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Released in September 1996, Mario 64 launched the Nintendo 64 to awes of the new 3D game play. Mario gets new moves in the 3D world such as a wall jump and triple jump which he uses on his journey to collect 120 power stars, which Bowser has sealed away inside the castle paintings. A DS remake was released on November 21, 2004. Instead of just playing as Mario, this time, Mario, Luigi and Wario are now trapped. You start off with Yoshi and save your allies in their own portraits. In place of the original analog controls, players can either use the D-Pad or the Touch screen. Other additions include: 150 Stars in total, Wireless Multiplayer, and Touch Screen Minigames to increase its lifespan.


Runs on the NTSC version:

Runs on the PAL version:

Runs on the DS version:

Runs of some mini-games using the game's displayed time, which should be identical on both the PAL and NTSC versions of the game:

Slower restrictions of mini-game runs are also available: Princess's Secret Slide without shortcut in 0:00:19.4, Princess's Secret Slide with all 80 coins in 0:00:20.4, Footrace with Koopa the Quick without cannon in 0:00:18.6, Footrace with Koopa the Quick without cannon or warp in 0:00:18.7, Rematch with Koopa the Quick without shell in 0:00:13.0, Rematch with Koopa the Quick without shell or flyguy in 0:00:15.6.

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0-star Single-segment: 0:06:44 by 'Xiah' (timed using the community RTA method).

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No author's comments provided.

70-star Single-segment 0:49:43 by Mike Sigler.

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Auhor's comments:

Hi, this is my 70 star speedrun. I've played mario 64 for 7 months. My only mistakes in this run were not getting early elevators in the fire sea, and getting into rainbow ride (lol). I doubt I'll ever beat this for a long time.

As of submitting this run, this is a world record, although it may not be anymore. Here's the 70 star records page for SM64:

We race SM64 often at, join the IRC if you're interested in SM64 speedrunning.

Thanks to:
All the SpeedRunsLive people who support me & watch my stream, Sicko, Jiano, Cosmo, Jape, Joe, TRV, Silentslayers, idunno, Gombill, Axon, Withhelde, Kaztalek, Hannaostepop, Shigeru!! (ichiban), Erumo, Batora, Honey, Tapioca, Hisu, Koburetti, and the SDA team for keeping this site running.

120-star Single-Segment 1:48:05 by Mike Sigler.

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Auhor's comments:

What's up this is my 120 star speedrun.

Records page for 120:

My youtube channel:

shoutouts to: Sicko, Jiano, Cosmo, Aevin, Jape, Joe, TRV, CPkaka, ssbmtwig aka twiggles, peaches, coolkid, carl_sagan, large_dildo, puchie d, ingx24, Gragledump, Tiki, Aphox, batts, petzergling, Trihex, Silentslayers, sonicpacker, idunno, Gombill, Axon, Withhelde, Kaztalek, Dragorn, Shadowofmyles, Pokey, Blechy, Raikerz, Toufool31, Pidgey, CriminallyVulgar, Nahoc, Hannaostepop, Shigeru, Erumo, Batora, Honey, Tapioca, Hisu, Koburetti, speedrunslive, SDA peeps

16-star PAL 0:21:26 by Philip Jensen.

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Author's comments:

It took me a long time to accomplish this. I wanted to get sub 22:30 which requires very few mistakes. I have had many runs ruined by the stairs and by MIPS, and I am glad that I finally have a good run recorded. I messed up a bit in Dire Dire Docks, which costed me some seconds. I may improve this time one day. I am thinking about getting sub 22 minutes, but then I need to use a very difficult route =) Enjoy the video.

DS 1-star Single-segment: 0:12:52 by 'Paradox Karl'.

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Author's comments:

Why 1 Star?

1 star is any% in the ds version of the game. There are skips to:
- get into the basement area without beating bowser in the dark world
- get from the basement area to bowser in the fire sea (so that the upstairs can be unlocked)
- get from the first floor upstairs into tip top area (with rainbow ride + tick tock clock)
- get from the tip top area up the endless stairs into bowser in the sky

This makes it seem like 0 star would be possible, however there are 2 problems.
- yoshi cannot dive or punch and therefore cannot grab bowser's tail to throw him into the bombs.
- the clip to get from the first floor upstairs into the tip top area uses one of the minigame rabbits, which is not there as yoshi.

Therefore in order to complete the game we must unlock mario. Initially, I ran 8 star because, although I knew from the TAS of the game that there was an 8 star door skip, it seemed completely undoable in real time to me. However after A LOT of grinding on emulator, I found a way to get the initial clip into the corner in real time and some line ups for the 3 big jumps OoB. These 3 jumps still were very difficult to execute due a number of reasons (1st has a small area to land on, 2nd is very awkward because of limited dpad movement, and 3rd requires very precise angles and a very well timed jump). This now means that the star count required is 1 star because you need to open the door to the character door area.

The Route/My Run:

The first thing to do is moat skip. This trick happens by slide kicking on the hill to the left of the castle and into the side of the castle with enough speed. Usually this causes a heavens portal glitch (throws yoshi very high up into the air), however this isn't useful at all. In order to clip down into the bottom of the moat instead, I needed to press A or B exactly 1 frame before touching the wall. In this run I get this first try which is very good (each extra attempt takes between 12 seconds and ~20 seconds depending on whether you get the heavens portal or end up swimming in the water). I lost a second or two just after the clip because I grabbed the ledge climbing the stairs.

After this I drain the moat for later (we need to enter the basement again later and don't want to either do moat clip again or beat bowser in the dark world). The next bit of movement seems slow (waiting for the moat to drain) however jumping earlier just means you end up swimming and have less speed going up the next slope, which ends up being almost exactly the same speed as just waiting.

I then get the 1 star of the run in lethal lava land, which is the red coin star. The other option would be Shifting Sand Land's Shining Atop the Pyramid, which works out about the same time when you add in the bit of extra castle movement. This star went perfect.

Next I re-enter Lethal Lava Land so that I can exit course and end up in the main lobby of the castle. Then comes the hardest skip of the run. I enter the character door area and line up with an "almost just right" angle to clip into the corner of the room. I then slide kick into the corner changing my angle ever so slightly bit by bit. The angle required is so exact that it doesn't even look like my angle is changing but it infact is on almost every slide kick. I get the clip into the corner just 15 seconds after starting the slide kicks which quite frankly is outstanding, as generally it takes me 45-60 seconds if I get a decent inital camera angle.

For the next part of this skip I line up and do an OoB jump to a very thin ledge under the slide entrance. For whatever reason, in this game when you run off a ledge you have the option to jump off of nothing a short time afterwards, and this is used multiple times. The next jump isn't very nice because you have to turn as you are falling and jump back towards the back of the shining rabbit star door and dpad controls make it pretty difficult. After this I jump across the small gap between the back of the character doors and line up for the next jump. Here I need to jump from the back of wario's door all the way to the mario painting area without accidently jumping back into the minigame toad area. This is very hard because you can only just make the jump across the gap and you only have a very thin area where you can jump without clipping back inbounds in the wrong area. Once I made this jump I just jump right into the mario painting.

Now I can unlock mario by completing the goomboss stage more or less as intended. I grab a goomba on the way to the boss fight so that I can get my first hit on the goomboss straight off the bat. For some reason in the goomboss fight the front goomba gets flattened (literally no idea how it happened) which messes up my fight a fair bit. Normally I would just grab the front goomba through the goomboss's legs and throw it for the next 2 hits but the front goomba not being there meant I had to grab one further back which meant the goomboss turned around. All in all I think I lost around 15 seconds here which is a shame but isn't completely terrible. After grabbing the key I then re-enter so that I can exit course (the 8 star door is still locked on both sides).

Then I go talk to the minigame toad in order to unlock the minigame rabbits which are needed for the next 2 clips. Then I unlock mario, and then kill myself using a glitchy corner so that I get sent back outside the castle (for faster access to the basement). Next is the first rabbit clip. I grab the rabbit very close to the wall then sprint behind it and talk to it. This sometimes pushes mario through the wall. I get the clip 4th try, which is a fairly good number of tries (definitely on the better side of average). Then I swim over to the Bowser in the Fire Sea loading zone using the bottom screen map as a guide.

In Bowser in the Fire Sea everything goes more or less to plan. The ledge grab in the cage area doesn't lose time because I get the same elevator cycle anyway. The shock ball was a bit of a shame but this only loses a few seconds. I don't get the quick grab on Bowser which is around a 5 second loss but it is a pretty hard timesaver to execute anyway.

I enter Dire Dire Docks so that I can exit course and go upstairs. The upstairs rabbit clip is a really horrible trick. Firstly, grabbing the rabbit in the right place is very hard. I have tried for hours to find a consistent set up however the rabbit starts moving on the stairs a seemingly random time after you go within it's range. This makes a setup more or less impossible. Luckily I get the grab first try here. The next big issue that I have with this trick is jumping around the pillar and getting back in bounds. Dpad controls make this extremely hard and if you even just brush off the edge of the pillar you lose all your speed and die.

I then go to the 80 star door so that I can load the graphics of the tip top area so that I can do the endless stairs skip. This is done by sliding kicking into the corner with a pretty precise angle and with just enough speed to get the heavens portal but not so much that you die. The speed range at which you get the heavens portal here is is very small and if you die it is game over, so I was very happy to get this straight away in this run. Normally, I have about 5 attempts where I slide kick with not enough speed just because I am scared of losing the run, but not this run. After getting the heavens portal I use the map to align mario high enough up on the endless stairs to skip the endlessness (is this even a word?) and then jump into the Bowser in the Sky pipe.

With the exception of the brain fart at the beginning, my Bowser in the Sky goes just right. Then, my worst enemy in this game... bowser throws. As you can probably guess, dpad controls make this pretty horrible. The first throw was just a tiny bit too short which was a bit of a shame but not the end of the world, the second goes perfect, and then the third I get second try, again a bit of a shame but given the difficulty of this run I am more than content with this run and having a few smallish time loses here and there.

One final thing, I want to say thank you to Greenalink for his 80 star segmented run which got me into running this game initially, and also to TheWayFaringFox, who has time after time proved to me that I am far from being great at this game (at least in terms on 50/80/150 star :p ) and has also shown me lots of tricks and tips and helped me to improve in this game. Also thank you to loopy who is the person who made the DS Capture Card which I used to record this run (his DS and 3DS capture cards can be found here at

DS 1:27:36 by Jordan Greener, done in 12 segments.

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Author's comments:

First of all I would like to say thanks to:

Tip for the viewers: For the best viewings on this run it's recommended to download the High quality MP4 files and play it on QuickTime.

The N64 version is more popular than the DS by nearly 2:1 so the text in Italics will be trivial facts to the N64 only players. WARNING HUGE AMOUNT OF TEXT AND I DO MEAN HUGE.

The playable characters:

Why an 80 Star run and not either a Glitched 50 star or 150 stars run?
*The 50 star run requires an out of bounds glitch in the 50 Star room (Tick Tock Clock and Rainbow Ride), you go on the stairs and perform a slide kick to the acute angle wall and you'll go out of bounds, it's actually quite difficult because you need to be precise with the angle and even when you get out of bounds there is a high chance of the game thinking you fell off the stage, counting as death. I first saw this on a video from Youtube, I managed to do this a few times but not constantly and many Youtubers (people who watch videos from Youtube) are having the same problem.

* The 150 star run however requires a complex route and also insane luck with one of the stars which is the 8 Silver Rabbits star. The 150 star run will also complete the tougher stars of the course and each segment could last for nearly 30 minutes long. The whole 150 star run would nearly be over 3 hours long thanks to extra stars and limitations on certain characters.

Here are my comments for each individual segment and star.

The run does have possible improvements mainly some slight star route changes and performing tougher time savers, but the recording setup made the run quite difficult to perform.

If Nintendo or anyone else releases any kind of Capture device equipment (official or Homemade), there is more of a chance that I'll improve the entire run.

Come on Nintendo release a In-Game Recording Application on the DSi that you can store it onto an SD card. Stop making Balance Boards, Pedometers and Wii Wheels just make something that we HARDCORE gamers will enjoy.

The PSP is easier to record thanks to the A/V outputs >:( come on Ninty don't break the play on big screen traditions now,

No one has the right to upload this speed run onto Youtube or any other video hosting site (other than Greenalink and SpeedDemosArchiveSDA). If you want to see it, watch it here or those 2 Youtube Channels. Anyone uploading my run will get flagged instantly.

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