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Released in March 1990, Adventures of Lolo 2 features the same addictive puzzle gameplay that was featured in the first game. Once again the Great Devil captures Lala, and Lolo has to rescue her from the Devil's clutches. Lolo 2 improves on the first game with a remastered soundtrack, better variety in graphics, and an "epic" clash between Lolo and the Great Devil.

Lolo2   Lolo2

Best Time: 0:23:41 by 'DonkeyKongGenius' on 2015-10-18

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Author's comments:

The timing for this run starts with first movement of character until loss of movement on the stairs after defeating the Blue Dragon as per submission rules.

My final goal for Adventures of Lolo 2 was sub 24 minutes. This was the first time I broke into that range. I could carve off another 3 or 4 seconds through some modifications but I had since lost interest in the title after achieving this run. The previous world record on SDA was 29:14 achieved by Tom Votava but I do not think that he had the benefit of viewing the TAS videos that were eventually created on this title. It was my desire to incorporate as many TAS strategies into my approach as possible. Where the TAS was too risky or nearly impossible I would make modifications or use timing buffers in order to make those patterns more manageable.

There are some boards in this run that are very simplistic, rather straight forward and basically test one's ability to consistently make turns without running into objects by turning too early or too late. If a mistake is made it only wastes time.

There are other boards however that can fail with a mistake as simple as a half a square. Push a block one half step too far and the puzzle will fail, meaning that you have to restart the puzzle (or reset your run) in order to progress through the game.

Another type of board requires long series of perfect movements, sometimes as long as 10 or more seconds otherwise you will not be where you need to be to avoid a bird trapping you in a location or you are not ahead of a pink dragon, etc.

There are several notable boards that made this particular run difficult. Below is a basic commentary on each of the boards. Some boards require much more commentary than others.


Board 1: Simple board. Shooting the worm and turning at the same time is the only time factor. TAS strategy.

Board 2: Simple board. Shooting the skull and turning at the same time is only time factor. TAS strategy.

Board 3: Simple board. Completely buffered. TAS strategy.

Board 4: Buffered board. This is a modified TAS strategy. I move to the left after clumping the birds as opposed to the TAS the goes to the right.

Board 5: Timing and Execution. Modified Tas strategy. There is a minor brief pause that is utilized as well as buffered movements. These pauses are important because you will die if it is buffered completely. You have to know where to pause and for approximately how long.

Floor 2

Board 6: Simple board. This is the TAS strategy and is completely buffered.

Board 7: Simple board. This is the TAS strategy and is completely buffered.

Board 8: Buffered board. This is a modified TAS strategy which I discovered. It is a tad slower but effective.

Board 9: Buffered board with timing. This follows the TAS strategy. I error a bit on the right side of the board. There are two variations. If you trigger the far right gray guy then you have to initiate a pause at some point before you cross his path. If you don't trigger him then you have to use a brief pause to trigger him then you are safe to cross him again.

Board 10: Simple board. This is completely buffered and follows the TAS strategy.

Floor 3

Board 11: Execution and timing. This is basically the TAS strategy with a minor modification. At first the quick execution was a bit of a challenge but then I was able to do it consistently.

Board 12: I do not know if the timing to shoot the reappearing pink dragon is frame perfect but I do know that the frame window is very narrow. While performing the same pattern that you see in this run it may or may not fail either because there is variation as to how long it takes for the pink dragon to reappear and/or because the timing used can vary depending on my reaction time.

Board 13: Buffered and some timing. There is a little time that can be saved since this is a modified TAS strategy. I was following the TAS during subsequent runs prior to the loss of interest.

Board 14: Buffered and timing. This is a challenging board because of the exact execution and timing that is required. I added some movement buffers to assist. I had modified it further in subsequent runs to save a little more time.

Board 15: Simple board. This is a modified TAS strategy that does not utilize timing the last skull after the heart which would save minimal time for the risk required if the timing is missed.

Floor 4

Board 16: Buffered board. TAS strategy.

Board 17: Completely buffered. Modified TAS strategy. I modified this further in subsequent runs to save minimal time.

Board 18: Mostly buffered with some timing and pauses. Modified TAS strategy.

Board 19: Simple board. Completely buffered. TAS strategy.

Board 20: Simple timing. Only timing needed on the last bird block to maximize time.

Floor 5

Board 21: Simple board. TAS strategy. I use a timing buffer at the beginning instead of manually timing.

Board 22: Buffered board with timing. Modified TAS strategy. In subsequent runs I modified this board further to save another 3 seconds. By far one of the most important boards for saving a few seconds.

Board 23: Simple board. TAS strategy.

Board 24: Buffered with timing. Modified TAS strategy to simplify the board. The TAS manipulate the gray guy which is not impossible to do, but in this case I opted to keep it simple.

Board 25: Timing board. The only main concern here is to turn and shoot each pink dragon and then to trigger and dodge the fireball. TAS strategy.

Floor 6

Board 26: Buffered board with timing. This is one of the first boards where I will need to use the location of the pink dragon in order to time my movements. The timing is close but can be done relatively consistent. TAS strategy.

Board 27: Buffered with minor timing. The main timing is to half block the reappearing worm like I did earlier in the run. Timing when to shoot the reappearing worm is where time can be lost or the board can be ruined if you miss. TAS strategy.

Board 28: Buffered with minor timing. TAS strategy. There is a minor pause on the last heart required otherwise you will die.

Board 29: This is one of the most difficult boards simply because the entire sequence of movements are buffered with some minor pauses, timing, and movement buffers. That top block on the far right needs to be pushed half a square which was problematic because of the nerves at this point in executing it correctly. Adding this to my run was required for a sub 24, I would not have accomplished it without it because the previous strategy was like 17 seconds slower. This follows the TAS strategy.

Board 30: Timing. The only trick to this board is to work well triggering the two dragons and dodging forward towards the treasure chest. TAS strategy.

Floor 7

Board 31: This is another key board because the TAS strategy requires a glitch of sorts that allows you to walk next to a moving dragon without triggering death. The key is to time a block movement at the same time that the moving dragon is bouncing off from it. At first it seemed crazy to add it to my run but then I was able to grind out some practice by doing the board over and over with a code to do it consistently. It is completely buffered as well so it must be done perfectly.

Board 32: This board was problematic during my earlier runs because the entire board must be done perfectly all the way up until the bird is stopped midway through. A slight error would lead you to fail the puzzle or lose the opportunity to stop the bird in front of the medusa head. You must buffer all of it except for some minor timing if you are to trap the moving dragon at the right time so you don't have to wait for it to cycle back to the top so you can trap it. TAS strategy.

Board 33: Buffered with timing. A rather simplistic board which I use movement buffers to help time movements and to space myself in relation to the gray guy. TAS strategy.

Board 34: This board has a fast series of maneuvers midway through which I messed up slightly by not shooting the skull fast enough. I thought I had messed up the fast series of half movements and then was surprised that it was done successfully. This caused me to hesitate thinking I failed. Not that this would be a failed board but I wanted it decently executed in a good run. TAS strategy.

Board 35: Simple board. Very basic, only needs minor timing at the end. TAS strategy.

Floor 8

This is another turning point in the game. Knowing that I only have 15 more boards to complete the game, I grow increasingly nervous.

Board 36: Simple board. Follows the TAS pattern. Does contain a few moments that must be executed correctly. One half block too far can fail the puzzle.

Board 37: I found this pattern that is a modification of the TAS strategy. It requires a little timing. I use the movement towards the door before I proceed down into the fray as a buffer.

Board 38: Simple board. TAS Strategy. Requires some perfect execution in one place but very doable.

Board 39: This is one of the most difficult boards in the game. At first I never thought that I would be able to do it consistently enough to be in the run. This follows the TAS strategy. The only modification that I do is when I shot the worm off the screen at the top. If the worm is still moving across the screen it still blocks the medusa head which gives me a split second to move out of the way otherwise you will die. The timing must be near perfect. The other difficulty is pushing the egg across the screen. It must be done perfectly or the whole attempt is over. The quick half inputs required can be tricky but I managed to do it consistently enough.

Board 40: TAS Strategy. This is a much needed rest after the previous puzzle. Always happy to relax a bit to lower the intensity of the attempt.

Floor 9

Board 41: The TAS on this puzzle is the craziest and within an hour of grinding this puzzle alone I was only able to do it once. If someone wants to carve out another 5 seconds or more from this puzzle alone then it must be done. There is no buffer for it. All timing, and it seems also to be animation perfect as well because you would need to have the skull follow you down passed the pink dragon on the right so he won't shoot. The pattern that I use is newly created and can be down consistently. As always there are ways to die on this board if it is not performed correctly. Until that bird is stopped you must be in certain locations at the right time. Simple timing after that.

Board 42: TAS Strategy. Crossing half through the heart was a great idea from the TAS. The most difficult aspect of this puzzle is to time out the heart grab and then shoot. As soon as that heart is collected you can shoot, no sooner, and not too late either or the skull will get you. I have lost attempts with that timing before.

Board 43: TAS Strategy. Mostly execution of where the blocks must go. As usual too far and you die or if not far enough it wastes time. I look forward to this one after the timing on shooting the skull in the previous puzzle. I feel that I can relax a bit.

Board 44: TAS Strategy. I have died grabbing that first heart by walking half a square too far down or missing the turn to get out of that corner. I was pleased that I was able to get this pattern into my run. My previous pattern was not consistent. My main concern is the first part, with all the pausing which manipulates the Gray Guys so that they do the same thing each time and are out of my way. I have to time out my input with the pink dragon after the pausing sequences just right so that I move just before he bounces back to the left. Once I get to the Rolly on the top left I have to be one half square in the way of the medusa head, one half square either way will cause death. The rest of the puzzle is safe.

Board 45: TAS Strategy. For the most part this puzzle is rather straight forward. I concern myself with the half movements, got to do those perfectly, and especially walking along with the pink dragon. I enjoy that movement. I name all of these puzzles and so this one is appropriately called: "Dragon Walk".


Board 46: This is the first run that I used this TAS pattern. This is another one of those puzzles that I never thought I would be able to execute consistently enough to attempt within a run. This is the first and only puzzle in which I utilize the Gray Guy glitch where you cause him to walk through you by pressing right into another object, the timing must be right or the Gray Grey will not be where you need it. I have failed this puzzle in a run before at the point where I need to shoot the grey guy. I use my position half over the arrow as a kind of timing buffer to better ensure that the grey guy is not one half square too low, in which case you can't push him where he needs to go. Very fun puzzle to execute.

Board 47: TAS Strategy. This may not appear like the TAS because in the TAS the programmer dances around the fireballs to kill time but I obviously don't play around with inputs during an actual run. I am much more controlled and patient in my movements to optimize my potential for success. This pattern is about 1 second faster than my older pattern.

Board 48: TAS Strategy. This puzzle is basically all buffered and must be done exactly in many places or it will fail. There is a glitch in this puzzle where you can walk next to a pink dragon and would usually die but for some reason if you are crossing over hearts while the pink dragon is passing through a certain location on the board it will allow you to pass. I use the top pink dragon position to time my approach after pausing and waiting for that moment. Once I initiate that movement it must be done perfectly or you will die.

Board 49: TAS Strategy. Straight forward. Just pushing blocks around, though one half step out of place and the puzzle will fail.

Board 50: TAS Strategy. I was excited to get consistent on this puzzle. The initial shoot on the bird is a small window of opportunity. Too quick and he is not far enough out to push, and too late means that the bird will hit you and stop before you can shoot him. Note: You can't turn the bird into an egg once it has been stopped. If this occurs the puzzle fails. The rest is perfectly executed and must be exact with pauses and being in the right place at the right time. I had a minor error where I only needed to push the block a half square to trap the pink dragon at the top, but I need to do a slight pause anyways before I move the block that will cause the worm to respawn in the new location so it did not lose too much time.

Blue Dragon: The TAS strategy is not possible because it would require rapid inputs to a degree that I was not capable of executing in order to keep the blue dragon glitched so that you will not lose a life. I modified the approach originally used by Tom Votava and opted to go to the right which allows me to stand a half a square from the wall and then follow the blue dragon once he begins to move back to the left. I have been able to beat him by the time he got to the middle but the timing has to be right so that you don't run towards him too soon when he begins to move left.

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