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Released in March 1996, Kirby Super Star is not just one game, it's many, and each one has the little pink puffball exploring and adventuring in new ways. From Kirby searching a cave for hidden treasure or facing off in a samurai duel, Kirby Super Star has it all.


Runs on the SNES version:

Note: Gourmet Race - Grand Prix in 0:01:41.12 by Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi is also available.

Runs on the DS version:

Individual-levels run in 0:58:34.85:

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Game Time Date Player
Spring Breeze 0:03:51 2005-09-20 Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi
Gourmet Race - Race 1 0:00:21.55 2014-02-22 'BBQSauz'
Gourmet Race - Race 2 0:00:33.25 2005-09-20 Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi
Gourmet Race - Race 3 0:00:42.57 2007-06-23 Brian Inwood
Dyna Blade 0:11:22 2005-02-01 Steven 'Bartz' Brooks
The Great Cave Offensive 0:06:16 2005-09-14 Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi
Revenge of Meta-Knight 0:14:27 2005-09-13 Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi
Milky Way Wishes 0:15:45 2005-04-18 Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi
The Arena 0:05:16.48 2005-04-02 Mike 'MrBlarney' Yi

Steven's comments:

Thanks go to Nate for transferring this from VHS to AVI.

This is my second run, and I decided that it will be of Kirby Super Star, I'm not sure how to go about this, so I will just write what I think about the run.

Dyna Blade-

This is a 100% run for Dyna Blade (meaning, I found the two secret exits).

Stage 1 - Probably the best part of it. I made minimal mistakes, and did pretty well.
Stage 2 - I couldn't get into the door (for some reason). Also, I did get the secret to the level as well. a few mistakes, but nothing too drastic.
Stage 3 - I made a death that cost me (a preventable one at that). I should have been more cautious in this level.
Stage 4 - I had a little trouble with the yoyo at some parts. Also got the secret to this level, and had a little trouble with the copy guys too. I'm not sure why I kept the COM player, but I get rid of him later.
Stage 5 (boss) - getting rid of the COM player slowed me down. Boss could've been better, though.

Mike's comments:

Spring Breeze:

My run follows the same route as Bartz's previous run, grabbing Bomb in Stage 1, grabbing Crash in Stage 2 for LoLoLo and LaLaLa, and obtaining Sword in Stage 3 for the rest of the game. All that's left is optimizations in actions. Due to the new schoolyear starting up, I've settled for this 3:51 run... there's quite a few seconds lost in its course. While Stages 1 and 2 go well, Stages 3 and 4 have a few mistakes. The King DeDeDe fight is just horrendous in fact... my timing is just totally off. Once I get a chance to do runs again, I'll be sure to fix this.

Gourmet Race:

Hmm... there's really not much to say about the runs, they're pretty straightforward. I will say, however, that while I'm actually pretty consistent on Courses 1 and 2, I experience a lot of variation in running Course 3. Thank goodness for digital recordings, I had lots of resets in trying to get good Course 3 and Grand Prix times!

The Great Cave Offensive:

I did this the day after my Revenge of MetaKnight run, and it was nice to get an easier game to go through. Then again, this is a minimal item run, and I gather no treasures. The 100% run gathering all 60 treasures is a whole different deal... just thinking about route and power optimizations for the castle section makes me pause for a second. I don't know if a 100% run will come soon or not, the school quarter's about to pick up.

Anyways, this run basically comes down to luck in obtaining a good power during the Computer Virus battle; my weapon of choice is of course Plasma. This just happened to be the smoothest of the set I recorded... and of course there is room for improvement. Wheelie got in the way during the Computer Virus battle, and I got sloppy in the battle with Wham Bam Rock.

Revenge of Meta-Knight:

Back into the fray! Before I go further, I must thank jamescom1 over at Kirby's Rainbow Resort for helping me with some of the strategies used in the video. This run was very frustrating for me, with a few different luck elements in enemy and helper behaviors. I also made quite a few errors in timing and input, so there's lots of room for improvement. The in-game timer runs to 12007 units, where 20 units pass in 1 second of time. I could have done more to get sub 12000, but... I'm just so tired of the game right now, so it will have to wait until later.

Chapter commentary:

Chapter 1 - Fairly straightforward. When battling Heavy Lobster, I see two ways of going about it: one way, which is better for the viewer, by defeating Heavy Lobster before blasting off. The second way, which I perform, is to get Kirby beat up, losing and re-gaining my Yo-yo power. The reason behind this is that the dialogue continues even though during the power transformation the timer stops. Normally, this would also add time to the run's time but in this case, the Heavy Lobster battle goes for a set real number of seconds. I hope that was clear.

Chapter 2 - Mistakes in this section cost me about four seconds from my best performance. Regarding the decision to pick up Crash power, it seems to take about the same amount of time to get through the stage using Yo-yo solely as it does to use both Yo-yo and Crash. What Crash does, however, is to give me about 200 additional units on the in-game timer.

Chapter 3 - I let TAC take my Yo-yo power since it's really more of a hassle to make a Yo-yo helper. Some time is lost waiting for the second TAC to snatch the power away; normally the first one lower in the tree will take the power from me.

Chapter 4 - For me, while Wheelie does help me speed through the stage, he's also good at getting in the way and getting himself killed. He doesn't get me into too much trouble in this run, but the miniboss and boss battles could have definitely been better. Speaking of the Combo Cannon, there is a way for Wheelie to make himself useful by grazing both cannons at once, doing continuous damage and ending the battle quicker. Of course, it being the computer, it's hard to duplicate / induce, and I don't rely on it.

Chapter 5 - I have poor Wheelie Rider skills in the first section, and get rid of Wheelie in the second. There are a few spots where Wheelie can be useful in the last chapters, but I find him more of a hindrance and burden than an aid.

Chapter 6 - A few various mistakes in this section, but nothing terribly important to comment on. My Reactor battle was a little sloppy, though.

Chapter 7 - Although it is possible for me to defeat MetaKnight by myself using Plasma in less time, it seems to be more reliable for me to use Sword with a Plasma helper because I also gain time from not doing power transformations. Sorry about not having a perfect escape.

The Arena:

The most thanks should probably go to Quasar84's Damage FAQ on GameFAQs, to provide a good starting point on how to defeat the bosses the quickest. I try to use as efficient an amount of charges as possible to defeat each boss, by balancing the number of Laser and Wave Cannon shots used. Sometimes I use the Spark as well... but it works out in the end.

To comment on the run, I should say that I got pretty lucky with how the enemy patterns went on me. Since the timer only runs when the boss's life meter is active, I use the rest areas to release and generate the helper as necessary. I do make a few mistakes, enough that I can see a sub 5:10 time as possible. However, I'm quite happy with how this run goes. I'm not sure what my next project will be, or when I'll have the time to do anything (what with the school quarter starting up). But I'm glad I did this, and I now have more respect and appreciation for all the other speed runners on the site than I did before. I don't know if I could keep up such quality work for long periods of time!

Milkyway Wishes:

Wow, this run took me much longer to complete than I expected. It has its share of mistakes, but I'm happy with it: my goal was to get the run somewhere under 16 minutes. The basic strategy was to go to Mecheye first and collect Yo-Yo and Plasma powers, then go to the other planets besides Halfmoon in reverse order. Yo-yo is good for running through the stages since the Break Spin goes faster than just running. Plasma, if you didn't know from my Arena run, is good for bosses. I pick up Hammer in Cavios since it saves some time over Plasma against Buggzy and the Computer Virus.

Extended Commentary:

Mecheye - By not pressing any control pad keys, I maintain my momentum after being shot out of the cannon. After getting Yo-Yo, I stay at the bottom of the elevator shaft so that it doesn't interfere with my exit. Heavy Lobster decides to burn me rather than spit out a drone... cost me a couple seconds.

Cavios - Buggzy is apparently weak against the Hammer Flip. I make a minor mistake against Wham Bam Rock.

Hotbeat - I get burned near the end because I release my air too early.

Skyhigh - Break Spin madness! Went very well, except for trying to spin through the blocks at the start.

Aqualiss - I just realized that I could break spin from the first island to where Sir Kibble stands. Oh well.

Floria - This went very well.

Halfmoon - I could probably improve on my speed in the minecart-filled section, just not really sure of the best route. I take the trolley since even though it's slower than running, I have to stop in order to take down the posts with Hammer, making the trolley faster overall.

Nova - This stage caused me the most frustration. Mostly due to my reckless style of play, I often take damage in the scrolling section, and die on the boss. I fortunately get through with only a few scratches. The Marx battle wasn't optimal, but it went quick enough.

Brian's comments:

Gourmet Race - Race 3:

I've had Kirby SuperStar ever since it came out and my favourite thing in the game is the gourmet race, but mainly just course 3. I've been playing course 3 for years now, finding every little trick that can save time. I noticed the original record and I was amazed since I always at least get in the 43 second range. I decided to watch it. I decided then that I would make a speed run. I found out all of the tricks I did in my run by myself over my life time. I hope you enjoy the run and I hope it helps other players. new tricks I discovered.

The most important thing is not taking the top route near the star blocks, and don't use the fly dash. Go down the route with two starblock walls, start flying and shoot feather gun at the walls and keep flying through.

A thing about pressing on walls. on the drop after the copy pedistals, you want to fly right. when falling, down press against the right wall. doing this makes kirby have to build up speed again. in this case, press against the left wall while faceing right. this way you don't need to build speed again. This is esspescially important at the final flight up before the finish.

On the final flight up before the finish, there are those platforms that if you press down on you can go through them. Rather than just flying, land on the first one and jump, then continue to fly. this speeds you up considerably.

After getting through the two walls on star blocks, it is important to land before the big flight up. If you stay in the air, that will waste time.

There may be other tricks I forgot to mention, but it'd be easier to just watch it.

Single-segment Meta Knightmare Ultra mode: 0:26:00.76 by Alex Morinaga

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Author's comments:

This time, I won't put too many details about the points and such. I believe it's possible to understand it with the bottom screen now recorded =p

Almost 1.5 minutes faster than the previous run. Sub 26 is clearly possible, but I'm satisfied with this for now.

Improvements came most from a more solid route (the previous one had only partial routes, so some places were improvised) and cleaner run in general.

A lot of time can be saved in level 5 alone. An older record had a 8:45.xx level 5, ~17s faster than in this run. Some of it comes from Galacta not being a troll, but many little mistakes also added to the time.

On the other hand, level 1 was a PB. I wasn't expecting that, considering how my previous record was good IMO. Still room for improvement, but some luck is involved.

Level 3 was a new record in this file too, but I've got a better time in other files.

A last small note: Chameleo Arm from Hotbeat was glitched (you might notice it). I don't know why that happens, or if it helps somehow. It happened to me twice so far, and it might save some little time if it kills him (not sure); anyway, it's interesting =p

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