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Download the latest Windows version of Dzip from one of these links: (104K)

Download v2.9 of the command line versions of Dzip.
Several platforms are available, if your platform is not listed, try downloading the source and compiling it.

Make sure to use 'save as', these are direct links to the executable files. The text file is available here.

You can also download the source code of the command line versions and make a version for any platform! If you would like to supply a binary for a platform, please contact me. The source is available here (98K) and instructions for using it are included in the Readme file inside the zip download.

All bug reports and questions should be sent to Nolan.

Version history:

(See DzipGui.txt for more detals)

7th May 2003, Version 2.9 released

  • Dzip can now potentially support any other type of compressed format... I just need to make the plugins for them! Currently the only new format is .pak, a simple format used by some games.
  • Dzip is more friendly with file sharing.
31st July 2002, Version 2.84 released
  • Hopefully fixed all remaining drag & drop problems
  • Fixed infinite error loops on test/extract of a really corrupt file
  • Fixed up more minor Progress bar issues, shouldn't be any left now!
  • Other minor problems
17th July 2002, Version 2.9 of command line versions released
  • Added -a and -d switches to add/delete files from existing dz files
  • Added error continuation and -e switch to quit on the first error
  • Added compression of whole directories
  • Added support for files sized 2-4GB on some platforms
  • Changed layout of -l listings
28th June 2002, Version 2.83 released
  • More bug fixes: rare crashes, rare unpredictable behavior, minor memory and resource leaks.
  • Dont bother asking to create a directory if you won't be able to create it. In most cases anyway.
  • Added a 'report what you did to radix' dialog when an unexpected exception occurs.
  • Files sized 2GB-4GB-1 are now compressable.
31st May 2002, Version 2.82 released
  • Fixed several rare crash bugs
  • Fixed a lot of annoying and cosmetic bugs
  • Changed some error messages to be more informative, and added some errors where they should have been but weren't.
  • Fixed some resource leaks.
14th May 2002, Version 2.81 released
  • Hopefully fixed all problems with compressing/uncompressing of a .dem file that, for one reason or another, was not a compliant Quake demo file
  • Fixed menu commands being acitvated when they shouldn't be (about the third time i've fixed this)
3rd May 2002, Version 2.8 released
  • Opening a .dz file that has thousands of files is now much faster
  • Sped up expand/collapse pak, and add/test/extract a lot of small files
  • Added "Extract all to here" when right clicking on more than one .dz file in an explorer window
  • Added option to turn off "Compress with Dzip" in explorer menus
  • Added yes/no to all buttons when running a self-extracting exe and a file already exists
  • Fixed all kinds of weird bugs
1st July 2001, version 2.6 relesed
  • Added option for self-extracting exe files to extract to the current directory only
  • Fixed some problems with sfx files
  • Fixed a crash bug that probably nobody ever found but me :-)
10th February 2001, version 2.55 relesed
  • Self extracting exe's now perform CRC checks and can have a default extract directory
  • Added "No to All" and "Extract as..." buttons in the "Overwrite file?" dialog box
  • Fixed issues with overwriting files when dragging to applications
  • Smaller Fixes
26th January 2001, version 2.51 relesed
  • Fixed drawing problems with big toolbar's disabled buttons
  • Fixed issues and small bugs with install and uninstall
23rd January 2001, version 2.5 relesed
  • Download is now an install program
  • Extraction of Quake demo files now 4x or more faster
  • Added optional large toolbar
  • Self extracting exe files work above 256mb, have less overhead, and warn when there's extraction problems
  • Settings are stored on a per-user basis if you use a multi-user machine
  • Sped up opening very large .dz files
  • Fixed problems where commands were selectable when they shouldn't be
1st January 2001, version 2.4 relesed
  • Added ability to create self extracting exe files
  • Added "Sort by" to Options menu
  • Fixed file dates being off when they are dragged to explorer
20th November 2000, version 2.3 of gui relesed
  • Added expandable pak files
  • Added new options and an uninstall
  • The usual fixes (see txt file for more details)
25th October 2000, version 2.21 of gui relesed
  • Fixed being able to type in view window.
  • Fixed stupid bugs with extraction of pak files and progress bar during extract.
24th October 2000, version 2.2 released
  • Tiny dem encoding fix.
  • Dragging out to explorer.
  • No more infinte error loops on bad dz files.
  • Type/Path columns.
  • Other small fixes/changes.
24th August 2000, version 2.1 released
  • More encoding fixes.
  • Added Nehahra support.
  • In the GUI: sorting.
  • Added toolbar.
  • Icons in menus.
  • Options menu.
  • folder compression.
28th July 2000, version 2.0 released
  • Faster and better compression.
  • GUI significantly improved.
  • Plus many smaller changes.
4th July 2000, GUI version 0.7 released
  • First version of GUI, opening of dz and extracting files only.
1st July 2000, version 1.2 released
  • Fixed wildcard bug (Win), improved Hipnotic compatibility.
21st June 2000, version 1.1 released
  • Added wildcard expansion for Win, fixed a decompression bug.
20th June 2000, version 1.0 released
  • Initial public release.

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