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Released in 2003 for the PC, Marble Blast Gold is the expansion pack to Marble Blast. To beat levels you either go to the finish or collect gems on your way if required. Although most levels are easy to moderate in difficulty, a select amount of them can infuriate just about anyone. Game glitches and tricks usually savage the levels and leave people jaw-dropped. The game's community keeps Marble Blast alive to this day with thousands of custom levels, several popular mods and they even hacked the engine to add Multiplayer and address several bugs and crashes

MarbleBlastGold   MarbleBlastGold

The Screenshot Glitch has been banned even though it was used with some old records.

Individual Levels: 0:13:23.508 (In-game time)

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Level Time Date Player(s)
Beginner Levels
Learning to Roll 0:00:02.287 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Collect the Gems 0:00:08.605 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Jump Training 0:00:03.684 2020-05-22 'M@s'
Learn the Super Jump 0:00:02.909 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Platform Training 0:00:05.721 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Learn the Super Speed 0:00:02.755 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Elevator 0:00:03.559 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Air Movement 0:00:03.121 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Gyrocopter 0:00:02.743 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Time Trial 0:00:02.168 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Super Bounce 0:00:02.899 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Gravity Helix 0:00:05.099 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Shock Absorber 0:00:02.880 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
There and Back Again 0:00:07.723 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Marble Materials Lab 0:00:04.436 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Bumper Training 0:00:02.283 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Breezeway 0:00:02.552 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Mine Field 0:00:02.204 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Trapdoors! 0:00:02.196 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Tornado Bowl 0:00:01.456 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Pitfalls 0:00:10.157 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Platform Party 0:00:07.250 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Winding Road 0:00:09.678 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Grand Finale 0:00:28.342 2020-05-22 'Kalle29'
Intermediate Levels
Jump Jump Jump 0:00:02.359 2020-05-22 Matan 'IsraeliRD' Weissman
Monster Speedway Qualifying 0:00:13.939 2020-05-22 'Kalle29'
Skate Park 0:00:18.582 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Ramp Matrix 0:00:17.784 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Hoops 0:00:09.309 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Go for the Green 0:00:03.266 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Fork in the Road 0:00:03.795 2020-05-22 Stewart 'StewMan46' Inglis
Tri Twist 0:00:20.164 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Marbletris 0:00:05.049 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Space Slide 0:00:04.344 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Skee Ball Bonus 0:00:02.898 2020-05-22 'Regislian'
Marble Playground 0:00:27.919 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Hop Skip and a Jump 0:00:07.777 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Take the High Road 0:00:06.042 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Half-Pipe 0:00:03.667 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Gauntlet 0:00:08.814 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Moto-Marblecross 0:00:01.938 2020-05-22 'BlastedMarble'
Shock Drop 0:00:04.138 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Spork in the Road 0:00:10.366 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Great Divide 0:00:16.609 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
The Wave 0:00:05.636 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Tornado Alley 0:00:02.688 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Monster Speedway 0:00:06.755 2020-05-22 'hPerks'
Upward Spiral 0:00:09.375 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Advanced Levels
Thrill Ride 0:00:02.988 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Money Tree 0:00:34.173 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Fan Lift 0:00:07.757 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Leap of Faith 0:00:06.867 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Freeway Crossing 0:00:04.466 2020-05-22 'Mazik'
Stepping Stones 0:00:08.532 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Obstacle Course 0:00:03.959 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Points of the Compass 0:00:06.544 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Three-Fold Maze 0:00:18.326 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Tube Treasure 0:00:21.674 2020-05-22 'Kalle29'
Slip 'n Slide 0:00:04.746 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Skyscraper 0:00:18.250 2020-05-22 'Lee'
Half Pipe Elite 0:00:11.768 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
A-Maze-ing 0:00:02.484 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Block Party 0:00:19.533 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Trap Door Madness 0:00:03.310 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Moebius Strip 0:00:06.363 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Great Divide Revisited 0:00:08.059 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Escher's Race 0:00:23.800 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
To the Moon 0:00:02.269 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Around the World in 30 seconds 0:00:09.168 2020-05-22 'hPerks'
Will o' Wisp 0:00:10.466 2020-05-22 'hPerks'
Twisting the Night Away 0:00:18.016 2020-05-22 'Kalle29'
Survival of the Fittest 0:00:06.609 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Plumber's Portal 0:00:16.433 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Siege 0:00:14.825 2020-05-22 'Eguy'
Ski Slopes 0:00:01.947 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Ramps Reloaded 0:00:12.175 2020-05-22 'hPerks'
Tower Maze 0:00:05.421 2020-05-22 'DKman00'
Free Fall 0:00:06.613 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Acrobat 0:00:07.770 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Whirl 0:00:04.287 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Mudslide 0:00:09.413 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Pipe Dreams 0:00:10.853 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Scaffold 0:00:00.831 2020-05-22 'hPerks'
Airwalk 0:00:11.759 2020-05-22 'Regislian'
Shimmy 0:00:02.345 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Path of Least Resistance 0:00:02.643 2020-05-22 'Regislian'
Daedalus 0:00:02.955 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Ordeal 0:00:07.924 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
Battlements 0:00:07.518 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Pinball Wizard 0:00:02.995 2020-05-22 'Xelna'
Eye of the Storm 0:00:02.618 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Dive! 0:00:11.967 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Tightrope 0:00:11.566 2020-05-22 'Kalle29'
Natural Selection 0:00:05.407 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Tango 0:00:02.358 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Icarus 0:00:12.776 2020-05-22 'MurhaajaFasaani'
Under Construction 0:00:02.449 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'
Pathways 0:00:19.133 2020-05-22 'Cobalt'
Darwin's Dilemma 0:00:02.889 2020-05-22 'Xedron'
King of the Mountain 0:00:03.590 2020-05-22 'Nature Freak'

Author's comments:

Five bloopers reel files are available: Bloopers, Bloopers2, Bloopers3, Bloopers4 and Bloopers5. There is also a zip of all the newest records and bloopers in .rec format.

After World Record Rampage #4 the community banned the screenshot glitch altogether. Any level with a final time higher than previous is due to obsoleting a screenshot glitch run. Some levels are faster than previous screenshot glitch runs thanks to new techniques, discoveries and insane grinding.

Almost all runs use the Framerate Unlocker, a tool for Windows and Mac that unlocks the game to use up to 1000fps (Windows, without this tool, is maxed out at 64fps).
Minimum allowed FPS is 30 and used in three runs (Marble Materials Lab, Space Slide and Freeway Crossing).

Regarding Battlements: Due to the way the recording system works, you cannot pause the game and then press restart as the recording system does not recognize these steps. This means that the in-game recording continues as if you never restarted, thus a desync occurs.
In order to do the edge-hit as shown in this run, some trapdoors must be touched (like in Trap Door Madness) so that when the restart occurs, they are still down by the time the marble does the edge-hit. Since the In Bounds Trigger extends too far down, by the time you reach the last trapdoor near the gate that trapdoor is long-since closed and you cannot do an edge-hit. However, if you restarted the level using the pause menu, you can reach that gate with the trapdoor down.
The solution to this was to allow a modified Batttlements mission file that automatically opens the trapdoors needed to be touched in an otherwise regular run. This modified mission is made available to download from here.
Please note that future runs of Battlements using a new theorized traplaunch route will no longer be able to use any modified mission file as the trapdoors would be closed by the time the traplaunch occurs.

The community is formally calling this update MBG World Record Rampage #5. This update improves all 100 levels for a total of 40.609 seconds.

The timing of the game is done by using the prefs.cs file that the game outputs (marble/client), and gives us the time to the thousandths of seconds {in-game, the timer shows to the hundredths, but you can open the console and input the following command: echo(playgui.elapsedtime); }. Note that Time Travels stop the clock, so that the final time is less than the elapsed time. Elapsed time is the in-game time without Time Travels counted towards it. We have received several comments in the past to create an Elapsed-Time based WRR, but this has yet to gather enough interest in the community.

This run contains TWO audio commentaries! Audio track #2 is 'level specific' and we just talk about the levels. Audio track #3 explains all the tricks done in the game as well as in-depth discussion into some of the definitions the community uses, explaining engine and physics, and glitches and how they work. For even more in-depth discussion into Marble Blast and its many advanced techniques, visit this topic.

In addition there are five blooper files attached, but #1-4 are more historical than current, though they are enjoyable. You will be able to see alternate and past routes as well as some funny and sad moments.

We would like to thank all the runners for the thousands of hours of work being put into recording the runs (some levels are deceptive in difficulty to record!) and IsraeliRD for compiling everything.
We would also like to thank many members of the community (we love you all!) and the fantastic developers of Marble Blast Gold who gave us a very enjoyable game. We would also like to thank the SDA staff for all their work into maintaining this site.

Please visit us at where the community is. Also, come Discord brah.

We hope you enjoy!

Beginner Levels

Learning to Roll (Nature Freak): The first of the three beginner levels to use the edge hit shortcut. This 2.287 was a surprisingly large improvement from the previous record, given how short the level is. The jump is frame perfect, and even so the final time is essentially random between around 2.26 and around 2.46, so this run is very well optimized.

Collect the Gems (Xedron): A pretty straightforward run with the exception of this edge hit at the start, however when grinding for a time this low the biggest struggle is collecting the gems from the farthest point away possible, or as some call it “ramp matrixing” a gem. For the majority of these gems I don’t collect them by going straight through the midpoint, rather going along the side or barely touching the outer edge, it makes the run look cooler but is crazy hard to get right.

Learn the Super Jump (Nature Freak): Due to the higher frame rate allowed in this rampage, the old way to start this level sent me a little too far, and so I just timed the jump to the sign manually in order to hit it at the right angle. It actually took a long time to get 2.909 because I was doing the trick wrong for a while before I got this.

Platform Training (Xelna): I have no idea how that got WR other than the fact that I might've built extra momentum by curving out and in the level at the start. The start pad jump looked pretty bad and off center. I'll take it I guess.

Learn the Super Speed (Nature Freak): This time was improved millisecond by millisecond until I couldn't improve it any further. It requires very precise direction changes which were a pain to deal with, but this 2.755 could be slightly better.

Air Movement (Xelna): I wasn't even going for WR, just a PB. It took less than 10 mins to get surprisingly. We could probably save 0.10 if someone lucky enough manages to perform the sign hit, avoid the trimmed edge at the same time and hit the finish on the way down, no bounce. But good luck.

Gyrocopter (Nature Freak): One of the shorter beginner levels. I used the natural bounce start to get a time of 2.743 after many hours of trying.

Time Trial (Nature Freak): By locking the frame rate at the default value instead of playing with unlimited frame rate, I was able to get a very low natural bounce and catch the time travel from the side. After a few 2.17s, it took less than an hour to get 2.168.

Super Bounce (Xelna): 2.89 is humanly possible on vanilla MBG with a grind. It's all about a 1-2f release on the natural bounce anyways. Kind of hard to time properly. I also have a 2.900 on MBP 1.14 (I think that's the version?) but it's not the original MBG so it doesn't count. Marble size is very slightly modified in MBP/PQ. Really wanted the sub 2.90 and got it only 3 days before the release of the compilation.

Gravity Helix (Xelna): I've rewatched my run multiple times and tried to figure out exactly when I rotated the camera but the camera rotations happen at the same time as the gravity changes. It makes it impossible to tell when to change angle. No idea. Got 5.099 twice too...

Shock Absorber (Nature Freak): Spent so many hours on this level, trying to get 2.87, but it never happened. I used Regislian’s method of waiting as long as I could before starting to move forward, in order to build up more backwards spin and finish much faster than the previous record. This 2.880 is extremely optimized.

There and Back Again (Nature Freak): I had a 7.76 that looked a lot better than this, but I knew it could go lower. Since the marble doesn't quite hit the center of the finish pad at the end of this 7.723, it can go very slightly lower, but this is still a very good time, beating the old record by 0.42 with a much faster double sign hit.

Marble Materials Lab (Nature Freak): This one took a lot longer than I thought. I had to lower the frame rate to 60 FPS to successfully use this path, because the jump before the second gem has to be absolutely perfect, or else the marble will go too high and not collect the gem. I tried playing some more at lower frame rates, but I decided to go with this run of 4.436 because 60 FPS is much nicer to look at than the minimum of 30.

Bumper Training (Nature Freak): The second of three levels with the edge hit across. Similarly to Learning to Roll, this time of 2.283 is very close to perfect, and on all three levels it's possible that a few milliseconds were saved by only jumping once on the start pad. Bumper Training is also harder than Learning to Roll because the edge isn't as high, so it's harder to get the shortcut.

Breezeway (Nature Freak): One of the only records from 2015. It's very optimized with this path, but there's another way to complete the level which could save a few hundredths of a second. It requires a corner hit though, so I went with the slightly more consistent sign hit to get a time of 2.552.

Mine Field (Nature Freak): This edge hit is subtly different from either Learning to Roll or Bumper Training. The start pad is raised very slightly in the air, so it's possible to jump on the very corner of it and then hit the edge, as opposed to rolling off the slope of the start pad and having to time the edge jump so precisely. So it was easier to get more finishes on this level, and I was able to bring the time down to 2.204.

Trapdoors! (Nature Freak): This is the shortest level in the game, in terms of elapsed time. It took several hours, but eventually I got a very low natural bounce at the start and finished below 2.2 with a time of 2.196.

Pitfalls (Cobalt): This was the second usage of a tweak that you’ll also find in Winding Road. Here the delayed startpad trick perfectly lines up with an edge hit off of the first corner, which ends up saving a decent chunk of time on both levels.

Platform Party (Xelna): I had to do a natural bounce on the finish platform since I wasn't sure if I was going to slide jump off the platform or not had I not NB'd. Pretty sure sub-7 is possible at 64 FPS with a proper angle and a slide jump.

Grand Finale (Kalle29): This is largely the same path from the previous WRR but with an easy tweak added by me and a hard one added bby Cobalt. This is definitely my least impressive run as it was submitted after the deadline and I only finished the run once.

Intermediate Levels

Jump Jump Jump (IsraeliRD): This was surprisingly quick to get, and I think the camera angle and perfect jump pattern got the 2.35. My favorite part is literally me seeing 2.35 on the clock and just staring at it before realising I can do this. As you can see I don’t move the marble or camera for a bit. Normally when I get a good time I bounce off the pillar horribly and the run is instantly dead. Shoutouts to all the awesome runners for dedicating hundreds of hours into making this rampage, and of course Tsuf, my pet cockatiel. I hope you enjoyed!

Monster Speedway Qualifying (Kalle29): As you can see in the bloopers, I tried to Nockess' original path at first but it was too hard. So I tweaked the most difficult part to make it viable in real time. It's funny how we have gone back to just using the SSs and going the full path (but backwards) rather than cutting off as much as possible like the WRR4 run did. The run is pretty good though I only really played until I had beaten Nockess and then focused on other things. Xedron says he has found a tweak so this one will likely go a bit lower in the future.

Skate Park (Xedron): One of my favorite levels in the entire game. Many tweaks were found, first this bowl trick by Regislian, allowing for all the gems to be collected in one movement rather than changing direction. Another big tweak was found at the 11th gem, jumping off of the ramp and doing a wall hit at the back. I was surprised at how much time this saved since you cover much more ground doing this than if you were to just go straight to the next gem, but this saves almost a full second. Very hard run to get everything right but I played this one a ton and I’m happy with this time.

Ramp Matrix (Xedron): Xelna’s time had been unbeaten for a long while but in the past couple of years it was beaten by several people, mostly thanks to the new ideas involved in natural bouncing. First bouncing on this slope before the 4th gem to limit your height, then bouncing again to get a faster change of direction to do the next section of the level. The final section is something I started doing out of disgust for the normal ending, which causes you to miss the finish frequently, but quickly found out it actually saves some time, which is allowing yourself to get more forward momentum then doing a jump without pressing any keys to remove all your direction change.

Hoops (Xelna): That run was epic. The edge hit was super low, the recoil stop from the purple post was perfect and the final edge hit was as good as it can possibly get. Okay, the last jump can probably be done 0.10 faster but no thanks. Kalle, Cobalt and myself have messed around with a few different paths that might make sub-9 possible. Like most WR paths in this game, they're pretty stupid to execute.

Go for the Green (Nature Freak): This path is really fun and satisfying to pull off, but I have no idea how I managed to get this low of a time. If I try any more, I can't get below 3.3, so this 3.266 is definitely the best I can do.

Tri Twist (Xedron): With the addition of new ideas for this level, definitely one of the hardest in the rampage. Saving bounces with edge hits gives this level the potential to go under 20 seconds, which would be cool. A certain player whose name starts with N found an edge hit on the final level to allow a huge time save, which is not easy in the slightest, as well as getting a good ending this level can become really annoying. 20.16 took over 10 hours and really was a pain, but certainly a wacky run to watch.

Marbletris (Xedron): Regi came up with this path in rewind, pretty hard to follow what goes on at first glance but it involves hitting a specific point of the vertical trim to give you perfect direction towards the gem and finish. Very hard but looks awesome.

Marble Playground (Xelna): I wasn't expecting this path to get sub-28 at all. The path is ''easy'' to perform compared to the previous one, but kind of unimpressive to watch. Regislian posted a TAS path (for now) that could give you a 27.4x or 27.3x and it's ridiculously hard to pull off…

Hop Skip & a Jump (Xelna): Lucky 7s. I wasn't going for WR at first, but my first finish on my most recent grind session was 7.889 and the run looked really slow. I kept grinding and got 7.77 with one of the best edge hits I've ever seen on that level. The gyrocopter flight can probably be improved by 0.05 to 0.10 at best I'd say?

Take the High Road (Xedron): Didn’t play this one for long because 6.04 came pretty fast and is a huge improvement over my previous best of 6.09. Would be cool if someone got 5 seconds.

Half-Pipe (Xedron): Old path but found a couple tweaks for the portion before collecting the time travel, involving not moving and then natural bouncing to lower height. This makes the ending a bit harder but at the same time allows for some crazy super speed shenanigans to happen, since they activate according to the last surface touched it almost always launches the opposite way that the marble is moving. Here, it really looks cool and has always been one of the fun things about this level.

Gauntlet (Nature Freak): The oldest run in the rampage, from all the way back in September 2015. The time of 8.814 barely beats the old record, and I was definitely not expecting such a good time. This is very well optimized, with one of the tightest edge hits in the game, and I'm glad I got it done early because it was super annoying to perfect.

Moto-Marblecross (BlastedMarble): This is a late submission, over a month after the initial deadline. The run shown is actually hPerks' path. I found it by envisioning an overhead map of the level and drawing a path outline. I knew what exact Time Travel he got first in his new path even before that time. The initial world record I got was 1.944, and, a few hours later, the host told me to send it, a testament to his leniency. Later still, I played the level more to try to achieve a 1.93 out of recommendation from the host. To get a time that low, you can't just jump on the slope of the pad like you normally would. You actually have to jump at the exact edge of the start pad. It is a similar case to Mine Field. In both levels, the start pad is raised slightly, allowing the start to be possible in specific levels like these. It is the hardest part of the entire path, without a doubt. The rest of it is fairly easy, but you may mess up at certain parts; And if you aren't fast enough, time will restart, but there were times where I had more than 0.30 seconds left on the clock bonus. There were also some changes made to the path between the 1.944 .rec and the 1.938 .rec to allow for more smoothness. Examples include going from sliding on the side of the brick fence to wall-hitting on the green mountain before grabbing gem 1 and not jumping on the mini mountain before gem 6 like everyone else who discovered the path evidently did. The funny thing is, I wasn't the first to discover the path independently, but that doesn't really matter now. It is a great path. Nifty one, too, as hPerks himself suggested. I wouldn't have figured it out sooner besides the first Time Travel.

Shock Drop (DKman00): This level uses the same delayed start that NF described with the beginner level “Shock Absorber,” allowing for a faster time.

Spork in the Road (Xedron): Old path that got a huge improvement because I don’t know why. This run as a whole is not that bad until you start trying to optimize, and everything requires good timing and good aim, so really not fun. There is one part of the run that really makes everything faster and it’s the final gem, where I hit the part farther down the line that causes you to bounce farther forward and have greater height. After that is a stressful super speed right to the finish that is easy to mess up, and ended up with 10.36.

Great Divide (Xelna): I messed up landing on the first Time Travel and lost around 0.12 - 0.15... Oh well, whatever. The second traplaunch was basically perfect, the final part of the run as well. I was lucky to hit that time with under 10 hours of gameplay. Shoutouts to Storminorman who will eventually get this WR.

Tornado Alley (Nature Freak): This took many hours to get a 2.68, because the start pad is sunk into the floor so it's much harder to jump off of the sloped edge in this level than in most others. This 2.688 is still my best time, even though it was played on my old computer, so I've given up trying to beat it.

Upward Spiral (Cobalt): This one was incredibly tough to pull off. Basically being pure optimization from the old rampage’s 9.70 time, the time saves came with both the first edge hit and the super speed into the loop. Holding onto the time travel catch was another story, as I had many failed runs that got past getting the first time travel, but despite this, the 9.37 catch is still very optimized, but can still be improved.

Advanced Levels

Money Tree (Nature Freak): This level definitely tested my patience more than any other. It has the longest final time in the game of 34.173 seconds, and it took me approximately 83 hours to record, the longest of any of my runs. The first two edge hits have to be almost perfect in order to get to the launcher fast enough, and the third edge hit inside the launcher gave me a lot of trouble, since it took a long time to get the correct height from the launch. It was definitely worth it for the final result, and this is one of my proudest runs. Only a little bit more time could be saved by not having to go around the tree trunk at the very end.

Fan Lift (Xelna): I would never have grinded for WR on this level had it not been for Regislian losing the original recording of his 7.78 run. The initial fan jump is absolutely terrible and inconsistent to pull off and it doesn't help that for some reason, I can't use any jump setups on this computer... Like what? I had to time all of my starts manually and it was a pain in the butt. Also, this run doesn't perform any edge hit before the 3rd fan. I'm not sure which strategy is faster there. They're pretty close. One thing for sure is that you can get a much faster final corner clear if you skip the edge hit prior.

Leap of Faith (Xedron): A forgettable level however I found lots of possible improvement for it, with a slight edge hit to the left of the green tightrope thingy. Got a perfect ending on my first successful attempt so ended up with 6.86.

Freeway Crossing (Mazik): The route is very easy to learn in all honesty, and the only determining factor of the run is how powerful your mine hit is. Play the level at 30 FPS if you want more powerful mine hits more frequently. (Up to you whether you want to include the following) A part of me feels like I lucked out when Nock essentially made a new path for this level. Without him I wouldn't be in the rampage, so a huge thanks goes to him for making one of my dreams come true.

Stepping Stones (Xedron): My oldest run in the rampage but definitely still taken near its limit, got a very fast ending towards the finish and never played it ever again with good reason.

Obstacle Course (Nature Freak): I had the idea to get a lower edge hit and then use the super jump to get up to the finish. This 3.959 only saved a couple hundredths from the previous record, but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Points of the Compass (Cobalt): There is a subtle edge hit right at the beginning which saves a few hundredths worth of time. After that the toughest part is the ending forward edge hit which has to be the most painful section of the run.

Three-Fold Maze (Cobalt): This run utilizes the same Regislian path from the previous rampage, but with a rather dumb tweak. Near the ending there’s a wall which just happens to fall barely short of a 90 degree angle. Nockess could explain it better because he discovered the tweak but this allows you to jump off of this wall, which ends up saving over a quarter of a second.

Tube Treasure (Kalle29): The highlight of my contribution to this effort. Just like with Beach Party in MBP I will toot my own horn here and call this tweak pure genius. It came from an afternoon where I was looking for a better use for the SS on the level as it was only a minor timesave in earlier runs. The only part I could see it be used in was the tube after the 3rd gem. I spent a lot of time looking for the best way to do it because my first attempts didn't go very well. I eventually decided on trying to use the height from the first tube and found that if you time your jump well you can just barely make it to the 3rd gem and get enough height for a massive timesave. I also tried around 20 different ways of doing the final tube but they were all too inconsistent or just simply slower.

Slip ’n Slide (Nature Freak): I’m quite sure that the only reason this run is faster than the previous record is because I jumped on the edge rather than bouncing, which gave me a bit more forward momentum. This is a really inconsistent trick, very close to optimized with a time of 4.746.

Half Pipe Elite (Xedron): I’ve always been pretty good at this level, it has a couple very annoying parts that require good air movement, the hardest part which is why this level wasn’t pushed lower from the start is the transition from 4th to 5th gem, which is very tough to nail. I ended up with 11.76, after a lot of annoying fails at the ending.

A-Maze-Ing (Xelna): This can probably go down to 2.45 with some insane speed between the 2 edge hits. Yes, there are 2 edge hits in this run and they're pretty annoying to go for even though they look like regular jumps for the untrained eye.

Block Party (Xedron): I first got this record back in 2017 but managed to push it to 19.5 with an entirely different portion of the run which occurs later, saving multiple bounces. This didn’t take that long but really involves annoying precision with the final turnaround, but this run surprised me definitely.

Trap Door Madness (Xelna): I've never gotten an ending like that ever again. It looks like a double edge hit with an edge slide right before catching the 3rd gem, topped with green onion flakes and freeze dried scallions for a spicy time of 3.310. DKman00 and myself found a similar tweak on the same day (April 1st 2019) although his was setting down a different trapdoor than me.

Moebius Strip (Cobalt): Not much to say about this run, it’s essentially just pure optimization from the last rampage. 6.35 is likely possible but I wouldn’t be one to go for it.

Great Divide Revisited (Xedron): Super old path that has been near perfected. The best known catch in Vanilla MBG is 8.02, something I was only able to get once in 6 hours playing this level. Somehow lower is possible in PQ and I have no idea why. The traplaunch at the end is easy in theory, but ending without time restarting is incredibly difficult. Thankfully the launch in this run was very ideal, got barely enough height but finished with .3 time remaining.

Escher’s Race (Cobalt): My highlight contribution to the rampage. This path had been known since around April of 2019, first attempted by Regislian. However he hadn’t known that it was faster than the old path. I asked for a .rec of his run and took it from there. Some small modifications include wall-hitting on the wall of the far ramp after the second gravity switch, which allows me to swoop in and get the two gems and final gyrocopter rather quickly.

To The Moon (Xedron): This path was first executed in early 2018 when I got a 2.685, but had been theorized for much longer before that. It’s incredibly precise both to get the good setup and also hit the finish straight on. I would assume this level will get under 2 seconds if done perfectly, but it is fun to have a survival of the fittest type launch that goes super fast right towards the finish. I ended up with 2.26 after a 2.28 desynced, a pretty hard launch to get down without a doubt.

Twisting the Night Away (Kalle29): Slight tweak in how I used the SJ, otherwise the same as before. The 18.01 time is, as Xelna put it, "a tease"; but running this level is not fun since you need an absolutely perfect edge hit to have any chance of WR.

Plumber’s Portal (Xedron): It’s an old path with a very hard portion in the pipe section that is why many people quit grinding the level. Thankfully I tweaked it to be even more annoying, involving getting a jump off of the pipe while changing gravity, allowing more direction towards the third gem. This run was very hard to get right but ended up with this run with no real flaws, so nice.

Siege (Eguy): First off, I’d consider this to be one of the greatest paths of all time, and the fact it has remained for nearly nine years is telling. It uses the super bounce in ways never seen before or since, yet every “WHAT THE JEEF” moment makes complete sense. And it’s just SO. HARD. Countless times I fudged the final edge hit by getting stuck to the wall. Xelna, you bastard. It started one morning in 2017 when I realized that Xelna’s run just missed out on an earlier launch-pad cycle, and began looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary bounces amongst the first four gems. That shaved off a cycle, and then, thanks to Xedron’s 5000 IQ idea of trying the other launcher, another cycle. All while using the exact same path.

Ski Slopes (Nature Freak): The hardest part about this path is getting from the second time travel to the third. After that it’s easy to finish, but less easy with time still stopped. This was my best time travel catch of 1.947, and it can probably go a few milliseconds lower.

Free Fall (Nature Freak): Another very linear level. For some reason the marble falls faster by sticking to the wall, and the harder it hits the wall before sticking, the faster it falls. I had to hit the wall as hard as I could without bouncing off of it to get this time of 6.613.

Acrobat (Nature Freak): The last run I recorded for this rampage. First I found the edge hit and got a 7.86, then I realized that it’s faster to bounce before the sign hit and jump on the edge before using the super speed. I’m very satisfied with this time of 7.770, and it was a good end to almost five years of recording.

Whirl (Xelna): My best catch on this level is 4.282. At first, my best was 4.39 and I didn't understand how runners could get 4.30 catches. Then I watched Nature Freak's run and he was doing the quick double jump higher up on the half pipe than me. Actually, it's a quick bounce+jump instead of jump+jump. So...they helped me figure it out and I got 4.287 soon after.

Mudslide (Xedron): Old run with one very hard trick, getting the third gem is incredibly annoying since 90% of the time your best corner hit will send you to the right of the gem. Thankfully this one didn’t take too long to get.

Pipe Dreams (Xedron): I theorized doing an edge hit off of the ring for a very long time to get sub 11 but it seemed too hard to dedicate an entire grinding session to. Eventually I gave in and tried it out, eventually getting a perfect one with this run after about 10 hours, this one goes in the “won’t play ever again” category.

Shimmy (Nature Freak): Not much to say about this one, other than that it took a surprisingly long time to get this 2.345. The wall hit is less consistent than it looks.

Daedalus (Xedron): I sold my soul to the devil while coming up with the new start for this run. I found out sub 3 was possible if you edge hit off of the side of a slope that sticks out, and the only way to stay on afterwards is by going around the arch that is in the way. After this point everything is normal except for one gem, which you can skip to eliminate the most annoying post-catch portion of the run. Afterwards we can go back for that gem and super jump to the finish and have time not restart. I found out about this during a failed run where I was actually able to finish with .1 time restarted. This was definitely the most frustrating run I did for the rampage, I was thankful to get 2.9 and this goes in the “won’t play ever again” category.

Ordeal (Xedron): Old run again but took a while to get an ending that worked in my favor. Timing is an issue because you can’t go too fast or too slow, this run got it perfect.

Battlements (Xelna): At first I was memeing about doing an edge hit on that trapdoor to get over the block. Turns out it’s like 1.30 second faster than the WRR2 run. It even beats the log traplaunch path surprisingly. All that’s left is pulling off the infamous gate trap for a low 5.xx or high 4.xx time. Starwide says she’s going to attempt it with a Guitar Hero controller. Lol? Good luck.

Pinball Wizard (Xelna): I spent way too much time grinding for the sub-3. Someone just had to do it. We brought 7 levels under 3 seconds final time since WRR4. I mean no one wants to play this level and for good reasons. The time bonus is very tight. Assuming you don’t yolo everything after the Time Travels which you never do on an insane catch, you are only allowed to make around 1.5 second of mistakes. That’s pretty hard to do under WR pressure. I only had 4x sub-3 TT catches ever, 2x 2.99 and 2x 2.98. The first 3 failed and that was pretty frustrating since your next opportunity may only come after several more hours of nothing. If you manage to finish the run, you feel like a God. If you fail, you want to quit speedrunning forever, chop your arms off and start sliding on your stomach to become a walrus instead.

Eye of the Storm (Nature Freak): Apparently delaying rolling the marble until just before Go saves a few milliseconds. My best time travel catch was 2.615, but I could never finish in time, because it requires a lot of precision and some luck for the edge hit, so this 2.618 is good enough.

Dive (Cobalt): This one was a big fluke. Xelna’s massive brain ending corner hit honestly shouldn’t save time, but for whatever reason it was what was needed to take the level below 12 seconds. This is just my second finish with the corner hit, and honestly I can see why this level too so long to improve.

Tightrope (Kalle29): Insane run in every way. Nothing too surprising as there isn't much to do with the overall path (and it had been on YT for years), but exceptionally optimised. It's possible that the 3rd TT could have been caught ever so slightly faster with a different jump timing, but that's speculation. This is the only 11.5X catch ever, I had one 11.6X and a bunch of 11.7X. The 11.6X run ended up as 11.7X (still beating my other runs) and I submitted it to Matan but went back anyway (partly my own will and partly Matan's will). 11.56 will not get beaten unless there is a new tweak found.

Natural Selection (Nature Freak): My only traplaunch record, and I’m very proud of it! This must be just about as good as it’s possible to get on this level without doing some sort of crazy edge hit, because I just barely stayed in bounds and finished with my best catch of 5.407.

Tango (Nature Freak): Wow, this came out of nowhere! I was just trying to get 2.5 like the old record, and then must have hit the corner towards the finish to get a completely unexpected time of 2.358. I’ve never tried to replicate it, but it looks very optimized.

Under Construction (Nature Freak): I never thought this level could go this low. It’s a bit harder than it looks at the end, because careful control of speed is required in order to collect the second time travel and to not fall off the platform near the end. I was able to get to the first brown platform more quickly due to a manual start, which saved a relatively large amount of time, to finish with a time of 2.449.

Pathways (Cobalt): This one was somewhat of a last ditch effort. With the rewind tool being created about a year ago, one of my first tool assisted theoretical runs involved skipping a cycle on the second set of elevators here. While this is barely humanly possible, I attempted it for around 3 days or so. Nobody has successfully skipped the cycle yet, but in that span of time I got the 19.133, which on it’s own is still rather optimized. It will only be a matter of time until someone successfully skips the cycle.

Darwin’s Dilemma (Xedron): One of the most annoying levels in existence. It was discovered, after many people theorized it, that it is possible to collect time travels before the main catch and have it benefit, but it involves many annoying things to happen. The final catch in this level involves doing a backwards edge hit off of the beam, and is certainly one of the new hardest in the game, and after that it doesn’t get much easier since you barely make it in time before the yellow blocker hits you away. After this point everything is normal but easy to mess up. This one took around 15 hours to get, and was not fun at all.

King of the Mountain (Nature Freak): This was probably the hardest of all my runs to pull off, and the one I’m the most proud of. It took around 63 hours of hard work to get a good rock jump at the beginning, an almost perfect edge hit, and a perfect finish on top of that, without hitting the wall at the end, all in one run. This could still be improved by around 0.2 with another time save I found near the beginning, but I’m satisfied with 3.590—the result was definitely worth all the time I put in.

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