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Jazzpunk is a surreal 2014 PC puzzle stealth espionage exploration thingamajig that couldn't possibly have been designed by somebody with a sane mind.


Best time: Single-segment 0:17:46 by Etienne 'EthanWolfcat' Taschereau on 2014-04-02.

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Author's comments:

This is my second single-segment speedrun I post here on SDA. This time, it's on the game JazzPunk for PC. The game is pretty straight forward. Just do the main task and you're done.

A few minor mistakes were made in this run so it isn't perfect. There is a few RNG stuff in this game that can influence the outcome of the run. The game contains a lot of bugs which makes it hard to make a good speedrun. For example, at the beginning of the hotel level, If you hold any button during the

Loading screen, there is a high chance that the screen will stay black. But a few of the bugs could help to have a better time. I take, for example, the elevator in the hotel. If you stuck yourself correctly in the door, when the elevator starts moving up, you will be teleported to the floor you have selected. But it happens in really rare occasions. Another solution to save time is to select a floor than select the 4th floor immediately after.

The gravy race is also another part where the outcome is almost always different. Controls are difficult to handle and obstacles are randomly placed on the track. A real trolling part. I could save about 2-4 seconds if all went well.

I did not too bad on the golf course. It could have gone better than this. Searching for an invisible ball after doing the turn skip glitch is a bit difficult.

I would like to thank SDA for hosting my second speedrun. Enjoy everybody!

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