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Released in 1990 you play as a yellow fuzzball with the objective of finding keys and a door in each level, and eventually kill the enemy on the last level. All items are random, maps are static, and there are lots of items, making every playthrough be completely different. Changes to the way the levels behave (movement, floors diappearing) makes the game more difficult and puzzling. You will be freakin' swearing some funky curses after this.


Best time on Expert difficulty: 0:13:30 by 'Bouchart' on 2014-06-19.

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Author's comments:

The player controls the blue and yellow fuzzball and steps over colored tiles to reveal items. In the first 14 levels, the player needs a certain number of keys or keycards to exit to the next level. In the last level the player needs a matchstick, dynamite, and for the computer controlled enemy to step over the lit dynamite.

The location of all of the items are random, though the same level will have the same items every game.

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