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Released by Data East in 1992, Joe & Mac for the NES is a port of the arcade game just like the Genesis and SNES versions before it. Yes, this is a rare case where the 8-bit version was released after its 16-bit counterparts. Taking control of the titular caveman you're off to bash some dinosaurs and rival cavemen in an effort to rescue your beloved cave women.


Best time: 0:08:34 by Marko 'Master-88' Vanhanen on 2010-07-06.

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Author's comments:

Hello guys. This is my Joe & Mac Caveman ninja run for Nes. first i wanted told even game name is same as Snes & Arcade versions this is not same game. Thats totally different game, also game is much shorter. Its short and simple game.

This game is easy or hard depend who play it. Many game faqs reviews told game is really crazy difficult. I personally find this game really easy to beat casually. If i got stone wheel drop and not make any stupid i'll beat game almost everytime. Flame drop is not important if you played casually, but thats saved quite bit with speedruns.

Speedrunning in this game is so fucking hell. Game is mostly boss rush game, levels haved around 15-20 seconds lenght and bosses take quite bit take down. There is 5 main levels and 10 boss fights. Just two fights per each level.

QUESTIONS ABOUT GAME**************************

Q: Which make game really painful speedrun?
A:Luck things make game really difficults to speedrun. You need pick up two manipulated weapons drops. First stone wheel in 1-2 & Flame in 3-2. Also every boss fight patterns expect boss 1-1 & 3-2 haved totally random encounters your every attempts. Especially both Predator fights (2-2 & 4-2) are extremely important and really random ones. These never can going like TAS did, also good fight is really hard to make.

Q: Why you need pick up flame? And is Flame more effective than Stonewheel?
A: Flame caused extremely amount critical damage if you did correct hits. Thats important weapon against 3-2, 4-1, 4-2 & 5-1 boss fights. Thats not caused anymore damage against last boss, somereason i find him even easier used stone wheel.

Q: Why i didn,t used charge?
A: Charge not make any more damage than normal throws. Thats just make your weapons fly longer distance. Also if you get hit with enemy you will lost charge loading. Thats just suck and its reason why i didn,t used charge my run.

Q: How luck manipulation work?
A: Im not are sure because im not are TAS expert. But as far as i can tell (test out my emulator) thats depend your total points. You have to be certain amount points and game will changed points limit almost your every attempts. Certain amount points also changed boss patterns, but thats fact you can,t know it on console. Thats just my theory maybe TAS peoples will know more about this. Thats just why i killed extra caveman in 1-2 because without killed it its never wanted drop stone wheel for me. Also i killed some enemys in 3-2 because its make flame weapons drop little bit easier IMO. But i can,t know it. Thats just my theory. I guess points tell it because i can manipulated correct weapons quite easily used emulator and savestate. But its not help me on console runs because its seems point limit changed after reseting. Thats just luck nothing else can,t say.

There is some comments on levels:

LEVEL 1*****************************************

1-1: Thats went perfectly without stopping.
went nearly perfect as far as i can tell. 1-2 seconds lost with TAS run not seems bad.

FAILURES-%: I wanted keep high quality. I mess up this level around 15-20% of the time. Most happen with boss fight

1-2: Easy level. Stone wheel drop take me several resets.
Decent encounter. Not great. Also i missing last hit and cost me extra seconds.

FAILURE-%: Most happen random stone wheel drop. I mess up this level around 60-70% of the time. Depend how good luck i haved

LEVEL 2*******************************************

2-1: Thats little annoying level. Plants spy acid random timing. I used water shortcut before boss like TAS did
Lucky fight encounter but not my best, but quite close it. Nothing bad here

FAILURE-% I missed around 10-15 attempts total with levels. Boss fight is also annoying speedrun if you are unlucky. I mess up level around 20% of the time

2-2: This level went well
BOSS FIGHT: PREDATOR (Green version)
Biggest luck base entire game. I did it in 8 round. 6 round is my all around best (only managed it twice my life) Thats possible did 4 hits per round, but usually little predators block your wheels or boss haved wrong flying patterns. Thats all is just luck nothing else. My fight was decent, but i usually wanted go 7 round or faster.

FAILURE-%: I missed accetable Predator over and over. I miss game in this level 80-90% of the time just all in Predator fight because he is extremely random and also this time my fight was quite lame but i pass it.

LEVEL 3************************************************

3-1: This is very easy level itself, went nearly perfectly
MINI BOSS: WATER BEAST SAUR (what ever his name? MR: Mike? LOL)
Easy boss but really random perfected. Patterns was decent. Not great but very ok IMO.

FAILURE-%: I pass this level nearly 100% of the time. Usually boss not went perfected but i not care reset at this point because its not are big time lost

3-2 Also easy level, but i have to got flame drop. This is random shit and at this point its piss me off reset game. This time i got drop with 2nd enemy.
This fight look almost like TAS. Its easiest fight entire game and there is nothing random.

FAILURE-% I rarery reach this level with accetable attempts. And i usually miss take flame and thats mean reset. Its happen quite often. Failing-% rate are somewhere 75% of the time. Also its depend your day.

LEVEL 4**************************************************

4-1: Good job expect one extra hit with enemy. Its easy level like most levels.
This fight is really hard perfected. Its not went very well. I usually killed him at least 3 or more seconds faster. But random predator drain some seconds. Its really hard make critical damages constantly here.

FAILURE-% I never reset game here. Im not caring make it at this point if i haved flame and if i am maked accetable Predator in 2-2. Yes this not was my dream run through this level, because boss went quite lame compared it how well its can be played.

4-2 This level can be faster with extremely risky strategys. I played it through quite cautions. I haved way too much lost if i missed hard tricks. But its going well like i wanted did nothing very bad here
BOSS: PREDATOR (purple version)
I haved make amazing fight. Done in 5 round that is my all around best fight. With extremely lucky fight could be done in 4 round, but usually this fight going 6-7 round and sometimes even slower. Slower than 7 round mean automatically reset. I make some critical damages and its look so good. I was really happy with this one. 5 round fight is not are easy task, but unluckily first Predator was done in 8 rounds which is 2 rounds slower than my best.

FAILURE-% Usually this is last place where i reset my game. Thats happen quite often and its depend also how well i am played. I am reset some attempts here. I think 50-75% of the time i have to be reset. Many other times im not going reset even run is ruined.

LEVEL 5*******************************************************

5-1: This level is really hard perfected. I did one mistake, but its never are going faster. This is my best run through this level.
Same boss as level 1-2. I haved decent encounter. This can be faster but its rarery went any better. Its just luck

FAILURE-% Like i said im not going reset game if i am stay alive.

5-2: My best level run ever. Boss fight was lame but thats not my fault at all
This fight went really lame. It was 6 seconds slower than my best fight. My encounter was bad and this not went very well. Luckily i survive alive only 3 energy bar remain, that was close call. Time ended in 8:33.

FAILURE-% Last boss is killed me sometimes, because he is annoying and hard. Im not going reset before i going die. This sometimes happen with last boss and its piss me off. Failure-% are somewhere 20% of the time in this level.

Ending are quite lame, like most NES games. Next i got name 1st place in high score list.

Questions about run quality

Q: Is this good run?
A: Its very good run and surely very hard to beat

Q: Is there rooms improvement and how much?
A: I thinking if you can got perfect boss patterns encounters and are really lucky especially with Predators fights 8:10-8:20 can be surely humanly possible. Maybe in theory sub 8 minutes would be possible time to reach on console skills, but its best of incredible luck.

Q: How long this take me?
A: I started running game casually over year ago. Half year ago i did first time game sub 9 minutes. I am got sub 9 minutes run 4 times my life and this is best of all runs.

Q: Are you planning redo that?
A: Maybe in future. I was hoping got dream run 8:20 maybe even under it. But right now this game drive me crazy and i wanted submit this one. I am working it long and its surely better than avarage players can did.

SPECIAL THANKS*************************************

-TAS runner did awesome 6:41 run. Its just show how well this game can be done in theory.
-Vaatithewind mage did sub 9 minutes run in youtube. His very good strategys make Predators fights well. His run learn me make 4 hits per each round with Predators. Usually two hit is max.
-I wanted thanks Verifers who wanted verifer this one
-I wanted thanks team of the SDA: BIG BOSSES: Mike, Nate & Breakdown


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