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Released in 2011 by Visceral Games, Dead Space 2 is the sequel to Dead Space. You play the part of Isaac Clarke as he attempts to battle a new Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, a space station orbiting one of Saturn's moons.


Runs on the Xbox 360/PS3 version:

Runs on the PC version:

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Xbox 360 version Single-segment Casual difficulty: 2:25:51 by Craig Kean.

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Note: This run was real-timed because the run does not show the final in-game time at the end of the run. Future runs of this game must show the game time at the end.

Author's comments:

First off thanks Lividlooneybin for some great ideas and tricks I otherwise would have never guessed would work. I'd also like to thank those who cheered me on during recording attemtps.

This is a single segment, new game, casual difficulty run. Time starts when I control Isacc to the last input possible, ending my run with a time of 2:25:15.

Chapter 1- This chapter is fairly standard with only small mistakes. Pukers are introduced and are a constant concern. If they spit on you, you get a movement debuff that makes Isacc look like he's walking underwater while wearing weights. The debuff will go away if you take damage, use a health pack, or after a certain amount of time. I had a nice tripod fight so I moved on. Getting Isacc's suit restores all of his health.

Chapter 2- I use a power node to open a room that has ammo and health but most immportant a super conductor that sells for alot of money. There's an invisble wall to prevent you from running past for a few seconds when that Slasher pops out of the door and knocks you down. One of my favorite glitches that I found while running this game is for the train section. Letting a Slasher open that door and killing him in it will keep the door from locking so I get to the other train car faster. This also causes the game to not load the other train car textures.

Chapter 3- This where I use the store since the elevator ride doesn't end until Stross stops talking. I buy the Line Gun. It remains powerful for the entire game and has an alternate fire which is a timed mine that is very powerful and will kill most enemies in one shot. The hall before the church is so random that I rarely have the same fight. It went well enough in this run.

Chapter 4- The stasis on the door is timed almost perfectly! Stalkers are very random in this room, it's possible to hack the panel without killing them but is usually too risky. I did kill them quickly though.

Chapter 5- This chapter has the most mistakes. A big mistake where I thought I used the stasis recharge station then went to use stasis on the closing hatch and missed my chance. This Tripod fight was horrible due to so many missed shots. On this elevator a Necromorph will drop from the vent above you but if you shoot the vent then he won't show up.

Chapter 6- This Stalker room is without a doubt the hardest skip in the game. I need the Stalker to not attack me right away, the hack panel to go fast, and for the Puker hiding in the nearby vent to be slow. Doing this successfully means that I wasn't going to stop this run for anything. Due to not having to fight in the previous room I now have plenty of ammo for the gym fight. I kill the Brute the way only cool guys do by not looking at them as they blow up. I also use stasis on the Wall Gaurdian so they don't spit out any tumors.

Chapter 7- I hate hacking while in a blue tinted room. The mainframe puzzle could have gone faster but the plugs tend to annoyingly stick into the wrong spots or jump back out randomly. Showing off some great use of timed mines. Solar array and the transit hub battle went really well.

Chapter 8- I use a power node room hoping for some more health packs but no luck, however, I did get stasis packs so that helps with some stasis abuse later. This anti-gravity room is always nerve-racking with so many instant deaths possible.

Chapter 9- This is where stasis packs are a must and having a health pack for very hard to dodge Puker. I was grabbed for the first time and there was nothing I could do about it. I make sure to have as much health as possible for "The Room." "The Room" is a Stalker room that has ended many attempts. Stalkers can be in random places so I take what I find to be the safest route that avoids the Exploders. Worst case scenario, a Stalker rams into you from behind knocking you into the Wall Gaurdian which kills you instantly. The Tripod room has you use explosive cans to destroy these pods, there are two cans in front of you and a wall dispenser that spawns them periodically. If you try to take a can from a wall dispenser with you down the elevator it despawns.

Chapter 10- Nothing really exciting here. Most rooms are easy and the only thing that had me worried was that my health was getting close to critcal. That Puker always sneaks up on me.

Chapter 11- This room is deadly! So many Pukers, Lurkers and Slashers throughout the area. This space part I have to thank Lividlooneybin for telling me that using exsplosives on the laser pods moves them which saves me from having to use the rocket cans to do so.

Chapter 12- Again thanks to Lividlooneybin for letting me know that you can grab the key items in the drill room in any order. I grab the circuit board and shoot the cyst while riding the lift. this part I like to call "Shopping without a store." I grab as many health kits and ammo in preperation for the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 13- Everything goes well for the most part until we reach what is regarded as the hardest room in the game to speed run. I played it safe here to avoid losing the attempt. Sadly my fight with Brute was horrible, I didn't time my mine properly and wasted line gun ammo. Last trip to the store for the Contact Beam and as many health packs as I can afford.

Chapter 14- Due to wasting so much line gun ammo on the Brute fight earlier, I ended up using the Plasma Cutter more to conserve ammo. I realized this is still not enough line gun ammo so I use a power node room to grab some. I need 2 line gun ammo for the final boss.

Chapter 15- The sprint to the Marker can be easy or hard. It all depends on the Pukers and Leapers. The Pukers at this point in the game are basically trained snipers. I did not get Puked or grabbed so I am really happy. Sadly the final boss was not perfect. I use the Contact Beam because it only takes one shot to the marker core to injure it, but one of my shots missed. I kinda freaked out but I picked up some Contact Beam ammo which let me reload and kill the boss.

Final Thoughts- This run is not perfect but I still had great luck and I got most of what I wanted to accomplish. I may try to improve this run at a later date but for now I am happy with the result.

PC version Single-segment on Hardcore difficulty: 2:08:42 by 'Jehuty' .

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No author's comments provided.

PS3 version Single-segment New Game+ Survivalist difficulty with DLC: 2:20:36 by 'ModSquad'.

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Author's comments:

First off I would like to thank my viewers on twitch for encouragement and LivingLoonyBin for hopping in my channel and telling me a few tricks. I really appreciate it more than you can imagine.

This speedrun is a NewGame+, Zealot Difficulty (For challenge purposes), Bang Bang Foam Finger Glove enabled and with the Hacker Suit.

-The hacker suit was enabled legitimately through playing the PS3-PSN Downloadable game, Dead Space: Ignition. Its use in my run is to reduce the needed hacks in the hacking mini-games from 3 successes to 2 successes. Although there isn't that many hacking mini-games, it's a life saver in certain segments.
-The Foam Finger Glove was unlocked from clearing the Hardcore difficulty in Dead Space 2. I chose to do a Foam Finger run since it's a way to lighten up the mood and add some fun to the stressful mix of this game.
-The Zealot difficulty was selected since I felt that the Foam Finger makes the game a cakewalk, I may as well change the difficulty to add challenge to the run.

The timer starts at the second the player is given input to the end of the game wherein the player last has control over Isaac at my final time at 2:20:36.

I'll provide some notes on how my chapters went and explain some of my tricks.
Peaceful days have died. Let's Survive!

Chapter 1 and Intro Sequence
This part of the game went extremely well for me for this run. I had good load times with the doors and didn't get bothered too much by the Necromorphs with bad RNG. Aside from a single miss with the TK Fire, this was a great run for this chapter.

Gear up into the hacker suit and pop on that foam finger glove, it's time to wreck stuff!

The Tripod fight went really good, missed my align after running into the room so I can quick aim and pop off those arms but not too bad of a waste. Afterwards downstairs, I get stuck with a loading vent for a few seconds.

Note: You may notice after Isaac gets off the elevator after acquiring the flashlight that the game freezes for a moment. That's a load buffer in the game. I tested that buffer without my recording equipment and it still occurs. Either its console exclusive or PS3 exclusive. Not a big bother or time waste.

Chapter 2 -
I was a little ticked for missing my shot at the first Necromorph in the start since I usually get it but I ran with it. In the room when the lights go off, there are ways to push the Necromorphs to spawn through certain vents based on where the player is standing, so you can make the game work in your favor for that room.

Following that to the elevator, usually a monster will jump out of the vent and knock you down, you can completely avoid it by hugging the wall.

In the subway, I found out you could shoot open the window and pop off the flier before he runs out to open the door. Most cases I had bad RNG after running in without killing it and paid for it when I needed the door open so I took it out.

With the subway being knocked off course, the viewer will definitely notice how difficult the Foam Finger can be to aim accurately sometimes with the glove having no aiming reticle. That aside, I was very pleased with that section.

Chapter 3 -
At the first encounter, Pew Pew'ing the kid zom zom's took a little longer than I'd like, but still went pretty smoothly.

However, in the room after floating around and flying through a disposal tunnel, there's a part with the energy cube to get the elevator running, its completely random in my experience in which vent the Necromorph jumps out from to hug you. Luckily I recovered quick enough to pew him before he hugs me. #smallvictories

Note: In the bedroom where Isaac meets Nicole, I've ran into a bug or a memory glitch where the game more or less soft locks and the cutscene doesn't play out. Perhaps since I'm running too fast or my PS3 is getting old, but it's wiped atleast 30-40% of my runs. It's really discouraging to have a really strong early game than have it all lost to this bug. As far as I know, it's a PS3 only issue.
-Want to see it in action?

All in all, a really clean chapter for the most part. I was pleased that it went as smoothly as it did. There's a few parts where it can go Very wrong.

Chapter 4 -
Oh god, Chapter 4. So many things have gone wrong in this Chapter that's resulted in many many many run restarts.
For newer runners who don't have certain sections memorized, this part can be a nightmare to speedrun.

First, the placing was a little unlucky for using Stasis to grab the objects to move them around, it's tough since the foam glove doesn't show an aim reticle. In hindsight, I probably should have changed weapons so I could see that aim reticle to make my life a bit easier.

Next off, the mean door following after. If you stasis it too early or too late, it can result in a time waste of 5-14 seconds onto your final time. Getting that right timing is really tough. Thankfully in this case, I did wait a second for it to align so I didn't waste the run by stasis'ing the door too late. Could have been worse.

Then to add more fuel to the party, the stalker room can go bad ten ways to Sunday. Thankfully I figured out a way to cheese the room quickly and quietly. That room clear in this run with the stalkers went really smoothly, helping make up time for the prior mistakes.

Chapter 5 -
The Ice cooler section went pretty good. Missed a Stasis shot near the gravity control room, but nothing too much to worry about. Remember kids, stasis works better than 1-shoting them then eating goop to slow you down.

Now as for the big fun party room when the tri-pod jumps you, if you get him early, he leaves you with a little glitch in the game. Not sure how many people know about this but its still amusing regardless. After cleaning up the room, I accidentally left a child zom zom behind. Had to take care of him before the door would open. Those little mistakes suck.

When you're taking the elevator, you can shoot the roof out to prevent a Necromorph from jumping in on you for free hugs. Not sure why that works, but I'll take it. #smallvictories

Chapter 6 -
Not much to say on this chapter. The first battle room can go wrong depending on how long the enemies take to come out. I believe you only need to kill 4 or 5 to get the door to open, not the entire room thankfully. However the oxygen room went a little worse than I expected, wasn't pleased with that.

Next up we arrive to the super fun Stalker room. I run through straight to the end and make use of the hacker suit here in particular. I could have saved the Detenator shot to save a second, however usually more often then not I get one stalker ballsy enough to charge me while I'm hacking. Went really solid, could have gone much worse.

The school section went really good. Usually once or twice I'll make a wrong turn in the schools hallways since my mind always's derps the last hallways direction for whatever reason.

Now in the transit hub, you can use the wonderous Foam glove to take out the Brute early and get the next room unlocked a lot faster than by doing it normally. Sometimes the battle music will keep playing even long after the brute is dead until you reach the tower!

Chapter 7 -
Now there are a few neat things in this chapter to note. The first one is shortly after arriving to the tower and entering the death window room. If you pull away the explosive canisters, the death window wont open when the detenator mines activate when you get close.

Now you can use that to your advantage, you can enter the hacking panel room and trigger the death window to kill all the enemies in the room while you hack. That's a HUGE time saver. Now to screw over that time saver, a wall crawlie gave me a hug and wasted a few seconds.

Other than the metallic dress that Isaac wore during the mainframe crawling section, it went really smooth.

Chapter 8 -
Not too much to say about this Chapter. The small corridors went pretty clean and I was sweating buckets when I Sonic spindashed through the room of mechanical death. Thereafter in the three burners room I almost died. Just saying. My sweat was the size of bullets.

Chapter 9 -
For the most part, went pretty good at the start. I did get slow gooped on by a puker but thankfully I was missing some health and just healed that slow debuff off. Mostly straightforward, just need to fight off the urge to shoot that 'splodey in the death window room so you don't die from said death window!

Now as we're heading toward the tri-pod nest I did run into some really bad RNG for clearing that gauntlet of crap. A few stalkers got some hits on me however somehow I came out of that room with my splits faster than my average run through that room. Not sure how, but I'll take it! #SmallVictories!

Note: In the Tri-Pod nest, depending on your difficulty, it will scale the amount of explosive canisters needed on the circular pit arena to your games difficulty. Easier difficulties will have less required barrels of love than the harder ones.

Chapter 10 -
Oh boy, we return to the lovely Ishimura. Thankfully the Ishimura isn't as bad as I thought it would end up being. It's stressful at parts but its pretty simple once you memorize the room clearing patterns... along with having decent to good RNG with the bad guys.

The free flying room with the pieces to put onto the pillar went better than usual, lots of times I find myself fumbling around looking for parts. I swear, playing this game over and over is making me forget important things. -.-;

Now for the Medical Deck section. God I HATE this part. In the first part where you need to hack a door, enemies respawn on a timer if you don't clear the room quick enough and hack the door. Thankfully I have the right tool for clearing stuff out!

Now I figured out a neat little time-saver when you enter the zero gravity in the transport hallway. If you open the door while still in free roam floating, you somehow grind back to the ground without having to spend the second to reattach to the ground manually. Not sure why but this is the only section in the game where this trick works. I'll take it!

Chapter 11 -
No matter how many times I run this game, the opening for this chapter always gets me with Stross going crazy. I love it.

Now for the meat and potatoes for this chapter. The giant room with the power cubes is a nightmare for speedrunning because random enemy types frequently respawn from different entry points. It's a pain in the rear. I'm grateful it went as well as it did in my run.

Now special thanks goes out to LivingLoonyBin on twitch for telling me about this trick. When you get pulled into space you can use the Detenator to manually move the laser arms guarding the exit point. That's a HUGE time saver! Thanks Loony! :^)

As for the Elevator upwards towards Nicole. I can't remember off the top of my head but there's a certain amount of waves the enemies spawn in and always from the same entrance. So you can hang back in the back center of the elevator and snipe them before they get close! Easy money!

Chapter 12 -
This part is rather simple and straight forward, just drill fourth towards the heavens! First time on the Drill-Dozer, this part was stressful as hell. Looking back, it's really fun! It's good ol' fishin' a barrel! Great way to take a break from running all over and stock up on med supplies! Lots of Large to Medium medkits just hanging around the level.

Chapter 13 -
First off the bat, there's an ATM you can break and it drops a nice hefty 10k for the player. That's a few emergency medkits right there!

After the elevator down, its complete RNG in my case to get a halfway decent to good hack attempt without getting puked or blown up in the process, I did waste a little bit of time clearing the room so I could safely get through. However that was AWESOME luck I had that the puker slow bile didn't hit me while I was hacking. Praise the RNG gods on that one!

Next we approach the last stalker room of the game. It sucks I got hit here since 99% I can safely run that corner and nothing be there waiting for me. Just my luck one happened this time.

Now for the Marker Laser Room. Screw this room so hard. I lost a few good runs from the laser. I could go for the single laser room run like the PC version runner did, however that's too risky for my taste. Safe Strats all the way!

Then we enter the orange room of hell. Three floors of monsters! Thankfully this can be done quite quickly, however in my case I almost get blown up. At the bottom floor I opted to kill the Brute early with the foam glove rather than do the other strats of just stasis'ing it to buy hacking time.

Chapter 14 -
Cross my Heart and Hope to Die... Stick a needle OH SCREW THIS. No matter how many times I do this section's minigame, it always gets my heart racing and my gut wrenched. I love it.

Everything after that went pretty clean, in the Zero Gravity area I had a close call with death but still pressed on.

Chapter 15 -
Here we go! The Gauntlet! I missed a few shots for Stasis and accidentally paniced and pressed the locator button on my right stick when I needed to move the camera. I'm glad I saved all those medkits for this section. I took a LOT of hits in the gauntlet.

Now here's the fun part with Nicoles fight. Good ol' Foamy lets you 1-shot Nicole to reveal the Marker then the Foamy 1-shots the Marker to trigger the last mini-game before the credits roll.

Closing comments:
I had fun running this! I had fun streaming this and will run this game a hundred times over to beat this record! However I need to save a few dollars to repair my PS3 that just broke down at the time of writing this.

I hope you had fun watching this speedrun. If you have any questions or want to run Dead Space 2 and want some runner tips, hit me up! I'll help any way I can!

Thank you for watching my run and reading my comments. I hope to top my own record soon and fix up all the little mistakes to improve my time!

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