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Released by Squaresoft in September 1997, Bushido Blade stands out from other fighting games because it throws out traditional life bars in favor of location-based damage. Its realistic approach, wide array of weapons, and full 3D environments really set it apart from other fighting games at the time.


Category note: Characters are not considered separate categories, only weapons are.

Best time with the katana, hard difficulty: 0:03:07 by Tony 'ZenicReverie' Foster on 2010-09-28.

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Author's comments:

This run is for the bad ending using the Katana. I use Red Shadow because she has the quickest movement, allowing me to get into position before the AI is ready. I use a two hit kill instead of one hit because the enemy will block quite a lot, so the first hit is usually blocked, and the second kills them before they can block again.

1st Opponent: quick two hit kill.

2nd Opponent: three hits isn't bad. One is possible, but it's fairly luck based.

3rd Opponent: again two hit kill is good.

4th Opponent: bring on the two hit kills.

5th Opponent: if I get just the right angle and time it just right, it's possible to get one hit, but two is acceptable.

Gun Guy: timing is near perfect on this and the kill is one hit.

Spear Guy: two hit kill.

Quick Girl: two hit kill.

Boss: two hit kill.

This run could be faster with better luck, but I don't expect more than 3 seconds could be saved.

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