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Abe's Oddysee, released in October 1997, combines great graphics with puzzle solving and action-adventure. The player follows Abe's quest to escape from rupture farms and eventually returns to save his fellow Mudokon workers in this original platform game.

AbesOddysee   AbesOddysee

Some existing runs use the trick of removing the cutscene files in order to skip them showing during gameplay. This has been ruled out and should not be done with future runs! The time the old runs gained from it will be accounted for in timing future runs. Also the latest runs (Nov 2021–) have been timed using an accurate timer found in the game's memory and as such are not directly comparable with older runs which were timed in real-time.

Runs on the PlayStation NTSC-US version:

Runs on the PC version:

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Single-segment with Large-skip glitches: 0:13:15 by Sam 'Samtastic' Locke

Author's comments:

This is my first ever console-based single segment speedrun of Oddworld; Abe's Oddysee done on the PS1 version of the game. It was played on an NTSC PS2 Slim with the fast disc speed option on and recorded with a Dazzle DVC100.

The run is very similar to my PC version of the run but struggles with some of the backwards jumps but completes the game with a 13:16 RTA time with loads. The in-game time which is shown after saving on the memory card is 0:09:36.
This run involves performing an invinciblity glitch. Here is what happens and who discovered it:
Basically a new glitch discovered by Sligfantry allowed me to single segment this game and overall my moves were very solid and sleek. I really need to thank Sligfantry here for the discovery of the skip. Thanks a lot Sligfantry! The new skip involves the death delay glitch with the bees in the Monsaic Lines. We can now skip Paramonia and Scrabania altogether! Instead of just jumping to get the DDG to work, you can trigger it by sneaking! Just slide into the bees after walking in and out of the screen, get attacked and then when they fly away, position yourself so that Abe is facing left, wait three seconds, sneak three steps and the let go of sneak! Then the next part of the puzzle was finding out how to lower Abe down to the screen below the high ledge after running past the native Mudokon. This is where Sligfantry came in! He was able to set up an auto turn delay using the bees which enabled Abe to perform a backwards jump. The fastest way to do it as discovered by Dooty is to roll three tiles and after the third one, quickly press left and Abe will jump backwards! Abe is able to move on, softly climbing down ledges. Abe can also jump over a mine on the screen with the Sligs and the mines and with that, it made the run a lot easier! The invisible section was hard but I could still hear his footsteps and that was the only clue I had when I was invisible!

It will be difficult to do every backwards jump in one go on the console version. The bad ending cutscenes are shown after completing the game.

I hope you enjoyed my run. Any questions? You can contact me on the SDA forums.

100%, Segmented: 1:15:55 by Sam 'Samtastic' Locke done in 30 segments appended to unknown files.

Author's comments:

Welcome to my Abe's Oddysee 100% speedrun!

I managed to complete Abe's Oddysee 100% and I have saved all 99 Mudokons. During the run, you will see me do a new glitch which is called the Death Delay Glitch (DDG) which no speedrunner has ever used before.

Here are a list of glitches that were used in this run and how to do each glitch.

• Death delay glitch (DDG)
By timing your jumps, you can delay Abe's death using a grenade, a UXB or most recently discovered: bees and bats. Thanks to Sligfantry for discovering the glitch. He even has a video on his YouTube channel which explains how the glitch works.

• Invisible Abe
Abe becomes invisible in Rescue Zulag 1 (aka: RuptureFarms II in the Playstation 1 version) once the death delay glitch is activated. It is one of the most difficult glitches to use. But once he enters a door he will return to normal. Wells can cancel the glitch and he will die if he bumps into a wall or if he falls of a high ledge.

• Auto turn delay
Climb a ledge or face Elum and press the 'up' arrow and make Abe face the opposite direction. Then quickly press the down arrow and release it and the game will remember what Abe was about to do. You can use this glitch to climb down ledges where you not suposed to.

• Ghostly Elum
Do an auto turn glitch with Elum and before a mine or a UXB explodes, climb onto him and Elum will become invisible.

Like the previous any% run, I ran on the PC version and with the PC version I cannot do the infinite pickup glitch. I can still do the ghostly Elum glitch but he cannot walk through walls.

I hope you enjoy my 100% run! Any questions? You can PM me on the SDA Forum.

Single-segment with Deaths, Large-skip glitches: 0:08:57 by Sam 'Samtastic' Locke

Author's comments:

Ciao everyone! This is an updated Oddysee any% with large-skip glitches run that hasn't been updated since 2019. This time, the run has a new strat that the last run didn't do and that is the diagonal fall dropdown in the Monsaic Lines. Dooty originally figured out this trick back in 2014 when Sligfantry first discovered how to skip Paramonia and Scrabania. Then in 2018, Legna discovered that you can do the DDG from the bottom of the screen making the setup faster. Then on Christmas Day 2018, Legna was watching a previous stream from an Aussie Abe player called Kingy, he noticed that there's a way to maniuplate the bees to come towards Abe whilst getting the bell chime. At the time this way wasn't very consistent. Most recently I noticed that pausing the game at a certain frame will make the bees come towards Abe. There was one attempt where the HP got too low and he died trying to do the DDG down below.

The trick here is the HP needs to be at 64 before doing the second step. This will give you the fastest DDG possible! Everything remains the same as the previous run. I did get a record back in 2020 but I didn't record that one RAW. Also, my Boardroom time in my 2020 run was pretty bad. I had 8:58.09 back then now my new PB is 8:57.49. Now that I done the most difficult run of Oddysee, I'll be moving to New 'n' Tasty and improving my time there, and then I'll be going to Exoddus, the classic Any% NoSS. My current Exoddus Any% NoSS record is 44:27 but there was a runner who gotten 41:13 before he took his runs off the net. So maybe I'll get close to the 41 barrier for that category! Stay tuned and be aware of the Illuminati!!

100%, Single-segment with Deaths, Resets, Large-skip glitches: 1:18:16 by Sam 'Samtastic' Locke

Author's comments:

Welcome to my Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee 100% Single Segment with Skips run. This one was one of my biggest achievements as it took me 2000 to beat the 4 year old World Record. Before I start the commentary, I would like to go through some glitches that I did throughout the run. Descriptions were taken from my run from TASVideos.

Auto Turn Delay
This glitch works by standing on the edge of the ledge and pressing the down button quickly and run towards a spot where you would like to hoist down. You will need to press either 'left/down' or 'right/down' depending on which direction Abe was facing.

Death Delay
Often abbreviated as DDG it makes Abe invisible and can corrupt his sprite and eventually become invisible at some point allowing him to get past things that would kill him. Abe will die if he falls of a ledge or gets zapped making doors useless. A video made by Sligfantry can show you how this glitch works:

Stop Turn and Backwards Jump
By timing this glitch perfectly you can make Abe stop and turn. To set it up, Abe needs to be standing near a ledge (pressing up whilst tunring arround) you will be able to make Abe do a backwards jump. Notice that when you press the opposite direction to where Abe is standing at the incorrect frame, Abe will just jump up and stand. But if you time it perfectly, Abe will jump backwards and possibly jump to another screen. This will allow you to jump backwards to areas and skip Zulags. In a 100% run it will allow you to get to secret areas quicker and it skips a section of StockYards Escape after finishing the secret area. Sligfantry's video can show you how this glitch works:

Multiple Backwards Jump
Whilst performing a backwards jump, simply press up/jump and Abe will do a multiple backwards jump.

Diagonal fall
This is done by combining the stop turn and the auto turn glitch. It is used as a time saver in Monsaic Lines and to save a frame in RuptureFarms.

Bird Portal Closure Glitch
This run contains a new glitch which saves a few frames. You can free the Mudokon a few frames earlier than a normal rescue. Here is the before and after video on how it looks when using the glitch.

All in all, the run went well. I ran on the PC version because it is a lot better than the PS1 version and it's easier to record. As Legna was watching, I ran the Spanish version for him. There is no difference between the language versions, it's fun to switch between langauges and learn new phrases! Also, I was able to record the PC version at Full HD so you get a nice widescreen viewing pleasure for a 1997 game! There were a few deaths I would like to mention. Some of them happened early game in the Stockyards/Free Fire Zone. I made a major mistake at the second room in Zulag 3 but Abe recovered from it very fast and still got a decent time of 1:21:13. So, here's how we time the run. Timing starts as soon as Abe hits the ground (first frame of input) and ends as soon as Abe pulls the lever at The Boardroom. This run also beats the 4-year old World Record that was set my MrBean3500Vr which was done on a PSX emulator. I also had to save at specific poitns in the game to prevent the game from crashing. Well, that's all the main things I had to say about this run. Any questions? You an contact me on the SDA Forums.

Single-segment: 0:35:55 by Sam 'Samtastic' Locke

Author's comments:

This run was done during a livestream. I did all the latest strats and didn't quite get the WR as this record is very hard to beat. 35:39 IGT is the record by Namesoom. I finished a deathless run and I beat the Dawg! I am second place on There are plenty of new strats to look forward to when watching the run. One of my favourite strats that people enjoy seeing is the 'Masturbator' strat which is from 14:11 to 14:19 in the video! The final in-game time was 35:55 IGT. Also, I did this run on the Italian version as it was my first and favourite foreign edition of Oddysee. You'll hear a lot of strange Italian phrases like "Bloccati!" which doesn't make sense saying "Freeze". I think a better Italian word for Freeze may be something like "Fermati!" which would mean "Halt!" or maybe even "Fermati Li!” which means "Stop right there!"  If you look back at an old run by YouTuber LoStraniero91, his segmented speedrun (done in 9 segments) time was 50:55 IGT displayed by the save system. This run is 20 in-game minutes faster than LoStraniero! I hope you enjoy this and his old run. If you have any questions or comments about it, feel free to ask me on YouTube or SDA. I will try and beat the WR but it will be very difficult to do so I will move to Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty any%  Abe's Exoddus Any% NoSS and set a World Records in those categories. It seems that as of 17/01/22, an Aussie runner called QuantumKris wants to beat me at the New ‘n’ Tasty category again. In that case, it's the return of the British vs the Aussie in New 'n' Tasty any%! Dun dun dun!!!! He’s aiming to break the sub 20 minutes IGT barrier! I hope you enjoy this run of Oddysee any% with No Major Glitches (NMG) as we call it in the speedrun community, I need to thank the speedrunning community for finding all the strats, in particular, Mirky who found most of them! I have also submitted an Oddysee any% run with large-skip glitches which should be verified and on the site soon along with a New ‘n’ Tasty run which will be a tribute to a guy called Stewart Gilray who sadly died of COVID on 6th January 2022. He was the main man who helped Lorne on making New ‘n’ Tasty. RIP Stewart and party on dudes, stay safe and watch out for the illuminati!!

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