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Released in April 2004, this game takes place after the second game in the series, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Agent 47 was wounded during a job, and passes out in a hotel room. From there, he has flashbacks to previous jobs that made him the best in the business.


Individual-levels run of Professional skill in 0:23:28:

Level # - name Time Date Player
1 - Asylum Aftermath 0:01:16 2008-01-15 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
2 - The Meat King's Party 0:01:26 2008-01-04 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
3 - The Bjarkhov Bomb 0:04:59 2008-01-03 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
4 - Beldingford Manor 0:02:04 2008-01-03 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
5 - Rendezvous in Rotterdam 0:02:16 2008-01-03 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
6 - Deadly Cargo 0:02:38 2008-01-04 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
7 - Traditions of the Trade 0:02:08 2008-01-04 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
8 - Slaying a Dragon 0:00:40 2008-01-03 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
9 - The Wang Fou Incident 0:01:40 2008-01-03 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
10 - The Seafood Massacre 0:01:41 2008-01-04 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
11 - The Lee Hong Assassination 0:01:54 2008-01-04 Daniel 'Shido' Lee
12 - Hunter and Hunted 0:00:46 2008-01-03 Daniel 'Shido' Lee

Author's comments:

All of my runs were modeled on or inspired from fussh's "Hitman Contracts in 25 minutes". Below are the recurrent tricks and notes in this run: For each mission, I have written down the objectives and the approximate times at which they were completed; special objectives have been noted.  I have omitted the "escape" objectives, as they appear in every mission.  Additional comments may be found below the objectives.

01 - Asylum Aftermath (1:16)

  1. The walking asylum patients are random.  It is possible to have zero patients obstructing your path through the asylum, as well as having the two doors prior to the lift opened by the patients before you run through them.  However, the chance of being so fortunate is extremely small.
  2. At the main entrance, the SWAT team members and especially the sniper usually deplete all my health, forcing me to land three headshots in slow motion within an allotted time to stay alive.  In this rare run, my health only went down to red.
02 - The Meat King's Party (1:26) 03 - The Bjarkhov Bomb (4:59)
  1. After exiting the plane in the beginning, traveling to the tunnel in a straight line will cause the soldier to notice you.  I initially ran at a 45- angle towards the left fence before running perpendicular.
  2. The soldiers patrolling around the submarine are erratic, so I kept my distance from them.
  3. It is possible to run towards the sniper rifle, but I initially snuck to reduce the chance of having my cover blown by the soldier standing next to it.
04 - Beldingford Manor (2:04) 05 - Rendezvous in Rotterdam (2:16) 06 - Deadly Cargo (2:38)
  1. The officer smoking beside the truck at 0:21 usually blows my cover, but very rarely will he open fire.
  2. On the helipad, I waited for one of the guards to walk out of my weapons' audio range.  This delays the fire of the guards, giving me a higher chance of survival.
  3. A SWAT team member may come from the door at 1:58, so I took a precaution.
  4. It is possible to avoid fire from the guards and SWAT teams altogether to shorten the route, but I have not been able to achieve this consistently.
07 - Traditions of the Trade (2:08)
  1. I had to pick the lock at the showering target's door because I cannot consistently induce his bodyguard to run out of the room after hearing gunshots, and the target does not hear the shots until the door is open.
  2. It is not possible to wield a single silverballer while holding the chemical bomb.
08 - Slaying a Dragon (0:41)
  1. The guard who closes the limo door cannot be clipped until his door-closing animation is completed.
  2. There is a sniper who may shoot if you run too deep inside the meeting area.
09 - The Wang Fou Incident (1:40)
  1. The first four targets were killed with only two shots because sniper bullets travel through flesh.
  2. Two of the targets cannot be shot until their door-closing animations are completed.
  3. A highly skilled sniper may reduce time by walking while sniping, and fully utilizing the rifle's rate of fire.
  4. Regarding the last two targets, it is wiser to kill the left one first because killing the right one first would cause the left one to run and become a harder target.
10 - The Seafood Massacre (1:41)
  1. Alarming the first target too early will result in a mission failure because he would _technically_ have fled, even if you successfully stangulate him.
  2. Tapping a movement key towards the end of the strangulation animation will sometimes cut the animation short and save a couple of seconds.
  3. A sniper who targets the entrance of the restaurant makes this run particularly difficult.
11 - Lee Hong Assassination (1:54)
  1. This level takes by far the most amount of time to record because of the following random factors:
  2. Picking up the laxative in the bar causes Lee Hong to teleport from his mansion to outside.
  3. Picking the lock at 1:28 is sometimes unnecessary because an enemy may open it.
12 - Hunter and Hunted (0:46)
  1. After killing the police officer, SWAT team members may appear at the stairs down the hallway.  Their location is randomized, but if you do encounter them, I recommend taking their clothes instead of the officer's because the SWAT uniform is less likely to be blown.

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