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The story of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Is a self narrated tale of 'Silas Greaves' a self proclaimed legendary outlaw who enters a tavern in Abilene, Kansas to recite his stories about encounters with legendary Gunslingers such as 'Billy the Kid', 'John Wesley Hardin', 'Jesse James', 'Butch Cassidy' and the 'Sundance Kid' and many more in order to gain information about the killer of his two brothers (and gain some alcohol at the same time).

CallOfJuarezGunslinger   CallOfJuarezGunslinger

New Game+ Individual Levels with Easy Difficulty: 1:11:45

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Level Time Date Player(s)
Mission 1 0:04:44 2015-01-18 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 2 0:04:07 2015-02-09 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 3 0:05:26 2015-01-15 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 4 0:03:16 2015-01-21 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 5 0:04:39 2015-01-15 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 6 0:02:55 2015-01-20 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 7 0:06:25 2015-01-16 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 8 0:03:54 2015-01-17 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 9 0:06:24 2015-01-23 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 10 0:03:52 2015-01-16 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 11 0:06:09 2015-01-18 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 12 0:04:17 2015-01-17 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 13 0:07:50 2015-01-20 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 14 0:07:46 2015-01-15 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge
Mission 15 0:00:01 2015-01-15 Tim 'Judgy' Kedge

Author's comments:

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a Western-themed first-person shooter video game, the fourth in the Call of Juarez series. Announced at PAX 2012, it was released on May 22, 2013, via PlayStation Network, Steam and Xbox Live Arcade.
Unlike its predecessor, Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger returns to the traditional Old West setting and features three unique game modes (story, arcade and duel) while the setting is the life story of a bounty hunter named Silas Greaves.

In 1910, a legendary old bounty hunter named Silas Greaves enters a saloon in Abilene, Kansas and regales the patrons with tales of his adventures in exchange for free drinks.
The patrons, Steve, Jack, and a teenager named Dwight, awe-struck at first, grow increasingly incredulous and irritated the more they listen to his ludicrous stories, in which he takes credit for the killings of numerous legendary outlaws including Butch Cassidy and Newman Haynes Clanton.

I'm hoping to keep this set of run comments shorter than the ones for my Sniper: ghost warrior and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 runs lol.

Mission 1 (0:04:44)

Mission One : Once Upon A Time In Stinking Springs [4:44]


Run through the barn, Run past the two people, run past the other people, crawl through the hole, dodge a bullet run onwards.

*Reload Checkpoint* saves around 15~20 seconds of dialogue (depending on how quick you kill the people outside the building)

Kill people outside, run upstairs and shoot people for a while. [This event requires as litle "Bullet time" as possible due to enemies having to run into view and slowing the world down makes that take longer.

quick time event derps out a little lol, back outside shoot more people... through the barn , take a drop and shoot more.

*Reload Checkpoint* Saves around 20 seconds.

Kill more people, run to the barn ... shoot Pat Garrett .... rewind!!, run, get hit.


Mission 2 (0:04:07)

Mission Two : A Fistful Of Hot Lead [4:07]


Jump around a bit ... grab keys, run into the main room, Cutscene!!! "Nice gun ..."

Run through the Jail killing people climb the ladder and run over the roofs, (The slowdown on the last set of planks is intentional otherwise they knock you off and kill you.)

run over the rocks and drop down.

*Reload Checkpoint* This saves around 10 seconds of dialogue at which time you cannot move.

Run through the alleys and climb the ladder, quick time even is failed on purpose to save time, run along until the objective marker move to the main gate of the town.

*Reload Checkpoint* This saves around 30-35 seconds of dialogue (and waiting) once you reach the gate. even afterhaving to run down the road twice it saves around 30 seconds.

Killed BoB Ollinger.


Mission 3 (0:05:26)

Mission Three : A Bullet For The Old Man [5:26]


Run forward and grab the sawed-off shotguns, move onwards to the Cut-scene, kill first guy throw dynamite, BOOM.

The entire section after the quicktime event is scripted to take a certain amount of time so long as you kill a certain amount of people in each wave. (which I do)

Run away, Run away, Run away (Sonata Arctica reference there for you) the water slows you down MASSIVELY so running around the edge is quicker.

After the Cutscene killing the 3 guys goes pretty well and everything after that is on a timer due to the dialogue having to play out.


Old Man Clanton fight goes INCREDIBLY good, I thought for the longest time that I couldn't do it the way I did this time however I ended up getting very lucky with my timing.

*Reload Checkpoint* This saves 20-25 seconds of skipped dialogue which plays after Clanton is dead but is Supposed to be before causing the ending dialogue to be delayed hugely.


Mission 4 (0:03:16)

Mission Four : Fight At The Sawmill [3:16]


Run down and over the bridge and jump past the guy.

*Reload Checkpoint* [This saves around 15 seconds. Note: This only works after Ben starts talking and not at the actual checkpoint location]

Run over the bridge again and avoid everyone, dodge the falling wood, throw dynamite, run around the logs, run up into the sawmill itself and avoid people.

*Reload Checkpoint* [Saves around 15-20 seconds of dialogue]

Throw dynamite, shoot it, run through, Throw more then run against the swinging log to avoid shielders, pick up sawed off shotguns, move to Curly Bill fight.


Bill drops quickly due to concentration which allows my shotguns to never use ammo (while in concentration) , nothing more to say really

*Reload Checkpoint* [saves around 20-25 seconds of speech Bill is supposed to say BEFORE he dies but once hes dead the game says it anyway and delays the end of the fight until then]

upon reloading the game automatically jumps to the finishing statement.


Johnny Ringo: Boom HEADSHOT!


Mission 5 (0:04:39)

Mission Five : The Magnificent One [4:39]


Run along and pick up Sawed Off Shotguns, climb the rocks and run directly forward, drop onto the cactus [Otherwise the drop is too far].

Run to the gate, get pulled back by an annoying Cutscene, run in and to the right, jump into the sluise, throw dynamite, shot guy who pops out, run past everyone else.

*Reload Checkpoint* [saves around 10 seconds of Unskippable dialogue] run up to the cave entrance.

Into the cave, shoot people, run through dynamite, nearly get shot [Cutscene not carelessness], run away and shoot people on the fall.


After the fake death, Jump down to the bottom and grab the last ladder [harder than it looks], jump the gap, kill people, Climbing ladders is quicker.

Run past everyone who hasn't spawned then shoot them later.


Henry Plummer: This fight goes really well, one small mistake of me being to eager to shoot the last bandit looses me maybe 1 second but otherwise it could not have gone better.


Mission 6 (0:02:55)

Mission Six : Be Quick Or Be Dead [2:55]


Avoid being shot and run to the saloon.

*Reload Checkpoint* [saves around 20 seconds]

wait for dialogue to end, Wait for Cutscene to end.

Run back to town taking shortest route over rocks, Fail the quicktime event on purpose [quicker], run back to the Saloon.

*Reload Checkpoint*

Throw dynamite everywhere :P


John Wesley Hardin: This could not have gone better, this normally takes around 4-5 shots before you get a hit [Trajectory is randomized] first bullet hitting is AMAZING.


Mission 7 (0:06:25)

Mission Seven : Dances with Renegades [6:25]


Run run run, shoot some indians, Nearly die ¬_¬.

*Reload checkpoint* [This returns me to full health and restores my Sence of Death for the next section]

Running into the cave can be a nightmare if i'm too low on health entering the cave (Grey screen with heartbeat) when I do the drop @ 1:34 I would die from fall damage.

Luckily it goes fine this time and I continue in, I take the left hand tunnel instead of the right so I can grab a Pistol instead of the sawed off shotguns.

Runing through the rest of the cave no real issues...


Shoot Injun's


The fight After the Cutscene goes well the indians appear out of sync with each other because one died early but it went pretty much perfect anyway.


Run run run, jump jump, balance, run run run, quicktime. 

Shoot indians and throw dynamite, This actually went really good the indians appeared for the most part in big bunches so my dynamite took out 2 or 3 at a time then concentration 100% headshots [it's a skill] did the rest.


Mission 8 (0:03:54)

Mission Eight : They Call Me Bounty Hunter [3:54]


Run outside , Throw dynamite, Split dynamite, Shoot dynamite, Kick door shoot people and move further into the room.

*Reload Checkpoint* break through second door, kill the Daltons. [Time saved is around 20 seconds]


Shoot people on the roof, Shoot people in the windows, Shoot people coming out the door.

Grab the sawed Off Shotguns and drop down from the roof, Climb the tower and drop into the building.

Shoot my way through the building and Kill the Daltons again.


Run into the center of town and watch the Cut-scene, chase the Daltons through the town and through the Smiths house. [Failed quicktime on purpose to save time]

Climb up the steep slope and avoided the logs. 


Emmett Dalton: Shoot Emmett Dalton until he has lost 25% health.

*Reload Checkpoint* [If you reload the check point before Emmett Dalton has lost enough health you restart back at the bottom of the steep hill not in the fight)

Finish off Emmett using concentration buffering to cause more damage to happen (inconcentration you do less damage to him but if you fire your weapons outside of cencentration you use ammo so re-entering concentration refills your ammo [It's a skill]). [Time saved on the fight dialogue skip is anything from 45-60 seconds] 

(time saved depends on how quick you kill him AND how quickly you made it through the town + Smiths house more speed causes a larger back up of dialogue)


Mission 9 (0:06:24)

Mission Nine : Bounty Hunter Is Still My Name [6:25]


Bunny hopping happens throughout this mission as running in water deep enough causes you to slow down, however, holding sprint and jumping in water reduces slow down by a large amount.

jump through the water, grabbing the sawed off shotguns, continue onwards and shoot the barrels to give me the most direct route through the overhanging logs. doing this and running on the fallen logs allows me to get far enough ahead of the dialogue so that I can get over the slanted log before the camera spins me around. [saving about 4 seconds]

Continuing through in the larger section I throw dynamite then head into the house, there a slight slow down, however its nothing to worry about as I need to wait for dialogues to finish before the barn will raise anyway.

After leaving the barn I head left this gets me to the cabin deck quicker allowing me to refill my shotgun ammo before the indians arrive. you don't actually need to kill any indians but they can kill you from behind so I take a few out on route.

After the quicktime event it a quick path through the grave yard and into the deadliest part of the swamp the concentration after leaving the house is to prevent entering Sence of death [bullet avoiding QTE] which wastes more time. nearly died getting to the steam boat cut-scene but didn't so no worries.

Running up the boat goes well aside from 1 mistake going through a doorway which cost me maybe 0.5 seconds.

Fire escape, It may look like I waste time at the beginning but if you leave the room too early the game will not do the next floor explosion animation, which in turn will not do the explosion which drops the black pipe into place and if this doesn't happen you can't escape.

The gattling gun section is kind of random and kind of not, you have to kill 16 enemies on the left then you have to kill 18 enemies on the right where they spawn from [location] is not random but the position is [For example the lest two enemies of the left will spawn in the back section but they can spawn from either the left or right trees]


Bob & Grat Dalton: This is one of the longer duels due to there being two seperate targets, Grat (short) has a stupidly quick draw speed and needs to be dealt with first then after te slow travel to Bob he is dealt with [I could maybe have shot earlier on Bob but if I hit his arm he will not die and I'll have to shoot him again anyway]


Mission 10 (0:03:52)

Mission Ten:  Not So Great Train Robbery [3:54]


Grab sawed off shotguns [getting this right without stopping at the box took so long to get right lol maybe 1 in 15 attempts got past the weapon grab] run until the fallen train cart, jumping up here is quicker than running up, run some more.

Grab some more ammo from the box because if you pick up a weapon from the box it has a fixed (low) amount of ammo with it and as its on route no time is lost by running against the boxes, kill the guys at the top to try get some concentration, got a little it worked out for me.

Second car two killed, one wounded but he was stun-locked long enough for me to pass by, Third car cleared and quickly exited through the side to car four.

*Reload Checkpoint* [This saves around 35-40 seconds of dialogue]

Kill shotgunner, shoot barrels, Climb ladder, Cutscene, Jumping onto the stack of barrels allows me to get between the first and second bandits meaning i only have to kill one to advance.

Gattling gun section goes well, start on the right then move to the middle take out the shotgunner on the right, once you have enemies appear on the left the conclusion of this section is on a kill / timer conclusion [if you kill enough within a certain time it will end, but it will only end once that time is reached, so if you kill the required 8 enemies within the 30 second marker (say 8 by 22 seconds) you still need to wait the 8 additional seconds]


George "Flatnose" Curry: Not much to say quick fight with a nice headshot ....Neck shot..


Mission 11 (0:06:09)

Mission Eleven :  1:30 To Hell [6:09]


This mission is the bane of my exsistance there are so many times the game can softlock on me, Nerf a jump or Throw my character off of the walkways mainly due to the geography of the wooden walkways.

Starting off I do a quick grab on the sawed off shotguns (this grab is easier than the previous mission maybe 1 in 8 attempts got past the grab) running through the trees cuts around 10 seconds off running around, throwing the dynamite takes out the 3 guys at the front allowing me to kill the remaining 4 as quickly as possible. [doing so allows me to skip a line of dialogue about 5-6 seconds in length]

The bridge ....*Sigh* 

Ladder Skip - There is a ladder skip at the start that is rediculously tight to get if you go too quickly you fall off the walkway to your death but if you do it too slowly you lose time to simply using the ladder this time i saved maybe 0.2 seconds compared to using the ladder.

The planks below the ladder if you are even slighty off straight and you sprint over the first one it will kick you up into the air at which point the wooden log at head height will push you off to the right Killing you.

*Reload Checkpoint* - [Dialogue skip around 6 Seconds]

Spawning enemies - The next section has a problem because I completely jump over a trigger which makes the 3 enemies spawn below however they can be spawned by entering the players hit-box into the spawn radius of that enemy which is what you see here.

Defusing the dynamite *Reload Checkpoint*- This just bumps the dialogue forward a bit to allow me to shoot the rope earlier. [3-4 seconds saved]

Falling through the walkway - This kills me 90% of the time if you run too far forward too soon the section that drops out pushes you forward you then hit into the walkway infront of you which knocks you backwards (Off of the walkway to your death)

Chasing sparks *Reload Checkpoint* - Saves around 12 seconds of dialogue before the rocks animation.

Jumping the gap - for some reason the game loves to nerf my jump over this gap, push be backwards then realise its a grab point, which is what you see here [and you can be unlucky enough to be far enough away they you pull up into air and fall straight down ¬_¬]  

Quick time event - fully completed or your ass gets chewed.

Kid Curry Pt.1 : Fight went really well the starting bunch of enemies all died and 3 perfect throws bring the tunnel down.

Kid Curry Pt.2 : he died , or did he?

Kid Curry Pt.3 : Randomized bullet direction, see where its going and dodge, nothing else to it.


Mission 12 (0:04:17)

Mission Twelve: Death Rides A Steel Stallion [4:17]


Pretty simple mission, not alot to explain really...

Door kicks vs Opening - Door kicks will force you into concentration which is great for entering cars but terrible for exiting as it just wastes time if no one is there to shoot, so when exiting a train car I open doors instead of kicking them.

After grabbing the sawed off shotguns and climbing onto the roof I run through the next section killing only those who will either 1:step into my path or 2:are close enough to melee me (one hit kill)

*Reload Checkpoint* saves a shitload of time; If I continued without reloading I would enter slowed mode with 3-4 seprate character dialogues stacked up in addition to those the game plays out specifically for the slowed mode itself, 

The problem with this is that the slowed mode lasts until the line "Shhhh They're coming back" which means you move slower for around 40 seconds longer which is a MAJOR time waster.

Strange jump - at 2:43 I jump over onto a stack of wood, what then happened was I got a strange bounce which pushed me forward into the stack infront and regardless of me holding onto "W" and "A" (diagonal left) it proceeded to send me to the right.... weird.

Gattlinger - Went really nicely, it's a matter of waiting for the last hit you took to recover, this tends to make him lose his focus on you at which point you move again progressing forward then take him out with a spray of shotgun blasts.

Continue forward Kicks going in, opens going out except for the last "Out" door which MUST be kicked but there is no Concentration activated for it so it's fine.

Jesse James: Fight went good, speed was 100% focus 91% which is normally enough to cover someones entire chest so I just spammed fire after drawing. shot him in the dick.


Mission 13 (0:07:50)

Mission Thirteen: Without Forgiveness [7:50]


Run through trees, get shot at, I kill a few indians on the way to give me some concentration... scripted indian killing shootout, singing, boulder dodging and Cutscene.

Frank James Pt.1 : This section is a case of quickly dodging back and forth between cover whilst moving upwards. This is the quickest way to do this.

It LOOKS as though I could skip some cover and run upwards straighter but if you get shot by Frank you need to hide and waste a hell of a lot of time. and if you skip cover you will almost definately get shot by him.

Towards the top of the hill when Sylas says "I'm guessing ...." Frank moves his position so I can run for a while without worry.

Rocks - If I run past the first set I need to wait a second or so for the second set to fall or I'll be crushed.

Frank James Pt.2 : I wait until Frank has shot at me before reloading the checkpoint, sometimes the game will not respawn me behind the wooden shed if I do so earlier but further back wasting time.

*Reload Checkpoint* [This saves over 40 seconds of stacked dialogue that plays out.]

Throw dynamite, split dynamite, run towards the house and grab some ammo ...

Throw dynamite, shoot it, kill stragglers, annoy Jim Reed.

Ambush - Goes nicely, this can be random as hell based on where you are standing and which way you are facing, throwing dynamite up top clears out hard to hit enemies, nearly died...didn't ...s'all good.

Jim Reed: Jim Reed's character model is big therfore he is pretty easy to get a killing hit on I just spammed the fire button.


Mission 14 (0:07:46)

Mission Fourteen:  The Good, The Bad and The Dead [7:46]


First gun fight is random, both pistoleers and shotgunners spawn randomly around youand daly because the game forces a "slow mode" on you I can't use concentrations "auto seek" to find them quickly.

Running up to the house I take my own path through the trees which skips a line or two of dialogue, however I still need to wait for the line "for instance did my thirst for vengence...." before I can continue into the shed (the wood needs to fall otherwise the mission softlocks)

Gunfight - This is scripted it lasts a certain amount of time regardless of if you kill everyone or have people left at the end.

Ghost town is pretty simple, shoot enough people to get to the graveyard then kill people at the grave yard.

Graveyard - This is predictable but not set in stone, enemies will spawn from a certain direction but not always in the same place which can be annoying particularly when enemies are set to "ambush" you from many sides and they spawn in a random order.

Only one real slow down here which is when Kid Curry's ghost spawns in batches of 2 instead of all 5 at once ¬_¬, Jim Reed and Jesse James wave is the "ambush" wave but it went really well so no complaints.

Harry Alonzo Longobaugh (The Sundance Kid) - throw some dynamite to get some early damage, then run forward and concentration buffer to deal huge damage quickly. good fight.

Truel (Three way duel) -  this is the most annoying fight of the game due to the fact that you only gain focus while the target is looking at you, you gain speed all the time but when your looking at someones face you're not looking at whether your speed is going up, down or not moving. 

Anyways, Butch Cassidy falls first followed by Sundance.


Mission 15 (0:00:01)

Mission Fifteen: Finale [0:01]


This mission cannot be selected from the "recollections" menu as it is attached to the end of "The Good, The Bad and The Dead" all this mission has you do is to select whether to forgive or kill Bob, I choose to forgive because its around 24 seconds quicker. Play time for this mission is 1 second.

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