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Released on October 2010, Gravity duck sends you on a mission to collect 40 golden eggs for your God. At the end He eats an omelette and you're sent on a sequel game. I call that a Win-Win.


Best time: 0:04:43 by Tomas 'Guunnz' Gonzalez on 2014-05-22.

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Author's comments:

Level 01: Perfect ( Kappa )
Level 02: Perfect
Level 03: Perfect
Level 04: Excellent ( 0.1 time loss)
Level 05: Perfect
Level 06: Perfect
Level 07: Excellent ( 0.05 time loss at first jump)
Level 08: Perfect
Level 09: Good , I don't know if there is another faster route
Level 10: Excellent , Maybe 0.1 Time loss
Level 11: Good , I think there is a faster route, but i love that trick!
Level 12: Godly Perfect . saves like 4 seconds
Level 13: Good , maybe 0.2 time loss
Level 14: Good maybe 0.2 time loss too
Level 15: Perfect.
Level 16: Excellent, First "Skip" when falling near the cube is hard to get.
Level 17: Perfect, no much to say
Level 18: Perfect
Level 19: Good, I loss time while changing gravity on the final part
Level 20: Perfect
Level 21: Maybe the worst level , like 0.5 time lost
Level 22: Perfect, awesome skip there at first plant.
Level 23: Perfect
Level 24: Perfect, Yolo strats skip there, saves like 0.5 sec
Level 25: Perfect
Level 26: Perfect , Time saved going down instead of up, is more risky but saves like 0.3
Level 27: Perfect , First rock at the top is useless, You can land on the second one!
Level 28: Perfect , most obvious skip of the game, i think is made on purpose.
Level 29: Perfect , tons of timing there.
Level 30: Godly Perfect , Another spike jump skip , saves like 2 seconds.
Level 31: Quite Perfect , One of the hardest level when you try to go fast!
Level 32: Good, Hardest level when you try to go fast, hard to time, . 0.6 time lost i think.
Level 33: Well, This is the best skip of the game, you skip all the level and you save like 6 seconds, so awesome skip.
Level 34: Perfect
Level 35: Perfect , Tons of timing there.
Level 36: Bad , Hard level , like 0.6 time loss
Level 37: Bad, Hard level , like 0.8 time loss
Level 38: Quite excellent , Hard level!
Level 39: Perfect, Idk if another route exist.
Level 40: Good.

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