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Released in November 2005, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is the sequel to the successful Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Not satisfied with poltergeists, Professor E. Gadd has created a time machine. The first trial is (of course) made by none other than the Princess. She is predictably captured, and Mario and Luigi must team up with their baby selves to repair the time machine, put Baby Bowser to nap, and rescue the princess from an alien race called the Shroobs.


Best time: 4:07 by Alex 'Anwonu' Morinaga on 2011-07-23, done in 46 segments.

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Author's comments:

First of all, thanks to everyone who works hard to maintain this site. This might sound superficial, but I'm really grateful for all of them.

Also, thanks to everyone who helped doing this run. I won't name everyone, since I can forget someone and hurt their feelings =p; but special thanks to Kyanrute, who gave an initial idea of a time, and helped on the first run.

About the run:

Bonus points




Segment division

Segment(s)Part of the game
1-5Start, Hollijolli, Bowser's Castle
6-10Toadwood Forest, Vim Factory, Swiggler
11-13Yoshi's Island, Kamek
14-17Yoob's Belly, Sunnycide
18-21Gritzy Desert, Shrooboid Brat
22-24Gritzy Caves, Petey Piranha
25-27Thwomp Volcano, Mrs. Thwomp
28-30Thwomp Caverns, Bowser and Bowser Jr.
31Shroob Mother Ship
32Toad Town
33,34Star Hill, Commander Shroob
35-38Star Shrine, Elder Shrooboid
39-46Shroob Castle

Other stuff

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