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Released in October 1985 as an NES launch title, Excitebike brought the dangerous and dirty sport of motocross to your mom's living room. It features two racing modes and a very innovative design mode. Just like real life racing, your engine overheats in 10 seconds and can be cooled off instantaneously by passing over turbo strips.


Individual-levels run in 0:04:08.85:

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Track number Time Date Player
Track 1 0:00:43.69 2009-05-16 Andrew Gardikis
Track 2 0:00:48.17 2007-05-01 Andrew Gardikis
Track 3 0:00:53.10 2007-05-03 Andrew Gardikis
Track 4 0:00:52.49 2007-05-05 Andrew Gardikis
Track 5 0:00:51.00 2007-05-07 Andrew Gardikis

Andrew Gardikis's comments:

Track 1: I don't think there's much room for improvement. This is the best time I've ever gotten on this track. Most average speedrun times on this track are ~10 seconds slower. ;)

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