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2017's The First Tree regards itself perhaps self-aggrandizingly "for fans of: Journey, Gone Home, [and] Firewatch", but it all seems to pivot around whether you're turned on or off by its pathos/bathos. You skip across minimalistic landscapes as a classic sort of red fox in search of memories that are played out in audio form, featuring a man struggling with a loss in the family. The graphics are serene and the music evocative.

FirstTree   FirstTree

Best Single-segment Time: 0:19:26 by 'Kelrycor' on 2019-01-28

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Author's comments:

The First Tree speedrun in less than 20 minutes

This is a speedrun done by Kelrycor and is performed under SDA (Speed Demo Archives) and SR ( rules with the tags any%, single-segmented and glitch run. PC version played with keyboard and mouse. Recorded 28th January 2019.

For details on the run make sure to activate captions.

SR total  - 19:46.9 mins
SDA total - 19:23.4 mins
Chapter 1 - 2:31.6 mins
Chapter 2 - 1:44.5 mins
Chapter 3 - 3:14.1 mins
Chapter 4 - 3:02.2 mins
Chapter 5 - 4:29.5 mins
Chapter 6 - 4:20.5 mins

Glitches used:

* running diagonally for faster speed (chapter 1-5)
* avoid story triggers (chapter 1, 4-6)
* abuse double jumps or glitch jump (chapter 2-5)
* slide glitch (chapter 6)

You can also watch the run on YouTube (HD video quality, same captions as these files).

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