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Released in March 2000, MDK2 features three styles of gameplay, depending on which character you're playing. The gameplay ranges from typical shooting action with Max, a six-legged dog, to puzzle solving with Dr. Hawkins. The story continues from where the first game left off. Kurt, Max, and Dr. Hawkins don't even have time to celebrate their victory over alien invaders as a new alien menace starts to take over Earth.


Best time, PC version: Easy 1:24:48 by Andres 'Mad Andy' Montalbetti on 2006-11-09, done in 49 segments appended to one file.

Author's comments:

Speedrunning MDK2 was an idea which came to my head once reading a few threads on SDA about the game. For those that don't know, MDK 2 is the sequel to MDK (duh) and it takes place right where MDK finished. You play as Kurt from the first game, Max which is a 6 legged robotic dog, and Dr. Hawkins, a mad/funny scientist. Kurt's levels are based on stealth and sniper puzzles (like in the first game), Max's levels are based on picking up guns and destroying everything in sight, and the Doc's levels are based on puzzles.

At first the game didn't seem like a good choice for a run, but then I launched myself into it. All in all it was a pretty fun experience, even if rather frustrating at times. Below are the comments for each level:

Well, that's it for my commentary then. Have fun watching the speedrun ;)

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