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Released August 2013, your mission is to escape the building in which bombs have been planted in its every room. Since bunnies cannot difuse bombs, you just have to escape. You have 10 seconds per room and you must find the hidden key and escape through the locked door. Will you make it in time?


Best time: 0:00:23 by 'The Barrel' on 2014-05-01.

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Author's comments:

One little note about the IGT (in-game time) versus realtime. While the IGT would be ideal, seeing as it starts when control does and ends when control does, it doesn't take into account fractions of seconds, leading to some inaccuracy. This run - being timed as the game does plus fractions of seconds - was around 28 seconds I believe. The point is that due to the timer being inaccurate and 0:23 being pretty much the most I feel I can do with this game (and I reached this point a while ago), a lot of time went into shaving off real time. Case and point I had a 0:23 run of this months ago that was 3 seconds slower realtime. I found a number of improvements in certain rooms, all of which I'll be addressing now.

Room 1 -- Very straight forward room. Literally. I should mention that keys don't have a hit box until the frame after the apex of their flying out of the box. So jumping into the key so that the bunny picks it up on the first available frame (or around that frame) saves a bit of time. Though this room is a straight line, unfortunately, bunny-hopping is slower than running. So it's best to stay on the ground whenever possible.

Room 2 -- By jumping into the box from the bottom the animation starts as the bunny acsends - or as his hitbox hits the bottom of the box's hitbox. Doing this sets it up so that he grabs the key as soon as possible and can jump through the platform immediately without stopping. You don't lose any time from landing if you jump through the platform on the first frame that you land. If all is done correctly, I can do this stage and not let go of the right arrow key. This precise jumping was a huge time-saver over my old strat (by "huge" I mean frames).

Room 3 -- It should be noted that falling through platforms is slightly faster than walking, so as soon as I pick up the key I start mashing down and jump. Simple Enough.

Room 4 -- Isn't all that tricky. Just an extension of what I've been doing so far. The only thing to note is that I attempt to do short hops on the stairs to save a few frames. The bunny has a set minimum height that he'll jump so I doubt the jumping could be any more optimized.

Room 5 -- Another real easy room, the only catch is I have to jump above a chandelier. Kind of an inverse of Room 2.

Room 6 -- This is the only room with a relevant item pickup. The speed shoes really speed up this stage (obviously) and this is the only case where they are right on the way. I make sure to jump through the edge of the last platform to the right to gain some frames heading into the door.

Room 7 -- This room can be tricky when it comes to navigating the chandeliers. I have to jump very specifically to get the one by the key to fall behind the bunny as he picks up the key. It goes without saying that getting hit by a chandelier is bad.

Room 8 -- This is my biggest run killer. Mostly because the window to make the jump at the very beginning is very small without pausing at any time, or worse, falling onto the lower path. Getting an 8 in this stage pretty much relies on that jump at the start.

Room 9 -- This room isn't really hard, oddly enough. Extremely straight forward. In this case, jumping into the key animation doesnt' speed things up as the jump timing, even if perfect, is actually a little slower. Plus you have the chance of jumping over the key altogether.

Room 10 -- All I have to do is keep in mind where the chandeliers and bombs are and try to keep over to the right to grab the key and finish the game. The same principle for jumping into the key from Room 9 applies here too. Plus you'll most likely set off the last chandelier and get hit right before the door. (An annoying run snipe.)

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