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Released in December 1993 by id Software, Doom was one of the few titles ever to genuinely revolutionise the gaming world. It boasted a state-of-the-art "2 1/2D" game engine, stunning visuals (for the time) and an atmosphere so drenched in suspense and terror that some people are rumoured to have actually fouled themselves while playing. It was maybe a little short on plot, but who needs plot when there's this much killing to be done?


Slower exits are also available: Toxin Refinery secret in 0:00:45, Command Center normal in 0:00:27, Mt. Erebus normal in 0:00:28, Perfect Hatred secret in 0:00:20. For episode runs on Nightmare skill, the time is 0:21:42.

Individual-levels run of Ultra Violence skill in 0:19:25:

Map Level name Time Date Player
e1m1 Hangar 0:00:09 1998-09-28 Thomas 'Panter' Pilger
e1m2 Nuclear Plant 0:00:22 2003-01-08 Xit Vono
e1m3 Toxin Refinery 0:00:40 2001-04-08 Jonathan Rimmer
e1m4 Command Control 0:00:12 2001-04-11 Adam Hegyi
e1m5 Phobos Lab 0:00:55 2000-12-30 Adam Williamson
e1m6 Central Processing 0:00:57 2004-05-08 Adam Williamson
e1m7 Computer Station 0:01:15 2002-10-13 Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore
e1m8 Phobos Anomaly 0:00:46 2004-04-08 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e1m9 Military Base 0:00:29 1999-10-30 Vincent Catalaa
e2m1 Deimos Anomaly 0:00:36 1999-09-03 Adam Hegyi
e2m2 Containment Area 0:00:14 2000-05-12 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e2m3 Refinery 0:00:26 2004-03-04 Juho 'ocelot' Ruohonen
e2m4 Deimos Lab 0:00:39 2001-04-16 Adam Hegyi
e2m5 Command Center 0:00:24 2000-08-03 Jonathan Rimmer
e2m6 Halls of The Damned 0:01:12 2002-11-26 Xit Vono
e2m7 Spawning Vats 0:00:17 2003-01-19 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e2m8 Tower of Babel 0:00:31 2000-10-25 Laszlo Vecsei
e2m9 Fortress of Mystery 0:00:06 2000-05-14 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e3m1 Hell Keep 0:00:28 2002-12-12 Xit Vono
e3m2 Slough of Despair 0:00:12 2002-12-25 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e3m3 Pandemonium 0:00:22 2004-03-20 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e3m4 House of Pain 0:00:39 1999-11-08 Adam Hegyi
e3m5 Unholy Cathedral 0:00:23 2004-01-10 Juho 'ocelot' Ruohonen
e3m6 Mt. Erebus 0:00:06 1998-10-05 Adam Hegyi
e3m7 Gate to Limbo 0:00:57 2002-10-06 Drew 'stx-Vile' DeVore
e3m8 Dis 0:00:30 2004-04-05 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e3m9 Warrens 0:01:04 2002-12-08 Xit Vono
e4m1 Hell Beneath 0:00:25 2000-12-18 Vincent Catalaa
e4m2 Perfect Hatred 0:00:16 2001-03-16 Adam Williamson
e4m3 Sever The Wicked 0:00:08 2002-11-14 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e4m4 Unruly Evil 0:00:35 2000-10-28 Adam Hegyi
e4m5 They Will Repent 0:00:25 1999-07-25 Adam Hegyi
e4m6 Against Thee Wickedly 0:01:38 1999-01-28 Anders Johnsen
e4m7 And Hell Followed 0:00:09 2004-03-10 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic
e4m8 Unto The Cruel 0:00:49 1999-06-22 Andy Kempling
e4m9 Fear 0:00:09 2000-05-16 Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic

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