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The 1988 version of Cobra Command downsized the idea of rescuing the world and turned it into rescuing hostages. It also changed the interactive scenes of the original game into a side-scrolling game but gave the player more weapons to shoot and plenty of enemies to shoot at.


Best time with deaths: 0:15:45 by Marko 'MASTER-88' Vanhanen on 2014-08-28.

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Author's comments:

Runner comment

Hello this is my Cobra Command run. First i think this will be one hardest Nes game ever created. First time its take me one hour to beat first level. Most reason with this, there is horrible controlls. Its really hard handled your helicopter even normal engine, but you can't imagine how hard its handled with hyper engine.

2nd reason with high difficulty are: This game is so fucking glitchy. Im spending one year playing that game and i'll always find new way to die here LOL. Im always just think WTF happen??

DK28 was first person who create this topic. But im only who are speedrunning this game more or less seriosly.

My latest find was how skip cutscenes between levels, this save several seconds time. I actually totally accident find this one and this give me much more motivation try redo my time down. Luckily i got find this before i got great run like this. Im not count how much this save. Using RTA rules its save at least one minute i think. Its save much less SDA rules because other cutscenes are much less shorter than Sumatra one.

Okay my estimate final time is 15:44 and 15:47 used RTA rules. This 15:44-15:45 could be used SDA timerules. This run is done used several deaths and death warps. Most i used some deaths fill my energy and avoid some turning. I'll fly backward all times where is possible. Its a lot faster way flying. I just need turn when i'll need destroy targets or make some hard dodges like homing missiles level 4.


Okay level comments

Level 1 Sumatra

-Deaths 1

-Upgrade depots 1 (dual gun is best weapon entie game and turbo engine make me fly faster)

-Pretty easy level and pretty nice gameplay here.

-Boss room: Just take truck off and make fast saving etc....


Level 2 Java

-Deaths 1

-Upgrade depots 2 (super engine, fire bombs and armor)

-Armor might be could skipped on console, but i think its very hard make game through level 4.

-Boss room. My intention are start this:  Go low as possible. Then this tank probably not start shot his homing missiles (its not always working, but usually its best and only way). Okay i did this trick correctly here, but i still suck with hostages. This boss room not was my dream, but fine enought.


Level 3 Borneo

-Deaths 2

-Upgrades depots 1 (Hyper engine & ladders) Ladders are quite same as rope, but could save some few frames here and there? (not know?), just pretty same use you rope or ladders. I use ladders with this time.

-Boss room. I started pretty bad but make it perfectly at end.


Level 4 South China Sea

-Deaths 4 (one unintention but cost few seconds) Its just faster to die than try find this correct spot coming in boss room. Im not want spend time with this. I'll just try it once or i'll die if i miss it. Nothing bad time lost.

-Upgrade depots 2 (homing missile 2, super armor)

-Okay this level is nightmare. Volcano target at end is one harderst place entire game. Its not went perfect, but finally pretty good one. Sometimes its cost 20 seconds or more failed find this spot.

-Super armor death warp trick is console possible. But not idea how you can make it, seems just frame perfect? I can make it around 1/50. So its pretty pointless and too hard. Video could be see lower.

-Boss room: Easy, could be few seconds faster, miss some missiles. My spot was really good here.


Level 5 Siam

-Deaths 0

-Upgrade depots 1 (hyper armor and 3 way gun) You not actually need this, but take hyper armor fill you energy. You'll need some energy against boss fight. You have turn quick enought and its caused automatically some damage. Also level itself is hard to beat without losting energys. This depot is important. Its might easier skip armor level 2.

-Just flythrough. This roof target went somewhat decent, not great but not that horrible bad.

-Boss room: Quick as hell


Level 6 Headquarter

-Deaths 0

-Upgrade depots 0.

-Just 59 seconds flythrough. Level itself went pretty bad, but final boss target which is EXTREMELY RARE. Went accidentally perfect. This is one most important single trick, its save 15-20 seconds game time. This is only run my completed runs where i did this totally correct. This is main reason why i'll submit this run. Its very rare trick. Spot have to be perfect then you can double shot your missiles his head.


Total 8 deaths. Most save time, some make game much easier and one unintention, but its happen quickly and not look painful. Every depots give you one extra life. I did some around 10-12 hours trashed recorded attempts total year 2014 when i start run this game again after 2013.

Final time 15:44 (15:47 RTA time rules)


Order my old records history

Test run: 27:02 (completed 9.26.2013)

Run 1: 22:35 (completed 10.10.2013)

Run 2: 19:42 completed 10.15.2013)

Run 3: 18:21 (completed 10.16.2013)

Run 4: 18:06 (completed 8.12-2014)

Run 5 & 6: 17:12 (completed (8.12 & 8.15. 2014)

Run 7 16:55 (completed 8.20.2014)

Run 8 16:26 (completed 8.28.2014)

Run 9 15:44 (completed 8.28.2014)


I want thanks

All guys who support me make this run.

SDA teams and verifers



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