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Released in July 1991, Belmont's Revenge sees Christopher Belmont's son Soleiyu being kidnapped by Dracula and turned into a devil so that Dracula can then resurrect himself to human form, and rebuild his castle. It is up to Christopher to traverse four unique areas, and the Castle, in order to save his son, kill Dracula and bring peace once again to Transylvania. Until the next game.


Best time: 0:27:19 by 'Jaguar King' on 2014-01-20.

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Author's comments:

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge SS 27:17
the game is being played using Gameboy Player on Gamecube.

Belmont's Revenge is a sequel to Castlevania: The Adventure, you play as Christopher Belmont trying to
save his son Soleiyu from Dracula

Unlike other castlevania games you start by choosing one of four castles before going to the next one till
you beat them all and entering Dracula's Castle, similar to Megaman games

Before we start you should know that both Christopher and The Bosses have the same amount of Health, 12 points
Keep that in mind

First we are gonna start with the Cloud Castle, since it's the hardest one

Cloud Castle:
a dangerous stage if you speedrunnig this game because it has a damage boost skip that will cost you 8 points of health
but it will save a lot of time if you did correctly and tricky boss fight that need a strict timing to beat him quickly.
you need to upgrade your whip and the axe for this run so you have to pick them up, there is bunch of tricky jumps and
skips which you need to learn in this stage if you want finish it quickly. the health bar will get glitched when you do the skip
in the Gears room.

Boss: Angel Mummy
I don't know why it's called Angel Mummy, anyway you need to position yourself at the tip of the floor, start jumping and throw
5 axes on him so it can hit both heads causing 2 points of damage with a single axe and finish him with 2 whips attack.
So what makes this boss so hard? after you throw you second axe the game start lagging pretty hard and you have to adjust your
timing for the last 3 axes or else you will end up whipping instead of throwing which will cost you a lot of time, if you are too late
the boss will move his bones to his other head which will also cost you time.

Crystal Castle:
pretty straight forward stage, there are few skips and damage boosts you can do to save time like the one on the spikes room

Boss: Darkside
This boss is really easy, you have to hit his orb in three cycles to beat him, you can hit his orb five times but it require
a strict timing, I managed to hit him five times on the first cycle but failed on the second cycle.

Rock Castle:
The easiest stage on the game, I pick up the holywater so I can take care of those Madmen and Undermoles, you can use the axe but
I prefer using the holywater, I switch back to the axe in the middle of the stage for the rest of the game.
there are few skips to here too, you need to be extremely careful or you will end up losing more health points.

Boss: Iron Doll
The easiest boss in the game. There are Two forms for this boss, both forms are easy if you know what to do.

Plant Castle:
an annoying stage, it's not hard but it's not easy there is a lot of tricky jumps and rope climbing, few damage boosts here and there.
you shouldn't have any problems with it if

Boss: Kumulo and Nimbler
timing is the key here, you need to move fast and start hitting as fast as possible, you need to adjust the timing of your jumps
on the moving platform or you will end up missing your jump and waste more time.

Castle Entrance:
At last we are at Dracula's Castle, this stage have two of the hardest screens on the game, the first one is the screen with
the Punaguchi and Zeldo, you need to hit the fireball with your axe and kill them and get to the platform ASAP, if you screwed up
you will lose a lot of time, the second hard screen is with Punaguchi, spikes and moving platform, you need to execute an almost
Pixel-Frame perfect jump, if you jumped too early you will fall into the pit and die, if you jumped too late you will get hit
by the moving spike and lose time.

Boss: Bone Dragon King
A sidescrolling easy boss if you know what to do.

The Hardest stage on the game, you need to be extremely careful while doing the jumps, damage boosts and skips. just watch the run
and you will understand why this stage is nerve wracking and intense

Boss: Soleiyu
hardest boss in the game, you need axes if you want to beat soleiyu, you need to move and hit him quickly and mindfully about his
position on the screen or you will die and kills your run

Boss: Dracula
Dracula is really easy on this game IF YOU STILL HAVE THE AXE, he only have one form and he teleports on fixed locations, you just
need to be careful of his orbs, I missed up on his second teleport which I could get an extra hit and end the fight faster, a huge mistake.


I start speedrunnig this game 2 years ago after one of my friends recommend it to me, I had a lot of fun running, discovering skips and
strategies, I would like to thank the SDA Crew, the verifiers and everyone who supported me and helped me to make this run possible.

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