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Manhunt, released in November 2003, is a controversial, violent game that revolves around James Earl Cash, a death row inmate sentenced to die who's rescued by the sadistic Lionel Starkweather. He forces Cash to participate in a snuff film, with the promise that "this will be over, before the night is out". This game obviously received the 'M' rating and has been banned in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.


Best time with deaths: 1:36:13 by Travis 'Sigma' Lee on 2007-06-02, done in 20 segments.

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Author's comments:

Gratitude towards the staff here at SDA, for accepting and processing this run. What you are about to view is an improvement on my previous Manhunt run. A few notes of interest:

Here is each level, the current time and the old time in parenthesis. If I did anything that merits special commentary, it's below.

Direct any comments to me via email. Enjoy!

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