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Designed by Tim Schafer, this Lucasarts Adventure game follows a biker Ben who gets involved in a plot to keep the last motorcycle manufacturing plant from switching over to produce minivans. In addition to normal SCUMM point n' clicking, the game also featured arcade driving and fighting sequences, scenes where the main character can actually die and incredible voice acting by Roy Conrad and Mark Hamill The Joker. Most infamous, though, is the game's wall kicking puzzle that involved randomly kicking a wall with no help or direction until a pixel perfect click was performed to open a secret passage.

FullThrottle   FullThrottle

Best Single-segment Time: 0:14:02 by Andrew 'Bigmanjapan' Bondarenko on 2015-07-05

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Author's comments:

This is a single-segment run of «Full Throttle» done in 14 minute 05 seconds and 966 ms (timed In Sony Vegas 13.0) on native Windows port developed and distributed by LucasArts in 2002. RTA. Timing starts from the first cutscene skip. Timing ends when the first "end" cutscene begins (after Ben picks up the bike).

This game usually speedrun on three platforms:

  1. Native Windows port done by Aaron Gilles in 2002;
  2. ScummVM;
  3. DOSBox.

Since there is a Windows port there is no reason to use DOSBox, DOSBox also causes mouse pointer Y axis to be slower than X axis because it is configured for the 4:3 ratio and Full Throttle usually runs in original 8:5 ratio. I know that 4:3 ratio support is original feature in Full Throttle, but it effectively inserts additional 5th lines in height to stretch the image and I don't like that, additional distance for your mouse pointer to travel.

ScummVM tho, not being a true emulator, fixes mouse pointer lag, making it extremely smooth (pointer movement is really choppy on original platforms). It also introduces additional skips and speedups, changes bikers' behavior in Mine RD section.

Even though ScummVM is not accepted on SDA and I only submitted Windows port run, this comments will feature explanation to both Windows port and ScummVM runs that I did.


I opted for keyboard hotkeys instead of visual UI. It is considerably faster, the only problem is that your hand has to be stretched every time. Your pinky finger constantly presses Esc to skip cutscenes and dialogues and your thumb presses P, I, E, K and T keys to trigger actions.

Doubletap on the red arrow transition pointer make transitions instant.

All further explanations are in chronological order.

The first road fight. It is possible to skip this fight on ScummVM.

Mine RD fight section. This is the RNG part of this game. Your goal is to get booster and Cave Fish goggles as fast as possible.

The first bike you have to meet is Father Torque, no way around that. When you spoke to Father Torque, other bikers are triggered.

To get a booster from Booster Vulture you need to get a chain from Blackman Vulture.

To get Cave Fish goggles you need to get wooden plank from Blackbeard Rottwheeler.

To defeat Blackman Vulture and Blackbeard Rottwheeler as fast as possible you need a chainsaw from Redhair Vulture. You kill Redhair by throwing fertilizer in her eyes.

Another thing is, if you managed to get a chain, you cannot fight Booster Vulture right away. The first time you meet him, cutscene is triggered and he gets away using his booster, so you can only fight him on a second meeting.

Since all bikers spawn are random, it becomes a major problem of this run.

The ideal spawn pattern will look something like this:

  1. Father Torque
  2. Booster Vulture (to trigger cutscene)
  3. Readhair Vulture (chainsaw)
  4. Blackman Vulture (chain)
  5. Blackbeard Rottwheeler (plank)
  6. Cave Fish (goggles)
  7. Booster Vulture (booster)

They can vary of course but the idea is that there are no additional bikers in-between them that are skipped.

In my ScummVM run I got 3 bikers skipped (was grinding it for a week, It sure is possible to grind a perfect spawning pattern but It would take an insane amount of time), Windows port — 9 bikers are skipped.

On all platforms you can cycle between locations via Esc button. AFAIK there are 4 locations that will always spawn bikers (probably made for Father Torque spawning), so I cycle between those 4 locations.

Vulture's minefield.

I found that if you manage to clip in rightmost position in the minefield you can cross the field with only 3 bunnies. Happened to me on one of my test runs. I think player is not allowed to get that far right because you need to force Ben to walk there and sometimes, when you place bunny on the ground it simply won't appear (but will disappear from your inventory). I usually take 5 bunnies just to be sure. Took me 5 bunnies on Windows port and 6 on ScummVM.

Malcolm's office.

If you hold Esc button while pressing Malcolm's safe button, for some reason game will move Ben closer to the next location transition. It doesn't save any time since I transition via doubletapping on red arrow pointer. Just a small glitch.

A room with a projector.

When you turn projector off and set lamp level into upper position, usually you need to wait 5-7 seconds for the cutscene to trigger but if you exit the room and then try to enter the next room, cutscene will be triggered immediately.

PC build and software used:

QuadCore Intel Core i5-3570K, 3400 MHz

ASRock Z77 Pro3

8076 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7770

Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 HDD

Win 7 64

OBS v0.651b to capture the game


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