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Released in November 1993, Aladdin is a simple platformer game loosely based on events in the movie. The game was mostly overlooked in favor of the Genesis version, since the Genesis version had better graphics. As Aladdin, you run through locales in the movie until you fight Jaffar in the palace.


Best time: 0:18:23 by Philippe 'Suzaku' Henry on 2005-12-01.

Author's comments:

In my opinion, Aladdin for the SNES is one of the best Disney games, alongside The Lion King and Magical Quest, Starring Mickey Mouse. It's a shame it's such a short game, though.

Aladdin's health carries over to each level, so it's important I ration my hits until I can get refilled. To do that, I collect as many gems (red gems especially) as possible without leaving my path. By collecting 100 gems (Red are worth 3) I get my hearts refilled and gain a new heart. I don't collect any apples because I only need about 8 or 9 throughout the game.

You may notice that at times when I fall for a great distant I activate my parachute briefly. By doing that, I can usually eliminate Aladdin's landing animation and save a quarter of a second.

As of the date that this run was completed, the battle against Jaffar is faster than that of the TAS at Bisqwit's site. The Jaffar trick that I use to stay above him can be difficult to pull off, but it can be done without getting hit every turn.

All in all, this was a fairly simple game to plan and run, and wasn't very frustrating at all. Enjoy this short, but sweet run.

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