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Released in 1989, Super Mario Land was one of the first games released for Game Boy (the good old fat one). This game is an anomaly in the Mario series. Instead of rescuing Princess Peach, you rescue Princess Daisy; and for some reason the main villain isn't Bowser, it's some random alien named Tatanga. These bizarre changes make the game look more like a fever dream than an actual Mario game.


Best time: 0:12:58 by Kevin 'neskamikaze' LaLonde on 2012-06-18.

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Author's comments:

This time beats the current world record at time of submission by 2 seconds, originally by Japanese player Worm. I'll just do a quick level by level overview for levels that have anything to mention, if I leave it out the level went fine and nothing was wrong.

1-3: If you get a perfect climb up the little stair pyramid then you can get a 362, but all of world 1 went pretty well and standard.

2-1: I got the flower immediately, but on this world it isn't needed at all because you can simply do a different jump pattern at the beginning and not lose any time without taking a hit.

2-2: I meant to get running speed before jumping after waiting on the seahorse, lost an in-game second there.

2-3: I didn't do the flashy mushroom walk because if you do it wrong you can lag the game, and there's no sense losing time in an autoscroller.

3-1: Probably the best 3-1 I've ever had (given these strategies, I forgo the second boulder skip for consistency, it's much harder than the first and saves less time).

3-2: My extra mushroom/damage boost tradeoff is nearly identical in time to the existing strat in the best video seen and much much easier.

3-3: I don't do the platform waiting skips because it is multiple frame perfect tricks in a row :/ They look really cool though.

4-1: Worst level in the run, starting with missing the flower. The bounce on the koopa is not something I wanted either. Disgusting fall on the bullet shooter as well, so 2-3 seconds able to saved in that level.

4-2: Got hung up on the little brick on the floor, forcing me to wait on some things that I might not need to wait on.

4-3: Faster mashing could maybe save .5 - 1 seconds on the boss. My playing around in this level and getting hit on the guy while missing the mushroom really had me nervous but I pulled through.

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