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Borderlands is a Sci-fi First Person Shooter with a quirky sense of humor. Developed by Gearbox Studios and published by 2K Games it uses a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3. Though it is a Sci-Fi game it is reminiscent of a western due to the desert like landscape and focus on ballistic weaponry. Borderlands has heavy RPG elements, specifically you gain experience and "level" throughout the game. This creates the interesting play mechanic that enemies of a higher level than you are harder to kill and enemies of a lower level are easier to kill. Thus you are required to explore and complete side missions in order to progress through the storyline as enemies quickly become too strong to kill if you only follow the main storyline. The player assumes the role of one of four "Vault Hunters" who have come to the planet Pandora to search for the Vault; a mythical trove of alien technology and riches. Each character has their own special ability and skill tree. The skill trees differ primarily in that they have enhance the use of various weapons or increase the survivability of the character through various means.


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Runs on the PC version:

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Xbox 360 version as Brick 2:29:02 by William Welch, done in 99 segments.

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Author's comments:

Thanks for choosing to watch my Borderlands speed run. For notes I will provide you with my segment plan. Each segment has the time that the segment ended, the segment objectives, and a quick note about how the segment went. There is an audio commentary on this run so I'll keep these short. Listen to the commentary for more detailed comments.

Segment 01 - 0:07:12
Choose Brick
Get off the bus
Challenge: Relentless
Mission: The doctor is in - accept
Mission: The doctor is in - turn in
This is one of the most annoying segments in the whole run due to the 5 minute unskippable cutscene. I probably didn't give this as many attempts as I should have but the attempt I kept went pretty well. As I'm shooting the guys I stop for half a second and aim to reduce the pellet spread which causes more damage because more of them hit the enemy. I lose a couple seconds on the last group of bandits but overall it was a good segment.

Segment 02 - 0:09:02
Mission: Repair claptrap - accept
Mission: Repair claptrap - turn in
Mission: Skags at the gate - accept
Mission: Skags at the gate - complete
Starts off well. I lose some time killing the skags because I don't manage to kill any at the den entrance. If I was on a PC I wouldn't accept that but this was the fastest of my attempts so I went with it.

Segment 03 - 0:09:48
Mission: Skags at the gate - turn in
Mission: Fix er up er - accept
Mission: Fix er up er - get fuse
No comments.

Segment 04 - 0:11:23
Mission: Fix er up er - turn in
Mission: Binding Nine-Toes - accept
Sell items
Buy shield
Mission: Binding Nine-Toes - complete
Challenge: Chain killer
I start off by killing the two skags so that when I kill the 8 bandits I get the Chain Killer challenge (kill 10 enemies with 7 or less seconds between kills).

Segment 05 - 0:13:37
Mission: Binding Nine-Toes - turn in
Mission: Nine-Toes: Meet T.K Baha - accept
Mission: Nine-Toes: Meet T.K Baha - turn in
Mission: Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food - accept
Mission: Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food - turn in
Mission: Got Grenades - accept
Just ran through it. Probably should have killed the skags for some easy exp but that would have slowed me down.

Segment 06 - 0:15:22
Mission: Got Grenades - complete
Challenge: Impulse Buyer - buy 3 ammo to complete
Mission: Got Grenades - turn in
Mission: Nine-Toes: Take.him down - accept
Area: Skag Gully
When I buy the grenades I also buy 3 extra ammo that I don't really need to to get the Impulse Buyer challenge for some easy exp.

Segment 07 - 0:17:14
Kill humans in cave to get lvl 5
Skill points: berzerk
Mission: Nine-Toes: Take.him down - complete
I made a mistake in this segment in that I forgot to allocate my point in Berzerk when I got to level 5 so I lost a couple seconds on Nine-Toes because I couldn't zerk and I fell down. The grenade toss in this segment was really lucky though and it took out a bunch of the enemies so I couldn't beat the time even with the mistake.

Segment 08 - 0:18:38
Mission: Nine-Toes: Take him down - turn in
Mission: Nine-Toes: Time to collect - accept
Mission: Nine-Toes: Time to collect - turn in
Mission: Job hunting - accept
Mission: Job hunting - turn in
Mission: Catch a ride - accept
No comments.

Segment 09 - 0:22:11
Mission: Catch a ride - turn in
Mission: Bone Head's theft - accept
Get car
Challenge: Orbit Achieved
Mission: Bone Head's theft - turn in
Mission: Jump gully - accept
Mission: Jump gully - turn in
Mission: Return to Zed - accept
I run and jump over the fence to get the car early. Then I use the car to get Orbit Achieved for a lot of exp. Using the car to run Bone-Head over kills him quick and then I open the gate before I end the segment since it's pretty hard to screw up and I want to be at Fyrestone after that anyway so segment breaking is a free warp.

Segment 10 - 0:22:47
Luck Manipulation: Longbow or Explosive Bouncing Betty
Mission: Get a little blood on the tires - accept
Mission: Hidden journal - accept
Mission: Return to Zed - turn in
Mission: Sledge: Meet Shep - accept
Equip Bone shreder
Skill points: shield
Luck manipulation of one of the two grenade mods I need and some basic management.

Segment 11 - 0:27:14
Mission: Hidden journal - First three journals
Mission: Sledge: Meet Shep - turn in
Mission: Mine key - accept
Mission: Get the flock out of here - accept
Mission: Beaking wind - accept
Mission: Get a little blood on the tires - complete
Mission: Hidden journal - Fourth journal
Mission: Get the flock out of here - complete
Challenge: Killing Spree
Mission: Breaking wind - break 1
Mission: Mine key - turn in
Mission: Sledge: To the safe house - accept
Mission: Hidden journal - Fifth journal
Mission: Breaking wind - break 2 and 3
I complete some quests here for exp to get to level 10 and a little cash along with the story quest to open up the safehouse.

Segment 12 - 0:28:39
Luck Manipulation: Longbow grenade or Explosive bouncing betty
Mission: Get a little blood on the tires - turn in
Mission: Hidden journal - turn in
Mission: Get the flock out of here - turn in
Mission: Beaking wind - turn in
Area: Lost Cave
A second grenade manipulation, turning in quests, and off to the cave!

Segment 13 - 0:29:09
Equip shield
Equip Explosive bouncing betty
Purchase green grenade upgrade
Sell items
Skill reset
Skill points: explosive damage
Setting up for the powerleveling segments.

Segment 14 - 0:29:40
Segment 15 - 0:30:12
Segment 16 - 0:30:44
Segment 17 - 0:31:16
Segment 18 - 0:31:45
Segment 19 - 0:32:14
Cave leveling to 12
- first pack only
- segments to take 31 seconds
- no crabs remaining
First set of crab leveling. These segments are all 31 or 32 seconds. 30 seconds is the minimum time a segment can be because if you exit before then the game won't save. My goal here is to just kill all 4 crabs and restock in 30 seconds.

Segment 20 - 0:33:35 -- 15 attempts
Segment 21 - 0:34:41 -- 146 attempts
Segment 22 - 0:35:52 -- 15 attempts
Segment 23 - 0:37:00 -- 48 attempts
Segment 24 - 0:37:57 -- 90 attempts
Segment 25 - 0:39:02 -- 5 attempts
Segment 26 - 0:40:10 -- 17 attempts
Segment 27 - 0:41:20 -- 21 attempts
Segment 28 - 0:41:57 -- 80 attempts
Cave leveling 12+
- grenade at first pack as you run by, must kill at least one
- kill packs 2 and 3
- collect both chests
- Minimum 100 exp/segment, preferably 120+
- Purchase green SMG and AR upgrade when you can afford
- Get to lvl 16 - 10500 exp from 17
- Items to get from chests in these segments
-- lvl 16 bouncing betty
-- secondary SMG (scope and good accuracy/damage, preferably explosive)
-- Good Assault Rifle (Stomper, preferably blue, 80+ dmg)
-- Dual Anarchy (dmg 25+ fire rate 8+)
- at end purchase shield from the vendor 300+ capacity
In these segments I kill more crabs and get items I need from the run out of the chests. Not much to say.

Segment 29 - 0:43:48
Area: Sledge's Safehouse
And we're running.

Segment 30 - 0:45:09
Mission: Sledge: To the safe house - turn in
Mission: Sledge: Battle for the badlands - accept
The Roid Rage Psycho fight went really well. I grenade the guy before the Psycho to activate my specials. I tried running up closer to him before I started firing to see if I could down him in one clip but it wasn't happening.

Segment 31 - 0:47:26
Area: Arid Hills
Fill up on ammo
Area: Headstone Mine
And we're running. I fill up in the hills because it's on my way. The other option was to fill up at the station in Headstone Mine before I end the segment. They are probably very close in the amount of time they take but I think this is very slightly faster.

Segment 32 - 0:49:24
Mission: Sledge: Battle for the badlands - complete
Three grenade jumps in a row to skip all the enemies in the level then it's time to smash Sledge. The fight goes pretty well. I get lucky in that no one spawns near me; specifically psycho's so I don't go down in the fight which would have cost me a couple seconds to kill the psycho and get back up. I feel like I should have gotten more criticals on Sledge but his critical zone is real small.

Segment 33 - 0:55:08
Mission: Sledge: Battle for the badlands - turn in
Mission: Leaving Fyrestone - accept
Area: Dahl Headland
Mission: Leaving Fyrestone - turn in
Mission: Getting Lucky - accept
Mission: Big Game Hunter - accept
Mission: Getting Lucky - turn in
Mission: Powering the fast travel - accept
Mission: Powering the fast travel - complete
Getting to the next area. I have to activate the fast travel before I can stop the segment because that turns on the New-U in the zone. If I don't I will spawn back at Fyrestone.

Segment 34 - 0:56:16
Mission: Powering the fast travel - turn in
Mission: Road Warriors: Hot shots - accept
Mission: Big Game Hunter - place bait
I place the bait and exit so that I can respawn outside the arena.

Segment 35 - 0:59:40
Mission: Big Game Hunter - complete
It's actually possible to kill Zilla with the car but you have to be 18 to do that so I use the gun and do it the powerleveling way.

Segment 36 - 1:01:26
Mission: Ghosts of the vault - accept
Mission: Big game hunter - turn in
Mission: Ghosts of the vault - turn in
As long as I'm in the area anyway to turn in Big Game Hunter I make a little detour for some easy experience. I also get some nice sell fodder from the chest.

Segment 37 - 1:02:19 -- 190 attempts
Luck Manipulation: Dual Anarchy
I actually got the DA on my first attempt but I felt like I could get a better one so I tried 189 more times and didn't get another.

Segment 38 - 1:03:08
Segment 39 - 1:03:42
Luck Manipulation: Warmonger class mod
When I was first trying to get the Warmonger I found one that had damage and grenade damage that was 50k if I remember right. So I did segment 38 to get enough money to buy that one (which is incredibly rare). I ended up with a 24% Warmonger which is the most I have seen. It was a lot cheaper than I thought I was going to spend so basically segment 38 was unnecessary.

Segment 40 - 1:05:31
Segment 41 - 1:06:02
Segment 42 - 1:07:28
Segment 43 - 1:08:56
Segment 44 - 1:10:13
Segment 45 - 1:11:39
Segment 46 - 1:12:59
Segment 47 - 1:14:15
Segment 48 - 1:15:26
Segment 49 - 1:16:33
Segment 50 - 1:17:43
Segment 51 - 1:18:49
Segment 52 - 1:20:03
Segment 53 - 1:21:06
Segment 54 - 1:22:18
Segment 55 - 1:23:42
Segment 56 - 1:24:53
Skagzilla leveling to 462000 exp -- 26 on second Jaynistown
Not much to say about these. Just some power leveling. I stop when I surpass 462000 total exp because I thought that would make me 26 on the second Jaynistown which you need to be to kill him with the car. Turns out I was wrong but I changed my route a little and added in two very quick quests that were not in the original plan so if I didn't make time I definitely didn't lose any.

Segment 57 - 1:26:32
Mission: Road Warriors: Hot shots - complete
This segment went really well. I use the rocket launcher for the higher damage. The rest of the run I don't because if you miss you waste a shot and a lot of time but this is a short segment so it was worth it to use the launcher.

Segment 58 - 1:27:02
Mission: Road Warriors: Hot shots - turn in
Mission: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocolypse - accept
Fill up on ammo
No comments.

Segment 59 - 1:30:23
Mission: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocolypse - complete
Area: New Haven
Mission: Road Warriors: Bandit Apocolypse - turn in
Mission: Power to the people - accept
Mission: Power to the people - complete
This went pretty well. Mel was kind of a bitch but I took him down ok. I tack power to the people on this segment because it's pretty hard to screw up and segmenting that close (i.e. from Helena) to the New-U doesn't save any time.

Segment 60 - 1:32:51
Mission: Power to the people - turn in
Mission: Seek out Tannis - accept
Area: Rust commons west
Outpost: Underpass
Mission: Seek out Tannis - turn in
Mission: Meet crazy earl - accept
No comments.

Segment 61 - 1:33:49 -- 60 attempts
Developer Chest
Ah, the "developer chest". This chest is called the developer chest because it's very well hidden and it contains items that are a pretty high level/quality for the earliest you can obtain them which is at this point in the game. It took me 60 attempts to find the DA out of here and it was a pretty damn good one. I wanted more damage but the 12 fire rate makes up for it in a big way. If I ever return to the game and try again I will skip the second DA (it actually wasn't planned in this run either but was a happy accident). It's just not necessary to get one by Lucky when this one is so close and will be so much better.

Segment 62 - 1:35:19
Area: Scrap yard
And we're running.

Segment 63 - 1:38:04
Mission: Meet crazy earl - turn in
Mission: Get off my lawn - accept
Mission: Get off my lawn - complete
I waste a couple seconds missing the first round with the AR at the tank. My first grenade toss bounced off the psycho wasting the grenade. The barrels right after that save me the trouble of getting up by activating my second wind right away. After that my grenade gets off just in time to do the same. At the end I waste a couple seconds looking for enemies. Overall though the segment was pretty solid thanks to the help of some luck.

Segment 64 - 1:38:41
Mission: Get off my lawn - turn in
Mission: Hair of the dog - accept
No comments.

Segment 65 - 1:39:48
Warp: The Outeryard
Area: Fishers Landing
And we're running.

Segment 66 - 1:40:40
Segment 67 - 1:41:39
Segment 68 - 1:42:22
Segment 69 - 1:43:01
Mission: Hair of the dog - complete
These segments go pretty well. Got some decent items from them for sell fodder.

Segment 70 - 1:43:41
Warp: Scrap yard
Mission: Hair of the dog - turn in
Mission: Krom - accept
And we're running.

Segment 71 - 1:46:05
Warp: The Underpass
Area: Rust commons east
Outpost: Middle of nowhere
Area: Kroms canyon
And we're running.

Segment 72 - 1:47:52
I'm pretty happy with this segment. My grenade jump isn't as clean as it could be but some barrel helped me out it seems. I managed to make it to the top without any major slowdowns and destroyed Krom. In an earlier attempt I fell while waiting for the chest to rise but that didn't happen here which saved a couple seconds.

Segment 73 - 1:49:02
Warp: The Underpass
Mission: Janistown secret rondevous - accept
And we're running.

Segment 74 - 1:51:06
Warp: Middle Of Nowhere
Mission: Jaynistown: Secret rondevous - turn in
Mission: Jaynistown: A brothers love - accept
And we're running.

Segment 75 - 1:51:49
Mission: Jaynistown: A brothers love - complete
I probably should have gotten more criticals on this fight but at most it could have saved me a couple seconds.

Segment 76 - 1:52:25
Mission: Jaynistown: A brothers love - turn in
Mission: Jaynistown: spread the word - accept
And we're running.

Segment 77 - 1:53:29
Warp: New Haven
Mission: Jaynistown: spread the word - turn in
Mission: Jaynistown: getting whats coming - turn in
Mission: Jaynistown: unintended conseuences - accept
And we're running.

Segment 78 - 1:55:20
Mission: Jaynistown: unintended conseuences - turn in
Mission: Jaynistown: clean up your mess - accept
Mission: Old Haven: Investigate smoke signals - accept
Mission: Middle of Nowhere no more - accept
Warp: Middle of Nowhere
Mission: Middle of Nowhere no more - complete
Mission: Middle of Nowhere no more - turn in
Warp: The Caulderon
Area: Old Haven
Mission: Old Haven: Investigate smoke signals - complete
Mission: Old Haven: Investigate smoke signals - turn in
Here is my route change due to not having as much exp as I needed. I did two things differently. First I pick up the two quests; second I go to Old Haven now. You have to go to Old Haven no matter what so investigate smoke signals is exp at the cost of a whole two seconds. I do go to Old Haven earlier than I originally planned but the run there takes the same amount of time no matter when you do it and you can warp there once you have been there once so it doesn't cost me any time. Doing the middle of nowhere quest cost me a few seconds but less than it would have taken to kill Zilla another time. Even though that was done out of necessity it turned out to save a little time.

Segment 79 - 1:56:01
Luck Manupulation: Shield 450+ (preferably 500+)
Warp: The Caulderon
Purchase the shield I will use till the end of the game.

Segment 80 - 1:56:52
Mission: Jaynistown: clean up your mess - complete
This segment has my only real contribution to the run in terms of a glitch. For whatever reason that wall I drive though is not solid for the car. Many of the structures in that area are not totally solid actually, at least when you are in the car. Anyway that saves a couple seconds of driving around the building and a lot of damage to my car. I also manage to run over Taylor very quick.

Segment 81 - 1:58:04
Mission: Jaynistown: clean up your mess - turn in
Mission: Another peice of the puzzle - accept
Area: Trash coast
Another grenade jump here. Only saves me maybe two seconds and it's not an easy jump due to the terrain there but in such a short segment I felt like I had to have it in there.

Segment 82 - 2:00:40
Mission: another peice of the puzzle - complete
First rakk hive fight. I go off him a second early there to activate my special since the bomber rakk are easy to kill.

Segment 83 - 2:01:55
Warp: The Underpass
Mission: another peice of the puzzle - turn in
Mission: Not without my claptrap - accept
And we're running.

Segment 84 - 2:02:40
Luck Manipulation: lvl 25 bouncing betty
Fill up on ammo
Warp: Trash Coast
Manipulate the grenade mod I will use the rest of the game and buy some ammo. I do this here because A) It's convenient B) I don't feel like an ass having a segment that is just a teleport so that I can start in the area the Hive is in for the leveling segments.

Segment 85 - 2:04:20
Segment 86 - 2:05:46
Rack hive leveling to 702000 exp to be 29 for the three guards in the back door
Killin the hive. I need to kill it twice so I can be level 29 for the three guards in the "Back Door". They are really hard to kill at 28. Plus it nets me an extra level 29 for Baron Flynt which helps.

Segment 87 - 2:07:10
Warp: Old Haven
Fill up on ammo
Mission: Not without my claptrap - turn in
Mission: The final peice - accept
No comments.

Segment 88 - 2:08:28
Area: Salt flats
And we're running.

Segment 89 - 2:09:56
Mission: The final peice - destroy patrols
I do these on their own segment because of how random they are. I wasn't able to really determine what their spawn order is or if it's random but this was my quickest attempt.

Segment 90 - 2:13:13
Mission: The final peice - turn in
Mission: Get some answers - accept
This segment goes pretty well. I was told that you can skip the early fighting with a grenade jump but I couldn't get it to work due to invisible walls. Clearing the guys could be a few seconds faster but I didn't make any major mistakes. I tried for a while one time and could not use sledge's shotgun on Hanz so I kill him normally. I almost thought Franz was going to ruin the segment for me when he moved to the right but he bounced off the wall and still flew off the rig so yay for that. Flynt also goes off but flinging them off doesn't second wind you so I have to kill the guy to get up. I crouch right before I shoot them both and aim up because that seems to more effectively throw them.

Segment 91 - 2:14:18
Area: The back door
And we're running.

Segment 92 - 2:16:42
Fill up on ammo
Upgrade Grenades
Area: Crimson Fastness
Nice little grenade jump here that saves a respectable amount of time. Purchase the final grenade upgrade so I can have more to toss at the guards. At the guards I use the crate to block the Eridion rocket launcher shots and at least some of the bullets. One of the guys dies to my grenades thankfully. I eat bullets from the other and use him as a shield from the rocket launcher I go down but that was expected and killing him gets me right back up. The rest of the fight goes a little slower than it could but pretty well. I lose a couple seconds waiting for the turret to go away but I'm firing so not much time lost there. The rest of the time is lost making sure I don't eat the orbs. As you can see from the one I take it's pretty much instant death. I'm surprised I survived the one I ate actually. I also waste a couple seconds tring to time my firing so I have a full clip to unload on his face between his shots. I should have just kept firing.

Segment 93 - 2:18:03
Mission: Get some answers - turn in
Mission: Find echo command console - turn in
Area: Crimson Enclave
This is a difficult segment. The door that you have to open and wait for gets you killed a lot. I thought the level I get talking to Tannis would allow me to get through the area without falling down but the three guys behind me just had my number I guess. Doesn't take me long to waste the guy so it worked out ok.

Segment 94 - 2:18:51
Segment 95 - 2:19:38
Segment 96 - 2:20:25
Mission: Reactivate the echo comm system - complete
There are two of the stations about the same distance away from the start. If there were no guys the other one would probably be a little faster (like maybe a couple seconds). The problem is that there are guys that have a nasty habit of killing you as you run by them. The switch I go to is MUCH more reliable and the doors in the hall are open so I don't have to open two doors to get to the switch.

Segment 97 - 2:21:24
Fill up on ammo
Mission: Reactivate the echo comm system - turn in
Mission: find Steel - accept
Flip the switch and then wait for the quest to appear so I don't break the game. If you save and exit early here you actually can't complete the game because you will not have a story mission; I found that out on a test run.

Segment 98 - 2:26:26
Warp: Salt flats
Area: The decent
Area: Eridion promnitory
Area: The vault
Mission: find Steel - turn in
Mission: Destroy the destroyer - accept
And we're running. This segment took a few attempts. Originally I wanted to do it as three segments but doing so would cost me time; also not doing so allowed me to finish in 99 segments. There are a couple grenade jumps in the Eridion Promnitory but I don't use them so I can save my grenades for Destroyer. I save and exit after the cutscene so my next segment will begin in the Vault with the destroyer out.

Segment 99 - 2:29:02
Mission: Destroy the destroyer - destroyed!
My first run plan had me at level 32 for this fight which was necessary with the DA from my test run. Luckily I learned about playing ahead by the time I got to the Rakk Hive. On my play ahead I got here and demolished him in 40 seconds. I figured I was probably over leveled so I skipped some Hive leveling sements to be only level 30. The Destroyer has three sections where he is clawing his way out of the vault; during which he does not attack you. So I attack the tounge at first to open up his mouth so I can toss all my grenades in there. When the grenades go in there they score criticals and ALL of the offshoots of the bouncing betty hit him. This takes him down to low enough that he is below the HP for his third clawing out so he does them all in a row giving me some free time to shoot him in the eye. After he is done clawing his way out he manages to drop me but a little earlier when he knocked me back I hit the arm a few times so it gets destroyed pretty quick and I polish him off.

PC version as Lilith 1:26:14 by Alexandre, done in 77 segments.

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Author's comments:

First, I want to thank everyone who supported me during all my single segment attempts in the past year and during this segmented run. I won't mention any names because I might forget some people, but I'm sure they know that they helped me to learn this game, find new strats and to keep my motivation, preventing me of giving up.

This run was done on the PC-Steam version of game with a lot more up to date strategies in comparison with the previous SDA submission which was done in Xbox. I will follow the same model of comments Youkai did for his run. So, each segment has a brief comment of the most relevant things.

Segment 01 - (2015-02-02)

This segment was not fully optimized because the long dialogue sequence at the start which makes it annoying to repeat over and over. I got the best sniper rifle I could get out from the chest at the rooftops making things easier for the first boss fight later on.

New area: Fyrestone

- Relentless
- What's in here:
35/50 Lootables Opened
- Ooo! Shiney!: 2/5 Chests Opened

Fresh off the bus - Complete
The doctor is in - Accept

Segment 02 - (2015-02-03)

This one was a tricky one to get. I had many attempts in which just 2 skags were properly lured to be killed sooner at the gate. I only got 3 skags to come out a couple of times after dozens of attempts and even though I had some small mistakes in it, I chose to keep this one.

- What's in here: 43/50

The Doctor Is On - Turn In
Skags At The Gate - Accept
Claptrap Rescue - Accept
Claptrap Rescue - Turn In

Segment 03 - (2015-02-03)

- What's in here: 45/50

Skags At The Gate - Turn In
Fix'er Upper - Accept

Segment 04 - (2015-02-03)

Tough segment, the Chain Killer challenge had to be completed to be possible to reach level 5 on the next segment.

- Impulse buyer: 1/5 Bought Items (buy shield)
- What's in there: 47/50
- Chain Killer

Fix'er Upper - Turn In
Blinding Nine-Toes - Accept

Segment 05 - (2015-02-04)

Phasewalking/Phasejumping comes into play in this segment. Also, TK's food have weird hitboxes you can either pick it up from a far or miss it completely.

Level 5 - Skill point into Phasewalk

- Impulse buyer: 5/5 (buy 4 healing kits)
- What's in there: 50/50

Blinding Nine-Toes - Turn In
Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha - Accept
Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha - Turn In
Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food - Accept
Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food - Turn In
Got Grenades? - Accept

Segment 06 - (2015-02-04)

Grenade jumping becomes possible
here, early phasejump is used to activate the switch whilist gain some distance.

Buy Grenades
Enter Skag Gully

Got Grenades? - Turn In
Nine-Toes: Take Him Down - Accept

Segment 07 - (2015-02-04)

Precise timing on the phasewalks/phasejumps. Two headshots with the sniper got in segment 01 to kill Nine-Toes.

New area: Skag Gully
Equip Sniper Rifle
Kill Nine-Toes

Segment 08 - (2015-02-05)

A hard tier segment, I decided not to split this in 2 segments because it ends up saving more time. I use the car to ran over Bonehead (5 levels ahead of me) because cars are broken in this game. Getting the Bone Shredder drop is a must.

Kill Bonehead

- Ooo! Shiney!: 3/5

Nine-Toes: Take Him Down - Turn In
Nine-Toes: Time to collect - Accept
Nine-Toes: Time to collect - Turn In
Job Hunting - Accept
Job Hunting - Turn In
Catch-A-Ride - Accept
Catch-A-Ride - Turn In
Bone Head's Theft - Accept

Segment 09 - (2015-02-06)

Finding the right angle to do the Orbit Achieved trick is the hardest part. Previously, people thought that you needed to wait a few seconds inside the car to make the trick work. In this segment, I proved that the waiting is not needed.

- Hang Time/Airborne/This is not a flight simulator/Orbit Achieved
(Car trick on the ramp)

Bone Head's Theft - Turn In
The Piss Wash Hurdle - Accept
The Piss Wash Hurdle - Turn In
Return To Zed - Accept

Segment 10 - (2015-02-06)

I had a good RNG on the enemies and I kept the chain killing going in a fast pace.

- Killing Spree (starting with the rakks)
- Conveyor of Death (killing skags with road kills)

Return To Zed - Turn In
Sledge: Meet Shep - Accept
Get A Little Blood On The Tires - Accept
Sledge: Meet Shep - Turn In
Sledge: The Mine Key - Accept
Get The Flock Outta Here - Accept
Braking Wind - Accept
Sledge: The Mine Key - Turn In
Sledge: To The Safe House - Accept

Segment 11 - (2015-02-06)

Grenade mod manipulation was done here because it's needed for the next's area farming.

Buy Explosive Boucing Bettie
Buy Grenades
Enter Lost Cave

- Pocket Change

Get A Little Blood On The Tires - Turn In
Get The Flock Outta He
re - Turn In
Braking Wind - Turn In

Segment 12 - (2015-02-06)

I wanted to kill all the 4 crabs and refil my ammo and grenades withing 30~32 seconds.

New area: The Lost Cave
Skill points into Slayer
Equip Boucing Bettie
Kill 4 crabs
Buy Grenades
Buy Shotgun ammo
Sell stuff

Segment 13 - (2015-02-08)

I needed to kill at least 3 crabs to get the level up exploit for the phasewalk. The ideal would be to kill 4, but I got the ideal shotgun (400+ total dmg) from the red chest and I decided to keep it. This segment took me over 1000 attempts just because of the red chest's RNG.

Kill 3-4 crabs
Reach level 11
Get level 13 shotgun from chest

- Ooo! Shiney!: 4/5

Segment 14 - (2015-02-08)

Killed 4 crabs in the first batch, 1 in the second. Killing 6 crabs would be ideal but it's hard to get.

Buy Shield
Sell stuff
Kill 5 crabs

Segment 15 - (2015-02-08)

I did what I wanted to do in the previous segment, 6 crab kills.

Buy Grenades
Kill 6 crabs

-Boom-Boom Goes Dynamite (1k xp)

Segment 16 - (2015-02-08)

Starting from this segment I wanted to kill 3 or 4 crabs in the first part and kill all the others on the subsequent parts.

Buy Grenades
Kill 3~4 crabs (first batch)
Level up
Kill 4 crabs (second batch)
Kill 4 crabs (third batch)

Segment 017 - (2015-02-09)

First segment using a shotgun.

Buy Grenades
Kill 3~4 crabs (1st b)
Kill 2~3 (2nd b)
Equip Shotgun
Kill the rest

Segment 018 - (2015-02-09) / Segment 19- (2015-02-09) / Segment 20 - (2015-02-09) / Segment 21 - (2015-02-09) / Segment 22 - (2015-02-09)
Buy Grenades
Kill 3~4 crabs (1st b)
Kill the rest

Segment 23 - (2015-02-11)

Killing 2 crabs puts me with just enough XP to get a convinient level up bonus later.

Buy Grenades
Sell stuff
Kill 2 crabs (1st b)
Exit Caves
Enter Arid Hills

Segment 24 - (2015-02-11)

New Area: Arid Hills

Unequip Grenade mod
Skill points into Quicksilver and Hit & Run
Enter Sledge's Safehouse

Segment 25 - (2015-02-11)

I Kill 1 enemy with a critical hit to get close enough to the level up and I get to level 16 by completing a challenge.
Fighting the Rage Psycho with a level up bonus and an excellent shotgun is quite easy.

New Area: Sledge's Safehouse
Kill Raid Rage Psycho

- Ooo! Shiney!: 5/5
-Lucky Shot!

Segment 26 - (2015-02-11)

Running around segment, best use I could get of the phasejumps/grenade jumps.

Buy Grenades
Exit Sledge's Safehouse
Exit Arid Hills
Enter Headstone Mine

Sledge: To the safe house - Turn in
Sledge: Battle for the badlands - Accept

Segment 27 - (2015-02-11)

After about 20 attempts I got an almost ideal segment for the sledge fight.
The sledge's shotgun is the weapon I use for the rest of the run.

Kill Sledge
Get Sledge's Shotgun

Segment 28 - (2015-02-13)

Really long segment with no good save spots, annoying to keep attempting. It took me a couple of days to get something pleasant.

New Area: Dahl Headland

Exit Headstone Mine
Sell stuff
Point into Quicksilver and Diva
Enter Dahl Headland

Sledge: Battle for the badlands - Turn in
Leaving Fyrestone - Accept
Leaving Fyrestone - Turn in
Getting Lucky - Accept
Big Game Hunter - Accept
Getting Lucky - Turn in
Powering the fast travel - Accept

Segment 29 - (2015-02-13)

Powering the fast travel - Complete

Segment 30 - (2015-02-13)

Important first fight against Skagzilla. The goal was to get 2 long roars in a row, a very rare RNG pattern. Because of this it took me quite a while to get a good attempt.

Buy ammo/Sell stuff
Kill Skagzilla

Powering the fast travel - Turn in
Road Warriors: Hot shots - Accept

Segment 31 - (2015-02-13) /32 - (2015-02-13)
Kill Skagzilla

Segment 33 - (2015-02-14)

Destroying the car to activate the intuition skill + waiting for a long roar pattern.

Points into middle tree (Intuition skill)
Unequip weapons
Equip Bouncing Betty
Kill Skagzilla

From segment 34 to 42 the powerleveling on Skagzilla keeps going with a few minor changes from one segment to another. I made a mistake in segment 30 in which I didn't buy enough ammo and grenades, that made me lose about 10 seconds when I had to go the the vending machine later. I didn't bother to go back to segment 30 and try again because of the RNG in the first Skagzilla fight.
Important to notice that all the extra money I had during the run was earned here by selling skagzilla's drops. The classmod I choose to use is a drop too, a Mercenary classmod with 2 points in Quicksilver and 3 in Highvelocity.

Segment 34 - (2015-02-14)
Unequip weapons
Equip Classmod
Kill Skagzilla

Segment 35 - (2015-02-14)
Point into Intuition
Buy ammo/grenades
Kill Skagzilla

Segment 36 - (2015-02-14)
Segment 37 - (2015-02-14)
Segment 38 - (2015-02-14)
Segment 39 - (2015-02-14)
Segment 40 - (2015-02-14)
Kill Skagzilla

Segment 41 - (2015-02-14)
Points into Slayer
Kill Skagzilla

Segment 42 - (2015-02-14)
Segment 43 - (2015-02-14)
Kill Skagzilla

Reached level 24 which puts me in the perfect spot for the necessary level to kill a boss later on.

Segment 44 - (2015-02-14)

The cars spawning is big RNG issue in this game. They vary so much that in most cases you can't notice similar patterns.

Road Warriors: Hot shots - Complete

Segment 45 - (2015-02-14)

Killing Mad Mel using the Sledge's shotgun is much faster but also harder and more dangerous.
I had a good New Haven movement for the Power To The People mission.

New Area: New Haven

Buy ammo/grenades/Sell stuff
Point into Slayer
Kill Mad Mel
Enter New Haven

Road Warriors: Hot shots - Turn in
Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse - Accept
Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse - Turn in
Power To The People - Accept

Segment 46 - (2015-02-14)

First trip to Tannis. Shotting Rakks to activate intuition and gain movement speed.

New Area: Rust Commons West

Enter Rust commons

Power To The People - Turn In
Seek Out Tannis - Accept
Seek Out Tannis - Turn In
Meet 'Crazy' Earl - Accept

Segment 47 - (2015-02-16)
Enter Crazy Earl's Scrapyard

Segment 48 - (2015-02-16)

Getting a good enemy behavior here is the key. I had low ammo which made it even harder to keep up.

New Area: Crazy Earl's Scrapyard

Meet 'Crazy' Earl - Turn In
Get Off My Lawn! - Accept

Segment 49 - (2015-02-16)

Grenade mod manipulation for a corrosive boucing betty.

Buy Corrosive Bouncing Betty
Buy ammo/grenades

Get Off My Lawn! - Turn In
Hair Of The Dog - Accept

Segment 50 - (2015-02-16)

Long segment, I had few attempts on this one. Similar to the segment 48, enemies had to behave properly. I got down 3 times, which made me lose about 10~20 seconds, but it was still a good segment considering the enemy spawn RNG.

Warp to The Outeryard
Enter Treacher's Landing

New Area: Treacher's Landing

Hair Of The Dog - Complete

Segment 51 - (2015-02-16)
Warp to Crazy Earl's Scrapyard

Hair Of The Dog - Turn In
The Next Piece - Accept

Segment 52 - (2015-02-17)

Car gate skip done clean. good driving.

Warp to The Underpass
Enter Rust Commons East
Outpost Middle of Nowhere
Enter Krom's Canyon

New Area: Rust Commons East/Krom's Canyon

Segment 53 - (2015-02-17)

The lack of ammo hurts me again. I discorevered a good trick here: Phasejump+Barrel explosion combo for a long and fast jump.

Reset Skillpoints
Points into Slayer/Hit&Run/High Velocity/Quicksilver
Unequip Grenade mod
Kill Krom

Segment 54 - (2015-02-17)
Warp to The Underpass

The Next Piece - Turn In
Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous - Accept

Segment 55 - (2015-02-17)

Bridge skip went well, mid air grenade throw with a good timing.

Warp to Middle of Nowhere

Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous - Turn In
Jaynistown: A Brother's Love - Accept

Segment 56 - (2015-02-18)

Extra enemies had to be killed to put me in a good experience points situation.

Buy Shield/Sell pistol
Kill Jaynis Kobb

Segment 57 - (2015-02-18)
Buy ammo/grenades/Shotgun SDU
Sell stuff
Equip Shield

Jaynistown: A Brother's Love - Turn In
Jaynistown: Spread The Word - Accept

Segment 58 - (2015-02-18)

Good grenade over the wall. The phasejump went a little too far.

Warp to New Haven

Jaynistown: Spread The Word - Turn In
Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You - Accept
Jaynistown: Getting What's Coming To You - Turn In
Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences - Accept

Segment 59 - (2015-02-18)

Took me quite a while to get the turrets next to Taylor to not spawn, I'm almost sure that it's RNG.
I kill him the same I did in segment 08 with Bonehead.

Warp to The Cauldron
Kill Taylor Kobb

Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences - Turn In
Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess - Accept
Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven - Accept

Segment 60 - (2015-02-18)
Enter Trash Coast

Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess - Turn In
Another Piece Of The Puzzle - Accept

Segment 61 - (2015-02-19)

Hardest boss in the game because it's randomness. I had many and many attempts to fail because of bad patterns.
The planned level up bonus damage made the fight go much faster and easier.

New Area: Trash Coast

Kill Rakk Hive

Another Piece Of The Puzzle - Complete

Segment 62 - (2015-02-20)
Warp to The Underpass

Not Without My Claptrap - Accept

The next to segments are necessary XP for me to reach level 30 by the final boss.

Segment 63 - (2015-02-20)
Warp to Trash Coast
Kill Rakk Hive

Segment 64 - (2015-02-20)
Kill Rakk Hive

Segment 65 - (2015-02-20)

Save quitting right after entering Old Haven doesn't save time but it makes the grenade manipulation in the next segment bareable.

Reset Skill Points
Points into Diva/Inner Glow/Hard To Get/Slayer/Hit & Run
Warp to The Cauldron
Enter Old Haven

Segment 66 - (2015-02-20)

Grenade mod manipulation to get explosive bouncing betties. I could have saved a few more seconds if I had a better grenade jump, but I kept this one because of the RNG grind.

New Area: Old Haven

Buy Explosive Boucing Betty/Grenades

Not Without My Claptrap - Turn In
The Final Piece - Accept

Segment 67 - (2015-02-20)

Very long segment full of RNG. The car spawns have weird patterns no matter when and how many times you try.
The Baron Flynt knockback using the Sledge's shotgun was kinda frustrating and "swagless" but it was good enough.

Exit Old Haven
Enter Salt Flats
Destroy Cars
Kill Baron Flynt

Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven - Turn In
The Final Piece - Turn In
Get Some Answers - Accept

Segment 68 - (2015-02-20)
New Area: Salt Flats

Enter The Backdoor

Segment 69 - (2015-02-22)

Mccloud fight done with the Corrosive grenade mod got in segment 49. I got the perfect knock backs to make the enemies prevent the door from closing completely.

New Area: The Backdoor

Buy grenades/Grenade SDU/Ammo
Equip Corrosive BBs
Points into Hit & Run
Kill Mccloud
Enter Crimson Fastness

Segment 70 - (2015-02-22)

New Area: Crimson Fastness

Enter Crimson Enclave

Get Some Answers - Turn In
Find the ECHO Command Console - Accept
Find the ECHO Command Console - Turn In
Reactivate the ECHO Comm System - Accept

In the following segments the transmitter console exploit is used in which save and quitting "deactivate" the console so you can activate the closest one again but keeping the mission requirement completed.

Segment 71 - (2015-02-22)
Segment 72 - (2015-02-22)
Segment 73 - (2015-02-22)

New Area: Crimson Enclave

Activate Transmitter Console

Segment 74 - (2015-02-22)

I don't use the phasewalk right away to make it faster to come back, otherwise it would be better to just save and quit.

Go back to Crimson Fastness
Enter Crimson Enclave
Buy Grenades
Warp to Salt Flats
Enter The Descent

Reactivate the ECHO Comm System - Turn In
Find Steele - Accept

Segment 75 - (2015-02-22)

Best phasewalk/jumping usage I could find.

New Area: The Descent
Enter Eridian Promontory

Segment 76 - (2015-02-22)

New small skip using a phasejump right at the begining of the area.

New Area: Eridian Promontory
Enter The Vault

Segment 77 - (2015-02-22)

Planned level 30 get.
Final fight. Grenade throws using the explosive bouncing betties that I got in segment 66 put Destroyer's health down by a lot when they explode inside his mouth.
The fight could go a little bit faster if I killed Destroyer's tentacles faster, but I had ideal grenade throws so I decided to keep this one.

New Area: The Vault

Reset Skill Points
Points into Quicksilver/Slayer/
Equip Explosive BB
Kill The Destroyer

Find Steele - Turn In
Destroy The Destroyer - Accept
Destroy The Destroyer - Turn In

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