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Luigi wins a free mansion in this September/November 2001 launch title for the GameCube. But he never entered any contest, so Mario goes to investigate first. When Luigi arrives, he finds a dark mansion with only a flashlight in his hand. Soon he gets scared by ghosts and meets Professor E. Gadd who gives him the Poltergust 3000 to vacuum up the ghosts and save Mario.


100% definition: Catch all 50 boos and earn an A rank.

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1:13:41 by 'Survive'.

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Author's comments:


逃げられてしまったテレサが戻って来ていたり、 エリアボスをスムーズに吸いこめたり、 何度か複数のオバケを吸いこむ事に成功したりと、 とても満足しています。



Author's comments in English:

To achieve a fast clear, these are the main things I paid attention to while running the game.
-Sucking in multiple ghosts in one vacuum.
-After sucking in a ghost, move to a position that is good for sucking in more ghosts.
-Skillfully using the light to minimize the amount of bombers and ghosts appearing when the power is out.

Looking at the whole run, there were no big time losses, and I think my play was good.

I'm very satisified with this run because the boos that ran away returned, the area bosses went smoothly, and I successfully sucked in multiple boos many times.

Releasing this run to the public is great.

Finally, I'd like to give thanks to all of the people who have helped publish this run.

Single-segment Hidden Mansion 100% 1:36:13 by Nolan Pflug.

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Author's comments:

When David did his run, I mentioned all the possible categories this game had to offer. Back in October 2003 I had used a guide I found on gamefaqs that listed all the money in the game the author could find. The goal was to get all the money, which comes out to 142390000 G. After hundreds of resets and a few weeks I got it. I said at the time I'd probably never play the game again, since what more could be done? Answer: speed runs. Since David did the "any%" run I decided I'd do 100%, and just to make it more interesting I'd do Hidden Mansion and Single-segment on top.

The definition for 100% is simple enough, get all the boos (requires all the portrait ghosts) and get an A rank, which needs 100 million G. That leaves 42+ million G I don't need, quite a bit of leeway. You could argue you could turn the lights on in every room to be counted for 100%, but this isn't something you can easily verify at the end of a run, plus it gains you nothing. Getting all the money is insanely hard as I've already mentioned. At the end of this run I load my old file just to show you the totals for all money.

At first I thought this run would be a tape-spanner, over two hours. After my practice run in early November I realized I could certainly get it under two hours. I thought maybe I'd be lucky enough to get 1:49 if the boos were nice enough. I quickly got better at the game, found a mirror I didn't know about to save over a minute, and started reseting a lot. Soon I was shooting for 1:39 instead. When I got that I was still not satisfied. I'm not even satisfied with this 1:36. There is a ridiculous amount of randomness in this, 90% of it from the boos.

Now for some comments specific to the rooms:

Area 1

Foyer: Would you believe I once screwed this room up? I walked up the stairs and turned left. Yay for brain farts. This was actually the reset right before this run.

Parlor: Sometimes the candles wouldn't go out quickly, but they're fine this time. While I wait for the ghosts I get some money, but the gold bar in the light isn't always there.

Anteroom: I was denied money from all three places in this room, but the ghosts went fine. It's possible to get the last two in one suck, but only if they appear at the same time, which they didn't.

Wardrobe Room: Here's the first Money Ghost, but he only gives a lot of bills. Still, bills are worth 20k, so it's only 50 for a million, and this guy gives 40. I don't take time to get it all though, I just get what I can. I got punched by the last ghost here for a lost of 7-8 seconds.

Study: Both a Money Ghost and a Money Mouse in this room. The red gems are worth 1 million and the green gems 800k. Did you know you don't have to flash the portrait ghosts? I didn't until about my 10th run attempt. Just start sucking them up whenever the heart appears. The pearls are worth 50k, 100k, and one million from smallest to largest. This means not sucking up a portrait ghost in one go is a large money loss. There are a few ghosts later on that tend to be very hard to do this, so I only relied on getting about 15-16 out of 19 giant pearls.

Master Bedroom: No problems here.

Nursery: It's not possible to get the baby in one suck, the game forces you off when he reaches 20 HP, though sometimes you lose him sooner. I managed to shoot the 2nd ball into the railing back at myself, losing a bit of time. I was about 6 seconds slower than my best end of Area 1 time. See my high score go flashing by on the money screen?

Area 2

Bathroom: The ghosts fail to grab me, but I still have to listen to E.Gadd.

Ball Room: Ideally I'd get all three pairs of mask ghosts like the first but that was rare. I never did determine what exactly makes the dancers' heart appear but it usually comes up right when it happens this time.

Storage Room: I really screwed up the last two ghosts here. I release the boos like usual, then suck up five boos on the way returning to this room. It's worth noting that the boo meter doesn't work very well for the first 10 or so seconds when you enter a room, so I just go around taping things they often appear in before relying on using the flashing red.

Mirror Room: Got grabbed once here because of a slow suck up of the 3rd ghost.

Laundry Room: This is actually the riskiest part of the run. I need to clear the room in time to reach the Butler before he disappears. I had plenty of time this time though since the Butler was nearly all the way left in the hallway and this room went perfect. Note that the reason I need to clear it is that the room would reset to its initial state when I go two rooms away to the Hidden Room.

Butler's Room: Never any problems getting this guy if I arrive on time, but several runs died here. I had trouble finding the darn PeekaBoo.

Hidden Room: I used to do this room one ghost at a time and it took me about 30 attempts before I realized how slow it was. The boo here gets away but it doesn't cost me much time. Blue gems are worth 500k and I get a total of 3.26 million in this room.

Conservatory: The music sheets got sucked up very quickly.

Dining Room: It's possible to suck up all the food before the waiter ghosts arrive, but I only did that once. Somehow the one approaching from my left failed to disappear this time so I had to start over. I clear the room of banana peels and money while the fat ghost spits at me. White diamonds are worth 2 million and there are five of them in rooms not required to clear to simply beat the game, so that's 10% of my 100 million.

Kitchen: Only one ghost in here and I didn't do him right.

Boneyard: The plant needs watered three times, once in areas two, three and four, to get a gold diamond from it, worth 20 million. It costs no time right now but there's no way you're getting that much money any quicker than the time it takes to water it twice more.

Graveyard: I got hit with a bone here and lost the first skeleton ghost, but he had so little HP left a squirt of water took care of him when he came back. It's possible to suck up Bogmire in one go, and I've done this about four times, but not so lucky this time. About 20 seconds lost. I've had times of around a minute better at this point.

Area 3

Courtyard: A quick gem here and into the well. It's possible to drop in quick but I got the ladder this time and had to wait a bit and then fall off.

Bottom of the Well: Water takes out 0 HP ghosts instantly. Once I forgot Mario's Letter after I went back up.

Rec Room: Another red gem comes my way in between uses of the punching bag. The boo here likes to get away and did so this time with only 4 HP left. Costs me 31 seconds later to get him.

Tea Room: There's a random money mouse that might appear when you enter this room, which gives a red gem (three in this room!). If he appeared I'd skip the one in the cheese.

Nana's Room: It's easy to screw up the ball chucking here, for some reason they didn't want to actually shoot but they just dropped. I lost about 30 seconds from this boo getting away.

Bathroom: The pearls nearly always get stuck behind the tub here, so this ends my perfect pearls streak. At least I got the giant one.

Astral Hall: It can be a disaster if this boo gets away, since he probably ends up in Anteroom. He tried really hard but I managed to keep him inside and get him.

Observatory: Moon on the first try... barely.

Billiards Room: I should have got the Rec Room boo in the Conservatory before this, but I forgot about him. Billiard guy is very hard to have go right. Getting all three balls to stun him right away depends on which way they go flying, and then he's difficult to get in one suck. I've had disastrous attempts take at least two minutes.

Projection Room: Easy to lose a lot of health here if I'm not careful.

Twins' Room: I always need to get the blue twin first since it's the red one that drops pearls.

Fortune Teller's Room: Boring. I take this button mashing moment as a chance to check the forum and other sites. I had trouble getting the darn flashlight in the right spot.

Safari Room: No problems.

Balcony: And here's the most random part of the run. I've had times where it went amazingly fast. I've had times that took nearly four minutes. It's very important to get nearly all of them in the first 'round' where they are slow, and this time I get 12. I had a ridiculous amount of trouble just getting Boolossus onto the spike both times I had to do it. The final boo is always the worst and could've been at least 30 seconds better. Despite all this, it's the best time I had up to this point.

Area 4

Blackout: I used to use the mirror on the 2F washroom to save a little time, but then one day I discovered a secret mirror in the Safari Room... saves a lot of time. When the ghost decides to reveal his heart is completely random. This time it was quick; once I had to wait something like 20 freaking seconds.

Breaker Room: Here begins the boos that are impossible to get in one suck.

Cellar: Even though he only has 100 HP, I still can never get this Boo in one suck. He always returns to this room instead of going into Cold Storage.

Telephone Room: Some troubles with the final skeleton ghost of the game. I got a pitiful 40 HP out of the 300 HP boo.

Clockwork Room: Getting a hold of more than one of these guys is very risky, especially if it's the blue one that drops pearls. Here the green one gets sucked in near the end of the red one which saves me some time. I had better luck with this boo than the previous one, but I foolishly forgot to get the previous boo out of the Telephone Room too.

Roof: Pretty poor job of getting the mask ghosts this time.

Sealed Room: I get my final Money Ghost in here, though since I was doing so well with the pearls I should've skipped him. It's important to get all the ghosts before they disappear, because they reappear all the way on the left of the room. I do this by stunning them with fire, killing the ceiling ghost, then get in a good position for flashing.

Sitting Room: Lots of ghosts to suck up here. I skip the boo for now since I'll certainly end up with fire if I do, making me waste time to get water again.

Guest Room: The flying dolls in here can sometimes disrupt the suck but I was able to get out of the way of one this time without losing it.

Armory: I was in the wrong place to tap one of the armors, so I got smacked by the mace for a few lost seconds. I let the boo escape into the Telephone room so I could get out the boo that I left in here earlier. He behaved weird upon entering the Clockwork Room though.

Ceramics Studio: I had bad luck cleaning up the boos after this. First of all I was expecting two boos in this room but it seems the Clockwork Room's boo went back into that room after I went up to the Roof, which had never happened before. I ended up with a ridiculous three boos in the Clockwork Room as a result, when ideally I shouldn't have to return to that room at all.

Pipe Room: It can be dangerous and slow to suck these three ghosts up, so I opt to freeze them instead, then I can be already turning the valve while the last one whithers away.

Cold Storage: The hardest portrait ghost to suck up in one suck, though I have gotten him in a few runs, I didn't this time. No giant pearl for me. I got smacked by an icicle for a whopping 40 damage so I had to take time to get the giant heart in the Cellar. The boo cleanup of the basement went quite well.

The Artist's Studio: The only group I screw up is the mask ghosts. Behold the power of the Hidden Mansion vacuum! Thankfully boos won't cross the hallway here so I don't need to worry about the boo going anywhere but back into the room.

Secret Altar: 'Bowser' is pretty easy, although I did manage to die on him once in a shoddy run. If you get extremely lucky, you can get King Boo in only three rounds, but it's very rare.

I end up with over three million too much money, despite losing one giant pearl although that one is very hard to get. Still, I could've dropped three gems I got and still been fine. I mentioned around 1.5 minutes of lost time due to boos. If everything could go right in one run and I skipped some gems, 1:32:xx would be possible.

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