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This typical example of a fantasy-themed hidden object game is a 2018 concoction of the seasoned casual games developer Five-BN. In it, dauntless mother Susan is slung into the thick of it as her son gets magically kidnapped into the titular land that is lost, ailing under the yoke of a menacing statue, as it seems. Many familiar faces await in lush environments full of mislaid trinkets and progress-halting sabotaged mechanisms.

LostLandsDarkOverlord   LostLandsDarkOverlord

Best Segmented, Hard Difficulty Time: 0:33:26 by Michael 'arglefumph' Gray on 2021-04-29 done in 28 segments.

Author's comments:

Segment 1.

This first segment is straightforward. You get all the items on the first screen, and you get both tokens on the second screen. Put all three tokens on the tree for a puzzle.

Whenever you do a puzzle in this game, a skip button appears in the corner. I'm playing on hard mode, which has a two minute skip button. That's a long time, so I never use the skip button. It's always faster to solve a puzzle the intended way, as opposed to waiting two minutes to skip it.

This is one of two puzzles in the game that change, depending on which order you place the tokens. It's fastest to place the deer token first. If you do that, the deer token starts in the correct spot and never has to be swapped with another token.

If you place the owl token before the crane token, you have to make 6 swaps. If you place the crane token before the owl token, you have to make 7 swaps. Therefore, to get the fastest puzzle solution, you want to place the deer, owl and crane tokens, in that order.

This segment ends with two different cutscenes. I skip the first cutscene by clicking the skip button. I quit the game during the second cutscene. Specifically, I quit as soon as the word "Jimmy" appears at the top of the screen. If you quit too early, the game thinks you only watched the first cutscene, not the second. Skipping the second cutscene saves about seven seconds. As a general rule, I quit the game whenever it saves four or more seconds.

Segment 2.

The owl and the dagger stay in your inventory for most of the game. You can get them in either order. The dagger is used more often than the owl, so I get it second. That puts it closer to the end of the inventory, making it easier to get whenever the inventory is full.

At 0:05, there is an owl animation in a pop-up window. There is no way to skip it, except by quitting the game. At 0:16, there is an owl animation that does not take place in a pop-up window. You can skip it, by travelling to another screen. It's a timesaver to skip an animation, so I do that whenever I can.

The segment ends during a conversation with Uri. Once you finish the conversation, the screen goes blank for 4-5 seconds. I hit the skip button to skip the conversation, then I quit the game to skip the blank screen. This is the only conversation in the game that's followed by a blank screen, so it's the only conversation that it makes sense to quit.

Segment 3.

There are five items in Uri's cottge, as well as a puzzle the requires you to get six items from the surrounding areas. This is where inventory management comes into play. The inventory only displays seven items at once. If you have more than seven items, you can scroll through your inventory by pressing the left and right buttons.

Scrolling through the inventory is slow, and it's a hassle because the inventory automatically resets its position whenever you move to a new screen. It's also hard to avoid inventory scrolling, because there are multiple puzzles that require you to get at least five items.

In this run, I purposely get items in a particular order, so I don't have to do any inventory scrolling, ever. In this case, I get all the items from Uri's, except the oil can and the token. I don't need those items for a while. If I picked them up now, they'd clog up my inventory and force me to do inventory scrolling. I avoid that situation, by picking them up the next time I visit Uri's.

This segment ends with a hidden objects challenge. The game has three types of hidden objects challenges, and they all end with a four second delay. In this speedrun, I quit the game whenever I solve a hidden objects challenge. That saves four seconds every time. Also, doing a new segment at the end of every hidden objects challenge conveniently splits up the game, so I never have to record a segment that's more than four minutes long.

This is the most interesting type of hidden objects challenge, which has animations and requires you to solve several puzzles. I purposely do things in a specific order, so the animations will overlap. For example, I grab the slingshot while the lantern settles into place, and I use the slingshot while the lantern is lighting. It's faster to do these things at the same time, as opposed to doing them separately.

Unlike in the main game, the zoomed-in screens don't close automatically. You have to click outside of them to close them. It adds a little extra difficultly.

Segment 4.

This is where I first use the map to travel somewhere. If you are travelling two screens away, it's about a half second faster to travel by map. The downside is that you have to click more accurately and move your mouse further, when you use the map.

The map can also be used to skip animations. If you start an animation, then use the map to warp away, you don't have to watch the animation. I try to use the map warp to skip animations, whenever possible. It saves time, even if it's the brief animation of an item going into your inventory bar.

The cutscene at the end of this segment has no skip button, like the cutscene at the end of Segment 1. Quitting the game during the cutscene saves six seconds.

Segment 5.

0:05 to 0:13 all looks like one scene, but the game treats it as a series of 7 cutscenes, which play back-to-back. Two of them have skip buttons. Only two of them can be skipped, by quitting the game. Those scenes are the zoom in and the zoom out. I decided against splitting up this eight second cutscene into three segments, which would only save two seconds.

I save time by warping away from the lake, during a lengthy firefly animation. I also save time by starting the firefly animation, during a dagger animation. Having two animations play at once is obviously faster than having both animations play separately.

After that is the second type of hidden objects challenge, where you have to place items onto the screen. Each item has its own animation. This is my least favorite type of hidden objects challenge, as there's no way to speed it up.

Segment 6.

This is where the game really opens up, as players get to move around through several screens.

I skip the animation of getting the claw hammer by warping away. I use the claw hammer to get the oar, and I skip that animation by starting the locked box puzzle. If you listen, you can hear the oar animation playing in the background. When I solve the locked box puzzle, I take the item inside before the lid has fully opened, which is a minor timesaver.

While the cage falling animaton plays, I use the dagger on both items on the tree. I got lucky and triggered both animations with a double-click. You normally have to use the dagger two separate times here, once for each animation.

I skip the animation of getting the sap, by warping away.

With the potion puzzle, I back away twice and re-enter to skip an animation. It takes 2.5 seconds to back away and re-enter the potion screen, so I use it to skip any animation that's over 2.5 seconds long. I do that same trick later on in this segment, to skip an 8 second animation of the conestallation book opening.

I warp away during a 6 second crossbow animation, I warp away to skip the animation of the red tile entering the inventory, and I warp away to skip the animation of the brush.

The tile puzzle is the second puzzle of the game that changes, depending on which order you place the tokens. It doesn't make a difference for the purposes of solving the puzzle, since you have to group the three red tokens together, no matter which red token is where.

I have to wait a moment after the tile puzzle is solved, before backing away. Otherwise, the game doesn't accept the solution. The button in the lower/right must go back to hint, before I can back away.

I warp away to skip both stick animations. I warp away to skip the pearl animation. I messed up a little on the hidden objects challenge, by forgetting the broom. Going back to get it cost about 1.3 seconds.

This is the third type of hidden objects challenge, where you need to click on all the items that are listed at the bottom. There's a brief animation when you open a lock, open the box and zoom into the box. As always, you want to keep clicking and moving the mouse while these animations play.

Segment 7.

The animation of catching the fish is a little long, but it is far shorter than the animation of the bird eating the fish, which is 13 seconds long. I back away and return to skip it.

In the hut, I get three quick items, then leave and get a stool. I warp back to Uri's, and I put the octogon pieces into place, just to get them out of my inventory. If you get the mouse in the right spot, it's possible to drop the octogon and hit the back button with a single click, which saves about half a second. Sadly, I failed to get this trick.

The end of the segment is another hidden objects at Uri's. It's hard to sift through the bottles and the apples quickly, because each one has its own hitbox, and they're overlapping.

Segment 8.

The fish puzzle is hard to do quickly, as the game is pretty precise about the location of all five fish. To get the boat hook, you have to click on it three times, each time in a different spot, making it the most complicated item to pick up in the entire game.

At the end, I quit to skip a painting animation that is six seconds long.

Segment 9.

In this segment, I solve the figurines puzzle to get the key to the mines, which is the next major area of the game. I don't do much in the mines, besides set things up so I can be completely finished with the gate area.

Twice, I back away from a screen and immediately return, to skip a short cutscene. At the end, I quit to skip an owl cutscene that is seven seconds long.

Segment 10.

I put the tar in the pot. The tar animation must finish, before you can use the torch on it. I skip the torch cutscene by warping to the mines, where I use the torch.

The animation of the torches lighting up is six seconds long, and you can only skip it by quitting the game. The game lets you interact with the wall area before the animation is completely finished, fortunately.

This segment showcases more inventory management. I get things in a specific order so I can use the dagger at 0:21, without needing to scroll through the inventory. I will also avoid scrolling, when using these items in the next two segments. All the items I pick up in this segment get used in the next segment, except the gems.

Segment 11.

Again, inventory management is key. I use both coins on the statue bases, without needing to scroll, and now I have four gems grouped together in the inventory, which is key for the gem puzzle in the next segment.

There are some places, where it doesn't make sense to delay getting items. For example, I get the gunpowder from the deck of the pirate ship. I won't use the gunpowder for at least ten more minutes, but if I don't get it now, I'd have to make a separate trip back to the deck, just to get it, and that takes time. It makes more sense to get the gunpowder now, even if it will sit unused in my inventory for a while.

Quitting the game at the end of the hidden objects challenge saves four seconds, as usual.

Segment 12.

I get the two last gems, then I complete the gem puzzle. I was just barely able to do it, without scrolling through the inventory. The rest of the video covers a fairly linear section of the game, where there are about six items that you get and use immediately.

I use the key on the elevator early, which gets the key out of my inventory and lets me warp directly to the elevator later on. I warp one screen away from the elevator to skip an animation, and to solve the puzzle that officially turns on the elevator.

Quitting the game when the elevator starts saves thirteen seconds.

Segment 13.

I warp to the castle gates to get the shovel. The shovel digging scene is about four seconds, so I warp away a screen and come back to skip it. While the statue falls in the background, I grab a dragon part, and I warp away during the owl scene.

I grab a statue head, right before the statue head puzzle. Here, and in some other places, the game half-disables the map button. You can click on the map and visit the map screen, but you won't go anywhere until you back away from the statues.

I warp to the demon statue and solve a simple puzzle there. The map button is fully disabled during this five second scene. If you click on it, nothing happens. So I have to quit the skip the scene, instead of warping away to skip it.

Segment 14.

It seems silly to have a segment just for one puzzle, but there's no other way to skip the five second scene of the door, other than by quitting the game.

Segment 15.

Again, it seems silly to have a segment for just one puzzle, but like all hidden objects challenges in the game, this one has a four second pause at the end.

I had a misclick on the apple, but I managed to correct it quickly.

Segment 16.

A good segment. The biggest mistake was misjudging where the door once the closeup of the shield ends. Quitting at the end of the puzzle skips a four second scene.

Segment 17.

This is the shortest segment of the run. I click once, to go inside a room, and I immediately quit the game, to skip the wizard's five second animation. I don't know why they put two unskippable animations so close together.

Segment 18.

Another short segment. I use the dagger on the cheese, I get a symbol from the bed, and I solve a hidden objects challenge for pincers. Quitting the game at the end of the hidden objects challenge saves four seconds, as usual. I do the tobacco last, because that's the only hidden object which requires the extra step of opening a window.

Segment 19.

I warp away to skip the pincers cutscene, and I warp away to skip the rat cutscene. I get the air symbol while the leopard cutscene plays, and I drop the air symbol on the book, to get it out of the inventory.

Even though the elevator is at the castle area, the game considers it to be in the mines, so warping there to get the cup diagram forces me to go to a different section of the map. I warp one screen away from the elevator and right back in, to skip the animation of the cup diagram.

The cups in the cup puzzle swap slowly. I tried to route the swaps, so cups swap when they are as close together as possible, to cut down on swapping time. Swaps with the book puzzle go much more quickly. I back away and return to both puzzles, to skip the animation of the item appearing. Like the statue head puzzle earlier, you can't warp away from the cup and book puzzles. You have to back away, then warp.

At the end, I put three dragon pieces into place. I do this, just to clear out my inventory. The dragon puzzle tends to clog up the inventory, because it has ten different pieces, and hte inventory only shows seven pieces at once.

I get the fire symbol, then start the other dragon puzzle. I quit at the start of the puzzle, partially because it skips a two second cutscene, but mainly because I'm bad at this dragon puzzle.

Segment 20.

The dragon puzzle gets its own segment, because I'm bad at it. My average speed for this puzzle is 54 seconds, so 44 is better than I hoped.

Segment 21.

The tower making puzzle is trickier than it looks. At 20 seconds in, I click on the window. You can tell my mouse was in the right spot, because the cursor changed. But for some reason, the game didn't accept it, so I had to pick up the window a second time. Every piece on this puzzle is equally finicky about being picked up, as well as every place where you put the pieces.

I warp away and return to skip the animation of the book opening. I get the thread from the book, without zooming in on the page. I warp away and return to skip the sewing animation.

The timing is tight, on the floating island cannon challenge. You want to send the owl to get the ramrod, while you get all the items on the right cannon. If you're fast enough, you can use the mallet before the owl brings the ramrod. Similarly on the left cannon, if you're fast enough, you can get the wheel on the cannon just as the powder animation finishes. In both cses, the window of time is about half a second.

I quit after solving the pipe puzzle to skip a four second animation.

Segment 22.

This segment starts with an animation with the dragons. The only way to skip it is to quit the game, which I didn't do, because that would mean having a segment that's less than a second long, where I start the game and immediately quit.

The railroad puzzle sometimes lets you take two moves more quickly than normal. I don't know how to trigger it, but it's a timesaver. I managed to get it, when moving the cart down and to the left.

I quit before the leaf puzzle, which is arguably the hardest puzzle of the game.

Segment 23.

Like Segment 20, this segment is a single puzzle. You have to do over 30 steps, in a specific order.

Segment 24.

Another short segment. I go into the garden. I use the owl to get an item, then use the dagger to open up a puzzle. Then I warp away, to skip both animations. The puzzle will already be opened when I revisit the area later, and I have the sun token the owl got.

That's the last time the owl is used in this game, and it leaves the inventory forever. Bye, owl!

I use the sun token and quit the game to skip a five second animation.

Segment 25.

At 0:13, I click on the dragon part to pick it up, before it appears onscreen. I do the same trick with the piece of paper at 0:46.

There's more inventory management in this segment. I put the mandrake on the table, then cut it with the dagger, without having to scroll through the inventory. After that, I get a dragon part, so now I have three dragon parts, all in a row. It will be four parts in a row, when I fill the empty flask in the next segment. I also put the recipe on the table, to get it out of my inventory.

With most of the puzzles in this game, there is an animation when the puzzle ends. The pyramid puzzle has a six second animation that plays, when the puzzle starts. I quit the game to skip it.

Segment 26.

I warp away to skip the crown animation. There's no way to skip the door opening animation, unless you quit the game. It's not long, so I watch it.

In the gazebo area, I start by using the flask of water. That takes it out of my inventory for a few seconds, giving me access to the dagger. Other than that, it doesn't matter what order you get items.

That's because there are seven new items here at the gazebo, and the inventory has seven slots.

I use the flask on the water first, so the dagger appears in the inventory. I use it to open a clam, and then the dagger leaves my inventory for good.

Other than that, it doesn't matter what order you pick up items in. There are seven items in the gazebo area, and since the inventory has seven items, it's impossible to get everything in the gazebo area, without pushing aside the entire inventory.

Segment 27.

I could have gotten the coins much sooner, in Segment 13, but then it would have taken up valuable inventory space.

I warp to the astronomy area and get a dragon part from the pyramid puzzle that started Segment 26. Had I gotten the dragon part then, my inventory would have been too full for me to use the dagger without inventory scrolling.

The animation after the tile puzzle is long, so I skip it by backing away and zooming in.

I do the dragon puzzle without any inventory scrolling, even though there are six ingredients already in my inventory. I back away to skip the animation of receiving another ingredient, then I solve the last hidden objects challenge for an ingredient.

Unlike the other hidden objects challenges of this type, there isn't much opportunity for overlapping animations. You can pick up some items while the barrel animation plays, and that's basically it. All the other animations take place in pop-up windows, except the animation of the door opening, which is less than a second long.

Segment 28.

Last segment! Just like Segment 6, we're making a potion at a table. It takes 2.5 seconds to back away from the table and zoom in on it again. Therefore, I back away to skip every animation that's over 2.5 seconds. That would be the majority of the animations, with these two puzzles. The animations at the table in the middle can overlap, but the animations at the left table all have to be done separately.

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