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Released in 2002, Hunter: The Reckoning begins at the execution of a convicted serial killer, and during that time as it happens the souls of the dead rise up. The four people witnessing have managed to lock the prison and seal the prison. A year later, a rave party (of all things) outside the prison re-rose the ghosts of the dead who pretty much killed almost everyone. Select one of the four witnesses as you try and kill the evil once and for all.

HunterTheReckoning   HunterTheReckoning

Best Single-segment Time: 1:07:29 by 'Stokesbro' on 2016-01-30

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Author's comments:

Hunter: The Reckoning (GC) played on WII
Normal Difficulty
Character: Defender

I used this character for her good accuracy and 2nd fastest movement.


I don't remember if it happens in this run, but when reloading during an attack that would knock you back, you will instead just reload your gun, and take no damage.

Besides that little glitch I don't know of any game breaking glitches. I'm sure with the way some levels are designed with unused areas that there will be some to come if this game catches on a bit.

I guess there is also another glitch shown on youtube(almost the only video about Hunter: The Reckoning) where someone is shown flying in a multiplayer game. It is undocumented how it was done though.

This is not really a glitch but when you save after defeating the last boss the save is called attic1. Which with the other names of levels on this game it shows that anything with numbers should be multiple levels.


In my run I spend quite a bit of time jumping because of being able to keep moving through zombies unhindered, as well as shoot without turning around while still running. Jumping also helps save a few seconds not being stunned by the building collapse during the level, "Hospital 2" I have not tested if jumping is actually fastest movement yet. At some points in the run my character turns around suddenly during big camera moves, which are uncontrollable, because the analog stick direction is decided once it is held in non-neutral position. In order to turn I have to let
the analog go neutral and push in the current direction I want to go. It gets a little annoying at times.

When running to objectives I run a certain way to keep the camera pointing at a manageable angle, as well as try not to let certain enemies spawn. There is times where I need to also try to spawn almost all the enemies in a given area to proceed to the next area.

With the reload button also being an action button for opening doors, etc. It is always good to start to switch to a weapon, if you don't need to use right away, before you are going to enter another area of a level if you are switching weapons.

Combat is only required to kill key enemies/groups, which I will discuss in level breakdown, and collected ammo should be held until needed for bosses or clearing key enemies/groups.


Not really required when doing a speedrun on normal, but when playing on nightmare it's nice to rescue innocent because they give you a free life! So with that said I will be dying a few times.

=Level Summary:

Subway Station - Just have to collect 8 Glyphs in this small subway station, as well as kill the one zombie attacking the train conductor.

Streets - From the start I run north to squeeze around the outside of the car and kill the zombie attacking the innocent women. After the cutscene I rescue the 4 closest innocent, as well as load up on ammo for next level.

Playground - This is where the first boss is, so right away I start using melee to get rid of all the zombies from where you first start on this map. When I kill a handful they stop spawning so I move into the school yard where quite a few spawn in front of the burning school bus. Once I noticed they stopped spawning I moved across the school yard and only need a few more to trigger boss. Once I believe I killed enough I try to leave the school yard where I came in. The boss fight is pretty straight forward. I recommend using shotgun when you can single target the boss, and use machine gun to clear out the zombies, and spiders quick. Once the boss is dead you get to help rescue Kaylie!
By dragging her along with you through a zombie infested graveyard.

Graveyard -? This level is all about the safe passage of the precious Kaylie, but sometimes if she bumps into poles, walls, zombies, etc. She likes to walk around in a circle and then to the character even if something is in the way. Have to love old AI pathing, but none the less I just mainly use the pistol this level to clear zombies between the character and Kaylie. Starting off I make my way to a lone concrete catacomb to the right of a locked gate. The zombie will spawn inside or to one of the sides next to the small building. I collect the key and walk back a bit for a chainsaw used later. Preceding through the gate its faster to go through the grass to the right. The last concrete building right before a small hill in the up coming group of buildings is where you need to look for the zombie that holds the key to the next gate. Through that next gate there will be a lone concrete building to the right with a zombie spawn inside that drops the key. Ahead to the next gate with two gargoyles guarding it you will need to come close to it, and when Kaylie is right behind you she will be able to make it in before the gargoyles block the path. Last key to obtain is around the left side of the building to the back where, you guessed it, a zombie spawns. This allows you to proceed to the front of the church and save at the green glyph when Kaylie is close.

Church - Here is where we finally find out that Kaylie was just harboring the second boss for us. To take out the ferocious teddy bear I suggest shotgun, as well as that chainsaw. It turns out if the bear just keeps vomiting as an
attack I can duck under it by using the chainsaw.

Catacomb - The only objective to complete is rescue two sisters from some vampires with machine guns. So around the first two corners and go into the room ahead with machine gun in hand. Once the sisters are rescued I leave using the hidden exit through a wall and proceed to the next level.

Sewers 1 - For this level you must release 5 spirits from their bodies. Collecting extra lives on the way, and ammo.

Sewers 2 - Pretty much just the same as last levels objective, just with 11 spirits this time. I don't save all the innocent in this level because I don't need that many lives.

Front Yard - Starting out you want to try to head straight for the front of the half burned bus across the yard. In front of the boss a flamethrower zombie will spawn that drops the key to the next area. In the next area I believe the trigger is to kill a certain number of zombies in that area. Once you hit a target number a machine gun vampire chick will drop down from the left of the stage that drop's a key to the next area to the right of the stage.

Meal Hall 1 - From the start of the level I proceed straight to the kitchen, which is right, and go through the door in the back of the kitchen. In here I just have to kill the new enemy with a large torso and small legs, which they placed under the angle of the camera. Once he is dead a shotgun zombie near the door you entered will spawn that drops the key. In the next area you are in a meat locker with new enemies, which I believe you need to kill one before the right one spawns between the rows of meat and should be the farthest back one. This key will get you to the next level.

Main Yard 1 - For this level the pistol zombie that you have to spawn is kill count again. So after making some enemies spawn to kill I obtain the key for next area. In this small area I should have went straight with the camera so I could kill the shotgun zombie that spawns farthest away from the door leading to the next area. Once in the next area I just have to make my way down to the next door in upcoming fence to the left. Once on the basketball court you just have to rescue the innocent at the other side of the court. Come back to the fence to the basketball court and go north to the next level.

Mansion Exterior 1 - I could have done better here if the dogs wouldn't have bumped me so much. For this level I just spawn a machine gun vampire by looking at the blue glyph next to the graveyard on the left of the mansion exterior. Once key is obtained proceed into the Mansion.

Mansion Interior 1 - Inside the Mansion I proceed upstairs to obtain 4 keys from 4 different rooms. First room is right at the top of the stairs, which when first entered two pistol zombies will spawn next to the door and one of them should drop they key. Down the hallway to the other side of the double doors upstairs will be the next room. In room 2 a shotgun zombie will have to be spawned near the door first. Once this key is obtained its back past the double doors to room 3, in here one of the black machine gun vampire. Now to the last room, which the key is obtained from spawning a red machine gun vampire. Once last key is obtained I equip weapon of choice and head to the double doors to the boss, which I ran past in my record video for a slight time loss. This boss takes a little bit but it is better to use chainsaw first. This works because the melee attacks on this boss is hard to get hit by sometimes, and if needed you can jump over/reload glitch to avoid the AoE damage the boss uses. After boss is dead time to exit the mansion.

Mansion Exterior 2 - Outside the Mansion just run back to the previous area to the jail.

Main Yard 2 - In this level I just have to grab a key for the next area. Heading back to the beginning of the yard there is a shotgun zombie at the top of the cement stair thing. Then back near the Mansion.

Cell Block 1 - For the first part of the area I have to get shotgun zombies to spawn at the end of the room. Once enough are killed a ghost spawns that you are able to hear. Grab the key and for the next area I enter a large room and use the switch to unlock the cells and rescue all the innocent in the cell block area before going to the next area.

Cell Block 2 - For this cell block I switch to melee weapon right away and kill everything in the first area before heading into the walkway. I slowly make my way down trying to make everything spawn in the hallway and kill them until the second flamethrower zombie spawns at the far end of the hallway near some ghosts spawn. Once the key is obtained and proceeding through the next area I use the rocket launcher to clear zombies near the re-used first boss. Once all the regular zombies in the last area as well as the boss is dead next area opens up.

Hospital Roof - I start running right when I spawn and head down the metal bridge ahead. Shoot the zombie attacking the innocent to be able to save her for an extra life. On the new roof top to the right and a little north is a gate. Right outside the gate is a flamethrower zombie that should spawn 3 times. After that head inside the gated area next to the flamethrower zombie and run to the back of the roof, and when you kill that flamethrower zombie the key will drop. Now back to the gate and keep heading south of the gate until you reach the other gated are. In here I just have to save some innocent from machine gun vampires, and then come back to the door right next to the gate for the
area I just entered.

Hospital 1 - First time in the hospital I just have to spawn the first boss in a certain room by killing enough of the enemies in the area. I have only done it this way so not sure if it works anywhere else or is easier. Once the re-used first boss again is spawned I just take him out with a few rockets, and proceed to the next level.

Hospital 2 - For this level it is the same map, but I just have to rescue 5 innocent. The are located at the end of the 4 rooms attacked to the main room, as well as in the middle of the main room. Once all are rescued I proceed down the elevator.

Morgue - From the first room I want to kill as many of the big arm enemy to spawn so I get enough kill count for an enemy in the next room to drop a key. Once I think I killed enough I go to the next area, kill the one the drops the key and kill a few more. This is because in the next room I have to kill enough enemies for one to spawn in the middle of the room to drop a key. The next area is an L shape path that leads to the boss room. The boss is a Doctor that lets his arm do the talking. To take down this mad man I used rockets and shotgun as much as I can. Also during the boss fight I go into the room behind the boss because it was never going to be used anyways, and also when the boss gets to a certain health he spawns, not one, but two! Re-used boss one. After they spawn with me in the small room I come out and finish the boss.

Sewers 3 - Another run around level where I pull the sewer grate lever, and run to the next area. On the far wall around the corner there is another door with another sewer grate lever. Once that is pulled head back to the first room and opposite of the first sewer grate lever is an area with some stuff to burn that opens the area to the next level.

Machine Shop - Beginning of the level I have to clear the zombies in the room until the big arm enemy spawns. Once I kill him and get the key I only need a pistol to blow up the barrels at the end of the next room. Then the next area I found using a shotgun to kill these machines is much faster.

Death Row 1 - Past the first gate in this level I put on my melee weapon and kill zombies and ghosts until a pistol zombie spawns that drops the key(was third one for me). Next area just go straight through the door and kill the red machine gun vampire. Pick up the key that drops and through the next door is a boss. In here you meet a boss which I used the rocket launcher to destroy the chair that makes the boss attackable. Any weapon is good here, but I got unlucky and kept getting hit when trying to deal damage with chainsaw. Once he is dead it is to the next area.

Death Row 2 - This level starts off the same with having to melee the zombies and ghosts in the first hall until a pistol zombie spawns. The next room I grab all the ammo and extra lives from the two rooms before the next boss fight. This boss I tried to use the rocket launcher as much as I could and save shotgun ammo.

Main Yard 3 - From this level forward it is mainly running to the next area, but kill the werewolf before loading the next are. This level I ended up using my machine gun to kill the werewolf boss in this area. I would have rather used 4 shots with shotgun which would have saved a bit of time.

Meal Hall 2 - So I run back through the kitchen 4 shots of shotgun on werewolf boss.

Main Yard 4 - On this level I run across the basketball court, and head to the Mansion.

Mansion Exterior 3 - Run up to the front of the Mansion, and kill werewolf again.

Mansion Interior 2 - One last run up the stairs inside the Mansion, and through the double doors to kill the werewolf one last time.

Attic - Final boss fight, where the only real way to kill the boss is to attack a boarded up window. I know the hype of this game just for final boss to be a window is awesome. I am not sure if you need to attack the boss at all or if you can just unload on the window. To be safe I shot the boss until it heals up then just kept attacking the window.

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