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Released in 1990, Duck Tales GB is a port/remixed version of the NES classic. Players visit the same five stages in any order, but the layouts of each stage were changed to better fit the Game Boy's limitations. No word yet on whether valuable gems are less valuable if they don't have any color.


Best time on Difficult: 0:09:26 by Dave 'bangerra' Janssens on 2012-09-08.

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Author's comments:

DuckTales for GameBoy isn't a direct port of its NES counterpart. It has the same levels, though with a completely different layout.
The reason I used the Japanese version is not only due to less lines of text to scroll through. The stage select is instant on this version, while on the EU/USA versions there is a 2 second delay before you can enter the level. This alone saves about 15 seconds!
The reason behind this is most likely due to a glitch I found on the Jap version that makes you enter the Amazon stage even after you've completed it when you press A on the first frame the select screen pops up. Very annoying when this happens in a run!

The run itself is pretty straightforward. No glitches are used as I haven't found any that are useful. Damage boosting is prevalent and slowdown prevention is an issue in the Amazon level.

To break the run down level per level

The Amazon: SO... MUCH... LAG
Transylvania: Ghost hitboxes are OP
The African Mines: Jump height RNG (yes, it's a thing)
The Himalayas: Raving Rabbits of DOOM
The Moon: Lucky health drops please
Transylvania 2: DREAM AND FRIENDS!

I know there are some hiccups here and there, but overall this is a very solid run considering the wonky physics of this game. If no useful glitches are found, Maybe 2 seconds can be saved with an absolute perfect run.

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