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Released in October 2004, this is the 3rd in the trilogy of Grand Theft Auto games for PlayStation 2. Carl Johnson returns home from the East Coast and is forced on a journey across the state of San Andreas in order to save his family and to take control of the streets.


Note: Console and PC are considered separate categories due to various gameplay differences (such as aiming).

Best time on the PC version: 6:09 by Daniel 'CannibalK9' Burns on 2008-01-18, in 28 segments.

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Author's comments:

Hello, I won't waste much time here, all I can do is strongly advise you to download the normal or high quality H264 versions of the run and listen to the audio commentary where I go into huge depths about the most trivial aspects (but I hear it's quite good!) I had something of a semi-cold for the first 10 or so segments but it doesn't impact on it much. (You might want to pause it as soon as it loads up and switch audio channels first since I have a tendency to start speaking too quickly in my over-enthusiasm...)

I'd like to include Mike as a special mention (since I carelessly omitted him from the audio comments); he deserves respect mainly for having to deal with actual people (like me) so thanks!

Ah, need to thank Enhasa too, he wasn't working on the site when the run was done but anyone who can cover for DJ is doing a great job!

Here's a list of missions in each segment in case you wish to see something in particular or as research if you're trying to beat my time (no, of course I don't mind... not in the slightest...):

01 - Big Smoke / Sweet & Kendl, Ryder, Tagging Up Turf, Cleaning The Hood, Drive-Thru, Nines And AK's, Drive-By, Sweet's Girl.

02 - Home Invasion, OG Loc, Life's A Beach, Running Dog, Catalyst.

03 - Robbing Uncle Sam, Cesar Vialpando, High Stakes, Low-Rider, Madd Dogg's Rhymes, Management Issues, Burning Desire, House Party.

04 - Doberman, Gray Imports, Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Just Business, Los Sepulcros.

05 - Reuniting The Families, The Green Sabre.

06 - Badlands, (First Date), Tanker Commander, Body Harvest, King In Exile.

07 - (First Base), Against All Odds, (Gone Courting), Small Town Bank, (Made In Heaven), Local Liquor Store.

08 - Wu Zi Mu, Farewell, My Love..., Are You Going To San Fierro?

09 - Wear Flowers In Your Hair, 555 We Tip, Deconstruction.

10 - Photo Opportunity, *Lung Capacity Upgrade*

11 - Jizzy, T-Bone Mendez, Mike Toreno, Mountain Cloud Boys, Ran Fa Li, Lure, Outrider.

12 - Snail Trail, Ice Cold Killa, Amphibious Assault, Pier 69.

13 - Toreno's Last Flight, The Da Nang Thang.

14 - Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, Monster.

15 - Highjack, Interdiction, Verdant Meadows.

16 - Learning To Fly.

17 - N.O.E., Stowaway, Black Project, Green Goo.

18 - Fender Ketchup, Explosive Situation, You've Had Your Chips, Don Peyote, Intensive Care, Misappropriation, The Meat Business, Fish In A Barrel.

19 - Madd Dogg, Freefall.

20 - High Noon, Saint Mark's Bistro.

21 - A Home In The Hills.

22 - Vertical Bird.

23 - Home Coming, Beat Down On B Dup, Grove 4 Life.

24 - Cut Throat Business, Riot, Los Desperados, *Gang Territories*

25 - *Gang Territories*

26 - *Gang Territories*

27 - *Gang Territories*

28 - End Of The Line.

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