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The Godfather is an EA-published 2006-7 "GTA-like" where the setting is the New York of the classic gangster films. The 5 rival gangs are at each other's throats and peeps get croaked, businesses extorted, loyalties bought and sold and banks turned inside out. The game had multiple versions of which the last two to come out were The Don's Edition for the PS3 and the Blackhand Edition on the Wii, both of which made use of motion controllers and generally expanded on the campaign.

Godfather   Godfather

Best Single-segment Time: 3:02:36 by 'Soliduz Znake' on 2017-07-08

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Author's comments:

The Godfather: The Don's Edition are an action role playing genre via 'sand box' style. This version is the PS3 exclusive which has extra features ranging from favors, more main missions and more vehicles. For the game to be completed main story wise I have to complete tasks which are extortion and contracts. I discovered at least a minimum of 3 stores and 3 rackets need be owned. As for contracts I complete 4 specific hit lists for the fastest route. Also in between missions there are two segments that have hidden timer for the next missions to unlock; I found the 1st takes approximately 4 minutes and the 2nd approximately 10 minutes. In these times I attempt to be resourceful and gain some Respect Points and Money for better weapons. The only minor glitch exploit I could find was the dialogue skip ever since I attempted speedrunning this game. However, I could not figure out exactly the precise moments but managed to predicted when exactly I can skip them by mashing the start button repeatedly prompt the menu. It can save few seconds and there a many required dialogues in this game.
Changes from previous run:
In the previous run I saved money for safehouses and played safe instead of taking riskier routes. Here however I do the opposite to get a faster time. This time I avoid safehouses and save money for upgraded Tommy gun. I also attempt to take the stores during timed segments without bodyguard which is less safe when being attacked by rival mobsters. I found faster routes that are minor time saver. 
I ignore the tutorial instructions and get quick kill via throwing the NPCs off the roof. This saves around a minute. I talk to Luca and get the dialogue skip ASAP. 
I answer the phone and meet Luca. After the cutscene I go rough up the place and extort the owner. I go up kill the two rival mobsters and extort the racket owner. I get the safe open for extra Respect Points to gain extra level up. If I had bribed the racket owner I would have not lost as much time which minor but worth the RPs to level up Health Points needed. I go back to Luca. 
I go the highlighted blue ring. I meet Paulie and Monk (spoilers they betray the family) and we go beat up a couple of rapists who beat up the Undertaker's daughter (you know the first guy you see pleading Vito for justice in the beginning of the film). Basically another tutorial mission, but since speedrunners don't need lessonsI skip the minute long instructions. I simply drag the one in red jumper and toss him near the open grave to end mission. 
I have to go meet Luca, another & last tutorial mission. Shooting practice then driving. After Aldo's failed stealth attempt (seriously where did he learn to sneak like that?!) I'm supposed to follow the blue highlights but who needs them when you are speedrunner who can take the shorter route and shoot the target without fighting the others. I shoot, leave and drive off. I'm chased by cops and here you see how aggressive and reckless the AI driving can be. 
Free roam:
I go get a Tommy Gun and from here on use it mostly. Get dynamite. Extort 2 stores & 2 rackets. Rob the nearest bank. wait for the phone call. 
Immediately after cutscene I take down 2 mobsters ahead, wait for the third. I have to be careful not to kill Frankie. After that side scrolling follow the ambulance. I get ahead near the bridge to save few milliseconds. I go interrogate the target then get in the ambulance. I head to the hospital.
I head to Brooklyn to start the mission. I wait for 1st guard to look away. Then I sprint for it instead of sneaking before the timer runs out. After the not so stealthy run I gun down the mobsters and save Tom. Last part I simply drive Tom to the compound.
I go to the compound get a promotion. Go to the hospital. There Aldo and Frankie plan on secret date. I reach Monk and foil an attempt on Don Vito (apparently, they couldn't hire a competent hitman to know who Don Vito is). After Michael meeting Aldo I go get the shotgun for consistent on shot kill. I have to clear the hospital of mobsters. Once Frankie leaves I go up to Michael get the $2,000 bag for extra money.
I go see Clemenza for mission briefing. I have to talk to Sonny, Monk and Sonny. I flirt for RP while waiting for the cutscene. Here come the party poopers. Now comes stealth mission early. I kill the cops guarding to avoid alert. Later I can skip stealthy approach and shoot the last cop to unlock door. I get inside and go up pacifist run. Go up roofs and lure the target and throw him off as requested. 
I go compound then head to Brooklyn meet Clemenza. Don't worry there isn't any choir to get the Cannoli. I head up get the TNT plus the Molotov for the quick route as you will see. head to the location, throw Molotov to stun ambushing mobsters, head up and plant the bomb then get out before it explodes. Later get in to a forced maze chasing segment (how did Paulie know of this maze? was he planning for this? so many questions) I shoot the explosive crates save time instead of waiting for the target to ambush me then kill him. Now short cop chase, reach the new safehouse. 
Free Roam:
Before the mission unlocks in around 10 minutes I go do some tasks. I complete the first 2 hit lists then grab some TNT & level 2 Tommy Gun. I rob the midtown bank for the hefty $50 grand.
I meet Clemenza for the mission start. I must get the truck driver to come out by damaging truck. The fastest way is simply ramming at it full speed with car. Where the truck might spawn is completely random. Now I take the truck to Clemenza. Then I head to the warehouse. Immediately I head to the right and shoot the crate for the loot. I simply plant the explosives and clear my way to avoid getting killed. Once all are bombed I talk to Clemenza.
Here comes the famous scene in the film, RIP Khartoum. Well before that is forced stealth/side-scrolling mission. Good thing players aren't forced to kill the horse but still. Nothing here so you can skimmy through this.
Another famous scene from the film, Recipe for Revenge. First another forced sneaking sections. Have to choke the two mobsters silently or else game over on alert. Now the tricky part is not killing the guard but getting faster interrogation to force open the door. After the shooting comes car chase section. Reach port and Michael leaves America.
Aldo meets Franke but then nobody expects the Tagttalian Inquisition! Frankie gets kidnapped and I go down interrogate the target for info. Then get to the car and meet Monk (it seems Monk was more upset with what Frankie was doing with Aldo than he is upset that she was kidnapped). Now I have to drive all the way to Brooklyn while being chased. Once at the church (out of all the places why a public church, could have been secret hideout for more secrecy maybe?!) I throw 2 Molotov's because of hidden ambush. I simply rush to the door for the cutscene trigger. This route is harder than it looks since any slight stalling inside the tight corridor could ruin it and cost reset.
I meet Sonny in Hell's Kitchen, interrogate the hostage Batman style (pun intended). Now I head to the cremation (that was fast considering it was on the same day he was killed he gets the funeral then cremation). I clear the area as required in mission and head down the elevator. Forced punch unavoidable. I kill the mobsters and I must throw the target into the fire. That takes care of the cremation...see you in hell Liqui....uh I mean Bruno.
I meet Sonny at the compound and then meet him Midtown (you know Sonny could have saved me time and have me meet him at Midtown in the first place). Time to coop with Sonny go mob war. I go down take faster route, clear my surrounding before interrogating the target. I head back up and get inside the car. Another car chase. I head to the warehouse and shoot any obstacle on my way. After the cutscene head back to the car to raid the final warehouse. clear the area ASAP but no recklessly or risk getting killed. Interrogate the target and that wraps it up.
Free Roam:
I must protect the compound from a raid. I simply shoot them all then head to Sonny for the next mission. 
Sonny leaves and I must follow. Sonny dies RIP (he had it coming though). Now comes worst mission to speedrun in the game. 1st I have to drive in highway while being chased constantly. After I reach the warehouse and then I clear my way avoid taking too much damage for later. Interrogate the cop for info. Get in the car, thankfully this time no chasing (taking stress out completely) reach the location. Again I clear the area before interrogating the targets. Afterwards head to the compound. 
After meeting Don Michael I go meet Monk. I Molotov the 3 mobsters inside and rush upstairs ASAP while avoid getting killed. After Monk is revealed a traitor I go down and intentionally get killed for quick death exploit. What this does is despawns all the mobsters I left behind which are Barzini mob that are most dangerous in the game and they deal heavy damage as you can see in the start of this mission. I have no fear of leaving the building without lose too much HP for the next shoot out and not waste time going in to cover while clearing safe way out. Now I head inside the building. Instead of following Monk floor above I stay on the same floor since Monk spawns in the ballroom. I head inside the ball room torch the place. 2 Molotovs are supposed to kill Monk so I threw a dynamite and that didn't work. Unfortunately got unlucky and went shoot Monk.
I run over Tessio so to cancel the dialogue between Tessio and Tom saving me time. After done talking to Tom I go meet Cicci and Tessio in Brooklyn to start the mission. I throw Molotov to stun the mobsters inside and I head for the elevator. I head down and clear the path all the way then I go upstairs. I follow Tessio while shooting any mobsters ahead. I throw dynamite where Tessio is headed.
Free Roam:
I go to Midtown to get the level 3 Tommy Gun. It has the fastest firing rate in the game as well largest 70 round clip.
I go meet Michael at the hotel to start the mission. I head down and interrogate the hotel staff. Afterwards I go down the basement and talk to the guard. Immediately head for the vault and plant dynamite. I get the cash and clear the area for a safe path. I throw Molotov to avoid getting killed while escaping. Then simply I head to Clemenza for the final task. I take cop car and avoid any collision or else I ruin my cover. I take stealth approach for safe route. Assassinate the target and leave.
Here is a popular scene from the film, Baptism by Fire except with some little fireworks and more guns. After talking to Michael I head to Midtown and speak to Clemenza for the 1st hit. I have to talk to guards before meeting Don Stracci. Once the Don is in sight I simply go guns blazing from here. I must clear the hotel before I am able to talk to Clemenza to trigger the cutscene. The 2nd hit I go to Cicci in Hell's Kitchen. For Don Cuneo's hit I found much faster way to kill him by placing a TNT right by the other side of the door. TNTs have unusual blast radius ignoring some walls but not all other obstacles. As I wait for It to explode Cicci is supposed heads toward the door I am blocking but I was extremely unlucky for this part as I get killed even before triggering the cutscene. that costed around 20 seconds at least. I retry and the second attempt it works. I go meet Rocco hit at Brooklyn for 3rd but this time I am chased by the rival mobsters. After I talk to RoccoI go to the hotel and kill all the mobsters and Don Tattaglia. After it is cleared I can talk to Rocco to trigger the cutscene. For the final hit I must go back to Little Italy and again I am being chased. I talk to Al Neri and start driving the cop car. At the location I only have to get close to Don Barzini to trigger a cutscene before I assassinate him. I throw a Molotov just to be safe. After the last of the rival Dons are killed comes a timed segment. I am free to head anywhere I like but of course I get all attention from the police. This segment can be very dangerous since the police are more aggressive and more lethal which can get me killed at any moment if I'm not careful. I wait at the church where Michael before the timer ends. Then simply head to the highlighted area end the mission. Funny how despite all the shooting and explosions the Baptism went fine and Michael is happy. 
That wraps up the speedrun. I am happy that I went back and got way faster time than I anticipated. Although I got unlucky and did silly mistakes that could be avoided I was more reluctant to have it submitted at SDA then have the older run be the only one there. 
Thanks in advance to the verifyers and speedrun moderators at SDA. Especially for Lotblind that got me into submitting from the start. 

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