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Released in November 2011, Assassin's Creed: Revelations is the sequel to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and the final game in the 'Ezio Trilogy.' In this installment, the player plays as Altair, Ezio, and Desmond in three different timelines/story lines. This installment has all of the franchise essentials - sneaking and killing.


Best time with DLC: 2:48:41 by François Federspiel, done in 51 segments appended into 9 files.

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Author's comments:

I've been planning this run since January 2012 ; I recorded it between September 1st and October 3rd, 2012. I wish to thank many people, including my girlfriend, my "old school" friend, people from SDA (especially fluojn, Akheon and velocikiller) and people from The Hidden Blade (especially Phi).
Like the Assassin's Creed II run, the game settings were all at the minimum, including the resolution. But on the contrary to the Assassin's Creed II run, I used save warping many times ; death abuse isn't useful after all. That's why some segments can be very short. There are 51 of them, going from 2 to 12 per sequence.
Time note : we can trust the in-game timer once more, but it does not count the time spent in animus island, as well as any moment where you can't pause the game and watch the stats. Apart from the actual time spent in the game, adding a segment doesn't seem to add any time.
Another note is the two different ways to quit the game: the first one is to quit directly to Windows (as I do most of the time), the save being the last checkpoint, and the other one is to quit to the main menu, the save being done right then; that's what I use for save warping when not in a memory. The run is encoded per sequence.
Category note : this is an any% run, using the DLC "the lost archive" (which means twelve bullets are available).
I tried to use the hookblade as often as possible, because Ezio is much faster than using his bear hands. Also I used save warping or the sewers only when it saves at least five seconds.

Part/sequence 1

Segment 01 (0:07 - 12:30)

A good thing in ACR is the cutscenes you can skip. A very bad thing is the unskippable cutscenes, especially for this segment. The free running part comes after the boring part. By the way, you can notice a strange behaviour of the characters in the "hello world" part; this happens sometimes, only while recording, on the PC version; it does not affect the framerate.
Anyway, did you think Ezio doesn't have any weapon before taking one? No, the sword can come out of his back like a rabbit out of a hat. You only have to select it before the fight, which becomes much faster this way.
I'm sorry for this mistake on the big windows, but all the rest was perfect, so I kept this attempt. I use the ledge before killing the last guard in order to avoid a red alert.

Segment 02 (12:30 - 20:20)

According to me, the fastest way for the battle here is the one you can see in the video, because then a red alert starts and all targets can be killed at the same place: next to the worker.
After Masyaf fortress, you don't need to go at the highest point and use the parachute, the next objective starts given you exit the fortress.
The shaking behaviour returns, but this time with the carriage; and again this does not affect the gameplay or the framerate.

Segment 03 (20:20 - 28:04)

Globally in combat, the fastest weapon is the dagger, then comes the hidden blade; that's why I choose it rather than the sword.
On the way to the templar captain (while wounded) I had some luck: only three hits instead of at least four, usually.
I steal some money from the captain because I need it later for some ammo. By the way there are some extra bullets on him.

Part/sequence 2

Segment 04 (0:07 - 5:31)

This segment needed many attemps, because of the luck manipulation. I can't say exactly how much, but only a tiny part of those people with a turban has a lot of money (more than 900 akçe). All the rest was almost perfect.
At the end I tried to attribute buttons to knives and hidden gun, but I didn't quit to the main menu. This way, nothing was saved (and no time was lost) after the end of memory "upgrade and explore", and I had to select the weapons later in the run.

Segment 05 (5:31 - 12:06)

Here comes the first save warping: if you quit right after the end of memory "upgrade and explore" (next to the blacksmith), you reappear right next to the assassins head quarters.
I know I could have been slightly faster on Galata tower, but the training part for the hookblade was nearly perfect, and my aim was to arrive before Yusuf (which happened).
On the building at the beginning of the next memory, Ezio was supposed to use the hookblade... Bad luck there.

Segment 06 (12:06 - 18:04)

I made a segment dedicated to this memory since I believed it was luck based. Actually it was not. I tried to balance the use of cannon and assassins (preferably riflemen), in order to beat the whole memory as fast as possible. I tried different strategies, and I found this one was the best.

Segment 07 (18:04 - 26:52)

Here comes another save warping: if you exit the game right after the memory "on the defense", you appear much closer to the next memory than the assassin's den's rooftop. But as you can notice it's quite hard to exit this place properly.
The fight at the beginning of the memory was the fastest I saw, that's why I kept this attempt, even if I waste a bullet there (it was part of the plan).
A good thing about the new "eagle sense" is that Ezio locks onto a human target after identification. That allowed me to quickly use the pistol for the templar den captain.

Part/sequence 3

Segment 08 (0:08 - 3:20)

In this first memory of the sequence, I managed to steal the key from the guard (which is faster than assassinate him), and to go back to the cell without any alert.

Segment 09 (3:20 - 8:20)

Here's another save warping, which brings a little closer to the sewers than right after the previous memory.
I think I did all the fastest way possible, the final battle in particular.

Segment 10 (8:20 - 13:07)

A save warping again. I need the knife belt upgrade in sequence 5, but a shop upgrade would have been way too long, and it's the only time Ezio goes this close to the tailor.
After the awful cutscene with Piri Reis, I create some smoke bombs, in order to avoid alerts later in the game.

Segment 11 (13:07 - 19:21)

Another save warping here.
About the strategy to kill the first target in the Yerebatan Cistern: I'm not sure it's the fastest, but it's the only thing I could think about to avoid being detected and kill the captain quite quickly. The other targets were killed really fast.

Segment 12 (19:21 - 25:49)

The save warping is here to skip the waiting time after the Yerebatan Cistern memory.

Segment 13 (25:49 - 31:36)

You need to be anonymous to start walking with the romanis, that's why I use the assassins combined with a smoke bomb in order to stop the alert.
And, in this memory, you have to poison several targets, but waiting for them to die is long and annoying. That's why I punch them as fast as possible.
At the very end of this segment, the goal is to go past the burned wood on the ground...

Segment 14 (31:36 - 32:19) that Ezio reappears much closer to the sewers.

Segment 15 (32:19 - 32:55)

As you can notice, this section contains plenty of save warpings.

Segment 16 (32:55 - 38:17)

Once again, I don't know if the strategy I use to distract the guards in this memory is the best one. But, it's at least very fast, and successful.

Part/sequence 4

Segment 17 (0:07 - 7:57)

If you don't use the roofs, beating Yusuf to the palace is extremely easy.
Calling the assassins while carrying the second ministrel isn't necessary, but many attemps failed because of an alert there.
Also, after having finished this segment, I can say the eagle sense can be really annoying sometimes.

Segment 18 (7:57 - 9:44)

Save warping again: Ezio appears inside the palace if you quit after the previous memory.
Once on the roof, you have to climb on the wooden thing, otherwise Ezio stops and waits before going further.

Segment 19 (9:44 - 16:18)

This time Ezio appears outside the palace if you quit after the previous memory.
I have to wait a little before going to the boat, so that the first guard doesn't see anything before feeling a blade going through his stomach.
Once the alert begins on the way back, I go to the left of the street only to avoid marksmen's shots.

Segment 20 (16:18 - 25:15)

Here's a save warping leading closer to the sewers (one more time). Between Galata and the hideout, I choose the latter because I have to go to the blacksmith. Otherwise the two are almost equal.
The Galata tower memory was very difficult but also very intense to record. Nearly everything was perfect, including the use of the hookblade as often as possible.

Segment 21 (25:15 - 25:44)

A segment entirely dedicated to save warping.

Segment 22 (25:44 - 33:18)

I was very lucky in the part with the Apple: three shots, but only one of them had some effect.

Part/sequence 5

Segment 23 (0:08 - 8:25)

This segment is particularly boring, especially when Tarik decides to stop walking; but the stalkers are here to bring tiny entertainment parts.

Segment 24 (8:25 - 9:10)

Another segment dedicated to save warping.

Segment 25 (9:10 - 14:57)

This segment was really, really annoying to record; in fact, the rioters were so many times between Ezio and the targets... In this attempt, I was particularly lucky with the battle, despite having lost some ammo.
Between the weapon selection and the beginning of the final cutscene of the memory, most of playthroughs are around 130 seconds. My goal was around 100 seconds, and I managed to do it five seconds faster than this.
During the next memory (inside the arsenal), you can notice two things: a face on Ezio's back, and how weird he can move, from time to time.

Segment 26 (14:57 - 17:54)

Here is a save warping, between the table (in the previous segment) and... a place... closer to... the sewers, yes.
In the bazaar, you don't need to punch the guy; a counter "kill" with the fists is enough. My first plan was to steal the painting from the merchant, but it's much easier to buy it, finally.

Segment 27 (17:54 - 20:02)

Once more a save warping, leading closer to the sewers.

Segment 28 (20:02 - 26:04)

There, the save warping brings on the ground, and this time closer to the next memory. It's pretty easy, apart from the end, which is actually... very easy using this method.

Segment 29 (26:04 - 34:33)

The escape with Darim can be very annoying and random sometimes. But this attempt was very good, especially since I didn't received any hit at the end.

Part/sequence 6

Segment 30 (0:08 - 4:03)

Once again, I don't know if my method for the first memory is the fastest; but at least the janissary was dead and hidden quickly.
And, as in the previous sequence, you don't have to punch the guy, a "fist assassination" is enough.

Segment 31 (4:03 - 8:37)

This one was very difficult to record, and I need to explain some things.
First, you can't go through the first two elite guards using superblending, that's why I have to wait for the group of janissaries.
About the death of Tarik: actually, Ezio aims at him just as the loading screen ends. So you can hold the key and release it at this precise moment. Plus, it allows to skip entirely the assassination scene in nothingness.
Then the escape was particularly luck based because a glitch occured sometimes, where the red alert never stopped. But, in this attempt, the plan worked, and I managed to finish the memory very quickly.
You can notice the red arrows from the guards in the palace, meaning the route was the fastest possible, even if I slew down from time to time. On the way back, assassins would have been too slow, that's why I use a poison.

Segment 32 (8:37 - 14:23)

A save warping is there one more time.
This segment is quite boring, and you will see some fails. Nevertheless all was good finally; the florist didn't see anything and walked normally.

Segment 33 (14:23 - 15:09)

A few minutes of save warping, between Hagia Sophia, south port...

Segment 34 (15:09 - 15:39)

...the "boulevard" near it...

Segment 35 (15:39 - 17:21)

...and the "signs and symbols" memory; the latter happened to be very fine.

Segment 36 (17:21 - 18:39)

The save warping prime time continues, while going to the maiden's tower memory.

Segment 37 (18:39 - 24:42)

Apart from the shaking glitch, everything was nearly perfect.
After the second lever and the lamp, you have to do something (for instance to move) in order to catch the upper bar instead of the lower one.

Segment 38 (24:42 - 25:16)

A segment which was dedicated to save warping.

Segment 39 (25:16 - 32:55)

It's obviously faster to run with Altaïr, but when the old man can't run anymore, it's faster to punch continuously, even if someone is there.
I managed to avoid the "fist assassination" on all the targets (thanks to the assassins), apart from the one near the fortress door (it's actually faster to kill him).

Segment 40 (32:55 - 33:26)

Some more save warping here in this segment.

Segment 41 (33:26 - 40:23)

At the beginning of the memory, the assassins were very fast comparing to the usual case, so this part was made as quick as possible.
To be honest, I don't fully understand the mechanism of the greek cannon; but at least all the rest of the memory went well. I only had bad luck when Ezio fell into the water instead of landing on the platform.

Part/sequence 7

Segment 42 (0:08 - 5:46)

Except the fact I was lucky (no alerts for example) there's nothing special to say here.

Segment 43 (5:46 - 8:38)

There's a small save warping here: Ezio reappears a little closer to the stairs than before.
Shahkulu's behaviour is very, very weird. It's as hard to kill him as a janissary, except he can't be killed while in a killstreak. That's why my plan was to use two consecutive counterkills (which were particularly fast, even for the dagger) at first. Then, I could continue to hit him, but the other guys would have hit me anyway, and it would have been very long. So, the method you can see is the fastest, according to me.

Segment 44 (8:38 - 13:53)

A small save warping happens here too.
I pretty much believe my method for the memory "decomissioned" is the fastest; and despite using a poison at the end, it was exceptionally fast and lucky, since I didn't receive any hit and I killed every ennemy with ranged weapons.
I included the next memory in this segment as well.

Segment 45 (13:53 - 20:09)

I have to admit the shaking glitch is the worst of the entire run here (once on the boat). But the all went well, so there's nothing special to say.

Part/sequence 8

Segment 46 (0:08 - 1:00)

This segment is the shortest of the whole run (in terms of gameplay); it's only used for save warping.

Segment 47 (1:00 - 3:52)

This one was very fun to record. Having infinite arrow storm is an infinite joy.
Also, after the end of the memory, I ran for 2 seconds completely blind, which is quite pleasant.

Segment 48 (3:52 - 7:59)

Here is a save warping once more.
All went pretty perfectly in this attempt, especially climbing the tower.
About the part where Ezio saves Sofia (for real): using the parachute the whole time is slower than running, but using the parachute right before landing is the fastest movement possible in the game. Plus, in this attempt, the full speed was reached the longest time possible (according to me). Also, the landing seems weird, but the other way to land is to stop for a second, so I'm satisfied with it.

Segment 49 (7:59 - 17:48)

This memory isn't that hard, even considering how bad the controls are, while holding the parachute. I didn't manage to save Sofia from every shot, but I noticed that throwing ennemies does not count as killing them.
Also lol for the glitch involving the horse at the end of the sequence.

Part/sequence 9

Segment 50 (0:07 - 3:45)

It was the only time I used a mouse (combined with a controller): to solve the puzzle, otherwise the cursor is way too slow.

Segment 51 (3:45 - 33:47)

There's not much else to say about this sequence, it's just boring scripted memories.

Final stats:


- synchronization (%) 53.26
- time played 02:48:41
- distance covered (m) 32381


- deaths 0
- primary weapon hookblade
- secondary weapon poison darts
- favorite bomb splinter bomb
- ennemies assassinated with the hidden blades 16
- air assassinations 3
- double air assassinations 0
- longest execution streak 4
- ennemies killed in fight 181
- ennemies poisoned 5
- ennemies shot with the pistol 25
- ennemies shot with crossbow 0
- ennemies killed by bombs 38
- ennemies killed by traps 0
- disarms 0

Den defense

- success (%) 100
- number of assassins placed 21
- favorite assassin type assassin riflemen
- number of barricades placed 1
- morale spent 355
- number of cannon kills 62


- height climbed (m) 1074
- distance covered on ground (m) 20119
- distance swam (m) 39
- distance covered by zipline (m) 491
- distance covered with parachute (m) 58


- time spent blended 00:05:43
- times with templar aware status 4
- templar couriers killed 0
- stalkers killed 0
- romanies hired 3
- mercenaries hired 1
- thieves hired 0
- romanies guild challenges completed (%) 9.0
- thieves guild challenges completed (%) 13.15
- mercenaries guild challenges completed (%) 5.8


- money earned (akçe) 43483
- money spent (akçe) 9685
- books collected 3
- weapons collected 5
- armor pieces collected 1


- dens captured (%) 28.57
- shops rebuilt (%) 6.78
- landmarks owned (%) 0.0
- animus data fragments removed (%) 1.0
- ishak pasha memoir pages collected (%) 0.0

Assassins guild

- call assassins triggered 33
- ennemies killed by assassins recruits 161
- assassins recruited 2
- assassins recuits killed 0
- contract assignments completed 1
- master assassins trained 1


- memories fully synched 42
- memories relived 0

Individual-levels run of Lost Archive New Game+ in 0:27:45:

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Level name Time Date Player
The End is Only the Beginning 0:03:49 2013-05-19 François 'Fed981' Federspiel
The Order 0:02:29 2013-05-19 François 'Fed981' Federspiel
Abstergo 0:04:46 2013-05-19 François 'Fed981' Federspiel
The Mole 0:04:04 2013-05-19 François 'Fed981' Federspiel
Bleeding Effect 0:03:26 2013-05-19 François 'Fed981' Federspiel
The Truth 0:04:28 2013-05-20 François 'Fed981' Federspiel
The End of the Line 0:04:43 2013-05-21 François 'Fed981' Federspiel

Author's comments:

Hi everyone, welcome to my speedrun of Assassin's Creed Revelations DLC, The Lost Archive. It was meant to be a single-segment 100% run, but it's finally individual levels.
All memories where completed at 100% before recording these videos. Memories 1 to 5 where recorded on 2013-05-19, memory 6 on 2013-05-20 and memory 7 on 2013-05-21.
The run was recorded on PC, using keyboard and mouse all the time. The maximum resolution is 1280x720 (IQ and XQ versions).
You may sometimes notice I use flat blocks rather than slope blocks to go up; simply because it's faster.
Before moving on to the details, some things about the moves in this DLC. If the speed when moving forward is 6, then the speed when strafing or going backwards is 4, and going forward + strafing (at 45 degrees) gives 5.

Memory 1 - The end is only the beginning

Nothing special to say here. Only that I went through the memory as fast as possible, even near the end where I never managed to catch the next platform without waiting some seconds.

Memory 2 - The order

Everything went very quick and very well. Nothing else to add.

Memory 3 - Abstergo

Except when the ceiling doesn't allow that, using the jump block to move is faster than just walking. That's why I jump as much as possible.

Memory 4 - The mole

Despite being slightly slow when going up the lasers corkscrews, all was very good. Especially the last part, which was the fastest I ever did.

Memory 5 - Bleeding effect

This is where finishing the game plays a role. There is a cutscene at the beginning, showing all the decipher fragments making a bridge to break the loop. So the memory is a little longer to complete. One thing about the last part: the way the platforms appear doesn't allow you to take extreme shortcuts, that's why the path seems quite long.

Memory 6 - The truth

When I encounter the first set of lasers, I have to hurry in order to get back immediately after activating the switch. No other comment about the rest.

Memory 7 - The end of the line

This memory is the most difficult of the DLC. I discovered the first shortcut quite lately, it's quite efficient though. Then, as said previously, using the jump block is faster so I do it as much as possible. Once inside the building pretty much everything is a matter of improvisation; except at the third area without floor, where I think I used the fastest method possible. In the last area without floor, I missed the switch at first but almost no time was lost, and all the rest was particularly lucky. The last part of the memory went also very well.

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