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2018's The Adventures of Elena Temple takes backward-looking to a whole 'nother stratum of the retmosphere by making sure not only are the graphics within the game in line with thinly veiled 80's computers and consoles, even the graphics outside the game are! The platform gameplay also makes sure to conform to expectations/memories of the likes of Montezuma's Revenge, Monty Mole, Dangerous Dave... except a little nicer since lives are only optionally limited.

ElenaTemple   ElenaTemple

Categories discussed and explained in this thread. Non-Definitive Edition runs aren't separated from Definitive Edition.

Runs that use modifiers are labeled "New Game+".

Best New Game+, The Orb of Life Time: 0:01:49 by 'riccTheThicc' on 2021-02-04

Author's comments:

I'm really satisfied with this time, as I managed to get all three clips on my first try, although there were a few rooms where my movement could be improved. There's also an extra clip I didn't get that could save around a second. Overall with current strats I think 1:20 is possible. There are other strats I've discovered that might get the record down even further, but as of right now I could only pull them off with a TAS. Check out my youtube channel for details.

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