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Splinter Cell Double Agent is two games under the same title. They share some of the general plot but the storylines, levels, plot twist and more are completely different. Effectively Sam Fisher must deal with the recent loss of his daughter to a drunk driving accident, and months afterwards he is sent on an undercover assignment to pose as a criminal. Infiltrating a terrorist cell in the United State, Fisher now has to do assignments for both the NSA, and John Brown's Army (JBA), but will he be consumed by his undercover identity and end up as a terrorist himself? This page is for the Ubisoft Shanghai version of the game.

SplinterCellDoubleAgentShanghai   SplinterCellDoubleAgentShanghai

Runs on the Xbox 360 NTSC-US version:

Runs on the PC version:

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Good Ending, Segmented, Hard Difficulty with 100% Stealth: 1:36:29 by 'triblast55' done in 34 segments appended to 11 files.

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Author's comments:

Welcome to the least buggy verision of Double Agent

Double Agent was first developed for the 360 which displays the greatest amount of visual graphics. But in spite of this, the game's framerate tends to drop a lot making many areas really horrid to complete. There are also many strange rules and oddities that the game never properly explains

Some things to know:

Also, when loading a save, the screen lags for a second before it shows gameplay. Even though the screen lags, the game is technically in-game and running even though it says it is loading. Example, loading a save and mashing the whistle button, will cause Sam to whistle during the loading screen just right before the screen shows you in-game.

I wanted to get 100% Stealth on every level while going as fast as I can. I thought about an all objectives with 100% Stealth run, but I decided against it since many objectives, especially the profile objectives, are really dull to complete.

There are many other categories in this game, but I have little interest in them. Newgame+ runs might be interesting since force hacking speeds up earlier levels, but after that, I don't have much motivation for them

Special thanks to prospy05

Good Ending, Segmented, Hard Difficulty with 100% Stealth: 1:33:33 by 'triblast55' done in 36 segments appended to 11 files.

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Author's comments:

Welcome to one of the worst ports I have ever seen made by Ubishit shanghai.
It is very glitchy, unstable, and inconsistent due to poor/non-existent testing.
They released a broken game and then barely patched it

Originally, I was speedrunning this game in 2007, but I kept procrastinating on and off during the years. It wasn't until 2013, that I decided to stop procrastinating. I decided to run this game after seeing prospy05 YouTube channel and was impressed by his Iceland speedrun. I managed record at Ultra High Definition ḻ̵̠͕i̘̙̞̱̮͚k̛̫͓̳̟é̞̺͙̼͈͘ ̧͎͎̞̳̖͇͙̠a̬̠̳n̶̺͉̹͚͔͕͓͇͝ ̶͕̗̰͍̠͉i̖̫̲̞̙̻n͓͔̥͍̘̦̯̹̞̕͜͟s̸̹̩̭͕̱͝a̛͔̝͜ń͎̹̰̕͡e̮̘͙͎̫̤̭̹̗͢ ̢͉̻̭͚̣̕͞p̴̥͙̕͠ͅe̶̻̠͠r͓̳̰͈̝̜̲s̝̟͉̀o̭̰͟n͕̞̱̫̭̣̖͟͞.҉̳̱͕̦̮̬̟͘

Since Double Agent was developed for the 360 then ported in the most ass way possible to PC, the guards have amazingly bad senses. That doesn't mean they can't detect me, it just means that I can stomp around more often compared to the 360 version. The guards are noticeably deafer compared to the 360 version. Sometimes the guard's deafness is inconsistent too, as in some guards might have better hearing for some unexplained reason. Even though they have better hearing in the 360 version, the guards are generally the same glitchy as fuck and inconsistent guards as the PC version. The guards tend to glitch out, act erratically, and/or have problems seeing Sam even in daylight missions.

Reloading a save even once, can cause the guards to become even more deaf. I don't believe they become completely deaf. I haven't tested how long it lasts or why it happens, but it just does. It's another thing I stumbled upon on accident. It doesn't appear to affect their vision. Also, it doesn't work on the 360 version. When reloading a save, the HUD doesn't synch up with how it was when I saved. Example, having the radar on when I save, then reloading causes the radar to turn off.

You will see me save a lot since this game loves to bug out. Even in Version 1.02a, many things are broken in this game and it loves to crash.

I wanted to get 100% stealth on every level while going as fast as I can.

Special thanks to prospy05

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