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Bully is a third person action-adventure video game released by Rockstar Vancouver for the PlayStation 2 in October 2006 and for the PC, Xbox360 and Wii in 2008 (as Bully: Scholarship Edition). It's a (in true Rockstar fashion) sandbox game set in a school environment. The player takes control of Jimmy, a difficult student facing a new boarding school - Bullworth Academy.


Runs on Scholarship Edition:

Best time: 2:49:25 in 14 segments by David Arnold on 2010-07-23.

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Author's comments:

Welcome to version 2 of my bully scholarship edition speedrun. Version 1 had some major mistakes in it and after discovering quite a bit of time savers I decided to redo the run. Version 1 got stuck in verification because there were mixed comments between verifiers. I got a sneak peak at some of the verifier comments and some of the improvements mentioned by the verifiers were quite helpful. You can find version 1 on youtube - it is the only complete speedrun of bully on youtube; if you feel like comparing this run to that one.

Word of warning: I write very long comments - I try to comment on all parts of the run that I feel are important. For example, I wish to list all improvements that I think are possible that I have not included in the run, which future runners can use to improve the run.

This game may seem easy to play but I assure you it is hell to speedrun. This is because the game does not have any quick saves - you can only save in specific locations. Thus to make the run as fast as possible I only save when I am literally near a save point. This makes segment size lengths vary from 2 minutes to 40 minutes. Not only that, there are many missions that involve some luck to do as fast as possible. And not to mention some of the controls of bully and the camera angles is quite awkward. For example loading a save game: you see yourself on the side so to go forward you have to 'walk to right' and then while the camera flips to the front you have to slowly start walking forwards.

There are also quite a few glitches in the run that ruined a few attempts. The most annoying glitch is that the bike tracks that you leave behind do not get erased when you load a save game. On segments that would leave tracks behind, I had to exit entire game to get rid of them (each time I had to reload). So if you see any bike/skateboard tracks that look suspious it is because they were left behind in the last failed attempt.

Segment 1: In this small segment I made sure that I was able to defeat the bully the fastest and used the fastest method of humiliation: the stop hitting yourself. Interestingly, this was the only time that the bully rolled along the ground (to get up) during the 2hrs that took to perfect this segment. Normally, I grab the bully on the ground and do ground punches but arm grapple punches is just as quick.

Improvement from old run: Faster bully fight.

Possible Improvements: nil.

Segment 2: One of my least favourite segments due to the many luck factors, its long length and the brain numbing 'this is your school' mission. At the start I get busted by a prefect which teleports me to the hospital area spawn (instead of the principal office as it's locked): this saves ~5sec of walking. I found this skip by playing around one day after I finished the old run.

I got unlucky and got a 5 digit Russel locker. I complete chemistry 1 so I can unlock the chem set and use fire cracker against Davis. The punches from the bullies in the setup worked to my advantage!! Picking up the stink bomb skips the 1st part of that bitch.

After some playing around I found out that you don't need to climb the tree (the whole way) in the slingshot. I wait on the tree so the timer doesn't run out.

I complete errand into as it comes back again and again.

If you're wondering why I didn't move during the fade in at the start of defend Bucky; it's because I couldn't. Here also, I picked up and dropped the bat because I was spamming 'r' thinking the bullies were going to grab me.

In some fade ins it is possible to move but sometimes I don't because jimmy may end up walking in the wrong direction etc.

Unfortunately I miss the skateboard jump after the candidate even though I practised it so much.

Improvements from old run: prefect skip at the start, mission improvements, better execution and minor obstacle changes.

Possible Improvements: 3 digit Russel locker (and better gym locker pick), better execution and more luck i.e. not get grabbed by prefect during that bitch and don't receive loading screen on that bitch as it adds to the time.

Segment 3:

I dedicated this segment to perform Halloween as fast as possible (in the old run I decided not to save after the mission). Even though the prefects are at a party they still appear if you assault little kids or girls. I had to wait until the 'you passed' sign disappeared before getting busted as I would've failed the mission due to getting busted.

Improvement from old run/Possible Improvements: better execution.

Segment 4:

I decided to skip creating the fire crackers as I realized it didn't save any time at all due to Gary been on a trigger. I use another small skip that I found after finishing the old run: after putting out the furnace fire, if you hurt Gary you somehow teleport to the hole to battle Russel. Continually punching Russel is the fastest way to take him down as fire crackers do piss weak damage. Humiliating Russel to finish him off, I found, is faster than finishing him off by punching. I do this for the other boss fights as well.

Improvement from old run: skipping fire-crackers and small skip.

Possible Improvements: better luck with Russel, not missing that 'first jump' and maybe skateboarding to save point.

Segment 5:

Hattrick vs Galloway gets its own segment as it is hell to speedrun! Whilst skateboarding to the female toilets there would always be a prefect along the way to ruin any good segments that would occur. I teleport to class to skip ~90sec of in-game time because I need time to kill before carnival date which starts at 4:30pm.

Improvement from old run: went the shorter way (I guess) to the female toilet.

Possible Improvement: better skateboard jump from top floor.

Segment 6:

It didn't take me long to realize that the game decided to perform a 'back-flip' on me. Normally the 2nd day of classes gets skipped: art class and gym class. I was going to attend the second class to forward the time (this would save a WHOLE minute after using some route changes) to skip the free minute that I use to ride the bike as close as I could to the school. Here, attending gym class would not save time as you can't exit it and it takes a minute to complete it anyway (not to mention the travel time to the gym etc etc). So I wasn't too happy - I didn't want to redo the whole run because I had spent way too much time getting the previous segments as perfect as possible (going through that again would kill me). So I had to stick with the old route.

Notes: acquaberry cruiser is the fastest bike (confirmed through testing and is even faster than slow mopeds, if you didn't know). Chocolates is to give to Eunice during movie tickets, eggs is for the eggs, flowers is for carnival date and beam cola is for jimmy to make him faster (joke).

On PC if you didn't know: during boxing if you punch via left click (instead of shift) the opponents don't seem to punch you.

Improvement from old run: even though it doesn't save any time (as I have ~1min of time to do nothing during the next segment): skateboarding to town is much faster than riding Edna's bike, and better execution.

Possible Improvements: attending second day of class of 3rd day.

Note: any mistakes in this segment didn't cost any time thankfully.

Segment 7:

The same goes for this segment as it did for the last segment --> using the same route from the old run and trying to perform it just as fast/faster. At the start I have time to kill so I ride the bike as close to the school as possible (any closer and it would disappear). This glitch annoyed me so much last time but I was ready for it this time.

Splish splash I found was the fastest way to earn 10 tickets for the bear in carnival date. I use the custom bike trick where you can ride a bike into race the vale and then use it during the race. This also works if you park the bike near a marker which activates a race.

After beating bif, I got really, really lucky. Normally I get punched by this guy, when I jump out of the ring, but he had eggs. Also I found you need to be quite lucky for one of the guys to have eggs while you pummel derby. Here, by not knocking both of derby's 2 lackies, derby won't call in for reinforcements.

Improvement from old run: better execution, and no major screw ups. Also, I believe I performed Tad's house faster as I found out that you can throw the egg at the window pane and it will still count.

Possible Improvements: Better execution and slingshotting Gord as he comes out of the lighthouse to make him stop near the door.

Segment 8:

In this segment I attend 2 classes to skip the time as much as possible. This is because only 2 missions are able to be done on this day and the 2nd mission starts at 6pm. Even though getting busted is very easy, I gave this its own segment because I wanted to get busted at the earliest moment (the exact second) that class becomes available (easier said then done). Before and in between classes I have time to kill.

I save after the 2 classes as the 2nd mission involves some luck to do quickly, which is what the fire-crackers are for.

Inconsistency Note: You can see some skateboarding tracks when I go out the boys・dorm. As mentioned above these tracks were left over from the last save (stupid game!)

Improvement from old run: In the old run I collect 2 transistors during the down time to learn the 5 hit combo. I used that move against some boss fights to save time. No time is lost to collect the transistors but it does take more than a minute to learn the moves. During the time needed to learn the moves from the hobo, the time stops. Therefore, time gets wasted. I realized that the time saved from using the 5 hit combo is less than the time that is used to learn the moves.

Possible Improvements: nil.

Segment 9:

I found out that by blowing up the 2 support stands of the fort decoration, during miracle on Bullworth Street, with the firecrackers ends the mission. Here I got unlucky, the camera decided to lock onto an elf, making me walk to the right, for a second. Throwing a fire cracker at Santa was to raise the alert level to red so prefects would spawn quicker when I returned to school. Also, I used another a small glitch: if you catch a bus while the 'you passed' banner is present, you can move during the cutscene of the bus moving. I tried to move into a position where I thought a prefect would be but got unlucky. But I got lucky with the position of the prefect at the front door of the boys' door. I didn't realize at the time that the time freezes before obtaining the Christmas shirt. I was going make another segment to save precious seconds (due to the prefect spawning at 3 different locations) but thought not to.

Last note: after performing that annoyingly long ballad from nutcrackin' that you can't skip without failing, I have ~3min to kill before the next mission. I save so I don't have to repeat nutcrackin' etc. Before saving I get some firecrackers to use against Norton and collect some eggs to use during bait.

Improvement from old run: using the two glitches mentioned.

Possible Improvements: better execution and better luck.

Segment 10:

From the old run I decided to combine two segments together to save the time needed to run towards to the save point and back. This was all good and all, but the two segments that I combined together were the two segments that took the most time to complete last time. It took me the most of 6 days, on and off, to complete this 40 minute segment to a certain standard. This segment has the most execution mistakes out of the run but it is the longest segment which has the most luck factors out of the whole run.

Since I have ~2 min before the start of the mission I decide to perform some bmx stunts, as recommended by a verifier and I collect some more fire crackers.

Even though I screw up collecting the first package on the red nosed Santa mission, I decided to continue because: 1. only 1 second was really lost and 2. I landed all my stunts except for one and I didn't want to redo again so soon.

The location of Lola and Gord in jealous Johnny was quite good but wasn't the closest area nearest to Johnny. A bike always appears during bait. I couldn't think of a better strategy to use to take down the preps at the bike park: since I didn't want to use the firecrackers (they also always miss the preps when they are on the bike as well). I got unlucky here and it went 5 sec longer than normal.

A weird glitch happens with widescreen resolution and tagging. After tagging the tag disappears, so in the tagging mission you can retag an area where you have tagged before. This saves the time needed to move to another area. Here I decided to go to the side part where there would be little chance of a greaser attacking you, and little chance of them stealing my bike, but I got unlucky and I had to knock out someone. After defeating Norton, I just could not pick up the hammer and then of course I go the wrong direction for half a second and miss swing on a wall. While returning Lola痴 items to her, I made sure that I dismount the bike in the corner of the wall as possible so the greasers wouldn't steal it. However, I have to back track to that area.

During stronghold assault I believe is the only cutscene break in the whole run. You don't have to ask the nerds the whereabouts of Earnest as you can go straight to the door of the observatory and obtain the keycode. I did my best to try and find other cutscene breaks but couldn't find any.

Unlike what a verifier said, you can't run straight through the scythes to get to the graveyard control room without getting hit or running into them.

Possible Improvements: Rudy the red nosed Santa sometimes starts at 12:01 instead of 12:04. When that happened I was unable to complete that attempt. Also, mostly better execution and luck (i.e. people getting in the way). Better bike placement before the tenements, and less health preservation during stronghold assault.

Improvement from old run: better execution, much fewer mistakes, widescreen tagging glitch, greasers didn't steal my bike when I didn't want them to, olleying over the bump with the skateboard that I normally slide to the left.

Disprovement from Old Run: beating up the 3 greasers near the alleyway due to bad luck. Having not unlocked the 5 hit combo, I have to perform more sets of punches to defeat Johnny. Got hit a couple of times whilst running towards the observatory. Fell off 2 balconies - the first one wasn't really my fault as I got stuck.

Segment 11:

This segment got annoying quick since I kept skateboarding and riding into people. Even though I bumped into two people at start, I didn't want to restart. The same goes for the collision at the front of the girls' dorms. I pick up the bottle rockets to use in the next segment against rats in the library.

I found by skateboarding on the lower level of the girls' dorms made the lady prefect start walking sooner.

During defender of the castle, even if you knock out the jocks at the barricade you still have to go back to the spud cannon. Therefore, I help the jocks destroy the barricade. There were a few occasions where I did not damage the barricade enough and by the time I make it back to the spud cannon I have to wait 10 sec for it to be destroyed (few reasons why I didn't want to restart earlier).

After some testing I found out that the mascot is weak to punches. To get to the mascot quickly I decided to use the bike. In the old run I normally would leave the bike near the gym to be used straight after activating discretion assured (and then skateboard to observatory). Unfortunately, I have to backtrack to the bike after defeating the mascot in the pool.

I use the following tactic to defeat the mascot: after punching him 3 times he normally attacks me, here I run away a bit (to avoid his attack) and then slingshot him so he stops attacking. Which I then proceed to punching again etc.

Unfortunately his bull attack somehow hit me. Haha, I admit I forgot where the bike remained after beating the mascot.

I wasn't too sure if I had placed some glue on the bench when the jock grabbed me so I decided to reglue.

It is sometimes possible to pee in the water cooler without the 2 jocks attacking you but I go the safe way (doing the cow dance) because as it is 15 minutes within the run, I don't wish to redo the segment just in case they attack me.

I screwed up as much as I did in the football throwing scene as I did in the old run (needed more practise). I somehow got turned around when I had to take out Ted.

I tried to skip going down the last ladder during making a mark by using the skateboard as you can survive falling from any height while riding it (but failed miserably).

Improvements from old run: more skateboarding, less waiting for lady prefect to move, new strats against the mascot, first person view on spun cannon during defender of the castle, spray poster before buying more spray paint, completed making a mark on this segment instead of next to save the time needed to save.

Possible Improvements: better execution, redo segment without crash, more luck with mascot not running away, better fight against him in the pool, better placement of marbles (you can get two markers in one), 'enhancing' water cooler without dance, not tackle algie before mission marker and use skateboard to skip going down ladder.

Segment 12:

I had big shoes to live up to here, cause in the old run I completed rats in the library very, very quickly. I fluked it because all the rats decided to run towards me and I blasted them away with the rockets. Anyway I dedicated this segment to complete rats in the library just as fast as the old run. (I couldn't manage to complete it any faster).

Improvement from old run: went shortcut way to the library, and attending class to skip some time.

Possible Improvements: attend class earlier to skip more time before doing rats in the library (somehow?).

Interesting Note: If the day of classes which were suppose to be skipped, the class that I would attend in this segment would be shop (but then I wouldn't be able to save).

Segment 13:

I found out the hard way (again) that I had 15 seconds to spare at the end of this segment. Attending class was suppose to get rid of this free time, but by analysing the speedrun, at the writing of these notes, I only see that by attending class, 20 seconds of time was saved and I believe that is probably the time I saved improving this segment from the old run.

Improvement from old run: didn't make a difference but I snipered the toilets during revenge on mr burton.

Possible Improvements: attending class to skip more time?

Segment 14:

Here I had to stick to the wall so russel will keep following me: if I don't I go too far ahead of him and I fail the mission. I pick up the spray paint to use against eager (suppose to make him stop blocking). During the cutscene with Omar, because i am on the bike - jimmy doesn't go forwards for some reason. I use the skateboard trick to skip a couple of floors to beat Eager down on the ground.

When I was switching my bmx for the other bike, my mind was focused on my health and because of the lapse in concentration I screwed up.

I tested a few different starts in complete mayhem and decided on a few small things that I could pull off without much luck. It is possible to obtain a rocket gun off some nerds or to obtain a fire-cracker off some townies. I did not wish to rely on these spawns occurring and I believe my strat is just as fast. Also, picking up these weapons would make throw off my scrolling pattern. I found a small trick with the spud cannon - while the person falls to the ground you can attack them and they rise to their feet.

I got quite lucky against gary while walking across the beams as he only threw one brick at me. Also, those grapple punches worked to my favour as I actually skipped 2 levels.

Improvement from old run: slingshot Omar instead of using spud gun on him, use spud gun on derby and other people, skateboard trick, use the fastest bike more, and better execution especially defeating clique leaders and faster gary fight.

Possible Improvements: steal bike off someone from the main road, and better execution.

Disprovement from Old Run: rode past trigger to hideout, missed headshot, and took longer to defeat eager as I don't have 5 hit combo.

In conclusion, I improved the old run by 11 minutes and 36 seconds to make this run 2 hours, 49 minutes and 18 seconds. Unfortunately I can't say that this run is perfect because I made a few mistakes and I have mentioned a few improvements. However, I won't be improving this run again because I just have had enough of speedruning bully! I may not even continue performing the 100% speedrun due to how hard it is to get a game like this perfect without any quicksaves (let alone testing, which is a bitch).

PS: hope you enjoyed watching the run! I had fun speedrunning it the first time....

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