except for killing.

*01 Iceland [05:44]

I have to move slowly at 4:11. If I don't ocp the light after I climb the ladder, the bullshit ladder guard can magically detect Sam for no reason. I'm starting to believe the developers rigged this area.

*02 Jail [05:22]

The two guards after the first guard activated door will immediately detect Sam if he whistles, but they won't detect Sam if a smoke grenade is deployed. Also smoke grenades are required to get the shotgun guard to turn around.

It's incredibly easy to accidently punch Jamie when trying to rescue him, so I start slowing down during that part.

*03 JBA Part 1 [12:55]

The firing range was pretty awful, but that was the best I could get.

*04 Sea of Okhotsk [12:48]

Activating the detonator was oboxious to do since those smoke grenades caused the framerate to shit itself.

The ship part is horribly random at times since guards sometimes magically know that I attacked someone

The part at 8:26 was improvised. I found it hilarious how the guard somehow failed to shoot the camera at 8:57

The captain is not a solid NPC at 12:46. I don't think he can interact with Sam. The developers did not expect players to go this fast.

*05 Shanghai [10:23]

The start of this mission is a gigantic bottleneck. I don't think there is a way to scale the building any faster

At 4:57, one of these guests is not like the others. Can you tell which one?

Apparently the "Reach Aswats room 2406" objective didn't register even though you can clearly see me entering.
Hilariously enough, the game thinks I can fail "Reach Aswats room 2406" but somehow steal his notes.
The bug even carries over to JBA Part 2 where it assumes that I failed to steal his notes and Emiles speech even gets modifed

*06 JBA Part 2 [08:14]

Mines have to be the most boring shit I have ever seen.

*07 Cozumel [09:43]

The part at 4:06 was done on accident, I didn't think I'd get past him so smoothly.

Smoke grenades causes the guards senses to drop like a rock.

The part at 7:33 is as hilarious as it looks

The guard in the bomb area cannot see Sam through the glass door for some reason. He also cannot hear the door being bashed.

*08 JBA Part 3 [16:53]

The visual proof of bomb objective is automatically hacked. The developers decided to give a freebie on that one.

Same garbage from JBA Part 1 & 2, meaning I struggle at the firing range, and staring at mines for ≈1:45

*09 Kinshasa [12:16]

The first two guards are amazingly deaf and blind for some reason.

After placing the bug, I have to wait for Emile to completely go around the corner. I could get off early without him hearing, but there doesn't seem to be enough time to move out of the way when Emile turns the corner

The paper on the wall at 12:03 is tripping balls

It's hilarious how the guard at 12:53 just stands there as he is hit by the smoke grenades

*10 JBA Part 4: [≈08:55]

There obviously nothing wrong at 7:39

The Bomb area is the hardest part in the entire run. Its more of a hassle than the Boat area of Sea of Okhotsk

When the mission is finished, the stealth score screen is not shown. It immediately loads the credits and then imediately loads NYC Boat
I also discovered that if NYC Boat is completed after it is immediately loaded, the game adds the statistics of JBA Part 4 to the NYC Boat Stealth score screen.

*11 NYC Boat: [01:56]

I don't think there is a way to skip the conversion Moss and his men are having.

I got lucky here. Sam tends to get killed jumping off the boat

It appears that in this level, the stealth score cannot be penalized unless a body is found.
Also the game copies the NYC Boat stealth score and pastes it over JBA Part 4

IIRC, when the mission is loaded, it takes ≈10 seconds for the timer to appear. And when Sam has is jumping off the rail, it takes ≈10 seconds for him to land in the water and for the mission to end.

Segmented with Good Ending, Stealth, Hard Difficulty: 1:34:42 by 'triblast55' done in 72 segments appended to 11 files.

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Author's comments:

Welcome to one of the worst ports I have ever seen made by Ubishit shanghai.
It is very glitchy, unstable, and inconsistent due to poor/non-existent testing.
They released a broken game and then barely patched it

Originally, I was speedrunning this game in 2007, but I kept procrastinating on and off during the years. It wasn't until 2013, that I decided to stop procrastinating. I decided to run this game after seeing prospy05 YouTube channel and was impressed by his Iceland speedrun.

Since Double Agent was developed for the 360 then ported in the most ass way possible to PC, the guards have amazingly bad senses. That doesn't mean they can't detect me, it just means that I can stomp around more often compared to the 360 version. The guards are noticeably deafer compared to the 360 version. Sometimes the guard's deafness is inconsistent too, as in some guards might have better hearing for some unexplained reason. Even though they have better hearing in the 360 version, the guards are generally the same glitchy as fuck and inconsistent guards as the PC version. The guards tend to glitch out, act erratically, and/or have problems seeing Sam even in daylight missions.

Reloading a save even once, can cause the guards to become even more deaf. I don't believe they become completely deaf. I haven't tested how long it lasts or why it happens, but it just does. It's another thing I stumbled upon on accident. It doesn't appear to affect their vision. Also, it doesn't work on the 360 version. When reloading a save, the HUD doesn't synch up with how it was when I saved. Example, having the radar on when I save, then reloading causes the radar to turn off.

You will see me save a lot since this game loves to bug out. Even in Version 1.02a, many things are broken in this game and it loves to crash.

I wanted to get 100% stealth on every level while going as fast as I can.

*01 Iceland:[04:52]

At 3:33, saving at the right moment, causes Sam to soft land instead of losing health. But that is negligible since the path to the vent is more than enough time to regenerate health if I did take damage.

You will see Sam pass through the electric transformer at 3:42. For some reason, only that one is not solid. All the others are. I even reverted back to version 1.0 and it still is not solid. The 360 version doesn't have this issue.

Got lucky and managed to get the past the bullshit ladder guard without him detecting me. I'm pretty sure this fence jump trick will not work in the 360 version, for 100% stealth anyways.

Holy shit, I got so lucky at 3:59. I just improvised this part and pulled it off

During extraction, I have no idea how I'm getting shot and not detected. It freaked me the fuck out because I thought I would get killed

*02 Jail:[04:30]

It is easy to accidentally miss the pipe when crawling out of the tunnel. Slipping past that guard at 2:48 tends to be harder than it looks

Now the shotgun guard at 3:35 apparently couldn't hear Sam whistle behind him for some reason

After exiting the elevator, I'm not sure if the guard's positons are random

Rolling on the fence was a shortcut I stumbled upon

*03 JBA HQ Part 1:[11:21]

Safe cracking is harder than it looks in the PC version since the developers did a shit job in porting the movement controls on the dial.

I don’t think I can do any better on the firing range.

Now the part of bugging the antenna was unplanned. I did it for shits and giggles and it worked.

At 7:41, Dayton apparently can't hear Sam whistling or running behind him but then all sudden decides to hear the ultrasonic emitter

The electronic lockpick was in the game since it shows up in version 1.0, but you can't access unlocks since everything in 1.0 is broken as fuck. After patching the game to 1.02a, its simply not there anymore. I'm guessing they couldn't get it to work properly and decided to patch it out of the unlock screen. This wouldn't be surprising considering the many things that are broken in this game.

*04 Sea of Okhotsk:[10:37]

Eliminating the crew on the tanker can get obnoxious at times since they can sometimes suddenly hear Sam or somehow know where a body is. But thanks to the horrible senses of the guards, this level is easier to sneak through. Despite this, Sea of Okhotsk is still a horrid level to finish. This is one of the few times I'm glad this game is so broken

Jumping off the rail got me killed way too many times than I can count.

Also, the captain is not a solid NPC at the time. It doesn't seem like he can interact with Sam at this time. Since the developers never expected players to go this fast, he is scripted to run around the corner and disappear. The sound effects even plays when I approach him.

*05 Shanghai:[09:43]

Emile can't decide if he wants to sit in the air or his seat.

The majority of this mission is a gigantic fucking bottleneck. I don't think I can scale the building any faster.

Exiting the helipad is straightforward. Now entering the building is a little bugged compared to the 360 version. You will see me hang to the right to lure the guard, but the guard can sometimes see Sam hanging even though the light is green.

Jumping and sliding off the dragon got me killed a few times.

The guard at 9:16 decides to freak out, but apparently doesn't detect me. Also this area decides to visible even though it was green earlier.

There's nothing wrong here at 10:05

*06 JBA HQ Part 2:[08:56]

Mines have to be the most boring shit I have ever seen.

Otherwise this mission is straightforward. The ultrasonic emitter part was another thing I discovered on accident. It was usefully to make Jamie go away.

Just like shanghai, the majority of this mission is a gigantic bottleneck. If it weren't for the mines, this would be a very short mission

*07 Cozumel:[07:58]

I don't know what causes that crew member dressed in white at 3:30 to leave by running down the stairs towards me or by using the door behind him. I guess its random

I like how his response to Sam rolling in front of him, is to grab his pistol but not sound an alarm.

There is totally nothing wrong with this door on the left at 4:20

Smoke grenades causes the guards senses to drop like a rock. Maybe its just me, but it seems that the smoke grenade coverage is slightly larger than what the smoke shows.

This part at 6:09 as hilarious as it looks.

So the crew member at 7:37 heard Sam stomping around but apparently doesn't care about it.

For some reason, the guard in the bomb area can't see me through glass door, yet the crew members in the command deck could see through the glass windows. The developers never picked up on this apparently.

*08 JBA HQ Part 3:[16:13]

I had to bolt out and get Enrica's disarm code before she returns to her office. Also, Enrica's fingerprints are needed for a faster unlock in JBA Part 4 but I don't think there is enough time to scan them in her office.

Then I had to get over for the visual proof of the bomb. I personally do not know what determines which computer has the proof. I think it is random. This is fucking retarded because on the 360 version, the computer that has the proof is always the same. The computer you see in this run is same one as the 360 version.

I not completely sure why/how the game automatically hacked that visual proof. It seems like that is either a bug or some sort of feature. The only reason I can think of, is that the developers noticed that someone on the lower floors can see Sam hacking the computer—which will result in a gameover. I'm guessing this is their quickfix towards that problem.

Hooray, time to repeat the same shit from JBA 1 and 2 since the developers needed to inflate gameplay time. Bottlenecks everywhere.

IIRC, blowing up the boat saves about 12-13 seconds, something like that. Otherwise those extra seconds are due to Emile being anger and blowing Enrica's head off.

*09 Kinshasa:[11:15]

The first part at 1:38 is very easy and hilarious as it looks. These two guards are amazingly blind and deaf.

Then after leaving the elevator, the next two guards at 2:03 are not deaf and blind. They love to be uncooperative. I can't remember how many attempts that took.

I don't the meeting room can be skipped or sped up.

After the meeting, Emile is very deaf for some reason. I actually can be heard if I get off too early, but after a certain threshold, Emile apparently doesn't hear Sam running up behind him.

Its really hilarious how those two soldiers at 11:05 freak out by that smoke grenade.

Somehow I get randomly shot, but not detected. Then and I get caught in the landmine blast and survive. This freaked me out because those two events never happened in practice runs.

*10 JBA HQ Part 4:[08:04]

There is a very stupid bug in JBA HQ 4. Even in patch 1.02a, the game still penalizes me for firing that one mandatory bullet, resulting in a 99% stealth rating. But the even weirder part is that after finishing the level and going back to the mission menu, the game doesn’t save the score, it just gives a 0% stealth score. I found this out by accident, but apparently the game uses the stealth rating on the NYC boat level and pastes it onto JBA HQ 4.

IIRC, the 360 version doesn't even show the stealth score at the end of the mission.

Judging by how this guard didn't react, the radar seems to indicate that the ultrasonic emitter at 4:04 went through the floor and alerted the guard on the lower floor.

The underground basement is very jarring to speedrun. The first half of the basement is a cakewalk with the second half being the hardest part of this speedrun. Also, the visibility sensor on Sam bugs out and fails to synch up with the HUD. It seems like it only happens in this specific part of the game.

The scene where the guards kill the scientists can have unpredictable results. This game is so broken, that even in game cut scenes can break. The guard can instantly kill the two scientists, or as you can see, he can miss several times before killing them with the timer still running. The retarded randomness of this part cost like 3 seconds.

The final part with Emile and his men in the bomb area is not as easy as it looks. It is really obnoxious to do because if even one person doesn't cooperate, it could potentially throw the entire thing off. The bomb area has got to be the hardest part in the entire speedrun. I spent more time on this part, then I do for entire levels. Even Sea of Okhotsk wasn't this bad.

There is also an infuriating 16:9 resolution glitch in JBA part 4. If you try to finish the mission in a 16:9 resolution, the game softlocks as the SWAT team doesn't load for some stupid reason. It gets even worse because the in-game timer is still running during the SWAT raid.

The 360 version shows that 3 SWAT members are supposed to show up, but the first one that appears is one that drives the cut scene.

And it doesn't just end there. There is a very nasty bug that occurs during the good ending. When the bomb is defused, Emile and his men are removed from the area and placed in a room far outside the map. During the good ending, Sam is also placed in that same room. Sometimes the AI is still active when they are moved into that room—and they can run into Sam and gun him down, causing a game over during the SWAT raid. I also found out that this bug can occur in the 360 version too. Now imagine a single-segment 100% stealth run.

*11 NYC Boat:[01:13]

The guard bolting out of the room was something I stumbled upon on accident. Punching Moss is faster, because grabbing him or knifing him results in a long ass scripted animation.

This mission is strange since it didn't penalize for force hacking or even being identified as an intruder. The thing is, the game gives NO indication that there is no longer penalty for doing those things. It does dock points for a body being found, but doesn’t penalize for killing or KOing.

Sam can actually be killed when jumping off the boat. Once Sam exits the door, I lose control and Sam automatically jumps off. But I got really fucking lucky in this mission. Generally, after I disarm the bomb, somehow I can get randomly detected when I run out to the door.

I guess I'm done with the PC version for now. The amount of bugs and glitches along with random awful things that can occur make me want to vomit.

Special thanks to prospy05

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