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Released in August 2002 for PC, Mafia sets you back in the 1930s city life. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Tommy, a good natured cabdriver, has no other chance than working for the Mafia if he wants to survive. However, he soon finds friends there, doing several jobs for his boss in the fictional city of "Lost Heaven".

Mafia   Mafia

Best Segmented Time: 2:42:43 by 'Chris-X' on 2017-01-02 done in 93 segments.

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Author's comments:

Hey there! I'm Chris-X from Germany. Welcome to my Mafia speedrun, completed on January 2nd, 2017, containing 93 segments.
The run was recorded with FRAPS (version 3.5.4). The total time is approximately 2:41:47 hours, so it's 14 minutes faster than my old run.

The improvement compared to my old run is mostly effected by many new tricks and strats discovered by other runners.
Here are the segments that contain new tricks:

- Segment 01: I waited for the green car in the background to drive by, then I started the segment. This leads to a faster start of the taxi.
- Segment 02: When the passenger started to speak I drove back a bit. Thereby I didn't have to wait for him to get in the car.
              While driving I used the rear-view (buttons , and .) a lot, which reduces traffic and cop cars in front of me.
- Segment 03: I used the same tricks as in segment 2 (rear-view and passenger skipping).
              Besides I used a different (faster) route to get to the hospital in New Ark.
- Segment 04: Again I used the same tricks as in segment 2.
- Segment 05: In segments 5 and 6 you have to take the passengers with you, otherwise the next segments are not triggered. But I used the rear-view again.
              The way down the big steps to Hoboken was really good this time.
- Segment 06: I used the same tricks as in segment 5.
- Segment 08: This time I didn't trigger the Bolt Thrower with a hand gun (which I'd have to get from a killed cop). Instead I used the Bolt Ace.
              I parked the car backwards under the bridge pillar and used a Molotov cocktail to blow it up. This has the same effect as shooting the pillar's window.
              Afterwards I quickly stole another Bolt Ace (which is the only car you can steal at that time). Besides I didn't take Paulie with me this time.
              With the Bolt Thrower I used a faster route to get to Giuliano Bridge and used the rear-view again.
- Segment 11: The only trick I used here is rear-view (which is very useful). Besides I used a different route to get to the first customer.
- Segment 14: I got inside the car and started it before going into the garage. This saves time in segment 17.
- Segment 15: The route from the racing circuit to town was different this time. Besides I used the manual gearshift a few times.
- Segment 16: I took the same route back to the racing circuit, which is again faster compared to my old run.
- Segment 17: This segment is faster compared to my old run because the car's engine is already started and I took the other route again.
- Segment 19: I used the rear-view because of the traffic. Like in the segments before I took the shortcut through the meadow on the way to the racing circuit.
              In the end I got off the car nearer to the group of people to trigger the cutscene faster.
- Segment 20: During the race I used the manual gearshift every time the automatic changed to the second gear. Besides I used two shortcuts on the track.
- Segment 21: I used the rear-view on the Giuliano Bridge to avoid police cars.
- Segment 22: Stealing the Lassiter V16 Phaeton is not necessary, so I drove directly from Lucas Bertone to Salieri's bar, which saves more than one minute.
- Segment 23: This time I didn't run into the alley without Sarah because that would ruin the huge skip in the next segment.
- Segment 24: In this segment I used a very new trick to skip the whole backstreet punching scene by. You have to run to Sarah's home looking down and punching.
              Thereby some of the guys follow you. Inside the building you can then trigger the next mission two minutes faster.
- Segment 26: In order to use the wall glitch in the next segment you need a car with four doors, so I stole a Schubert Six while Paulie talked to Biff.
              I waited so long because otherwise the two would stop talking. The most difficult thing was to park the car in the right position for the wall glitch.
- Segment 27: The wall glitch teleports you inside the garage, where you can kill the guy who'll drive the escaping car in the next segment.
              Afterwards you need to do the mission backwards to trigger the chase.
- Segment 28: The driver is already dead, so I only needed to run towards the car to finish the mission.
              Summing up segments 26, 27 and 28, I saved over 20 seconds compared to my old run.
- Segment 29: I used the rear-view before driving onto the bridge and before the last turn to avoid heavy traffic.
- Segment 30: This time I didn't take the key from the reception. Instead I went to the 2nd floor directly to visit the whore and to get a shotgun.
              Afterwards the fleeing hotel director opened the door for me. This tactic is a few second faster than the old one.
- Segment 32: I didn't use the medi pack this time which made this segment even more risky. Inside the church I used two important weapon glitches:
              The rapid fire glitch to shoot faster and the side roll glitch to reload weapons faster.
- Segment 33: I used the rear-view a few times to avoid traffic.
- Segment 35: In this segment I used the rear-view while driving over the Terranova Bridge.
- Segment 36: After the cutscene with the truck I didn't walk the main road back to Paulie in order to avoid the enemies in the huts.
- Segment 39: This time I drove over the Terranova Bridge, which is a few seconds faster. The rear-view is very useful here, especially on the bridge.
- Segment 41: I used the rear-view in the tunnel and on Central Island to avoid traffic and cop cars.
- Segment 42: After the cutscene in Oakwood I drove to the north instead of driving the same way back. And of course, I used the rear-view again.
- Segment 44: In the end of this segment I drove the truck to the back entrance of the parking lot. The way back to the Bolt Thrower is faster this way.
- Segment 47: I used the rear-view before and on the Terranova Bridge.
- Segment 50: Once again I used the rear-view before and on the Terranova Bridge.
- Segment 51: This time I used a totally different strategy: I took three grenades instead of one. With the first one I blew up the three gangsters on the first level.
              The second one is for the Bolt Ace on the ground level and the third one for the other cars on that level. Besides I took the stairs to go there.
              That saved the way through the first floor and killed many enemies faster. All in all, this segment is 45 seconds faster.
- Segment 52: I drove a different route to the Giuliano Bridge this time.
- Segment 53: I used the rear-view a few times and in New Ark after the Terranova Bridge I took the faster route through the park.
              Besides I triggered the next segment earlier because I wasn't chased by the cops (no handcuffs symbol).
- Segment 54: The Don has 100% health in the beginning although he lost 1% in the end of segment 53.
              The reason is that every time you reload the restaurant scene (13-02) the Don's health is restored. That doesn't apply to Tommy, so he kept his 99%.
- Segment 55: This time I didn't drive over the Giuliano Bridge and through the tunnel. Instead I drove through the park and over the Terranova Bridge.
              On the bridge I used the rear-view.
- Segment 56: I used the rapid fire glitch to kill the three guys faster with the pumpgun.
- Segment 59: In order to alert the guards early I punched the first waiter I met. Thereby the politician was alone and I could kill him without interruption.
- Segment 65: I waited for the engine to start, then I started this segment. Thereby I left Paulie behind and saved a few seconds.
              Besides I used the rear-view on the East Marshall Bridge and before the tunnel.
- Segment 67: In the end of the segment I got into the car and started the engine, which saved a few seconds in the next segment.
- Segment 68: This time I used the Rambo tactic to kill Sergio Morello. It's more dangerous, but usually the fastest way.
- Segment 70: After getting out of the bar I drove the Falconer to the stairs. Thereby I didn't have to wait for Vincenzo and Sam and Paulie got into the car faster.
              Besides I didn't take the shotgun because I already had a Colt Detective Special to trigger the case in the next segment.
- Segment 71: I needed a car with four doors to trigger this segment. But I immediately changed for the Bolt Thrower, which is way faster.
              At the theater on Central Island I put out the gun to trigger Morello's Silver Fletcher faster.
- Segment 72: This segment is faster because I had the Bolt Thrower.
- Segment 73: This segment is also faster because of the Bolt Thrower. Besides I used a shortcut over the meadow and the rear-view on the Terranova Bridge.
- Segment 75: In the end I turned the car to drive off faster in segment 78.
- Segment 78: Getting inside the car was faster this time and I drove a different route back to Salieri's bar this time.
- Segment 79: This time I managed to leave Vincenzo's room before Paulie and Sam. Unfortunately another Lassiter blocks Sam's door, so I lost the gained time again.
- Segment 80: The rear-view was very useful when driving through Works Quarter. Besides I got inside the car before the cutscene, which was a few seconds faster.
- Segment 81: By shooting the truck I forced the driver to get out, then I killed him with the baseball bat. Thereby I could start unloading the truck much faster.
              Unloading the crates was also faster this time. All in all, I saved more than 20 seconds compared to my old run.
- Segment 82: I carried the crates walking backwards right, which is faster than the normal way.
- Segment 85: This segment is more than 20 seconds faster compared to my old run because nobody got on or off the train at the three stations.
              I shot the passengers in my wagon to forward that.
- Segment 87: I managed to get a Lassiter V16 Fordor faster this time. Besides I started the car before going to Yellow Pete in order to drive off faster.
              Choosing the pumpgun with the keyboard instead of the mouse is also faster. And finally I used the rear-view a few times to avoid the cops.
              All in all, this segment is 20 seconds faster compared to my old run.

Thanks to Lembox (he posted most of the tricks in two tutorials on his YouTube account) and the SDA staff for their great work.
Enjoy the run and thanks for watching!

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