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A remake of the original Doom, Doom 3 came out in August 2004 and follows the plot of the original with much upgraded graphics. You are sent to Mars to find a missing scientist, but when you arrive the portal to Hell has opened and unleashed many demons. Aside from killing everything in sight, you must shut the portals to prevent hell from reaching Earth.


Timing note: Time stops after each fade to black at the end of a level ends and resumes after the loading screen disappears.

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1:09:37 by Jérôme Bouzillard, done in 27 segments appended to one file.

Author's comments:

If you want to mail me, or even have my msn address: tagh_azog AT hotmail DOT com -This run took me 4 months to complete, knowing that I speedrun that game for 1 year, (I've had this game since June 2004)! I was going to beat my old run (1:30:52) when Peter 'Kibumbi' Knutsson was beating it on Nightmare, and Liam 'fierus' on Marine. I found most of the new shortcuts on my own, apart from a few which will be mentioned in the following comments. I didn't know that I would beat my old run by 21 minutes! -And again thanks to Joseph 'Apathy' Wilcox for the 1:40 run, which was a milestone in Doom 3 running. Many of the tricks he used were great, although I managed to find the same tricks on my own.

Level times:
1) Mars city Intro - 1:25
2) Mars city underground - 4:41
3) Mars city revisited - 2:00
4) UAC administration - 1:49
5) Alpha labs sector 1 - 2:13
6) Alpha labs sector 2 - 2:13
7) Alpha labs sector 3 - 3:04
8) Alpha labs sector 4 - 2:04
9) Enpro Plant - 3:47
10) Comms Transfer - 3:08
11) Commnunications - 5:43
12) Recycling sector 1 - 3:08
13) Recycling sector 2 - 2:44
14) Monorail - 2:34
15) Delta labs 1 - 3:14
16) Delta labs 2a - 3:08
17) Delta labs 2b - 1:23
18) Delta labs 3 - 1:54
19) Delta labs 4 - 0:38
20) Hell - 4:58
21) Delta labs 5 - 1:54
22) Central processing - 2:12
23) Central server Bank - 1:29
24) Site 3 - 2:56
25) Caverns area 1 - 1:59
26) Caverns area 2 - 1:19
27) Excavation - 1:46

Total time: 1:09:37.

All the possible improvements mentioned here is to make a PERFECT run, without other shortcuts or tricks discovered.

1) Mars city Intro (1:25)

Just run like a rabbit! ^^ Strafe jumping works very well on Doom 3 and increases your speed, big thanks to Kibumbi for discovering and perfecting this important trick in Doom 3! You can skip all the video sequences in this level.

Advice: If you want to speedrun or beat this run, this level is a good training level. You must have less than 1:35, and beating 1:27 seems to be impossible.

2) Mars city underground (4:41)

Shortcuts: All tricks on this level shave 4-9 seconds. The first barrel jump outside between the airlocks, and the second jump at the end (great jump here^^). Pass the bridge without extending it, and skip the stairs in the room where the light turns off.

Improved route: go onto the rail to avoid the imp who breaks the stairs, go up the ladder instead of killing the zombie with the flashlight. Kill the 3 first enemies with the lamp, this item is strong! ^^

Possible improvements: better route and proper strafe jump in the entire level you can kill 8 seconds!

3) Mars city revisited (2:00)

Improved route: take the first ladder before it goes down, and get a shotgun boost at the end.

Possible improvements: just be faster, there are no mistakes in my run, but there could be more strafe jumping included.

4) UAC administration (1:49)

Improved route: do not go the entire way to the Alpha labs door, the necessary trigger is located a lot earlier than that. Don't kill the pinkies, avoid them instead.

Possible improvements: better stamina and strafe jump management. You can kill 5 seconds at least in this level!

5) Alpha labs sector 1 (2:13)

Shortcuts: Use the famous trick I discovered, the teleport jump (when an enemy appear), to go onto the balcony where the control panel is and open the barrier in the laser room. You don't have to put the fire out, just run past it. You must have more than 50 Hp to survive, though. Use the barrel jump (saves only 2s).

Enormous trick: if you are kick ass enough fast, you can get the BFG, by killing Campbell before he disappear from the map! It is clearly visible in the run.

Possible improvements: have more stamina at the end, and be faster from the can get more than 7 seconds in this level!

6) Alpha labs sector 2 (2:13)

Shortcuts: Thank you Liam 'fierus' to show us the show_triggers command, and that you can pass the first door without killing the imps. It appears to be easy, but it isn't that easy! Also thank you Peter 'Kibumbi' to get a better way to avoid the trite fight when activating the ladder at the end, instead of using the trite boost (hard and slower). You can jump onto the health box and go directly to the end, but you can do it only with a proper strafe jump :)

Possible improvements: in the big dark room, I didn't manage the route with stamina and strafe jump very well. You can kill 5 seconds of this level!

7) Alpha labs sector 3 (3:04)

Improved route: do not use the automated crane sequence to get rid of the first barrel because you will lose 3 seconds. Throw a grenade in the room where you have to wait. With the right timing it will kill 2 enemies at the same time, an imp and a shotgun marine. The faster you kill the enemies in this room the faster the door will be opened!

Possible improvements: with Fraps, there are some problems, Kibumbi has the same point of view ^^. Without it I can kill some enemies before the teleport is complete, but with Fraps it is impossible. If you can somehow solve this problem you can probably shave around 6 seconds from my time. Other than that this level is almost perfect.

8) Alpha labs sector 4 (2:04)

Improved route: you must avoid the first imp, because you can't kill him, unlike some other imps in the pounce position. Run onto the rail before the bridges appears, and kill the Vagary with the BFG!

Possible improvements: the beginning of the level is almost perfect and might be unbeatable, but from the 2nd bridge to the end, the stamina wasn't managed at all, you can kill more than 5 seconds of this level easily because of the 2nd half of this level!

9) Enpro Plant (3:47)

My worst level!

Possible improvements: do not take the storage. Instead, try to pass the fire without disable it in the control panel at the beginning, avoid the door trigger when getting back into the reactor core (that Liam 'fierus' found!), when I have to wait and kill lost souls. And try to manage stamina and jumping, you can kill more than 15 seconds of this level!!

10) Communications transfer (3:08)

Shortcuts: do not take the PDA that let you use the service platform. Go directly to where the platform is, jump onto the rail, and then jump again and click on the panel on the platform, you must hit the right spot (not easy) to activate the back movement.

Improved route: don't take the stairs at the beginning, use the ladder when you encounter the trites outside, jump at the 3rd station without waiting platform to arrive at this point. Kill the enemies with the chainsaw and use the berserk to have a perfect strafe jump!

Possible improvements: this level was great, it would be hard to beat it, apart from if you found a way to skip the taking of the platform!

11) Communications (5:43)

There are no shortcuts in this level, just a very improved route. I think this is one of my best levels, very hard to beat it (near perfect).

12) Recycling sector 1 (3:08)

This is the hardest level for me because of the amount of hard shortcuts to use in the level, plus the route management.

Shortcuts: 3 grenade jumps in the pinkies area to go directly where the recycling control panel is and activate it (this 3 grenade jumps shortcut is very hard to pull off already). And one grenade jump to arrive directly on the stairs, and finally a barrel jump after the last SAS to jump directly at the end!

Improved route: killing revenants with one shot is hard but possible. After the 3 grenade jumps I go to the side when I took health, it is because it causes a bug and you can see that the imp I killed just behind the door disappear directly, and didn't cry! ^^ Also, the maggot, which should be there, didn't appear. Now you know why I took the right side after the health box :)

Possible improvements: try to kill the 2 first revenants in one shot. Don't let the trites block your path when you strafe jump. You can kill 10 seconds of this level, if you are a perfect runner because it's almost impossible to get this perfect route and keep all the shortcuts at the same time!

13) Recycling sector 2 (2:44)

Shortcuts: you can skip (well, not really but you get the idea) the dialogue in the beginning by marking the interface panel, then run backwards and use the panel just as you reach the door. This will allow you to exit the control room before the dialogue takes place, and you can make your way to the second floor in the room by jumping on the container next to the broken stairs. Unfortunately you still have to wait for the door on the second floor to unlock as usual, but you still save 6-7 seconds since you are already at the door when the dialogue is over. You can skip the mancubus area with a rocket jump on the bridge at the top, a great shortcut btw!

Possible improvements: don't waste time killing revenants with the rocket launcher because it is better to avoid them. And don't lose the second I lost when a lost soul hit me in the room after I came back from the recycling control panel! This level is nevertheless hard to beat, I managed it well, but it is still possible to beat it by 5 seconds.

14) Monorail (2:34)

Shortcuts: one rocket jump to go directly on the room where you open the way to Site 3 for the monorail. Went on the other side and pulled off a grenade + rocket jump after the accident to go onto the bridge. I didn't take the PDA to disable the turret defense, but this is even better because I don't have to disable it anyway. I just wait for it to target the commando who followed me, and run at the end, you must have the 100 HP and more than 50 armor to survive!

Improved route: a funny trick is to active the monorail from outside, and you can run on the rail with the train, without any oxygen problems, you can kill 3 seconds (because you don't have to wait for it to open). Also for the second part of monorail you don't have to run with the monorail, the accident scene will appear in all cases. By this way, I took all the armor and health I could take to survive the next shortcuts I used after the crash.

Possible improvements: just in area where the first rocket jump is, you can kill 3 seconds maximum, but this level is still a well-played level.

15) Delta labs 1 (3:14)

Shortcuts: come back to the beginning with a rocket jump, this was a great route I discovered. Also break the window (one of the 3 windows you can break, and this one is useful in the speedrun) to activate the reactor


Possible improvements: I think there are no possible improvements here. This level is near perfect!

16) Delta labs 2a (3:08)

Only one shortcut here, launch a grenade to kill the 2 zombies in the room with the 9 boxes and the machine. It will trigger the teleport of an imp, go on the rail and rocket jump at the same time, the rocket + teleport jump keep you on the top where you have to go!

Possible improvements: just be faster in all ways, because the route isn't perfect. You can kill 8 seconds at least in this level, I think.

17) Delta labs 2b (1:23)

Shortcuts: this long level is short in the speedrun because of 2 great and big shortcuts, one grenade + rocket jump to skip the first archvile room, and one rocket + teleport jump in the second room where an archvile is. These shortcuts skip 2 minutes of the whole level.

Possible improvements: on marine, you can try to get the first rocket + grenade jump, without killing any enemies. But it is very hard because they are annoying when you want to do this shortcut properly. I don't know even if it is possible. If not, this level is near perfect, I think.

18) Delta labs 3 (1:59)

Shortcuts: one grenade + rocket jump and then another rocket jump to avoid the first teleport sequence (you can see Betruger with this shortcut, a funny bug :D, I pass through him, there is no corpse model for him). The second shortcut was searched by all the speedrunners of this game, and I finally managed to pull off the grenade + rocket jump to jump on the tubes and pass the broken bridge. The reason why this shortcut wasn't found by all runners is that there is an invisible wall, which block you if you try to pass this bridge from the front. You must pass it from the side, that some have tried, but the tubes block you. The only way is to jump on the rail, and do a great grenade + rocket jump on the full right side to go on the tubes.

Possible improvements: please have really good computer skills to run this level (5 fps at the beginning), this level is also almost perfect anyway. If you can get the last shortcut without killing the revenant before, you can save 3 seconds, but I didn't manage it, that's why I killed him.

19) Delta labs 4 (00:38) The shortest level, nothing important here, just a perfect strafe jump to the last room. Skip the cut scene and kill the 2 hellknights in one fully charged BFG shot.

Possible improvements: try to beat this level. I did it in only 3 tries, because it's really an easy level. It would be a nice training if you want to speedrun this game.

20) HELL (4:58)

My favorite level! The invisible floor at the beginning is reachable only with a perfect strafe jump with the right timing. Skip the platform, which goes down to go faster to the berserk room. Keep this berserk as long as possible to speed things up. Killed The Guardian with only 1 HP, I love this stuff in the speedrun! Jump onto the rocks to the left just before the room where there are some barriers, this will prevent 2 lost souls from appearing. At the end, keep the strafe jump in the stairs to increase your speed consequently, it saves 5 seconds just for the end!

Possible improvements: just try to be more efficient in the room where the barriers are! I lose 2 seconds with the reload of ammo belt. But it is really hard to beat 4:58. This is the hardest level to beat I think, together with Communications, Recycling sector 1, and Caverns area 1.

21: Delta labs sector 5 (1:54)

Shortcuts: just one grenade jump to avoid the annoying detour.

Possible improvements: better running in the spider corridor, and maybe you don't want to take the chainsaw. I wanted to take it for the next levels, but if you choose to not take it and manage the spider corridor better you may save 10 seconds in this level!

22: Central processing (2:12)

Shortcuts: in this level we have the highest and hardest jump in the entire run, 1 successful attempt in about 400 tries. This is a neat grenade + double teleport jump! You must wait for the 2nd cherub teleport, and launch a grenade to kill them together at the same time. That will make the archvile summon 2 cherubs at the same time, but you must launch a grenade on the floor with the perfect timing of a 1 frame precision to pull off this enormous trick, you may pay attention to the archvile because he can walk on the grenade and that will ruin the jump! You know now why it's the hardest jump to do in the whole run (it appears to be easy when you see it). But there is nothing hard after this shortcut, this is the only shortcut in the level and it's not at the end, so this level was easier than the Recycling sector 1!

Possible improvements: kill the 2 cherubs faster, and try to have the soul cube ready to kill the first archvile. Maybe it's possible to kill 5 seconds of this level, but I'm not sure.

23) Central server Bank (1:29)

Shortcuts: the first enormous shortcut in the run, with the one in caverns area 1: a great wall-surfing plus a rocket jump to go directly to the Sarge room without the need of the PDA :p. One minute of the whole level saved here!

Improved route: I managed to find the fastest way to trigger the opening of the door at the beginning (I think), you have to kill the 2 archviles and the revenant in the room, and there are many ways to trigger their teleports!

Possible improvements: there might be a faster a way to kill the 3 enemies to get the door open faster, anyway it's a well-played level.

24) Site 3 (2:56)

There are no shortcuts in this level, and many enemies on the route. Therefore the main research on this level was in what way I have to kill the enemies, what enemies I can avoid and with what sequence of weapons I have to kill some enemies. I killed 48 seconds of my previous run in this level without shortcuts. I didn't believe it myself!

Possible improvements: There are some very small misses in the run. You can maybe shave 4 seconds more in this level. And maybe "better computer skills" will help a little as well (near merfect anyway).

25) Caverns area 1 (1:59)

Shortcuts: this level has the highest number of shortcuts in this run. One barrel jump (very hard to pull off, just to save 4 seconds) at the very beginning. Go through the tunnel without the elevator, and strafe jump on the 2 ramps to avoid to death when you jump (ps: on god mode, when you strafe jump all the time, it give you an incredible speed in the tunnel), this shortcut can save 20 seconds. One rocket + slope jump to avoid a long way and take a PDA pickup etc., it saves 30 seconds! Then the most impressive and enormous shortcut of the run is at the end, when I fall down in the last large area, and lost 0 HP! This glitch is very hard to pull off (some luck and randomness here) and it can save 1 minute at least!

Possible improvements: try to get a good strafe jump in the tunnel unlike I did in this final attempt, which isn't that bad after all, and this level is very good anyway!

Ps: I managed to finish the tunnel with 1 HP again, I love this :D

26) Caverns area 2 (1:19)

A short level without shortcuts, but in this level the strafe jump is really important, you can increase your speed a lot if you take a good route! The time can differ with 10 seconds between two runs because of different strafe jumping.

Possible improvements: better strafe jumping. I don't know exactly how much time you can kill on this level. It is less than 5 seconds, that's for sure.

27) Excavation (1:46)

Finally the end of the game!

Shortcuts: There is only one shortcut at the very beginning, almost like in caverns area 1, but you may lose exactly 28 HP all the time you fall down the elevator. With my jump, I.e. a direct jump to fall down without really hit the floor, I got a successful attempt 1 try out of 60. Fortunately, it is at the beginning.

Improved route: get higher speed in the stairs when you jump, with a good tempo, then increase the speed of strafe jump on the last stairs to the Hall! Try to strafe jump everywhere in the tunnels to the boss, this part saves 15 seconds on the whole level from the last run! The second part of this level is the fight. Trigger all the monster spawns by strafe jumping constantly around the hole, to reload your soul cube quickly. I didn't have enough rockets to do it easily, I had to take a worse weapon for this kind of running.

Possible improvements: If you manage to have enough rockets it will be easier to get a good time for this level. Sub 2 minutes is already a good base to beat :D

A perfect run would be close to 1:07:30, with all the perfect improvements you can do on this run, and may be faster by other tricks I haven't discovered yet. Anyway, I think this run is definitively a very good speedrun for the marine run!

If you didn't see the video yet, enjoy it and be surprised!!!

Best time, Nightmare skill: 1:25:11 by Peter Knutsson, done in 38 segments and appended to one file.

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Author's comments:

This is a project that has been going on for several months and I even restarted the run from scratch twice because I wasn't satisfied with the result. The planning started back in August 2005 and I guess that the time it took to finish this is a good measurement for how hard it is to speedrun this game on nightmare. This is probably one of the hardest things you can do in any FPS game. When Jérôme "tagh_azog" Bouzillard got his 1:30 run on marine up the goal became to beat that run, with the difference that I would be running on nightmare instead of marine.

There are of course a bunch of differences between a marine run and a nightmare run in style of playing and strategies as well as the choice of shortcuts and time savers.

-First of all, some things that I can't do are rocket/grenade/barrel jumping, a single explosion bring you down to negative health (instant death) when you have full health and armour.
-Many shortcuts that involve taking damage can't be used, the damage system for nightmare makes everything deal a ton of damage and often result in instant death.
-All medkits are removed, only way to restore health is to use health stations or the soul cube.
-You receive the soul cube in level 2 when playing on nightmare, this allow for some new strategies which actually make some parts faster on nightmare, for example the first mini boss Vagary can be killed in around 5 seconds compared to around 20 seconds on marine.
-Your health drops by 5HP every 5 seconds or so till it reaches 25HP, putting you on a very tight leash in terms of HP.
-Many levels are so hard on nightmare so I split many of them into two parts to achieve acceptable times and performance, specially the earlier levels since I have weaker weapons. Don't let my flow fool you, most of the segments required over 200 tries to achieve the end result.
-In most levels there are more enemies than on the other difficulties.

As usual I never forget to mention people who have helped me in my runs in one way or another. This time they go out to Apathy for proving it was possible to run this game in less than 1:45, tagh_azog for his run where I got a lot of inspiration, some thanks go out to rr.ninty/yiff.fierus for tipping me off on the g_showtriggers command. Lastly thanks go out to all the guys in the forum who followed this project from the start and kept me going with their nice comments with how awesome my run was.

They are:
Ballofsnow (extra thanks to this guy for technical help regarding the encoding)

Part 1: Mars city introduction.
Not much to say, the name of the level pretty much speak for itself.

Part 2: Mars city underground, part 1.
This is a very long and hard level, which involves some very tricky shortcuts and sequences, therefore I split it into 2 parts. I shoot the civilians on my way to charge the soul cube a little.

Part 3: Mars city underground, part 2.
Time for the fun part. Here it is very important to use the soul cube in the right places, failing to do so will not only cost you precious time but also ammo and health. Thanks to the new shortcut I found in the bridge room one of the harder sequences in this level is bypassed, allowing me to optimise the soul cube usage even more.

Part 4: Mars city revisited.
Here we have the kind of level I like, short, compact and 110% action. As you can probably guess the last 30 seconds are the hardest, lots of marines everywhere. Exiting a level with only 5HP left is not really recommended on nightmare... but what the heck, a little challenge is always good.

Part 5: UAC Administration.
Another level with a fair amount of tricky parts and the first one is right in the beginning. One thing I like is that you don't have to run all the way to the wounded marine to trigger the next mission, this removes one of the imps in the level.

Part 6: Alpha labs sector 1, part 1.
Hmmm, seems like all levels are tricky on nightmare, including this one. The only thing I didn't get quite right is when I try to kill the first imp, for some reason it always takes 2 shots when I record.

Part 7: Alpha labs sector 1, part 2.
The first half of this level was tricky, this one is even worse. The very first marine is responsible for 150 deaths alone.

Part 8: Alpha labs sector 2.
In this level I encounter one of the enemies I fear the most on nightmare, trites. They have everything a speedrunner hate, a bugged hitbox, small size, their attacks can for some weird reason not be dodged and they ALWAYS come in large numbers. Thanks to the awesome damage they deal on nightmare (50HP per hit) I can't do the trite boost near the end to bypass a very annoying trite fight. Don't worry, I found my own way around it and my way is actually faster, trite boost is so the 80's. There was actually some action outside of the game during this level. A hair from my cat got caught just under the laser (yes laser, not optic) sensor on my mouse and almost ruined the run on 1:31, the mouse registered this as a movement and "woops" suddenly turned hard left. In the middle of the run I lift the mouse up and blew the back of it clean while moving, now that's what I call improvising.

Part 9: Alpha labs sector 3.
There are 2 things I'm forced to do in a different way on nightmare in this level. When I encounter the imp crawling in the ceiling there is an invisible wall where it will land. On marine difficulty you can have the machine gun marine to boost you through this wall but on nightmare there is no chance of surviving that boost. After the trite trap I kill a couple of marines then I enter the second trap room in this level. The usual shortcut here is to jump over the fence right away, however, on nightmare a new angle of approach is needed to survive. I did experiment to charge my HP with the soul cube before the jump but it always turned out to be around 3 seconds slower.

Part 10: Alpha labs sector 4, part 1.
This very short segment might seem controversial to many in terms of speedrunning, but I don't give a damn. In this run I strive for perfection, which will require very short segments now and then. The amount of luck needed to perform well during the mere minute of playing is astronomical, just such a thing as the soul cube targeting (you have no control at all over the soul cube when it comes to targeting) the wrong enemy ruins the entire attempt. Some moves may seem weird but there is strategy and research behind each and everyone of them, just before I fire the soul cube the strafing behind the pillar prevent the marines from shooting which give a precious half second to fire the soul cube and change weapon to the shotgun without getting hit a single time.

Part 11: Alpha labs sector 4, part 2.
I could make this part a little longer because the density of enemy hordes is somewhat lower. There are still some pretty tricky sequences in this part. First of all, strafe jumping over the bridges while they are being deployed is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. Second, time every single move so a box won't block my path at bridge number 3. The timing involved everything from killing all enemies with just 1 shot from the shotgun at close range to get across the bridges using max 2 touches on the bridge itself. Lastly, kill Vagary in less than 10 seconds (you won't survive longer than that), I managed to do so in half that time.

Part 12: EnPro facility, part 1.
This is a level that I knew would be really tough, mostly because of all those lost souls you encounter later in the level. Lost souls are very much like trites with the difference that lost souls fly. When I run through "Chamber 1 upper" there's something like 12 lost souls behind me, and it was just pure luck that I managed to make it through that chamber. I also managed to find out how the teleport jump (thanks to tagh_azog for this trick) worked, and that's why you will see a very high jump close to the end. It seems to be a random event, but at that particular time it prevented me from getting hit by a lost soul and die.

Part 13: EnPro facility, part 2.
Spite all the luck manipulation you expect in a segmented run I think the cramped space and amount of enemies justify the improvising in this part (try it yourself and you'll see what I mean). Between the lift and the core exit it is more or less 100% improvising all the way, I have a plan on what I should do but since the enemy movements are so random making a plan on how is just a waste of time. If I'm lucky I can get half of the enemies with the grenades and clear the rest up with the plasma gun. Cleaning up the lost souls is quite important otherwise they will attack me from behind when I try to kill the maggot and imp to open the door back to the core.

Part 14: Communications transfer, part 1.
I'm getting sick of splitting levels in 2, but once again it is necessary for acceptable performance. The part after the chainsaw room is full of backstabs and surprise attacks, teleporting enemies and other annoying stuff.

Part 15: Communications transfer, part 2.
This is the really hard part of this level. Cacodemons cause a new problem since they actually follow you through the entire level, when you have to wait for something or climb a long ladder they will surely catch up and give you hell. I discovered that strafe jumping is even faster when you have berserk, I use this knowledge near the end to zoom past the cacos really fast. I'm starting to run ridiculously low on ammo for all weapons, which can be a problem in the coming levels.

Part 16: Communications, part 1.
This is one of the longest levels in the entire game. For some reason interface panels in this level don't respond properly when I record, therefore you will see me mash the fire button when I use a panel.

Part 17: Communications, part 2.
This part could've been done a few seconds faster, but I need the extra ammo I pick up. I discovered an interesting thing when I timed certain parts of this segment, the elevators don't follow a timed route. What I noticed is that when calling an elevator it can differ with as much as 2-3 seconds before it arrives, and the same about riding the elevator to the next floor. This is most random and with enough tries I believe that you can gain something like 20 seconds on this event alone.

Part 18: Monorail skybridge (Recycling - sector 1).
Man, this was a tough one. I bought myself some iron will and decided to do this level in one go. It took 6 days to crack this one, and the day I beat it I played the level for about 5 hours. This level is very much like Mars city revisited with the difference that this level is about twice as long and have beefier enemies. I shouldn't whine too much, this level brought me more than just sore hands, I discovered that slope jumps work in this game. Some people doubted that I could get below 5 minutes for this level, as you can see I proved them wrong.

Part 19: Recycling - sector 2.
This level is very annoying for two reasons. I have to kill a lot more enemies on nightmare because of the revisiting of several areas, not very fun to run into 10 enemies 5 seconds from the end with low ammo for all weapons and low health. The other thing is that I can't skip the mancubus fight since I can't do any rocket jumps, this add about 22 seconds to the total time.

Part 20: Monorail.
Finally some easier stuff, apart from level 1 this is probably the easiest level in the game. The amount of enemies is not that big and you have lots of powerful weapons at this point to take care of the few commandos. If you wonder why certain enemies seem to be missing its because I do some clever trigger bypassing, preventing some of them from appearing.

Part 21: Delta labs - sector 1, part 1.
Once again it is time for level splitting. I think this is one of the hardest levels in the game when playing on nightmare, and it doesn't get easier when you speedrun. The first part of the level is the foreplay. The second part is the intense combat part. Hordes of lost souls, cacodemons and commandos will be a real pain in the next part.

Part 22: Delta labs - sector 1, part 2.
Now this is something special, I don't think there is any level in this game where you have the same amount of enemies on such small spaces. One of the few levels where I have to use more or less the entire arsenal to get through the enemy hordes. In this level it is hard to kill an enemy without getting hit by another, id really managed to make this level hard.

Part 23: Delta labs - sector 2a.
Quite an annoying level, actually. There is only one really hard part, the crane room. Imps teleport in from all over the place and quickly surrounds you, this is the typical kind of situation you don't want on nightmare. I managed quite well though.

Part 24: Delta labs - sector 2b.
First level where I am able to make good use of the teleport jump trick. Thanks to that trick I literally cut the completion time for this level in half. Who needs rocket jumping when you can abuse teleports?

Part 25: Delta labs - sector 3, part 1.
DLS 3 is one of the hardest levels in the game. It is a comparably long level and you encounter lots of annoying enemies everywhere. The weapon cabinet cost me a few seconds, but I need those rockets bad.

Part 26: Delta labs - sector 3, part 2.
One thing I find particularly annoying is that I can't move too fast just after the chaingun commandos, if I do the timing with the marine will be messed up and I will end up dead. Playing hide and seek with the revenant is not for fun, it is the fastest way to keep the rockets away from you and still stay close to the panel.

Part 27: Delta labs - sector 4.
A ridiculously short level, the only "new" thing here is that I save a few extra seconds by killing both hellknights with just one shot.

Part 28: Hell, part 1.
Tight quarters combined with the crazy damage system on nightmare make Hell qualify as one of the hardest levels in the game. The soul cube does ease the pain a little when fighting hellknights, but when going up against the swarms of lost souls there is little the trusty cube can do. It is most annoying that the cramped corridors of this level prevent you from navigating around most enemies.

Part 29: Hell, part2.
This part took most retries in the entire run to complete, and it still contain some small errors which means it can be done around 5-6 seconds faster. The most important thing in this part is to never stop moving, if you do those enemies will corner you in an instant and the run is over.

Part 30: Delta complex.
It might seem weird that I pick up the chainsaw, it costs a few seconds but it will help shave a lot more seconds later in the run.

Part 31: Central processing.
Easiest sequence break ever, memorize the door code and you can skip 20% of the level. Once again a thing that might seem weird is that I spend a few seconds to open the cabinet and pick up the rocket launcher and grenades. Picking up the rocket launcher actually shave 15 seconds on this very level, so the extra seconds are well invested. The grenades come in handy during the next 2 levels.

Part 32: Central server banks.
This is a part I'm really proud of. I played it close to perfect, and even if I hadn't messed up when turning the bridge the second time it wouldn't be enough to lower the time with another second.

Part 33: Site 3, part 1.
Some people might complain that I split this short level in 2 parts but there is a good reason for it, its called random enemy behavior. Most enemies have about 4-6 different attacks and that is a real problem in a level like this one. Just such a small thing as one of the imps throwing a fireball too early is enough to ruin the run, so to be able to control this I decided to split this level in two.

Part 34: Site 3, part 2.
This is probably the most random part in the entire game. A large number of enemies and they can be positioned in countless ways, making no try look like another. Without the BFG-9000 it wouldn't be possible to play this part as I do on nightmare, unless you use cheat codes. I'm running slow now and then to save the stamina to when I really need it, at the very end of the level where it is easy to get stuck on the smallest thing.

Part 35: Caverns - area 1, part 1.
Thanks to all 3 shortcuts in this level being so tricky I split this one as well. Try doing that slope jump up on the catwalk and you'll see what I mean. The reason to why there are no enemies but the archvile in the locked room is because I managed to kill the archvile before it could spawn any enemies.

Part 36: Caverns - area 1, part 2.
This part turned out a lot easier than I thought it would. For some reason two of the chaingun commandos are invulnerable till they reach a certain point, that's why I hold my BFG shots a little.

Part 37: Caverns - area 2.
Spite being a short level it is very tricky, very much thanks to the fight in the beginning. Tight quarters combined with big, strong and beefy enemies who are capable of killing you in one blow even at full health. Thanks to a lot of small things in the tunnels like holes in the floor and so on I don't do any strafe jumping in there, those small obstacles kill any speed you have if you try to jump through them.

Part 38: Primary excavation.
Final level. This level is so straightforward so there isn't anything to comment on, except for that I'm only 1 frame from death in the end. That rocket is pretty damn close...

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