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Double Dragon is an arcade classic that ported to nearly every platform imaginable at the time. The NES got its port courtesy of Tradewest in June 1988, and while it shares themes and concepts with the other versions, it remains a unique entry in the franchise. You take control of Billy (not yet Bimmy) Lee on a quest to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend Marion. Between you and her is a sea full of five, count 'em, five different enemy types (this was 8-bit in 1988 remember) as well as two unique bosses at the end.


Best time: 0:11:27 by David Heidman Jr. on 2010-10-09.

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Author's comments:

For some reason, I finish beat 'em ups rather quick. Started on this to run it for the marathon and became a full blown project. Started to work on this on 9/12/2010.

SDA is my home. Thank you for keeping this site alive.

HUGE thanks to Humorisk. His segmented run and his "Abobo Clinch" were SUPER helpful. Humorisk, thank you again.

Another thanks to my Ustream channel lurkers and active people on there. JH10, kareshi, metalStriker, sting, Paulygon104, Something915, SRKfunkdoc, stonepawfox, Teknosys, Tiki, Zerst, Ustreamer-10715, Ustreamwe-71109 were all in my stream when the run was completed. Thanks again to kareshi and Tiki for keeping me motivated.

Now for the good/bad/tec stuff about the run. I consider each "thumb" or area to be the next part of each mission. So it will seem like there are more stages than what there really is just reading this. Also something to note, I am STARVING for experience for the entire run. So you will see many enemies be hit more than needed to be killed. This is my experience farming. If all goes well, I will get the Elbow during the final Abobo fight. It is needed for the Chins and the rest of the fights.

1-1: Everything went perfect. They don't like to stack and it is a second or second and a half of a time killer.
1-2: Could have been a bit cleaner. But getting this to go well sucks. I think I reset here more than any other place.
1-3: Here is my biggest pet peeve with this game, they RUN AWAY FROM ME. I hate this. Because of this, I lost a second or so.
1-4: I am very happy with this. everything went as planned.
1-5: And again, all went well.

2-1: This was a bit sloppy, but I was able to recover it well to not lose too much time.
2-2: No dud, I am happy. A no damage dynamite kills so many runs. I hate it.
2-3: Ok... That was clearly ugly. That was the first time that has happened too. Weird.
2-4: And Chin went well. I need him to throw a punch so i can "push" him like that. But sometimes he will throw kicks and waist time and it is a real pain because the first 2 stages are the toughest.

3-1: I really with they would not get jump kick happy on me so much... They ruin a bunch of runs because of it.
3-2: Getting the Chin on the proper side was a pain this time. But not too bad...
3-3: Sometimes, but really rare, the guy will start to move before I jump the gap, then as soon as I stand up, I get knifed. This went good though.
3-4: This part went really well too.
3-5: All that time lost, and I get all, if not more, back here on the Abobo's. So hard to get them stacked like this. I will go ahead and say I got lucky.
3-6: Stupid headbutt/shoulder attack... I would have got hit anyway. But that part went really well. Moving platforms went well too. I miss counted on the last Chin. But still had a good fight with the two.
3-7: This part if the only part of my run that is "winged." It never goes the same way twice for me, and they LOVE to be jump kick happy. I give myself a set amount of time to move on, or its a reset. I do have a general plan, but as said before, never happens.
3-8: Ugh the rocks. Sometimes you can get lucky and they wont bother you at all. First "Hulk" went perfect. second one wanted to be a bit of a but head.
3-9: This went perfect. no complaints.

4-1: SO lucky with the troll wall. Chins went perfect.
4-2: A few mistakes here, but nothing all too bad.
4-3: That first William is a pain. he can really mess a run up bad. Also note that waiting like I did with the plat form did not lose me any time. And I can get a bit more experience as well.
4-4: Could have been a bit better, but still rather well.
4-5: A few things went wrong, but still good. No spoilers here.

I also include the into song at the end here because the music in this game is AWESOME!!!!!

Overall a great run. At least that is what I think. This run can be improved, but luck is needed for it. Again, thanks too all who helped me with this run. And as always, if you wanna give this game a go, I am more than willing to help you out with it. GL ALL!!!

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