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Released by Konami for the GBA in 2002, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance yadda yadda Belmont yadda yadda undead army yadda yadda relics yadda yadda Dracula.


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Single-segment All Bosses Maxim with large-skip glitches: 0:14:09 by Tobias Nerg.

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Author's comments:

Hello everyone!

Boy has it been a journey pressing the time of Maxim All Bosses down to 14:09. Originally I didn't think sub 16 was possible,
but after optimizing and developing much better boss strats for every single boss and getting alot of support from the HoD
community about certain zips that saved time, this is the final product. I've been playing this cathegory on and off for about
half a year and I estimate my attempts to be up in the thousands by now.

The difference between Maxim Any% category and Maxim All Bosses is that in the All Bosses Cathegory you're not allowed to zip into dracula's chamber,
meaning you have to kill every boss to open the door to dracula.


Shuriken glitch:
If you throw a shuriken, then jump and dive-kick and then attack on the subsequent frames the shuriken will due to bad programming do damage on each frame on the way back to you.
This is a pretty hard trick before you get used to it.

If you stand on a ledge, press away from it, release that direction, backdash towards the ledge and then attack when you leave the ledge,
Maxim will accelerate in that direction, so using it on long stretches saves a lot of time over sliding/dashing. It also makes him able to
zip by getting stuck in walls pushing him upwards.

The run:

- The way to the first boss 'Bat' is perfectly executed.The only way you can actually save more time is to crit both knights or doing a zip up the tower, but neither is viable
for this cathegory, and the crit luck hasn't happened ever.

- The Bat Fight itself went good, there is always a random factor of how many hits the super will do, but this time was really lucky and
I killed him straight off the 'Bat' (heheh..) after his second drill attack. The reason I don't attack him sooner is that he dissipates if you attack him
three times while not in drill-form.

- The way to Living armor went really good! the zip I do in Marble gallery is really inconsistent and getting it on the first
try is almost unheard of.

- The living armor-fight went really well and is highly execution heavy. I perform a shuriken-glitch while immediately going into a spacejump putting me on the other side
of him. The reason behind that is that the super hit more times if the enemy is in the middle of the screen, finishing him pretty fast.

- The way to Legion corpse was pretty lucky as there is a small small chance you get teleported to a room that's closer to the next boss after the save-room, and i got it! saves about 5 seconds,
getting back the lost time used on trying to zip.

- Legion corpse is fastest killed by doing two supers as you can't really reach his core to do a damage-glitch with a dive-kick. Even then it's mostly
RNG whether or not he will die in two supers. I was really lucky here and killed him in the middle of the second super.

- The way back to the saveroom also went really well and is really hard too. The room above is home to the most inconsequent zip in the entire game. It doesn't really matter
training something into muscle memory here, as it's kinda subpixelperfect. Getting it on the second try is very lucky! (some times it has taken me 25 tries before it let me through).

- I got generally medium RNG on Skull Knight. First phase was perfect as i killed him with super, but in second phase he decides to walk out of the middle of the room.
You can perform the damageglitch on him on the third phase which is insanely hard, but then you need him to stand still or move backwards. I succeed with this and kinda make up the lost time form the second phase.

- The saveroom before cyclops was really hesitant to let me through, but that's luck basically.. If you run this game you'll learn to hate saverooms

- I manage to pull off the really swag slightly faster Cyclops kill by throwing a second circling shuriken, really neat!

- To get into dracula's room there is a three-pixel window on top of the roof where you need to stand, I find that window immediately!.

- Death gave me a pretty good pattern, the only better pattern is if he decides to do his light pillars, because it's much easier to damage-glitch him then.
The fight is kinda iffy but still really fast compared to if he gives you a bad pattern

- The way to Talos is pretty much perfect and i get the divekick through the platform in the second room before talos.

- Talos fight is really good, although the super could have killed him a bit sooner.

- The room before the teleportationdevice is really hard to do smooth if you don't want to get hit, but I managed to pull through pretty smoothly even though i did get hit.

- Golem fight is really good, the super hits him pretty well and he gave me good RNG.

- The next room holds the second most inconsistent zip in the entire game, and this one gave me really good luck, getting it on the first try!

- I get the fast-kill on Merman which is to kill him before he goes into a ball.

- I miss The Chapel of Dissonance zip pretty often, but in this run I manage it on the first try. The way to shadow is one of the best one's i've done ever.

- I manage to kill Shadow before he morphs to his second phase, which is really nice.

- Ozzy taught me the mini-zip up the tower to Devil, but I failed him in doing them, both of the times :(

- The devil-fight is close to optimal, but I miss the damage-glitch on him, although the super crited so well so I didn't lose much time.

- The fight against Max Slimer is one of the most random fights ever, the best RNG is if he decides not to throw any slimes at you. I managed to take him down pretty swiiftly even if he gave me pretty bad RNG

- Shuriken glitching Legion saint is really hard because he's so small, but I manage to kill him with TWO consequent glitches!

- Double-glitching Peeping eye is one of the rarest things you can do, but this run has it captured!

- Having a slight mishap on Pazuzu when the Shinryogi (super) won't come out. The super should have killed him so I wasted a second or two.

- Managing to pull off the Swag really fast Minotaur Lv2 kill by doing a shuriken glitch and then activating the super on my way down!

- pretty beautiful Minotaur fight, although the second shriken glitch could have killed him.

- Regrettably i miss 2 tries to damage-glitch Dracula, which is kinda finicky, but I handle the situation pretty well.

General comments:

- Save-room zips was very naughty to me this time! most often it takes 1-2 tries before you get it, but this time some took 3-4 tries

Special Thanks:

- Ozzy_88 for teaching me some of your found mini-zips
- Marche_Paladin/Mapler for teaching me various tricks
- Axon, I learnt alot from your videos in the beginning
- Kainblox, for providing constructive critique about things I could do better

Single-segment Maxim with large-skip glitches: 0:00:45 by Tobias Nerg.

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Author's comments:

Castlevania:Harmony of Dissonance is mainly known for the wackiest TAS out there, completing the game in the twenties of seconds.
Even though the TAS chooses a route that's not humanly possible, a different route has been found using many of the same tricks as the TAS does
that lets you finish the game under 1 minute optimally. Even if the run ends under a minute, there is SO much going on, and I feel that I have to explain
at least most of it:

To play as Maxim Kischine, you have to finish the game once as Juste, and then input MAXIM as the name when starting a new game.
Maxim as a character is pretty overpowered; he can use his Shinryogi (Consumes half MP bar) to lay waste to a lot of bosses, although for
speed, as this is a speedrun(!), I use some other glitches to get the damage in.

A quick breakdown of my run:

I'd like to start saying that this is almost as fast as a human can do Any%. There are two more tricks that can save time which I'll explain shortly.
The start of the run is pretty self-explanatory; you use Maxim's Dashes to quickly get to the opening in the ceiling.
During the tower-climb you use doublejumps followed by a space jump (term borrowed from Metroid) to reach platforms and to not lose any vertical speed.
You can actually zip up the right wall here to save some time, but setting it up and actually getting the zip is very very inconsistent.

I do three hits that will kill the knights, then a short hop up to the ledge.

I then use Maxim's tool to make him get stuck in the wall:
the "Whiplaunch". To perform a whiplaunch, you need to stand at a ledge, facing away from it. Then quickly press and release the direction that's away from the ledge,
dash towards the ledge, and as soon as you leave the ledge: attack with your weapon. If done right you will accelerate rapidly and bypass the collission-detection of walls
(Which happens if you travel by a speed of about 7 pixels/frame), putting you inside them. Once inside the wall, given how the physics works in this game; you will be pushed upwards.

The next segment starts with dashing a couple of times to the left and using a VERY precise jump I should leave the screen upwards with half of Maxim being outside the screen to the left. This is
to position myself correctly for a trick used in the next screen.

In the next screen I Ascend vertically upwards inside the wall. At the top of the screen you need to time a slide (Down + Jump), so that you get teleported to the right screen once you hit the top.
If you don't time it correctly, you will most likely crash the game or end up somewhere where you don't want to be.

The trip towards the saveroom is just some really execution-tight slides, jumps and again; a Whiplaunch. If you actually try to run this game, you will come to hate saverooms, because that's where 90%
of your runs will end! Because the whiplaunch into the wall in the save-room is really not that consistent, sometimes it will just deny you passage and you'll remain in the saveroom. I get off a really fast whiplaunch here.

So for the next screen you want to divekick SLIGHTLY above the bottom right corner of the screen. The dive-kick is really tight, and being too low or too high will put you in places you don't want to be.

Once again we're on a roof and need to proceed as fast as possible to the left. The jump on top of the slightly higher roof is also very precise: Overshoot your jump and you end up in (the treacherous) Treasury, undershoot your jump and you'll need to try again.
Once you're at the lefternmost wall just jump and the next screen will push you upwards on top of another roof. Here I use a setup (Two slides, jump + dash right at the same time) so that I end up in the correct screen.

The biggest hurdle comes in the next screen though, you need to fall and time (I wouldn't be surprised if this is pixel perfect) a spacejump to the left. Holding the spacejump will warp you around a bit, then push you through
the floor and you'll end up outside dracula's chamber! You are out of bounds though, so you'll need to clip inside from below. This happens automatically when you get there for some reason.

The actual Dracula fight is a pain; you can have made a perfect run up to this point, only to be mocked by Dracula's RNG and having to reset.
Worst RNG is when he moves away from you, best is when he moves towards you. If he stays still that's also ok. So how do we kill this big guy? Using a single super
won't kill him, and will waste time as you need to recover from it, BUT(!), there is a glitch that was only used in TASes before that let's your
Shuriken do damage on each frame. To set this up you need to throw your shuriken, jump and divekick as soon as you can, after the divekick hits him you need to attack in the air normally
on the subsequent frames. This will trigger the shuriken to do damage on each frame back to you. Doing this two times in a row is really inconsistent, but I manage to do so and put Dracula to shame just a short while after, initiating a third Glitch (which happens once in like 2000 runs).

To sum it up, I guess with the Tower-zip you ca save like 0.5 seconds, and with a really good luck Dracula fight (Need several crits in the glitched shurikens), a sub 54 is maybe possible,
but that would be a 1 / 20 000 run, surely.

I guess this is the most thoroughly explained 45 seconds on SDA up to date? don't let the seconds fool you; this run is highly execution-heavy and technical, and I hope you will enjoy it!

Big shoutouts to:
ozzy_88, that made me pick this game up.
Kainblox, for being awesome, and the biggest rival to my Any% times.
Mapler (Marche_Paladin), for teaching me a lot of tricks.

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