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Here's a slightly futuristic realistic shooter in the style of lots of games. It came out in 2009 from Guerrilla, not really known for anything else at this stage. You're the hero white guy. There are covers to be taken. There is blood when you get hurt. Apparently the multiplayer was above-average for the genre.

Killzone2   Killzone2

Best Single-segment Time with Recruit Difficulty: 1:57:27 by 'Soliduz Znake' on 2015-07-28

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Author's comments:

shout out/credits to scenic for posting video link on planning thread for the Radec flamthrower strats by Zuruk92 Youtube.
as well the runners who probably run or tried at Killzone 2 planning thread

if my audio run commentary isn't very feel to ask question in the verifcation thread.

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