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Gears of War is a third person shooter released in 2006. It was developed by Epic and published by Microsoft Game Studio. It pioneered the cover based shooter sub-genre and is considered by many to be a modern classic.


Runs on the Xbox 360 version:

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Casual difficulty 1:30:40 by Andrew Merideth, done in 64 segments appended to one file.

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Author's comments:

Before I get started on the run comments, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to 'Youkai' who was a major help in route planning and monitoring my progress. I wanted it to be a really great run, and he most certainly helped make that happen. There is a commentary track with Youkai and TrUShade that explains a few things, but if you prefer, I typed up detailed comments after completing each segment. If you have any questions regarding the run, feel free to post in the Gears thread in the forums or send me a PM and I will happily answer.

Segment 1
While I did use Youkai's run as a guide, I did make some changes to make luck manipulation easier. The first change is at the beginning. I took his first segment and divided it into two segments because of the luck manipulation in segment 2, and I didn't want to sit through that intro too many times. I mashed the prompt buttons early to trigger the next one faster. Nothing too involved.

Segment 2
What I changed is the route running to the first two grubs and killed them sooner. While it is not necessary to kill them to continue, Dom will get held up causing the next checkpoint to be delayed. The grenade throw really isn't too hard, but I needed it to kill 2 of the grubs, and then I can shoot the third before the grenade explodes. The location of the grubs is random (minus the one in the back), so I needed to luck manipulate where they ended up so I can take them out faster.

Segment 3
This segment really should not have taken 9 attempts, but I kept doing something stupid and getting killed. This also includes me redoing the segment to include an extra checkpoint allowing me to get the Hammerburst easier. Nothing much to say about this segment except mentioning my awesome grenade toss ;).

Segment 4
There is a glitch where you can kill the three grubs and load last checkpoint to have the gate open automatically without the need to kill the three grubs. Plus, it helps to get the cut scene skip by getting through the gate quickly enough. This is unfortunately not usable as the time to set the glitch up should be included. This means I need to kill the third grub while I'm close to the gate. The grenade throw for the first two isn't as hard as I thought it would be, and the third grub stayed put for the first time on this attempt. I did a few practice runs before I started attempts, which is why my attempt count is only 12. After the gate and cut scene skip, only the last three grubs need to be killed, but when you get to them, the frame rate drops for a second. Thankfully they always run the same path so it was easier to predict their movements.

Segment 5
The NPCs usually don't help you out much, which made this segment interesting to me. There are two grubs that are already in the room, and then two holes open up as well. Both holes need to be closed (plugging them with a grenade or killing all the grubs that crawl out of them) and one of the two other grubs needs to be killed. I luck manipulated it so that the NPCs took care of one of the grubs and I closed the two holes. Not segmenting at the checkpoint allows me to roll earlier to run past the troika. Usually running down that stretch isn't too hard, but for whatever reason I almost died.

Segment 6
This took a good number of practice runs to figure out how I wanted to luck manipulate things. I confirmed I only need 1 of the three grenade pickups between here and segment 9 (the first two pickups are necessary anyway). The third grenade pickup in segment 6 only costs 4 seconds in the end, so that was the easy choice. With that in mind, I needed to luck manipulate the third hole to be where it was (the first three holes are random in order), and then close the fourth from a distance.

Segment 7
Using the checkpoints here don't cost any time, so I decided to make it it's own segment to help with luck manipulation in the surrounding segments.

Segment 8
I tried to make this segment faster, but in the three times I completed it, all three were the same in length. Three things needed to go right in this segment: 1) the spotter needed to keep his head up so I can take him out from the floor, 2) the grenade toss needed to hit the troika and land next to it to take out the troika grub (the other grub there does not need to die to trigger the hole), and 3) the last grub before the hole needs to run forward and not hide in the back. Most attempts ended because of the grenade throw.

Segment 9
Stupid mistakes cause the two resets, but all in all just a segment to move me forward a little bit.

Segment 10
There are a couple of luck manipulations in this segment. First I need the shotgun grub to run towards me so I can get his shotgun without having to move too far (I get it now to save a few seconds in segment 11 instead of grabbing one then). The next thing is having the troika guy not run away from me. Finally, I got the NPCs to take out 1 grub for me as well.

Segment 11
I'm shocked I got this as many attempts as I did. I was expecting more. First off, I have no grenades, so I can't close the holes. If I took the time to get grenades, it wouldn't make up for the time gained from closing the holes. I wanted to luck manipulate each grub so that I could kill them faster. The first three are always the same. The fourth is usually to the left taking cover where I can't hit him, but he was in a better spot this time. The fifth is always the same. The sixth, seventh, and eight (who didn't spawn or something this time around, no idea where he went) are always random and usually stay in the back where I can't see them. My goal was to beat or tie Youkai's time opening the door (37 seconds). In doing test runs, I did it in 32 seconds, so I knew it was possible. This run I got it in 30 seconds, which I'm really happy about. The shotgun guy ran to the right, which isn't ideal, but doesn't cost much time. I might have been able to save 1 second with better aiming in the last room, but the 30 second door opening makes up for that in my opinion. I spent some time trying to find grenades, but had no luck. It wasn't necessary anyway.

Segment 12
This run took a few extra attempts because of something I did, and that was push Kim closer to the button. Yup, saved 2 seconds doing that actually. I could have gotten him a little closer, but not enough to make a difference. Kim ran to the door after saving Cole as fast as possible, grub fight beat Jack, so no problems there. Also, these two checkpoints had to be in the same segment because if you break at the checkpoint, it will take a lot longer for the scripted scene to begin. Also, segmenting where I did also warps Kim forward to start the next scripted event sooner.

Segment 13
In this segment, I needed to get the Hammer to work through the window and I needed Kim to stay near the button so he will hit it faster to open the door. The hole can be closed at anytime, as long as no grubs get out. At the end, I ran past the door, which sometimes can get Kim to warp ahead, which it did this time. Youkai did not segment here, but I am due to a new trick in the next segment.

Segment 14
Credit goes to slYnki for letting us know about the Seeder 2 skip. You can't really see what is happening because of my angle. There are certain parts of the game where you can roll into a wall at an angle and it will push you to one side. In this case, it pushes me towards the seeder, but there is no floor under me, so I fall down. The walking while talking sequence is triggered and I can move on. The next trick is to luck manipulate Cole to warp ahead. Kim and Dom don't matter. I need Cole there to start the "What is this?" dialogue. Once that begins, the rest is just waiting for the door to open. With this skip, I saved 1:15 over Youkai's run.

Segment 15
There is nothing much to this segment. Take out the 2 grubs as fast as possible on the way to the seeder and then take it out. Then run a few checkpoints. I got caught for a few seconds on my first attempt, but the second was a little better.

Segment 16
The troika hallway is a pain to do fast. The dive to the right is unfortunately necessary. I did a bunch of non-recorded test runs to see if it was possible, and I couldn't do it. This turned out to be the fastest way. After that, I decided to leave in a bunch of running to the checkpoint before the roof segment, which actually cause 2 resets because of me sticking to walls. I also needed to make sure I could get that dive into the walking while talking scene because that lets me move forward a bit more and to trigger the checkpoint sooner.

Segment 17
Yup, 1 take. It may look like I could have taken out grubs faster, but I would still have had to wait for the hammer to recharge, so no time lost. The run to the berserker wasn't bad either, so it was a nice segment.

Segment 18
Ugh! Too much luck manipulation in this segment. First, you can't get the berserker to crash into the side of the wall at the start on single player, so she has to go all the way back. Next, due to my segment break, it will be very easy for me to tag the berserker with a grenade, and it doesn't really cost any time to grab the two that are right there. Once I'm past the first room, the rest isn't too bad.

Segment 19
It took 13 attempts to get the hammer to go off before the berserker got me. It was a pretty close call, but I knew it could be done. The next few checkpoints in the start of Act II were easy runs, so I included them in this segment.

Segment 20
The trick to this segment was to get both Boomers to drop their boomshots either near me or in the middle of the hallway. I had one attempt where I caught the boomshot as it was flying, but unfortunately couldn't find the second one. The boomshots carry 3, 4, or 5 shots each. From here I have 2 required fights, plus I want to have 1-2 shots left over afterwards for later segments before I get the longshot.

Segment 21
This segment I went for the perfect luck on what the grubs do. The sniper and the two shotgun grubs are typically the same (some times the 2 are closer together, other times they are further apart). After they die, the door opens and one grub always runs out. The rest are somewhat random. This was an AWESOME attempt in which my grenade took out all of the grubs in the building, leaving the moving wretch next to me, and the fixed one in the corner. I got stuck on the wall towards the end, but this was still 2 seconds faster then my previously fastest time.

Segment 22
Wow, this segment sucked! At first I tried to luck manipulate the NPCs to help, but of course they never did. I added in the first grenade toss, which isn't too difficult, but it takes out both grubs. The rest is fairly straightforward. I lost about half a second segmenting where I do because of the placement when loading that checkpoint. It's worth it though because of the difficulty of the segment.

Segment 23
A running segment, yay! Nothing too crazy here, just running to the stranded camp and one more checkpoint beyond that. After Youkai did his run, he figured out that it only requires an explosion to close E holes, so the Boomshot can close them.

Segment 24
I went through three different strategies on this segment. The main focus I had was how I can get Dom to run down the stairs the quickest. The sniper holds him up the most, so he needs to be taken out quickly, but Dom also moves slower with all three grubs alive. After completing the segment once with a time of 2:34, I realized that I'm picking up 2 grenade pickups while still holding one. So why not use it? That's when I thought about grenading the sniper and quickly killing the other two. Even though I missed the third grub, it doesn't waste any time since Dom was moving in the right direction and I still had to wait for him at the end. After crossing the river, that roll skips some of the dialogue to get the walking while talking scene to end a little sooner, plus gives me a boost forward. After that, I needed to make sure I pick up four grenades, switch out the boomshot for the sniper, pick up one ammo crate, and run a little bit towards the door to make it there before the talking scene ends.

Segment 25
This segment is pretty straightforward, blind grenade throw, quick sniper shot, and then the LUCKIEST blind grenade throw ever. It was meant to kill at least 2 of the grubs, which saves several seconds, but this time it took out all of them! Hitting the car at the start looks kind of ugly, but that grenade throw makes up for it.

Segment 26
This took so many attempts because I wanted to luck manipulate Dom to fall around the time I push the car. If he does, that means I'll be able to skip the walking while talking scene and a checkpoint. The ending is killer, because you can't make it through without the kryll attacking you, and sometimes they will kill you.

Segment 27
So I spent a while trying to get Dom to survive the short run through the dark, and it never worked. Randomly I decided to try it again and just keep running, assuming he'd make it, and he did!! With that in mind, I knew I had to get it to work, and I save at least 10 seconds from doing that. The rest of the segment is just running and trying not to get stuck on anything. At the end, I roll so much to avoid the kryll that would slow me down.

Segment 28
During the co op runs with Youkai, every once in a while, I'll manage to open the door before the stranded screws with the lights, and I thought I should try it a few times. Then I realized that the cabinet that is in the way with the wretches is just down the hallway and I wondered if a grenade could get it. Both of these were possible, but both are hard to do without taking a second to set them up. I practiced for a good 20 minutes or so before doing attempts and I'm glad I got both to work. I took the sniper shot while in the house because it's the earliest I could hit it (makes the car roll sooner).

Segment 29
I used Youkai's Insane run strat for the beginning of this. I luck manipulated the grenade to take out the entire first group of grubs, and the second to take out the Boomer and all but one wretch (can't get them all unfortunately). The rest is straightforward shotgunning and then ammo refills before the cutscene.

Segment 30
Driving section, yay! Not really. Somewhat of a break segment. There are no shortcuts, and I don't have to worry about the kryll at all. Took multiple attempts due to the controls prompts that show up and bumps in the road.

Segment 31
Originally I wanted to do this entire final fight (3 checkpoints) in one segment, but I realized that the fastest I can do this section of the final fight of Act II puts me right where the checkpoint would place me if I load from there. So, I luck manipulated the NPCs to take out a few guys for me while I get the hole. This is also the shortest segment so far at only 15 seconds in length.

Segment 32
There are 2 sniper nests and 2 holes to deal with. The far hole is the only one I cant have happen first because I would not be able to close it fast enough. The rest of them can be in any order as long as I recognize it fast enough. Sadly, the troika did not respond as fast as I would have liked for the right side nest. The rest of it went pretty well I think. You can do it faster, but it will take a lot of luck manipulation to do so.

Segment 33
This segment is nothing but running. Nothing much to really say about it. I turn right at the van rather then go forward because it triggers the cut scene earlier, the rest is self-explanatory. I segment at the end so I can luck manipulate the boards in the next segment.

Segment 34
I luck manipulated the boards so I don't have to walk across the room horizontally at all. At the first right turn, the boards under me actually collapse, but if I push into the pillar, there is a small metal beam that prevents me from falling. It is possible to walk straight through the first intersection, but you will eventually have to go to one side. This is the more consistent way.

Segment 35
In 16 attempts, I managed to tie Youkai's time of 1:08 on this segment. I knew it could be faster, so I kept at it. I finally figure out the spawn pattern. With this strategy, it does require Dom to kill a few of the wretches, but saves 5 seconds in the end.

Segment 36
My goal was to get the two grubs at the start to be in my way so it doesn't take too much time killing them. After I kick the door, it is a minimum of 35 seconds for jack to open the door. The mine cart ride is nice and boring.

Segment 37
Not much to say about this segment. I used a slightly different strat on the two boomers at the end so save a little bit of time.

Segment 38
Most of these attempts are from me toying around trying to find the skip. The final 25 or so are from attempting the strategy seen here which saved 7 seconds over the previous strategy I used. So what happens is, I used the same rolling strategy used to skip Seeder 2 way back in Act I to get OoB here. Then I run to a certain location (yes, the location MUST be here) and get the floor to unload below me. After about ten seconds, Marcus will start to fall down. If you pause at the right time, the game will begin to load the map below you (I'm actually the 3rd floor down from where I started). From here running to the next checkpoint is the same as before. Except, I hug the left wall over a certain spot that prevents the first group of grubs spawning leaving only three left to dodge. This new skip saved 2 minutes 31 seconds over Youkai's run.

Segment 39
These attempts include me checking the earliest time to shoot the Corpser and the buckles at the end. Nothing really to say, it's a pretty easy segment.

Segment 40
The frustrating pumping station!! Argh! I'm actually surpised I got this in fewer than 100 attempts. What is frustrating is that the start of the segment is a minute 20 of running, then a hard fight to do fast. It's not common to get the Therans in one gnasher shot, so the multiple I got in here make up for the wasted grenade throw. I wanted to get this faster, but it just wasn't happening...

Segment 41
This opening fight of Act IV went through two different strategies. The first was to snipe the grubs from the far side, but this caused me to have to snipe 5 grubs while they were moving, which was not fun doing. On top of that, the last grub I need to take out would be in a random location while the first few are scripted. I switched to this strategy so that I can now take out everyone with the gnasher and only have to snipe 2 in the distance (props for a moving target head shot?). I theoretically have enough time to grab the grenades in this area, but I never went near them with this route, and I wanted to make sure the two grubs in the window were gone, which is why I pulled out my pistol.

Segment 42
The grenades here do not take up too much time and are worth picking up. The Theron does need to die, and usually a one shot gnasher will get him, but I only damaged him this time. The NPC got him in the end. It is possible to take out the hole with the second Hammer, but I did not know this at the time. I did take out enough grubs so that the wheel is ready as soon as I got there, so I did not lose too much time from not knowing about that two hammer route for this segment.

Segment 43
This segment took me a while to figure out how to beat youkai's time. I tied it three times before I figured out the best route for the two grubs and the tank. The second grub is on a timer, and I'm not sure what the trigger is, so I rush to get the first grub, then the tank, and wait for the second grub so I can move on.

Segment 44
Boomers can be taken out with 2 perfect active reloads, so my goal was to get four. It would not be that much faster to tag one or both of the boomers, so it's better to conserve my grenades. I did miss the perfect reload on one shot, but Dom damaged him enough to let me continue as if I did. The run to the Berserker is straight forward.

Segment 45
Just like the first Berserker, it's much faster to tag it. This one is more of a pain about it, and is a bit riskier, but it does save a good amount of time doing it.

Segment 46
I managed to get both grubs with the hammer blast by accident once, and from there, found this spot that works 90% of the time. Then it's just close the hole and predict the grubs hiding spot so I can get my gnasher back. Done with the Hammer of Dawn for the game!

Segment 47
The plan here is to luck manipulate the nemacysts to leave me alone so I can feed the grubs a shell without a problem. The grubs that fall have less health then normal, so it's much faster to pistol them. The ammo crate isn't really out of my way, so it's worth picking up.

Segment 48
Here I luck manipulate a grenade drop, and managed to get it in a prime location. Everyone needs to die to get the gate open.

Segment 49
I tried getting this segment and the next one together by skipping the checkpoint from leaving at least one grub alive, but it just wasn't working out. From there I just waited for a decent spawn pattern and took them out as fast as I could with the gnasher

Segment 50
The two gnasher guys aren't too hard to get, so I nail them first so that they don't kill me from behind. Then I go after the top three guys, then the bottom troika. I ignore the next theron because if he hits me with a Torq bow, it wont kill me, and he doesn't need to die.

Segment 51
I could have segmented at the checkpoint before, but it's a pain to sit through that walking while talking sequence over and over, plus I would have to reload my save from the dashboard for every attempt instead of hitting "load last checkpoint." It costs 3 seconds. The first few guys aren't too bad, but the luck manipulation is pretty cool I think. I tagged the boomer, and the grenade took out the gnasher grub as well.

Segment 52
The main thing in this segment is to luck manipulate the grenade drop. Initially I didn't think I had a lot of time to pick up the grenades, but realized I have a lot of time before the dialogue finishes to get down the stairs. As long as I picked up the grenades before the dialogue starts, I'll make it. The grenade throw at the end is more consistent if I aim the throw and doesn't really waste time. Blind throwing a grenade is faster since there is no "wind up" before the throw.

Segment 53
Why on earth do we have to turn that wheel TEN times!? It's really stupid. The rest of this segment is just running and manipulating the grubs to not chainsaw or gnasher me to death. Pretty straight forward.

Segment 54
Looking back on this segment, I really could combine it with the previous one. I didn't because the plan was to kill the three grubs on each side with the grenades. Sadly though, Jack is on a timer, and at one minute and four seconds into the segment is when he opens the door, no matter how faster you kill the grubs.

Segment 55
This is a straightforward segment. The hard part is the start of it because there is so much you can get stuck on. The wretches are sadly random and I couldn't figure out a way to luck manipulate it. Coming into that wretch room, you can see the grub that opens the door close the door. I've tried several times to kill him before he closes/locks the door, but it looks like it isn't possible.

Segment 56
I need to pick up these grenades twice. The fight here takes pretty much exactly the time it takes for them to re-spawn. Strategy here is to snipe everyone as fast as possible obviously. Thankfully it is always a one-hit kill on all grubs except the boomer. When the boomer pops out, if I get a perfect active reload, I shoot the boomer (takes 2 perfect active reloads to take out a boomer). I did notice the theran go into the building, but my concentration was on the boomer at that time, plus he was in perfect position when I was heading downstairs.

Segment 57
I honestly cannot remember who told me about grenading the door to get the planks. What happens is that the grenade gets stuck in the door and destroys the planks. Sadly you still need to run upstairs. Running through that last doorway triggers the grubs below to start moving. When I do go down, I luck manipulated the grubs to be on the same side (usually aren't) for quick kills. The ending run is a pain to do without getting hit by the boomers at least once. It wasn't the cleanest this time around, but it was good enough for me.

Segment 58
The first two snipers here cannot be hit while they are in cover, even if you have a clear view of them. I took a chance on the first one and got perfect timing for him to stand up. The third sniper must be taken out as soon as possible. The last sniper only appears after a certain amount of time after the third sniper dies.

Segment 59
This wasn't as good as it could have been, but I could not beat this time after nearly doubling my attempts on the segment. Straightforward strategy for the segment.

Segment 60
The idea here was to ignore the berserker and hope she runs off. Requires a little bit of luck manipulation, but isn't all that difficult.

Segment 61
Again, not the best it probably could be, but I was unable to beat the time. The checkpoint is triggered a few seconds after pressing the button for the door, so I use that time to pick up grenades and get warped to the other side of the door by segmenting there.

Segment 62
Random pattern on the roof for the reavers. I just kept doing it until I got a decent time without having to switch troikas. After the 10th reaver, an 11th comes from behind you down the middle. Finally I pick up a torq bow!

Segment 63
This segment is not that difficult and is mostly running. In the "wretch car" when they come from the roof, they fall 5 from one side, then 5 from the other, then 1 more out of both sides. The car that has the timer is stupid because I have to wait for Dom. The wretches usually slow him down, which is why I kill most of them. Once Dom makes it across, the button prompt appears for the next door.

Segment 64
Final Boss time!!! This is a straightforward fight. Torq bow until RAAM gets close enough, then toss grenades. There is a little bit of luck manipulation to get him to walk where I need him to go. All in all an easy segment.

Insane difficulty 1:34:57 by William Welch, done in 70 segments appended to one file.

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Author's comments:

I started this run with a goal. Simply stated my goal is to be like Miles. Miles is my speedrunnig hero. His inexhaustible patience and dedication to perfection is unparalleled. I wanted to create a speedrun on par with what Miles might create if he were to run the game. Sadly I failed. I do think however that I created a run which could favorably compare to the recent Legendary difficulty Halo run by Scott 'slYnki' Angus and Chris 'scurty' Wasnetsky. So on some level I must have succeeded. There have been gears runs before and there is a commentary for this one so the text notes will be short. I'll keep them to the number of attempts each segment took along with the segment's "Miles-ness". As part of my "Be like Miles" goal I set a requirement for myself that every reload be a perfect reload. Thus any time I failed a reload or got the non-perfect reload it was a reset. Also missed shots cost too much time so after I get the sniper any missed shot required a reset. I didn't keep track of why each segment failed but if I had to guess I would put it something like this:

Failed reload: 50%
Death: 40%
Missed shots: 8%
Other: 1.9%
Completed the segment but it wasn't fast enough: 0.1%.

Segment 01 - 5 attempts - Resembles Miles.
Segment 02 - 78 attempts - Distant cousin of Miles, like from prehistoric times.
Segment 03 - 123 attempts - Miles, if he had been beaten to a pulp by a gang of angry Honey Bears.
Segment 04 - 245 attempts - Looks like miles from a distance, a long distance.
Segment 05 - 27 attempts - I can see a family resemblance.
Segment 06 - 5 attempts - Only running? Miles wouldn't segment for that crap.
Segment 07 - 40 attempts - Getting closer to Miles.
Segment 08 - 14 attempts - Short panzy segments are frowned upon by Miles.
Segment 09 - 192 attempts - I can see Miles from here.
Segment 10 - 93 attempts - Miles would not discriminate against this segment.
Segment 11 - 125 attempts - Sadly on this difficulty a very un-Miles-like strategy is the fastest.
Segment 12 - 50 attempts - Miles would have been able to push Kim.
Segment 13 - 18 attempts - WTF was I thinking? Even if it didn't cost time that seeder wasn't even in the same galaxy as Miles.
Segment 14 - 67 attempts - Possibly a sibling of Miles.
Segment 15 - 119 attempts - Miles on a bad hair day.
Segment 16 - 23 attempts - Running like a Miles.
Segment 17 - 278 attempts - Miles would have gotten the troika skip to work.
Segment 18 - 474 attempts - Miles before he shaves.
Segment 19 - 54 attempts - Luring the Berzerker for Miles.
Segment 20 - 40 attempts - Miles like reflexes.
Segment 21 - 88 attempts - Miles would not have missed that first grenade.
Segment 22 - 515 attempts - So not Miles.
Segment 23 - 445 attempts - Could be mistaken for Miles in a dark room.
Segment 24 - 22 attempts - Not a difficult segment. Miles kid sister could do that.
Segment 25 - 158 attempts - Quality not dissimilar from Miles.
Segment 26 - 339 attempts - Miles would be proud.
Segment 27 - 2 attempts - Too easy to be Miles.
Segment 28 - 66 attempts - Approaching miles, but to too closely.
Segment 29 - 45 attempts - Abusing new tricks. Miles would approve.
Segment 30 - 2 attempts - When will I learn that Miles frowns upon short segments?
Segment 31 - 150 attempts - Miles-tastic.
Segment 32 - 448 attempts - You think it's Miles from behind; until he turns around at the end and you are disappointed.
Segment 33 - 13 attempts (plus practice) - Miles like omnipresence.
Segment 34 - 45 attempts - Luck manipulation like a Miles.
Segment 35 - 50 attempts - Pocket dialed Miles.
Segment 36 - 239 attempts - Similar to Miles.
Segment 37 - 4 attempts - Miles approves the segment length but takes exception to the couple sloppy mistakes.
Segment 38 - 6 attempts - Miles could get the game to let him skip the forced walking.
Segment 39 - 101 attempts - Dangerous like Miles.
Segment 40 - 117 attempts - Miles on a Monday.
Segment 41 - 26 attempts - Miles would find a cart sequence break.
Segment 42 - 34 attempts - Business partner with Miles.
Segment 43 - 269 attempts - Approved by Miles.
Segment 44 - 74 attempts - The Corpser doesn't stand a chance against Miles.
Segment 45 - 568 attempts - Channeling Miles.
Segment 46 - 1108 attempts - Possessed by Miles.
Segment 47 - 58 attempts - Miles looking in the mirror.
Segment 48 - 81 attempts - Miles' brand Coffee.
Segment 49 - 30 attempts - Drop the hammer? Why I got Miles.
Segment 50 - 40 attempts - Berzerker vs. Miles. Berzerker loses.
Segment 51 - 34 attempts - Stalking Miles.
Segment 52 - 55 attempts - Not so many miles from Miles.
Segment 53 - 283 attempts - In Miles shadow.
Segment 54 - 612 attempts - Miles would do better.
Segment 55 - 104 attempts - So very nearly Miles.
Segment 56 - 68 attempts - Not so Miles.
Segment 57 - 128 attempts - Miles says "Get out my home bitches".
Segment 58 - 28 attempts - Miles dislikes how many turns the wheel takes.
Segment 59 - 111 attempts - No one invades Miles' basement.
Segment 60 - 2 attempts - So easy a non-Miles could do it.
Segment 61 - 450 attempts - Oh it's on Miles.
Segment 62 - 10 attempts - Poor imitation of Miles.
Segment 63 - 120 attempts - Not so poor imitation of Miles.
Segment 64 - 461 attempts - Miles is back baby!
Segment 65 - 15 attempts - When will the Berzerkers learn they don't stand a chance against Miles.
Segment 66 - 63 attempts - Miles-candy.
Segment 67 - 33 attempts - My Troika can shoot for Miles.
Segment 68 - 21 attempts - Miles opens a can on some Wretches.
Segment 69 - 8 attempts - Similar to Miles.
Segment 70 - 331 attempts - Miles would be proud.

DISCLAIMER: Miles does not endorse and is in no way affiliated with this speedrun.

Total number of attempts: 10150
Highest number of attempts on a segment: 1108
Average number of attempts per segment: 145
Number of segments with over 100 attempts: 28

Multiplayer Casual difficulty Single-segment 1:34:38 by William Welch (Marcus) and Andrew Merideth (Dominic).


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Author's comments:

Comments written by Brassmaster, with added thoughts by Youkai

General Comments:
I recommend listening to the audio commentary. We covered just about everything in there. Few things to note about the run

- The host makes all the in game decisions (i.e. which way to go, who takes which path, who drives, and skips cutscenes)
- The non-host suffers from a small amount of lag when shooting enemies and must lead their shots (look at 4:30 on Dom's screen, I do not aim at the third grub)
- Guns, ammo pick ups, and grenades are completely planned out. We know what and when the other will use a grenade, pick up a weapon, etc. We wanted to minimize the amount of improvisation in the run.

Run comments:

Times used here are based on my (Brassmaster) recorded video, which has about 10 seconds of extra footage before the run starts.

If Dom triggers the opening dialogue fast enough, you will be able to control him during the "which way" selection.

The first door only triggers the short cutscene for the person who kicks the door, so the other can run through.

COG tag explanation - Recently we were told some new tricks and strategies about the run, including a "roll warp" as it was called (same trick as our Seeder 2 skip and the Act III skip) to skip the building before alpha squad (we were only told that it exists, no video or explanation on how to do it). We spent quite a bit of time trying it, but could not locate to spot to roll. I decided to reset my patches to see if it was something that was patched later, and still could not find it. I reinstalled my patches and when we started another attempt, Youkai noticed a COG tag by the fountain after alpha squad and thought it was funny that he never noticed it before. I then noticed that I no longer had my COG tag collection, which means that all COG tags are now on the ground again. After several months of attempts, we needed something new to do, so we started looking at the tags for fun.

1:20 - the grenade thrown here only needs to be close to the wall to cause a chain explosion killing the guy behind the wall (hopefully 1 of the other grubs as well). The plan here was to have me throw the grenade at the wall while Youkai takes out one or both the other grubs.

2:00 - Youkai runs outside to trigger the scripted event while I kill the 3 grubs that come inside. These 3 grubs do not have to die for us to continue, but they can get in the way and it doesn't waste any time killing them.

2:20 - The wall that I manage to get on top of here (followed by Youkai a few seconds later) is something I found by accident. If you cover on the wall where we do and try to climb over, something happens to prevent the character from going completely over the wall. We hop up on here for fun while we wait for the chopper to land. On this wall as well, we have a competition to see who can get all three perfect active reloads on the pistols (ammo and guns are different after the following cutscene).

3:55 - after killing the 3 grubs, if you run through this gate before the grub does, then you will skip the 10 second cutscene. Youkai has gotten really good at timing it just right. After I run a bit, I sit and wait for grubs to appear. If I run the way Youkai does, then the grubs would appear sooner and be in different spots, but would be harder to kill quickly. It really doesn't cost any time using this method. YOUKAI: The trick for me here is to kill two of the grubs with the grenade so I can polish off the third at the correct time for the cutscene skip.

5:40 - I think there are 2 spots in the run where I can dive while the screen is black, giving me a head start. You can hear Dom's dive grunt to confirm I rolled.

7:00 - First split up section is hard to speed run for Youkai. I get to take my time since he takes out the majority of the grubs in the next area while I stay back to get the emergence hole. I do try to take out one of the grubs that Youkai gets last, but sometimes (like this run) he hides from my view. YOUKAI: Technically I can make it through the hall during the split up without killing that guy but it's significantly more risky so to save resets I spend a couple seconds killing one of them.

9:15 - My goal here is to take out the shotgun grub (hopefully getting his shotgun if he throws it at me when he dies) then take out the rest of the grubs outside before Youkai gets the hole. It's difficult to get the one on the troika though.

9:45 - We each have our set spots to take out the grubs. When it's down to 1 or 2 left, Youkai starts running for the door that's about to open while I finish them off. Even though this time we were pretty sure that they were all dead, it's better to be safe and I head down to look to makes sure they all are. YOUKAI: Usually I get my shotgun out here but none of them died in the right spot this time.

11:40 - This starts our "Kim luck" sections. What this means is that we cannot affect how long it takes for Kim to do whatever (press the button, turn a wheel). In this case, it's how long does it take for Kim to start running.

13:25 - We are both about to get rid of our Hammerbursts and get Hammer of Dawns, so we waste ammo on the door. I started wasting my ammo before the wretch fight during a few attempts, but somehow that causes a glitch where 1 wretch stays in the ceiling and we can get to him.

13:45 - If we stand where we are here, Kim will not move. If we are elsewhere, Kim will start to wander for a while, sometimes a long ways away from the door. So we both were going to block him and stood here, but he didn't move, so we kept this strategy. Yes this means we can't kill the seeder from inside, but it doesn't waste time since Kim won't turn the wheel for a while anyway.

15:30 - Seeder 2 skip. Thanks to 'slYnki' for telling us about this. It's hard to explain in text how to do it, but if you follow my (Dom) screen and how I do it, it should not be too hard to reproduce. I take my time going down because I want to take out as many wretches as possible so that Cole will hopefully warp faster to the next dialogue (starts with "What is this?"). He was a little slow this time, but not too slow. Skipping the seeder saves at least 30 seconds.

17:15 - Hammer of Dawns stack damage on Seeders. So we both Hammer the seeder to take it out faster. Hammer of Dawns do not stack on Berserkers though, but more on that in a minute. We also did not like that furniture. As Youkai said once, "It looked at me funny." YOUKAI: Well it did . . .

19:10 - Troika Hallway. slYnki pointed out that it is pretty quick to take cover and take out the troika guy pretty quick to save a few seconds. I then tried to make it down that hall without stopping to see if it is possible to avoid the troika fire. I managed to do it on single player with a bit of luck manipulation, so we tried it on co-op. The guy on the troika tended to focus on the person in the back for some reason, making it pretty easy for the one in front to make it all the way. The reason that Youkai needs to be the one in front (and why I picked him up), is because if I, the non-host, runs to the next checkpoint, I would get warped backwards. If the host runs, then no warping takes place until the checkpoint after that, where I warp ahead to catch up.

20:10 - Hammers are a bit quicker than using the troika, especially since we can each take a side (Youkai takes the right and I the left). In between Hammers we pistol the Nemacysts who have to die before we can continue. Sometimes my Hammer will lag like crazy, the worst it has been is my last Hammer here, where it doesn't move.

21:25 - slYnki pointed out that we can grenade the doors so the Berserker doesn't have to knock them down. Normally the Berserker moves quicker at the beginning, but didn't this time, so I stayed to try to lure it, and it moved quickly so I had to dive early, not knowing how far behind me it was. From here I just had to catch up and pass the Berserker without her coming after me again. As you will see on Youkai's view, the Berserker takes her sweet ass time getting through one of the doors, costing quite a bit of time. YOUKAI: This is the only significant time waster/bad luck in the run and it cost us about 30 seconds.

22:55 - The Hammers do not stack on the Berserker at all, but if you shoot her while she is glowing red, she takes damage. I usually go for a perfect active reload to do more damage with my shotgun. This allows us to take it out in 1 Hammer.

23:55 - This is dependent on how fast I can get into the building. It is when Dom enters that triggers the Boomer cutscene. Youkai grenades the Boomers since there are plenty of pickups along the way. I try to get a shot or two on them, but the shotgun is really useless at that distance, plus the Boomers like to shoot me over the shoulder sometimes, so I play it a little safe.

24:50 - Shotguns at their prime! Fire a point blank range shot and it will 1 hit kill any grub.

25:15 - I recently changed my strategy here. I used to use my shotgun from around the corner, but had too many close calls (and for the beginning of this section, it is an instant death because we are still split up). I changed it to the pistol, which lets me easily take out 1 guy, and Youkai helps with the other. After I enter, I just need to avoid the troika and take out who I can, but stay by the door so I can kick it right away.

26:20 - Youkai does the single-player risky strategy here by tagging the Boomer. On Co-op, he may just fall down, and I can pick him up, so it isn't that risky here. I hold back for a second so I can tail the two grubs that usually follow him and take them out. Once we clear out this section, I don't need to do anything since Youkai closes the next hole and has virtually no chance of falling, so I take the time to load up on ammo and grenades.

32:00 - For whatever reason I cannot make it through the dark right here. Almost always getting stuck on a car. I take the time to shoot the tank since Youkai gets the hole and the next tank. I catch up killing the guy on the troika on my way (ugh! Missed this time though), and stay near the door while Youkai finishes the others off. The wretch that comes through the door can't die, because that will trigger a "walking while talking" sequence.

33:30 - Sometimes if I don't follow Youkai to the next area, it skips the checkpoint and a "walking while talking" sequence. The next checkpoint I do warp ahead and skip a "walking while talking" scene by running to the next entrance to the building. YOUKAI: Entering the first door of the light building causes a talking sequence but you skip the trigger if you take the risky entrance to the second door.

36:30 - I use an audio cue (when the stranded says the word "job") to dive to the right to get on the wheel faster. I could dive earlier and chance the kryll, but it's too risky in a Single Segment run.

38:12 - Youkai is the host, so he is the one that has to skip cutscenes. This one cannot be skipped for whatever reason, but he mashed X anyway. So when the cutscene ended, the game registered one of his presses of X and switched his place and mine in the junker. We didn't realize this and he continued to press RT to drive, but the UV light went off instead. Over out head sets he was yelling "Why are you using the light, I can't drive!?" and I had actually put my controller down because I have a break (I'm not needed during the driving section) and was confused. Then he realized what had happened. It was quite funny at the time, but sad that it cost a few seconds. YOUKAI: Damn single segment runs lol.

44:00 - Start of Act III. Sometimes after cutscenes/loading screens I can get 2 rolls for some reason. The second roll looks like I'm just running on the other screen. I would say it's a lag glitch, but since it doesn't save anytime (Marcus is in a much better spot then Dom here) its not a big deal being a lag glitch.

45:40 - Co-op speed booster. Have one player hit the button while the other waits by the elevator, then presses it when the other player is done warping them to the elevator.

49:15 - Normally you can walk on the metal beam here, but for whatever reason it was blocking me this time.

51:55 - Youkai runs to the door, but takes note where the grubs are and lets me know so I'm prepared to take them out. These two grubs have ended runs and cost a lot of time in others. Such a pain.

55:45 - Can this Boomer be taken out? And the answer is yes! Only in our recent attempts did we try to take him out, and all it takes is 2 sniper shots. And my shot is very nice and fast!

58:40 - The only out of bounds sequence break in the game! When slYnki was posting about some new tricks, I found this rolling area to get out of bounds. You need 2 players in the game (local or live both work). If done on single player the ground unloads beneath you. So after finding this skip, I spent a few hours trying to find out what I can do with it, and eventually found my way to the sniper location after the mudslide. I accidentally fell off of the platform, but suddenly landed where the corpser shows up (I was actually in the wall the first time), and from there I perfected the route to run there and it saves over 2 minutes. Unfortunately after the fight with the Corpser starts, both Xboxes freeze. We decided to try to load last checkpoint to see if that helps, and sure enough, it did!

1:03:00 - The pumping station is an annoying section. Youkai helps me clear out the front, then takes off for the back while I continue sniping the guys up front. The reason I snipe instead of shotguning them is because some have lancers and it sucks getting chainsawed after an hour into the run. YOUKAI: The torq bow has a nasty mele too.

1:06:40 - Act IV split up. Scary section for me. I've died several times here, so I try to snipe everyone. The opening room has 2 shotgun grubs and usually 2 torq bow theran guards (which is why I was looking around). Once in the open area, as long as I'm aware of who is around me and if someone is approaching, I'm fine. Youkai's Hammer takes out a good number of grubs, but I snipe a few in the corners as well. Once through the gate, Youkai is on his own. I do not need to do anything. I move forward to take out a few grubs near the far building just in case.

1:11:00 - I waste a sniper shot so that I can go for an active reload on the Berserker. She took WAY too long to take out this time. We've easily done it in 1 Hammer, but this time it took 2 with quite a few shots from me. YOUKAI: The hammer in that location is really picky. I thought I managed to get it on the berserker but she wasn't stunned by it during the first burst apparently.

1:13:05 - Yay for sniping a moving target!
1:14:45 - I waste some time here waiting for the shotgun guy to drop. The two guys that drop caused our 1 death in a previous run. He took forever to jump down, and then he apparently is invincible for a second after he lands because I shot him center mass.

1:16:05 - This grub is such an asshole! It doesn't cost too much time, but still!

1:17:50 - I assumed Youkai could have gotten that 1 grub, so I got ready for the door, but had to go back and get him. I didn't see him so went to pick Youkai up, but there he was, so I killed him and ran to trigger the next cutscene. YOUKAI: Yeah, bad luck here. I had to dive away from the grenade tag and ended up right next to the grub. Couldn't get a shot or mele off in time to kill it.

1:18:45 - These grubs appear on the opposite side of the 2nd floor that you go up on. YOUKAI: We chose the side they are on because they are easier to kill on that side.

1:21:00 - Our grenades here will hopefully take out the three grubs. I think mine ended up taking out all three

1:24:50 - Thanks to slYnki again for letting us know about the grenading the door. I honestly can't remember why, but one of the players has to run to the top of the stairs, but the other can stay down and grenade the door and the hole.

1:25:10 - I have to stand this far from the door so that he will open it. He won't if I'm too close. This is also one of my best APC runs. Close call at the end though!

1:26:00 - Youkai handles the holes (except 1) and I take out my one hole and the sniper in the back as soon as he appears. We think the last sniper appears a certain amount of time (maybe 30 seconds based on this run?) after the first one is taken out. Even though we didn't confirm that, he appeared quickly this time.

1:27:40 - we stick mainly to snipers for the one hit kill and so we don't get chainsawed. Went decently enough this time. Berserker went as well as it could. YOUKAI: Yeah the berserker can't be killed quicker than that. Got some good luck this time.

1:30:30 - 10 Reavers then an 11th comes from the back in the middle.

1:34:20 - Our strategy on RAAM is to torq bow him (usually 3 shots each) then we throw all of our grenades (this time they ended up going long) which normally takes him out. He didn't die as fast as normal, so I got my shotgun ready since he was approaching us and took a shot.

So that's our run! I hope you enjoyed watching it and that our comments and commentary were informative. If you have any questions about the run, feel free to send either of us a message on the forums.

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