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Released in January 1992, The Addams Family for Game Boy puts you in control of Gomez. The rest of the family has been evicted, and you must find money and avoid obstacles to reclaim your home.


Best time with large-skip glitches: 0:01:30 by Dave 'bangerra' Janssens on 2013-09-04.

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Author's comments:

The Addams Family (GB)

Any% with large skips

This is played on the GBPlayer for Gamecube.

In this game you're supposed to defeat a number of bosses and collect their powerup,
which you can then use to kill other bosses Mega Man style.
I skip all that by abusing a glitch that lets you enter the final stage from the very start of the game.
Basically all you need to do is press up and jump at the top-right of any set of barrels in the basement.
Great programming huh..

2 other minor glitches/exploits I use are:
- Clipping onto the top of any set of stairs lets you walk over them.
This allows you to enter basement 2 from over the wall of basement 1.
Saves about 15s.

- Getting behind the final boss allows you to basically instakill him, because his AI doesn't know how to look in the other direction.

All that's left in the run is optimal movement, slowdown prevention by killing a ghost, and as much damageboosting as possible.

This run is about 2s slower than the TAS, mainly due to random slowdown and a slightly faster boss strat (which is pretty suicidal).

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