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Capcom did not release Demon's Crest out of nowhere. Before that game came Gargoyle's Quest, of which this is the first game, released in July 1990 for the original Game Boy. This series is itself a spinoff of the rather more famous Ghouls 'n Ghosts series. You play as one of those nasty red flying demons, a Red Arremer named Firebrand, as he goes through a somewhat nonlinear series of stages to save the Ghoul Realm from the Destroyer, King Breager.


Best time: Single-segment 0:30:54 by Christian 'bailli' Landvogt on 2012-01-03.

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Author's comments:

Hi everybody,

first – since this is my first speedrun – I'd like to thank all staff at SDA and all runners for making it a exciting place to visit.

There is more or less nothing you can skip or glitch in Gargoyle's Quest. So the final time basically comes down to solid gameplay, and luck concerning the random encounters. There are some small tricks to save time. If you shoot while running on the ground, you stop moving, but flying or jumping isn't affected. Additionally you can extend the distance you can fly/hover by shortly breaking the flight. When I take hits in random encounters it is usually to end the level faster. Because even after the enemies are killed the level is not finished until all enemy projectiles are offscreen.

Dimension portal: The drop at the beginning wasn't perfect but everything else was okay.

On the map: 4 random and 2 forced encounters. Okay. Bridge level is always fine.

Tower monster: There are two small manipulations to the moving pillars in this level. If you jump at the correct moment you can force the pillars to change their moving direction. Boss battle was perfect. Small mistake: I shot the "eye spitting" enemy to slow so I got hit.

On the map: 4 random and 1 forced encounter, underground pass and bridge level. By accident selected "talk" instead of "chk" for the "Wings of the Falcon". The forced encounter is glitched. The first "gorilla" turns invincible/invisible (except the last hit animation) when it should die. This costs about 15 seconds because I have to circle around. I don't know what triggers this bug, it never happened to me while practicing on the 3DS VC but often on SNES/SGB.

Castle of Darkoan: Everything went fine. Btw the music before King Darkoan is awesome.

On the map: 3 random encounters, fight for the "Armor of the Guile". This fight could be skip until after the desert, but that only saves about 5-6 seconds and the additional health is more than welcome for the desert level.

Desert of Destitution: Before the block-breaking part I screwed up for a moment. The last ghost before the boss hits me often – this is where the Armor of the Guile comes in handy. The last boss is additionally fickle whether it follows the pattern I need or if it stops on the platform where I stand resulting in a long unpredictable boss fight, ending the run.

On the map: 2 random and 1 forced encounters, the level before Majorita's Cave and the forced encounter inside, the bridge level (went perfect) and the passage before Rushifell's Castle.

Rushifell's Castle: For the drop with the moving spikes it try to get hit by the normal spikes on the wall so I take only one damage point instead of two, didn't work this time. I grab the heart to survive in case I screw up the timing for the moving spike later.

On the map: Bridge level, not worth mentioning.

Breager's Castle: Two small mistakes: At the first block-breaking part and directly after that. At the end I take damage from the lava to avoid the short detour to the other side.

Final fearsome boss Breager, King of Destruction: Short and perfect ;)

Thanks for watching (and reading ;)

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