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Released in 1997 by Acclaim, Extreme-G was Probe Entertainment's foray into the futuristic racing genre. While overshadowed by the F-Zero series, it did offer players a chance to see roughly how motorcycles would handle on similarly ridiculous tracks at similarly breakneck speeds. Featuring thirteen unique tracks and a multitude of game modes, this was a great title for the gamers out there who couldn't get enough of racing in the year 20XX.


Individual laps in 0:07:47.26:

Track name Time Date Player
Desert 1 0:00:28.58 2010-05-22 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Desert 2 0:00:27.71 2010-06-01 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Desert 3 0:00:36.55 2010-05-24 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
City 1 0:00:31.30 2010-05-24 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
City 2 0:00:51.71 2010-05-30 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
City 3 0:00:27.31 2010-05-24 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Mines'n'Canyons 1 0:00:36.00 2010-05-25 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Mines'n'Canyons 2 0:00:48.31 2010-05-29 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Mines'n'Canyons 3 0:00:58.20 2010-05-29 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Space Station 1 0:00:31.53 2010-05-24 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Space Station 2 0:00:32.65 2010-05-30 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Space Station 3 0:00:47.50 2010-05-23 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen
Secret Track 0:00:09.91 2010-05-30 Wouter M. 'WMJ' Jansen

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