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A Happy New Year. Click stairs and move. The 16th floor is a goal. Cooperate by oneself ?!


Best time: 0:01:47 by Andres 'Almarac' Vanlandewyck on 2014-02-14.

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Author's comments:

I decided to speed run this game after seeing it on the SDA site and thinking to myselve that it looked quite funny.

For anyone who is also interrested in speedrunning this game here are some tips and tricks:

On floor 4 the stairs will spawn in a random spot,
To make sure to have little time loss you manipulate the RNG for a close spawn.
You manipulate it by just redoing the game over and over again untill you get a close spawn.

Go all the way to floor 8 and click the pressure pad.
At about 350 cursor life left go back to floor 6 and click the pressure pad there untill cursor dies.
This is needed to make the stairs appear at floor 15.

The rest of the run is quite self explanatory.

Big thanks to everyone at SDA for there countless hours spent on keeping everything working perfectly.

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