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Released in November 2003, Jak II is the acclaimed sequel to Jak and Daxter. Jak gets thrown into the future and is imprisoned and tortured with dark eco. Daxter, his ottsel sidekick, saves him and his first thought is revenge against Baron Praxis, the ruler of Haven City. On his journey he encounters Metal Heads who are after a precursor stone and hears a prophecy about the heir to the throne who is somehow the key to beating the Metal Heads. The Baron is after the stone as well. How does Jak fit into it all?


Best time on Hero Mode: 4:42 by Ben 'Mkt2015' Fichter on 2006-06-30, done in 56 segments.

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Author's comments:

Thanks to Radix for all he does and thanks to Nate for putting up the partial Jak II run last year and for doing this run as well since it's long and in many segments.

For starters, I am never doing a speedrun of this game again. There's a part of me that thinks at some point a person could do a speedrun of this game single-segment, but then another part of me laughs and realizes that it's impossible. There are just too many random things that happen in this game for that to be possible.

There are alot of segments because I wanted this to be really optimized and every time you load you get all of your health back, which helps. I use save warps to save time. In the long run it might only save a couple of seconds, but even a couple seconds every segment ends up being a minute for the whole game.

There are a couple times that I accidentally go into first person view. I think, overall, this might happen twice in the whole run. It always happened right when the moment was getting intense and then suddenly...ack...first person view. Trust sucks when the run up until that point is nearly perfect.

For those of you who aren't going to read this commentary and/or don't want to see the whole run, there are several segments that, in my mind, are simply outstanding.

1. Protect Site in Dead Town - The 19th segment. With all of my failed attempts and countless tries to figure out the best way to get through this and the fastest way, this is definitely a must see.

2. Destroy Equipment at Dig - The 25th segment. The first time I played this mission I probably died 50 times before I beat it. Here, I own it.

3. Break Barrier at Nest/Attack the Metal Head Nest - The 2nd to last segment. In my normal mode run I attacked as things came to me. Here, I try to run past everything, saving several minutes. With all of the things that are going on in this level, it's incredible.

All 3 missions take up less than 20 no, you don't have to watch all 4 hrs and 42 mins.

I never went to the Oracle.

Escape From Fortress - A friend of mine told me that I could probably do a long-jump at the very beginning. After quite a bit of practice I knew just exactly how many I could do...but then I had to do that, get through the rest of the level, and record it. Normally I have to load every single time I record, but for this first level I didn't have to do that. I don't use any ammo, so that stays the same and overall time doesn't increase since every time you restart the time resets. I ended up recording pressing start, skipping the cutscene...and then I played through that first mission about 50 times, connected the two together and voila.

Protect Kor and Kid - No real way to mess this up...

Talk To Torn/Retrieve Banner From Dead Town - A couple small mistakes but nothing terrible.

Find Pumping Station Valve - I tried to do as many long-jumps as I could in this one.

Blow Up Ammo At Fortress - I was able to do the two shortcuts I found even better this time. I also got the tank to hit all 4 things at the end faster.

Make Delivery To Hip Hog Saloon/Beat Scatter Gun Course - Delivery is easy and I do the scatter gun course faster by leaving as soon as I've reached the minimum goal.

Protect Sig At Pumping Station - After I beat this I saw that Sig ended up with about 10% health. I was so surprised that I still won. What surprised me even more was that he ended up with 10% health in the very beginning. I was able to use the peacemaker to quickly kill many metal heads in the middle.

Destroy Turrets In Sewers - I killed enemies faster and tried to keep going. I don't know why I didn't plow through all of the guys I used peacemaker on. Didn't cost much time though.

Find The Blaster Mod - I thought I could just get the blaster mod and this is probably the shortest segment. I ended up going back and doing the gun course later on in the act though. Just like with the Scatter gun course, I did the Blaster course faster by only doing the minimum goal and exiting.

Beat Time To Race Garage - I know the city really well now so I saved a couple seconds on this.

Win Jet-Board Stadium Challenge - Same as before.

Rescue Vin At Strip Mine - Ran past alot of the enemies. Saved quite a bit of time.

Destroy Eggs At Drill Platform - Maybe it's just me but when I was studying this one for shortcuts I discovered that there were certain eggs that activated the next section of the I thought that I could just shoot those eggs and continue. I thought wrong. I almost had a heart attack when I stopped shooting and got out and there was one egg left, I turned around and saw about 10 guys hovering around me...and I still beat the mission.

Collect Money For Krew/Blaster Gun Course - Same as before, unfortunately. No real way to save time.

Find Pumping Station Patrol - I did a small shortcut in the beginning. Saves maybe a second or two. This was a very difficult mission, and that shocked me. Strategy: Don't get electrocuted.

Talk To Onin/Find 3 Artifacts In Mountain Temple - I ran past 2 of the guys with shields and I didn't have to collect any gems so that made this a couple minutes faster. I dodged boulders first just to get it out of the way and because I hated it when I got the other two and then screwed up horribly on boulder dodging.

Turn On 5 Power Switches - Same as before.

Ride Elevator Up To Palace/Defeat Baron At Palace - It was my intention of making this two segments but I accidentally went ahead and beat him and I did it fast so I kept it.

Shuttle Underground Fighters - I tried to beat this with only one vehicle but I think that'd be very unlikely. I don't think it cost much time though.

Protect Site In Dead Town - There's several months separating the previous segments and this segment. I tried it for an hour or so and it was just too difficult. I was also getting ready to move and I knew I had other things to worry about. Even after I moved I knew that the first segment I had to do was get past this hard one so I just kept putting it off. I did a shortcut that caused me to fall into the water and take damage and then the strategy was to jump over the stingers. I didn't want to hide behind the pillars as I picked off the I ran toward him and just started shooting. I am amazed that I was able to pull the whole thing off. I took several minutes off because of it.

Catch Scouts In Haven Forest - I hate this mission...not because it's hard but because it's tedious. It took the same amount of time as the previous one so I kept it.

Destroy Cargo In Port - Same as before.

Rescue Lurkers For Brutter - Same as before. The rescue lurkers missions are the only ones in the game that just feel out of place.

Check The Bazaar/Intercept Tanker - I used Dark Jak here to conserve ammo.

Escort Kid To Power Station - Sometimes there's alot of guys you have to shoot and sometimes hardly any at all. Easy mission.

Destroy Equipment At Dig - Here I get to show off my Tonk Hawk skills. Nine out of ten times that first guy would hit me before I finished grinding. This time I was very lucky. I saved a bit of time near the end by jumping from the top rail and landing on the rail at the bottom. I was hoping I could jump directly from that rail to the jump pad...but I don't think it's possible.

Drain Sewers To Find Statue - At one point I went to the right instead of the left. Might've saved a second or two, but that's it.

Check The Water Slums/Get Seal Piece At Water Slums - I did the same strategy as before. Pretty easy. The civilians have to cooperate and not bump you into the water. Thanks go out to the person in the forums who mentioned getting on the hoverboard so I didn't have to get the dark bomb.

Win Class 3 Race At Stadium - Same as before.

Blow UP Strip Mine Eco Wells - Same as before.

Destroy Ship At Drill Platform - I thought this mission was going to be the end all of this. Yes, this mission is insanely difficult...but it takes alot more luck than skill. After many failed attempts I just pressed record and just kept at it for about 30 minutes and then I beat the wave of 40...and finished the mission.

Hunt Haven Forest Metal Heads - This time I remembered where everyone was at so I killed much more efficiently this time. I think I saved about a minute on this.

Get Seal Piece At Dig - Same as before, but this time it was much easier for some reason.

Destroy 5 Hellcat Cruisers/Beat Onin Game/Use Items In No Man's Canyon - I made this all one segment because, frankly, it gets tiring having so many segments and I knew that Onin's game and the mission after that were easy so why not. Destroying the 5 Hellcat Cruisers was always hectic. This time it was less so. At the end of this segment I saved it right next to the door leading to the tests of manhood. When I loaded it I was right next to the palace. The nice thing was that I was able to get in a vehicle right away and get over to the tests of manhood in only a few seconds.

Pass The Tests Of Manhood - I made each test it's own segment so I could optimize them a bit more. On the first test of manhood, near the end, I skip a platform. Saves a couple seconds. On the floor puzzle I memorized exactly where each place to jump was at to save time. I was able to do the music puzzle faster, but it's still not fast. I am hard of hearing and not good at recognizing notes. I'm sure a person with better ears could probably shave off twenty seconds or more. I was more worried about the music puzzle then not getting electrocuted because I knew that I could go through the water perfectly and then take a long time with the music puzzle. Anyway, I saved a minute overall.

Defeat Baron In Mar's Tomb - I was able to hit him with 4 bombs each time, so that made it a bit faster than the previous attempt.

Rescue Friends At Fortress - This mission is probably the hardest mission of Act III. In the old video I killed all of the guys and then went back and hit the 4th switch. In this one I go ahead and hit all 4 and then take the rest of the guys out. Most of the time you'll get hit as you jump over a gap...and if you get hit you just go straight down. To try and prevent this I jumped, did a spin-shot and then jumped again. I saved quite a bit of time by jumping on top of the lasers instead of going around them on the left. In my last few attempts I thought about the part where you "have" to get on the hover board, go into the half-pipe and then get out on the other side. No matter what I did it seemed the electricity would always get me. I thought about doing a roll-jump to get to the other side. When I actually tried it I ended up just jumping down, walking over and then jumping up the side...however, if you read the guide it says that jumping isn't an option and only the hover board works. Shows what they know.

Protect Hideout From Bomb Bots - I tried alot of different things against the bomb bots. I tried becoming dark jak and just kicking them, but that didn't work. I tried shooting them and spin-kicking them as fast as I could, but that didn't work. At one point I thought that I could steal a krimzon vehicle (the small kind) and shoot them with the vehicles weapons, but it only fired over the bot. For awhile I assumed that I wouldn't be able to beat the mission without more ammo, so I skipped it and recorded the Escort Men in Sewers mission. Unfortunately, getting there from where I was at, completing the mission and getting back added about 4 minutes of driving time, so I went back and tried the mission again and again. I'd always start with the northern most bot and then come back and take out the other two, but that never worked. The last four or five tries I did I started with the southern most bot and then took out the other two. This was easier because I didn't have to cross paths with the cannon only a little ways away.

Win Class 2 Race At Stadium - The 2nd race is pretty much the same as before.

Escort Men Through Sewers - I was able to get through the next mission, but I normally had barely any or no ammo left. I knew I would need some ammo for a couple missions later. Earlier I had thought that ammo wouldn't be a problem and that I could skip getting the peace maker. Well, I had to get ammo before the mission and I made sure I got some peace maker ammo. That way I was able to take out many hose heads at the end of the mission with 2 shots of peace maker.

Beat Erol In Race Challenge - It wasn't as close of a race.

Get Life Seed In Dead Town - I saved a couple seconds by not worrying about the guys in the beginning. I also saved a few seconds by not shooting the last guy and instead going up to him and punching him.

Bring Life Seed/Protect Samos In Haven Forest - There was initial strategy and the idea that I could take out the flyers without getting hit with electricity by standing on the railing, but in the end, I was just trying to survive.

Destroy Eggs In Strip Mine - Same as before.

Destroy Drill Platform Tower - I didn't worry about the guys at the very top so it was a bit faster that way. I also did a few long-jumps to save time.

Rescue Lurkers For Brutter - It's a bit faster if you destroy two of the flyers at once and then rescue the guys. Rinse and repeat.

Win Class 1 Race In Stadium - Same as before.

Explore Palace - I ignored the guys to the right in the beginning, long-jumped and then long-jumped again. Took out the guys up close with the scatter gun to save time.

Get Heart Of Mar In Weapons Lab - I use one peacemaker ammo in the beginning and then I was just trying to get through the guys without getting hurt. I picked up a thing of health just in case, did some spin-shots halfway through to make things faster and then the rest was just running more to save time.

Beat Krew In Weapons Lab - He has more health so it takes another minute or so to beat him. I didn't purposefully "stock-up" on ammo...but that was the end goal.

Beat The Metal Head Mash Game - I wanted to beat it without hitting a red one. Yay for me.

Find Sig In Underport - I hit a bomb in the beginning to save time.

Escort Sig In Underport - I saved time by spin-kicking and then punching the blocks.

Defend Stadium/Check The Construction Site - I Tried to conserve ammo in Defend Stadium.

Break Barrier At Nest/Attack The Metal Head Nest - I did this much faster than before. I didn't bother with the spiders. This is several minutes faster.

Destroy Metal Kor At Nest - This is really tough. Even peacemaker ammo that I had saved up doesn't do much against him. After I got done with it I tested to see how much time I had left before another minute occurred. It turned out to be about 45 seconds...which meant that if I had beaten Kor 15 seconds faster this whole thing would be a minute shorter; however, I soon realized that being 15 seconds faster wouldn't happen.

It is hard to judge seconds in this game because you're only given whole minutes. Seeing my times near the end frustrated and confused me because all of the seconds I had gained earlier in the game now showed up, so a segment could be 5 minutes instead of the previous 4 but still be a shorter segment, if that makes sense. Because of this, I initially always tied my previous times or did better, but in Act III I'd go back and forth. One segment I'd be ahead by 32 minutes and then the next segment I'd be only 31...even though I was certain that I'd done better/gone faster. The only missions that took longer than before was Bomb Bots, beating Krew and beating Kor. Each mission took 4 minutes instead of the previous 2. I know that if a person went back and did this game on normal they would be 6 minutes faster right away. Add into account that all enemies would be easier 10 minutes could probably be shaved 4 hrs 32 mins?

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